Planets to help you in your Pregnancy

The planets have a significant influence on our development right from conception. While we are in the mother’s womb, her horoscope had overarching influence on us, then followed by the father’s horoscope. A human pregnancy lasts for about 280 days. We think of it as 9 months, but more correctly its is about 9 Solar months and 10 exact Lunar months. (One Lunar month is for 28days.) The Lunar month is more important here as menstrual cycle too is linked to the moon. So one human pregnancy is 10 Lunar months of 28 days each.

We can use astrology to help a pregnant woman and her baby. We can use our Intentions and the energies of the planets harnessed through their specific mantras. Each planet governs a specific phase of the in-womb development, thus strengthening the planetary influences by reciting their mantras always helps.

Now check out the horoscope of the pregnant woman. Check out the following especially, and the other planets too, as each one of them is involved in creating a new human baby.

  1. 5th house – its sign, the occupant planets, and the owner planet – this is the house which creates the child
  2. 8th house – the reproductive organs of the mother
  3. Sun – natural ruler of the 5th sign of the zodiac will influence the creation of the child wherever he may be placed.
  4. Mars – The natural owner of the 8th sign of the zodiac and the energy and vitality of the reproductive organs is linked to him.
  5. The relative strength of all the planets should be examined, especially the debilitated or combust or retrograde planets and the planets located in the 6th house, 8th house and 12th houses should be checked. Planets under the influences of malefics may also need to be supported during the pregnancy.
  6. The transiting planets over this period of pregnancy should be given due attention too.
  7. One point to highlight. Abortion, Miscarriage and Medical termination of pregnancy can be seen from that month’s ruling planet, if he is adversely placed in the mother’s birth and transit charts and both and her 5th and 8th house shows additional malefic influences.

Planets to help you in your Pregnancy

The first month of 28 days – This period immediately follows intercourse and is ruled by Venus/Shukra. The sperm and ovum combine to produce the embryo. A time of very high activity in the embryo where the cells are set up in blocks destined to be the new body. The cells are still fluid in the sense the programming is not yet fixed. The cells are still totipotent, one initial cell can give rise to several types of cells. During this period if the mother’s chart has a weak birth Venus or even if the current Venus in transit is combust, retrograde or with malefics, the mother needs to support herself and her child by reciting the Venus mantra, “Om draang dreeng draung sah Shukraya namah Om”. At least thrice or 108 times everyday. If the father or others want to support they can by reciting this version “Om draam dreem draum sah Shukraya namah Om”

Second month of 28 days – This period is ruled by Mars/Mangal. By now the cells of the fetal body have become rigid. The totipotency has been replaced by pleuripotency. The cells destined for the liver cannot re-programme themselves to become the muscle now. Thus rigidity has set in. Shape of the body is discernible. If the mother’s Mars is weak or the transit Mars is afflicted or retrograde or combust etc it is necessary to help the fetus with his energies. The mother must recite, “Om kraang kreeng kraung sah Mangalaya Namah om” thrice or 108 times, and the father will recite, “Om kraam kreem kraum sah Mangalaya Namah om” to help his wife and the growing baby.

Third month of 28days is ruled by Jupiter/Guru – this is a period of rapid expansion and the shape of the fetal body becomes more defined. The fetus becomes aware and now onwards can preceptively respond to the mother/father. Here it is necessary to provide him energies of Jupiter, depending on the Jupiter in the mother’s chart and also the position of the transit Jupiter currently if combust etc. The mother should recite, “Om graang greeng graung sah Gurave namah Om”, thrice or 108 times daily, and the others can help her and the baby by reciting, “Om graam greem graum sah Gurave namah Om”.

Fourth month of 28 days is ruled by the Sun/Surya. The baby’s intelligence expands and the divine spark helps it in establishing its soul’s energies during this period. The Vedic Sanskar of Pushban is performed during this period to help establish the energies of the Sun in the fetus. The strength of the body increases, bone and muscle structure begin to form. To help the fetus during this period and enhance the energies of the Sun available to it, the mother should recite, “Om hraang hreeng hroung sah Suryaya namah Om”, either thrice or 108 times daily. And the father and others will recite, “Om hraam hreem hroum sah Suryaya namah Om”. Especially if the mother’s Sun in the chart is badly placed or debilitated or the current transit Sun is placed with malefics, like Rahu/Ketu Saturn etc or there is to be an eclipse during this period.

