Coronavirus, planets and Indian weather

I have already written one post on Corona virus, do go through it, this post is a continuation. The world will go through this situation till the third week of Sept 2020. Now there is a question on the India-specific scenario. India’s situation is comparatively better. So,

On 31st Mar 2020, Mars and Saturn will have their exact conjunction in Capricorn triggering more energy for the government/ medical teams to use. And they will use it to develop definitive cures and strategies to control it. Also Jupiter will enter Capricorn leaving Ketu alone in Sagittarius.

And on 1st Apr, Mars will move ahead of Saturn in Capricorn, he will win the planetary war, Graha yuddha. He will remain here till 4th May.

Ketu is viruses. So after 31st Mar, Ketu gets no planet to energise him, he is in Sagittarius, its owner Jupiter having just entering Capricorn, loser of the planetary war and very weak. So energy available for Ketu to do damage on the physical levels will reduce. The damage done by Ketu will continue, but things will slow down.

Then Rahu is in Gemini, this means the paired organs, lungs are affected. He is also unaspected and alone. So only Gemini’s owner, Mercury, is feeding him power. Currently Mercury is in Aquarius, he will shift to his sign of debilitation Pisces on 7th Apr. World-over serious patients or death rates can get worrying as long as Mercury remains in Pisces, ie till 24th Apr, he is moving fast.

Coronavirus, planets and Indian weather

Now for India, today 24th March 2020, is the last day of the Shri Vikari naam samvatsar. The current year’s name is ‘Vikari’ which means abnormal, variable, corrupted, spoiled, change for the worse etc. Tomorrow our Hindu new year, Shri Sharvari naam samvatsar will start. The name ‘Sharvari’ means twilight, night, turmeric etc. So new year Sharvari should bring some relief from the spoilt energy of the year Vikari.

And our typical Indian summer will start, heating up the plains. Summer, after mid April, will be scorching hot. Mars in Capricorn, (winner of the graha yuddha, over the heavy-weights Jupiter and Saturn!) will, from 13th April, aspect Sun in Aries. And Mars will aspect Sun with his 4th aspect, it is a malefic aspect. Both malefics, both hot planets. India will be very hot, practically the entire nation (even hill stations) will see temperatures going above 35deg C, some areas will also cross 45deg C. In the Himalayas, where I live, the yearly surface forest fires, where the fallen pine needles burn, will also occur during this time.

Mars will aspect Sun intermittently with his 4th aspect. Mars-Aquarius will aspect Sun-Taurus during 14th May- 14th Jun. Again Mars-Pisces will aspect Sun-Gemini from 20th Jun to 16th July. I am emphasising this Mars-Sun interaction in these summer months as the virus requires relatively cold weather to spread. Sun+Mars’s fiery energy will provide the necessary heat on all levels to control/stop it.

This heat will hopefully reduce the spread of the virus. So mid-April onwards India will see some relief in this aspect at least. Though some sporadic location specific events will occur, these spreads will be contained in time. Those who have already fallen ill, for them, their individual horoscopes will play the definitive role. But for the nation as a whole, this aspect of the situation will also slowly improve. Mid-May will see hot winds and more heat in the plains. There will be some irregular rainfall in the hills and on the eastern side of India but the heat-wave will continue till mid-June. This mix of heat, winds and pre-monsoon humidity, typical weather should be powerful enough to stop the spread.

But June is the most confusing month of this year, so many confusing energies, retrograde, combusts, eclipses, so we will see calamities like cyclones etc affecting our nation, especially the eastern half, the hills and coasts on the eastern side. Predicting anything for June is difficult, so I estimate that most nations will remain in semi-lock-downs with only essential services operating, this will include India. The situation will finally normalise only by the end of Sept. (If you are interested, check out India’s birth and transit horoscopes for more in-depth study)

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However we should not attempt doing anything rash during this period. Especially Mars+Saturn in Capricorn can encourage you do risky stuff. Mars aspecting Sun also can make you irritable and quarrelsome. Do maintain your personal hygiene, follow all the directions given by the medical teams and follow all the orders given by the government. Nothing is more important than your life. Do behave responsibly and help yourself, your family and your neighbourhood by staying indoors.

And now you all must be sitting at home. So first stop reading on the Corona virus every minute of your time, you cannot do anything about it. The government/ medical teams are on it. Stop giving the virus your attention energy all the time. Instead use this period for your personal growth, do your spiritual practice, recite some mantra daily 108 times, pray to your favourite deity, or specifically to Dhanvanatari. Then read books, write something. Play card/ board games with your parents, spouse and children. Use video-calling to talk to your friends/ relatives. Take care of your health, do some simple work-outs, stretching exercises, Suryanamaskar. Eat healthy stuff, listen to uplifting music. Do not be online or watch TV all the time. If you are required to work from home, complete your office work as per schedule. Kids should use study apps to study from home rather than playing on the mobiles and consoles. All should get some rest. And most important, do send out some gratitude-energy for those people who are working now in very stressful conditions, medical teams, front-line police, border-control guards etc. They are the real heros.

1.4 billion, the biggest chuck, 20% of humanity living in one single nation, was being needlessly cruel to animals, they have invited this chaos to our collective hearts, and now we are all being forced to change. Ketu in Sagittarius is strictly ensuring that we rebalance this karma. Ketu is the biggest learnings, the deepest wisdom gained from very painful karma.

When this lock-down will be over, we are literally going to enter a new world, new behaviours, new foundations. The ‘one-world’ concept cannot sustain as we all have realised the necessity of boundaries, so many fundamental changes have occurred. And on the practical side, we all are going to have to work day-night to make up for this shut-down.

Wish you all auspiciousness in the Shri Sharvari naam Samvatsara.

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Coronavirus, planets and Indian weather

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