Sun and the Sudarshan chakra chart

I got a feedback that I write very little on the Sun. But to really analyse the Sun in the chart the way he should be would be very typical. He is the highest divine, the most powerful planet in the chart, the individual soul and your link to the Eternal. The Sun is a channel from the Eternal to the physical via the astral/ psychic. He is the biggest spiritualising agent, his only job is to take you to your destiny, to take you to your deepest desire. And very frankly every soul’s deepest desire is to know itself. Analysing the Sun means to talk about the esoteric and the philosophic also which does not appeal to the average client. (Imagine if someone comes me to ask for her marriage prospects and I tell her that her soul purpose in this life is not physical marriage but the inner spiritual? She would laugh at me and go out. Maybe she will remember what I had said a decade later, as the marriage would have flopped by then and her mind would be sad. But then the spiritual opportunity would be gone.)

So in Jyotish we use several types of charts. This one is called the Sudarshan chakra. It is used to see the combined influence of the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant on the personality as a consolidated whole. This is the Sudarshan chakra is for our sample horoscope, Aleister Crowley the famous occultist, birth details, 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK. (He is dead, I don’t like using living persons charts as samples)

sudarshan chakra

This like seeing how your three bodies, causal – Sun, subtle – Moon and the solid – Ascendant intermingle and produce a unified personality. Doing this for clients is a waste of time, they are not going to appreciate the subtleties of Jyotish, but you should attempt this for your own birth details if you are so inclined.Or if you are interested in your spiritual growth. Or if your client has a life/ death problem and you need more data to work on. Most softwares will draw out this chart for you and there are online free calculators.

The singular importance of this Sudarshan chakra is to examine how the power of the Sun percolates through the Moon and then is evident in the physical body. The outermost space, the paper on which you have drawn your chakra is the Eternal.  The Sun first picks up a ‘ray’ from the Eternal. This ‘ray’ is described in the outermost circle of your Sudarshan chakra, this is the soul section. This is the same alignment of your planets as your birth chart, but the house/ sign occupied by the Sun is placed as the 1st house. Then the middle segment, the mind section contains your birth Moon chart. The birth Moon sign is considered as the 1st house in this section. The Sun-circle first draws in the energy from the Eternal. The Moon-circle is the bridge, the mental-psychic, the reflecting surface, this filters the Sun-energy downwards into the gross. The innermost circle is your body and material environment section. This section contains your birth chart with the rising degree/ ascendant as the first house, the regular birth chart.

Now when you analyse this chart, you will be analysing your integrated personality frmo the soul to the mind to the physical body/environment.

If the physical body section has some problem, look into the mind section if the problem has roots in the mind also or is it a superficial issue of the gross body only. If the problem is seen in the mind-section too then check if it exists at the soul-levels too. Depending on the depth of the problem you will have to prescribe the solution. Eg if the client does not have children or has one specially-abled child and wants to check before trying for another. Then his 5th house at the body-level will naturally show the problem. But then check how deep is the imbalance. If this imbalance is also at the mind-level but the soul-level energy is ok then he will have to do some pujas and energy remedies. These will help him on the emotional levels and astral-subtle body levels. These will set right the issue at the reflecting filter level. But if the problem has roots in the soul level also then it will very difficult to resolve. And he will also be suffering a soul-level anguish because of this. So counsel him as best as you can and if his 9th house is in a better position advise him to adopt a child instead. If both the soul and mind level energies are favourable, and only the physical level shows an imbalance then the physical remedies of going to a specialist doctor etc will work.

For a well-balanced personality, these three circles should work together. Else there is physical stress and psychological pain or anguish to the soul itself. Reading the Sudarshan chakra chart comes only with practice and observing your life-time sample charts.


Now use your own birth details. Start with one house at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself, it is a life-time study which evolves as you learn and experience more. Take an hour for every house to begin with.

Let’s see how Crowley was on the soul, mind, body levels and if it was an integrated personality! In our example to begin with, the 1st house.

  • The Sun-segment has Virgo sign, Ketu, Sun
  • The Moon-segment has Pisces sign, Moon, Rahu
  • The physical-segment has Cancer sign as ascendant, no planets here.
  • You are observing how the impulse from the Eternal is converted to the gross. The impulse is always auspicious, beneficial and promotes spiritual growth. This impulse is first modulated by the Sun, so you will have to read all about Virgo sign, Ketu in Virgo, Sun in Virgo, Sun in ascendant, Ketu in ascendant and Virgo in ascendant, Sun-Ketu conjunction etc all possible attributes. Everything that this house/ sign/ planets can tell us. This tells us how Crowley was on the soul level.
  • Next this impulse is filtered by the Mind-segment. Here you will read up on Moon in ascendant, Rahu in ascendant, Moon-Rahu conjunction, Rahu in Pisces and Moon in Pisces, Pisces as ascendant etc everything. Try to understand how this segment will work on the energy you have analysed at the soul level. How will it modify it? This is a subjective analysis. (Eg. Virgo is earthy, Pisces a watery sign, both dual natured, both mirrors of each other, now one is reflecting the other’s energy, how will it work?) Here we will know more about his Mind, perceptions, the intelligence, the mental processes, his feelings, etc
  • Now this Mind-energy will be solidified into the innermost body-segment. This is Cancer ascendant, so read all about this sign and how it behaves as the rising location. Everything that you can analyse will be used in the final subjective integration. Think about how this will anchor the Mind-energy we have analysed above. (Cancer is a watery, moveable sign ruled by Moon and so on). Here we will know about the physical body as a reflection of the Sun energy via the Moon filter. We can make a judgement on how these energies work together blending through layers.
  • From this first house analysis we can come to a conclusion that Crowley’s energies from the Soul to Mind to the Body flowed without too much disturbance. He was very clear about his Soul’s objectives but in a detached manner, highly intelligent, incisively intelligent, was aware of karma and its repercussions, able to act, bold and knew how to reach the highest awareness. The duality or mirror energies of the soul/mind were actually a fill-in-the-blanks. There were contradictions between the soul energy and the mind energy, but they later worked in tandem. His physical and mental make up was in accord, not much conflict. So the energy from the soul downwards and the energy of action from the physical body upwards all made a harmonious blend which must have improved with age. He must have achieved a very high level of spiritual growth in that life. This analysis is a starting point, as even more information can be pulled in using these 3 layered first house of the Sudarshan chakra.