Fifth month of 28 days is ruled by the Moon/Chandra here the circulatory system of the fetus is in place and his blood and blood cells start functioning, the immune system develops. A sense of emotional self is initiated. The fetus can now understand its emotions and express them too. This is a critical period in the development as the mind and emotions are taking root. The mother’s chart Moon should be examined and if in a bad position/sign/aspected or with malefics or debilitated it needs to be strengthened. If there are any eclipses during this period be very careful. Especially be careful on the amavasya/new moon day falling in this month.

Planets to help you in your Pregnancy

Sixth month of 28 days is now ruled by Saturn. The bones, nerves and supporting frame of the body gets defined, Hair and nails grow out. This period is also crucial because here the capacity for endurance of the child is being laid down. The mother can support the Saturn in building the body of her child by reciting his mantra, Om praang pring praung sah Sanishcharaya namah Om”. The father should recite Om praam prim praum sah Sanishcharaya namah Om”. This will be essential in case of badly placed Saturn in the cart of the mother or the current transiting Saturn being combust, retrograde or debilitated etc.

Seventh month of 28 days is ruled by Mercury. here the baby can now think, its nervous system and brain development has now reached a critical stage. It is clearly aware of its own fetal body and the signals which it receives from its mother and the outer environment too. It can feel. It’s intelligence and awareness has reached a significant stage and it can understand. It would be ideal if the mother recites the beej mantra, “Om braang breeng braung sah Budhaya namah Om.” either 3 times or 108 times daily and the father recites “Om braam breem braum sah Budhaya namah Om” for the growth of his unborn child’s wisdom and intelligence. Especially if the mother’s birth Mercury or the current transit Mercury is not well placed this remedy would be critical.

Eight month of 28 days is ruled by Lord of the Mother’s ascendant sign seen from her birth chart. This is a highly critical period for the mother and child, and the Vedic Sanskar of Seemantonayan is performed during this period for protection of the fetus and the mother. The mother needs to keep herself surrounded by positive vibrations and keep herself happy. If by chance the woman prematurely delivers during this period it would be disastrous. This is the period where the complete personality of the fetus is being decided. The mantra to be recited is the beej mantra of the ascendant lord seen from the mother’s birth chart.

Ninth month of 28 days is ruled by the Sun/Surya again. Here the fetus gains an understanding and control of his own body. He is well on his way of being a person. He can feel hunger and thirst. Fetal images of the fetus sucking his thumb etc are from this period onwards. It starts finalising its body structures in preparing for delivery. The mantra here is again the beej mantra of Sun/Surya to be recited by the mother and the father.

Tenth month of 28 days, is again ruled by the Moon, this is the last phase before delivery occurs. This baby’s mind and emotions are now active and it is mentally prepared for the delivery. Child’s mind becomes active and it gets ready for delivery. Recitation of the beej mantra of the Moon will help immensely during this period ensuring the safety of the mother and her child. Natural delivery will occur in this period when there is a link between the mother’s Moon sign, Mars sign and the transiting Moon and Mars positions.

Thus after this hectic activity of 280 days, the baby is born into the world as a separate individual with his its own horoscope charted out with its chosen life-events. As the mother and the father, it is our responsibility to help as much as we can, with Mantras, Intentions and Will-power on the spiritual plane. With our assets, presence and support on the physical plane and with Love and Understanding on the emotional plane. If we can do this for our child, right from its conception, we would have successfully completed our debt to the society by raising a responsible, well-adjusted individual, an asset to the society.


