Vargottam concept in divisional charts

There was a question on Vargottam planets in divisional charts/DC.

Vargottam is a planet/graha who gains more power in the divisional chart/DC which you are studying. Whenever you analyse a DC, it has to be read in reference to the basic birth chart D1. No DC can be seen alone without the D1.

If you have a planet placed in the same sign in the main D1 and the DC under analysis, he is said to be vargottam for that DC. (The terms Vargottam and Gunottam mean the same thing)

  • Eg. Suppose you have Venus placed in Aquarius sign in your D1. And in your D9 too he remains in Aquarius sign. This makes him vargottam for your D9.

The ascendant sign of the D1 is also considered to be equivalent to a planetary force. It also can be vargottam.

  • Eg. Suppose you have Libra ascendant in your D1. Now open your D9. If you have Libra again placed in the 1st house of the D9, this is called a ’vargottam lagna’ in the D9.

Every DC is seen in reference to the basic birth chart D1. So if you want to analyse any of your DC, first analyse your birth chart in minute details, only then will the DC analysis make any sense. The birth chart is the most important.

  • Eg if your Venus is capable of giving good results in the D1, only then will his being vargottam in the specific DC be more useful to you in that aspect of your life. If he is, in your D1, your 6th house lord then might not be so useful. But if he is your 5th house lord then will give pleasing results.

If the planet is not strong enough to give good results in D1, ie he is debilitated, combust, retrograde, is under malefic influence, etc in your birth chart, then he becoming vargottam in the DC will not be sufficient to improve the material results. A weak planet going vargottam will not give good results. Maximum he can work in a subtle way so that the unfavourable results of the D1 do not affect you so much in your inner heart. But this will also depend on the dasha/transit operating at the time of fructification of the results.

  • Eg, if there is childnessness as per theD1. Now the planet connected to the childlessness becomes vargottam in the D7. This does not mean that a child will be born. But this can mean that the person will be more reconciled to the fact that natural children may not be possible and may choose to willingly adopt or willingly sponsor a few children in his community. At least there will be someone whom he can call as a child of his heart.

If in all this if the vargottam planet occupies a sign in the D1 which has over 27 points in the Ashtakvarga then the planet will guaranteed give good results. If there are less points in Ashtakvarga then the results are spoilt and give stress in life. So do check the Ashtakvarga too.

Then Vargottam is DC specific. eg If you have a vargottam planet in the D7 capable of giving you good results, he will give you good fortunate children. But this will not mean that this planet will automatically be good when you analyse the D16. The different DC are for different things in life so analyse them separately. (the birth chart and navamsha are to be seen in every case, as they are applicable everywhere.)

Some astrologers also consider a ‘bhavottam’ concept. ie if the planet is placed in the same house in the birth chart/D1 and the specific DC under analysis. Eg if Venus is placed in the 5th house, Aquarius sign in the D1. In the D9 too he gets placed in the same house, 5th house this is said to be bhavottam in the D9. But there are no classical references on this. And in my experience, a bhavottam planet is not so powerful, unless the sign is supportive. Varga charts/DC are always more about signs. You have to check what sign the planet shifts to in the DC. If this sign is his sign of exaltation, mool-trikon, his own sign, friend’s sign etc then the planet will draw power. Just being bhavottam does not give powerful results.

Vargottam concept in divisional charts

Some really auspicious Vargottam combinations are as follows,

The ascendant lord is the most important planet of your chart who generally always gives auspicious results more so if he is placed well in the D1. If you have your ascendant lord vargottam, especially in the navamsha D9, he grants powerful results. eg you are a very transparent person. You are happy, well-meaning, lucky in life, cannot cheat or lie on purpose. Things may go wrong at times but they fall in place quite soon. You adjust to your surroundings or mould the surroundings to your personality rather quickly.

If your birth Moon is vargottam especially in the D9 and capable of giving auspicious results, then this adds more to your life overall. You are highly emotionally strong and stable, well-meaning, think well for everyone. You fit into every situation easily, your mind is calm a very important thing in life. There is a sense of impartiality, you can see both sides of an issue, cannot be emotionally swayed. You also generally get the things which you desire. Vargottam planets in the D9 are especially useful as they subtly influence all aspects of your life.

Vargottam Lagna in the navamsha, ie the same sign rises in your birth chart and the D9. If you have a D1 ascendant sign with benefic influences and no malefic influences, this is the most fortunate Vargottam possible. This is a very good combination as you are the same at your material levels and the potential levels. You have the maximum chance of expressing all your potential in the most natural way possible. There is no internal struggle between your inner self and your expressed self. Vargottam lagna in the D9 significantly increases the strength of the personality to a very great extent.

  • Vargottam lagna in D9 for the ascendant signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces are especially auspicious. They give a very pleasing personality and a genuine nature. You can trust these people, they will never betray or lie or cheat. They will be brave, enjoy life, learned, rich, intelligent in a dispassionate way, work sincerely, content by nature, leaders in their fields and fearless. They can take a stand for what they believe and are loyal friends/ spouse/ children etc to have. If you have such a person in your life, never let him go.
  • The vargottam lagna in D9 if for the rising signs of Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius are not as beneficial as the above signs. The reason is the typical natures of these ascendants. The negative traits of these signs are more detrimental to personal and social life. So if these ascendants in D1 have significant benefic influences then this D9 vargottam lagna will give good results.

As an exercise you can check out the sign placed in the 1st house of the seven DC of your Sapta-varga. There are online software which can generate your detailed DC. Now check if you have a vargottam lagna in any of these charts, if you do then that aspect of your life will be more enjoyable for you and give auspicious results.

Someone I know has his D1 ascendant Libra. Libra is also the 1st sign in five of his seven sapta-varga charts, ie in five of his seven sapta-varga charts his Lagna is Vargottam. Even more surprising is that of his ten Dasha-varga charts, seven of them have Libra as Vargottam Lagna. Libra sign has a good Ashtakvarga score, so Libra ascendant is capable of giving auspicious results in his life. I have seen just one example like this till now. This person is a life-time study subject for me and till now his life does show what his divisional charts promise. So many aspects of his life are settled, easy and he is genuinely happy about these things in his life.

So if you have Vargottam planets in any divisional chart and they can give good results, it is fortunate, as some aspects of your life are eased out and give you genuine joy.


Vargottam concept in divisional charts

(If you wish to learn more about divisional chart analysis especially the navamsha analysis, I recommend books by C.S.Patel. In fact all books by him are very useful.)