This much would be just for one house, there are a total of 12 houses. This analysis gives very important hints into your personality. So give yourself time. Don’t rush it. This is self-discovery, it can be delightful, savour every bit of it. It is easier for the advanced students, as you will need to know the attributes of the signs and the planets and be able to subjectively analyse how they all interact with each other on the same levels and also how they blend with the levels below/ above them.


Sometimes I wonder at all my days studying Jyotish, maths and analysis. I love seeing the energies mingle in the charts, the charts are alive. Observing human nature through the horoscopes. All the secrets of the person sitting before you, his physical body/ environment, mind and soul. Seeing how his past was and how his future will be. Later I realised that observing others dispassionately has helped me so much. Observing people, their souls, minds, bodies at the mercy of the planetary movements, all chosen by themselves at birth. We choose our own horoscope ourself and then blame it. We shut down some options in this life ourselves and now are so desperate to try those very options. We wanted an experience so deeply that we chose it exclusively and now we are scared to reach for it. The human mind is so full of contradictions, so chaotic, yet so very beautiful. And the soul is the ultimate cypher. Understanding oneself, observing oneself, can be so absorbing, Jyotish is linked to the Ved, it is a path for self-illumination, may we all make the most of it.

6 thoughts on “Sun and the Sudarshan chakra chart

  1. Sunny May 23, 2020 / 12:12 am

    My lagna Lord sun is debiliated, it’s in Libra both in D-1 and D-9. What does this mean at soul level?


  2. Gulshan Juneja May 31, 2020 / 5:01 am

    Very well written and in such a way that a novice like me could also grasp some perspective, though to understand fully will require good home work on my part. I am curious to know the impact and interpretations in case of Virgo asc Sun 12 degree, Moon 14 degree and Mercury 27 degree in 1st house (Hasta 2 nakshatra). I presume planets have attained maturity since the person is 55+ (within family). In this case I think, Sudarshan Chakra asc for Sun, Moon, Lagna will remain same. Request your guidance. Namaskar.


    • astrologerbydefault May 31, 2020 / 4:16 pm

      Hi there
      if all are in the same asc sign naturally the Sudarshan chakra will b aligned perfectly.. moon asc sun asc and asc sign and all the other signs/houses too..
      the 10th 11th 12th lords in asc plus asc lord in asc .. is a good combination.. must have given a lot in terms of public interactions profession wealth etc..
      at 55+ all planets have naturally matured
      there is a good scope fr spiritual progress..
      the flow of energy is clear and directly via the layers ..
      i have written a lot on virgo asc virgo sign virgo moon etc .. pl go thru these posts fr more details..


  3. Gulshan Juneja May 31, 2020 / 6:35 pm

    Thank you so much for your guidance. You have touched the pulse in terms of your observations above. My interest in learning jyotish is increasing, thanks to your posts which have wealth of knowledge. More so for you being so generous in sharing your knowledge and promptly responding to the queries for the benefit of readers. My head bows with respect. Namaskar.


  4. Guru July 30, 2020 / 9:56 am

    Namaste –

    I have seen the chakra before but this is the first time I came across the importance of how things flow from Soul -> Mind -> Asc.

    This is my understanding:

    If Sun, Moon, Asc rashis are same or of the same element/nature or if their rashis are compatible with each other (water + earth ; fire + air).. I suppose, there is less friction in terms of flow via sun, moon, asc and vice versa.

    Example: just for the sake of understanding one house ( I can take the principles and apply it on the rest of the houses)

    If Sun is in fire, Moon is in water, Asc is in air signs, since the elements are all different, do we say there’s challenge in the way the intent of the soul , psychological makeup of the mind, physical env/body of the ascendant co-exist together?

    In other words, Sun in fire, Asc in air – may have compatibility as the elements may work well, but mind in water finds it difficult to comprehend the body and soul’s energy?

    Visiting powerful temples in India and soaking in the energy of the place, have personally experienced a state, almost like numb where the body doesn’t understand what’s going on but an immense state of peace exists for a certain duration of time … sort of thoughtless, no drama, circus states.

    I can’t explain what it is, but if I correlate the energy/feeling and compare this with my understanding of example above, Is this correct?

    On the contrary, when there is an innate strong desire (soul) to go out into the world and act (studying Sun and its house /sign placements , AK and drawing parallels) , there seems be some sort of a blockage or hindrance in the way mind can cooperate with the soul’s intent /body.

    In either case, am trying to know if its incompatibility of the signs nature – soul +mind + asc is what is creating the hindrance or other factors?

    for the sake of simplicity, am not including other planets in that house , just to keep it generic..



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