Planets to help you in your Pregnancy


Men are men and women are women

Today I went for a cultural fest in the town where I live. There was a dance and drama troupe which performed 3 dances and 1 short drama. Excellent performances all of them. But there was one performer who amazed me, the likes of which I have never seen in my life and probably never will again. The best female dancer who also performed a solo dance as female was in fact a young man! He was much more graceful than all the other female dancers and most importantly felt feminine. He was so immersed in his performance as a female dancer that he was also giving out the energies of a female in his aura. It was beyond belief, but auras do not lie. Then I saw him perform as a dashing young man in a male role in the drama and again his immersion was so complete that he was the perfect example of masculinity. I met him after his performance to congratulate him and to see his aura when he was not acting. A simple clear aura of a normal healthy young man with his girlfriend in tow.

Men are men and women are women

That got me thinking, men and women are fundamentally different, never can be compared and should not be compared ever.

Men are generally more selfless when it comes to giving to the Society at large. Men are protective of the entire society as such. Men are capable of immersing themselves, even destroying themselves in the greater interests of the society. They can do anything required for the greater interests of the group, rather than their own personal family. The men are not centred around their personal selves or the children that they father. They are centred around the society they live in. The physically robust male did not have to rely on ego games and selfishness to survive. Instead they could afford to spend some of their strength in protecting persons not related to them by blood. This mindset is very deep and the core of maleness, protect the group and the individual is taken care of automatically. If a few individuals die it does not matter because the group survives. Probably this is connected to their XY DNA structure.

So a man will generally be deeply more comfortable performing activities related to greater good of the group. Abstract concepts like patriotism, long term tactics, strategies  appeal more to the male mindset. A man would be a better spymaster than a woman. And you cannot expect a man to look after the tiny things around the house.

Anonymous soldiers and even more anonymous spies and those charismatic men who lead their nations often at great personal losses are just this example. A great leader will be a man and most often a single man. He may have a family but for such a man the nation will always be more important. A Man will always be for the protection of the Society. This is a general observation.

It is in the genes. This is the evolutionary trajectory and cannot be altered by a couple of feminist generations and media shouting.

Men are men and women are women

Now what about Women?

A woman is generally selfless only when it comes to her own children, her own blood. Only then. She is physically weak comparatively so has developed different survival mechanisms for herself and her offspring. She is psychologically stronger. She has more ego and more selfishness. These two traits are linked to her survival during evolutionary history. A woman is extremely vulnerable at several points of her life eg during the 5 days of the monthly cycle, during pregnancy, during rearing a small child, and has had to learn to play mind games just for survival.

A woman always remains aware of her individuality and cannot immerse herself deeply for anything other than her children/herself. In fact women are not so deeply connected to their their husbands even. If they find a better care giver for themselves and their children they can shift. A woman’s focus is on her and her children’s individual survival. She can do anything for this. She has a narrower mindset which limits itself to herself and her bloodline. Women are in this do not think much of the larger interests of the society. But she is extraordinarily aware of the tiniest things in the house, eg the sugar in the kitchen is finished, there is dust under the bed, the curtains need airing etc.

A woman will generally feel more satisfied when she does something for the good of her children/herself. She is more practical and survival oriented. She will prefer dealing with immediate issues rather than long term tactical strategies.

This is micro level priority and may be linked to the presence of XX DNA structures of a woman. Again this is a general observation.

This post is not for blaming either of the sexes. This is how they are on a deep level subconsciously and they have become this over millions of years of evolution. Men manage the society and women manage the family and both these functions are equally important. There cannot be a vibrant society without families and there can be no safe families without a society existing over them. And at the core of both is the individual.

One interesting example, Chefs or people who cook for village fests, weddings and in large volumes are almost always men. Women on the other hand generally cook just for their personal families. It is not about the taste or efforts, it is linked to the ability to “give”. Women can better “give” to their families. Men can better “give” to large groups / society.

And with due apology to both men and women, I am neither a feminist or a chauvinist. This is my observation and my experience. Both men and women exist so that the macro and micro levels are both taken care of. Both are different and both are essential. And neither can be compared to the other.

And that young man today, whose performance triggered this post. I will always remember him, his aura in a female role was feminine, as a male role was masculine and when I met him he was not even aware of the level to which he had immersed himself in his roles. An extraordinary performance indeed.

Men are men and women are women