Plan your day using Choghadiya

If you are a student of Jyotish there will come a point in your life where you will start tallying what happens in your life with the time when it happens. So you will start referring more to the ‘Muhurt’ section of your Vedic astrology app. If you have started analysing your behaviour to this extent then I would suggest that you check out the ‘Choghadiya’ section. This is the easiest and in my observation, the most accurate way of analysing your day. Try it out for a few days and you can see for yourself. Use it to avoid getting caught in situations which are linked to the inauspicious choghadiyas. Use the energy of the time periods to turn the unpleasant periods to your gain. Or if you are to enter into a negative situation, do so with full awareness so that you do not get trapped in its energies.

For this you have to download an app which gives the Choghadiya. (I use Drik panchang on my iPhone. I think it has an android version too)

Eg. I am chatting with someone and it is going well then suddenly without any reason we start arguing with each other. Just pointless screaming. And then after 2mins of this we both roll our eyes, open the astrology app and see the choghadiya had changed 3 mins ago. It was ‘Shubh’ earlier and now it is ‘Rog’. The energy of the ongoing choghadiya changed our energies and our behaviour. Love exists always but expression and behaviour depends on the energies of the time going on.. Now because the time wants aggression we still continue with our argument but with more understanding rather than just random screaming.

A bit of math. The Vedic day is 60 ghati in duration. There are 2 sets of 8 choghadiya time periods in this 60 ghati day. So one choghadiya is about 4 ghatis in duration. The day time is divided into 8 sections and the night time is also divided into 8 sections. Thus 16 choghadiya in one day. The actual Sanskrit name of this time period is ‘Chaturshtika’ but the commonly used term is ‘choghadiya’.

The first Choghadiya of the day belongs to the ruling planet of that day. Eg. on Monday the first Choghadiya belongs to the Moon. The subsequent ones are ruled by Saturn, Jupiter and Sun, Venus, Mercury and again Moon in sequence.

Plan your day using the Choghadiya

There are the seven choghadiyas.

  • Auspicious – Amrit, Shubh, Laabh, Char
  • Inauspicious – Udveg, Kaal, Rog

Udveg उद्वेग – this is ruled by the Sun. He is malefic by nature. He dries everything out by his heat. In this period you are on a mission. This period is good for all government related work. Or activities where you have to fight for what you are entitled to. Going to court or such activities where you have to argue or present your case. The temper is high, you feel righteous indignation and are easily irritated. You can get offended very easily during this time, so if you feel this typical irritation coming on, take a deep breath, drink some water, find something to distract you. Stress, anxiety, distress etc are possible. If you feel that injustice is being done to you then you can get into major arguments during this period. And these arguments will be the dispassionate ones, where you are seething with your sense of injustice but outwardly you are quite composed and logical.  Later after this period gets over, you will feel regret for what had happened. This is not considered to be an auspicious choghadiya.

Char चर is ruled by Venus. He is a benefic in Vedic jyotish so this is a good time period. Char means ‘movement’. This time is suitable for all sorts of activities. This period is especially suitable for travelling. Also for money related activities. Eg you can invest money in the stock exchange. Any action which is linked to some sort of ‘change’ will give good results now. Or if you are in office, this is a good time for brain storming sessions as one-one relationships and equitable interactions are energised. Any activity in which you desire ‘growth’ can be initiated during this time period. Learning or studying and even relaxing or enjoyment related activities can be done now. You are mentally relaxed but in anticipation, something like what you would feel after you have put into motion a major project. This choghadiya gives neutral to auspicious results.

Labh लाभ  This choghadiya is ruled by Mercury. It means ‘auspicious gain’. This period can be used for all sorts of activities. This is the best time for starting education or learning a new subject for the first time. Your mind is willing to let in new things, new perceptions, new ideas, new knowledge. You are more willing to let in ‘freshness’ in life look on things with new interests. More eager to achieve things, to create stuff which will give you gain. So new things like buying/ selling, or investing money, or starting a new relationship etc are all favoured. You can also use this time in company of your friends or go out for a movie. It will give you happiness.

Amrut अमृत This time period is ruled by the Moon. It is the best time of the day, your mind is at its best. If the mind is stable, calm and collected then obviously anything you do with such a mind-set will be beneficial for you. Do anything that you wish to do during this period and you will gain from it. All sorts of auspicious activities like religious pujas, investments, travel, big purchases, new study, learning, etc should be performed preferably during this period so that they give real gains.

Kaal काल This choghadiya is ruled by Saturn. He is a malefic planet, so this time period influenced by him will give trouble. Kaal means time, destiny and also endings. If your current time as per dasha/ transit is good then this period will bring you favourable things as per your destiny. You might gain money or something material if it is destined for you. Kaal also means a predestined time, so you can take calculated risks, if and only if, you know that you are right and you have worked for it. Do not cheat others. But if your current time is not good then you will get unpleasant results here. Auspicious works, pujas etc are not performed in this choghadiya. The mind is dull and under a strange stress during this time period, fear, anxiety worry etc are very much possible.

Shubh शुभ this is ruled by Jupiter. He is an auspicious benefic planet. This is again a very good time period for all auspicious activities and all sorts of ceremonies, pujas, education/ wealth etc related activities can be performed in this time. Buying gold or grains is a good activity for this time as fortune is on your side. Whatever you do during this period will expand in a way suitable to you. The mind is relaxed, happy and and the environment is also conducive.

Rog रोग choghadiya is ruled over by Mars. Aggression is high during this period and this is not considered to be a good time for auspicious activities. You can take up activities which require aggression, eg go to the gym, debate, argue, fight, defeat your opponents etc but do not over-do it. You will not be able to see the viewpoints of the others during this period. So this leads to crushing the other, do not try to create equitable contracts as understanding and logic is reduced. Do not take unnecessary risks during this time period. Here your strength will be used up in some way or the other, you might get a small injury, or as you argue you will lose peace of your mind and then get a headache. This is considered to be an inauspicious choghadiya. Mostly uncontrolled aggression in this period leads to regrets later.

So use Jyotish in your daily life, especially if you feel that you are behaving oddly not your regular self. Observe how the time affects you. Remain aware, try to divert the energies around you so that you gain something, or at least do not lose something valuable to you.

Plan your day using the Choghadiya

6 thoughts on “Plan your day using Choghadiya

  1. Sharmila M June 12, 2020 / 5:59 pm


    I know this may be a large topic for you to cover, but would it be possible to write about how to use a daily panchangam?

    Just something simple to start with as I know there are then intricacies based on good days for your specific Nakshatram.

    For example I’ve been told not to start anything new on ashtami and navami ( I think) Without knowing what this means.. or really which days they are..

    Many thanks for your guidance.


  2. Sharmila M June 13, 2020 / 4:04 am

    Thank you!


  3. Deepak Kumar July 10, 2020 / 3:07 pm

    Hi Mam,

    thank you for this article. I have tried following this over the last few days and found it pretty accurate (e-payment failed in Roga/Udvega and happened seamlessly in Labha).

    I understand that being aware of energies is the crux of the article; will be grateful if you can guide on below.

    1) Is it ok to lay foundations of work in one Choghadiya and execute it in another? Or it’s important to seed activity in right Choghadiya. For example: in some cases can we type emails/ do basic meetings in Char choghadiya and send email/close the deal in Amrit if permissible?.

    2) Ignoring Muhurat which is complex for someone like me, can we follow the above irrespective of the chart? For someone, Venus can be Lagna lord, and hence Char/Kaal might be more amenable than Shubh?

    Thank you!


    • astrologerbydefault July 10, 2020 / 10:47 pm

      Hi there

      the choghadiya are not exactly about seed/completing activity in that sense..
      whatever you are doing in those hours will show the effect of the choghadiya.. eg if you want to join a new office choose the auspicious choghadiya , this will help make a good first impression on your new collegues.. but after tht when the troublesome ones come you might get into a brief argument with them..

      if you know how to read a panchang, finding a reasonably good muhurt is easy..

      choghadiya work same for all, irrespective of the chart

      the individual thing is seen from the tarabalam section

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  4. Deepak Kumar July 10, 2020 / 11:01 pm

    Thank you Mam for the guidance.


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