Jupiter transit Aries 2023 predictions for signs part 1

Currently Jupiter is in his own Pisces (post here) and he will be entering Aries on 22nd Apr 2023. When in Pisces, he spent most of his time, 10months, in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra (linked to Saturn) and was aspected by Saturn’s 3rd aspect from Capricorn. And when Saturn entered Aquarius in Jan 2023, he and Rahu jointly held Jupiter in a paapkartari yog. Then he had an exact conjunction with Venus. Thus despite being in his own sign he was unable to deliver much auspiciousness during 2022 – 23.

Jupiter will be exiting Pisces and entering Aries on 22nd Apr 2023 and will be here till 1st May 2024. He is going to be retrograde in Aries from 4th Sept to 31st Dec 2023. In the past, Jupiter would reverse back into the previous sign but since his Pisces transit and till his Taurus transit is complete, he will not be doing this. Jupiter continuing in the same sign for his entire sign transit of avg 12 months allows more stability and opportunities for us. The time when Jupiter is stationary will be intense. He is going to be stationary during for avg 5 days as he changes direction in 21deg Aries and again during in 11deg Aries. If you have any birth planets or your ascendant degree in these degrees of the zodiac then you may find intense events occurring in your life then. If this transit is favourable/ unfavourable for you so will this event be.


Jupiter, since his Sagittarius transit in 2019 and for the next few years (post here and here) is continually under severe malefic influences. The four slow moving planets, ie Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter have aligned themselves in a way that Jupiter is constantly under cruel conjunctions/ aspects. Jupiter is the jiv-karak, the Dev Guru, the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, ie the 9th and 12th natural houses and also involved in the functioning of the 2nd 4th 5th 9th and 11th houses. His being under such continuous cruel influences is denying us all that we need for a peaceful, productive, happy life. So in a way, Jupiter himself has become inauspicious, malefic, cruel, unable to support humanity as he is forced to withhold his blessings.

Aries is the natural first house of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars it governs boldness, initiative, courage, invasions, competitions and the will to live. Jupiter maintains life on Earth, ensures peace, prosperity, health, Dharma, etc ensures all the things which make life worth living. And Jupiter and Mars get along well. Aries with its innovative, competitive, active, etc energies suits Jupiter. Limitless hope, expansion, benevolence etc in the house of limitless energy, positivity and action is a good thing. But now his usual kindly, benevolent and expansive nature will either be diverted into the illusions of Rahu or be constricted by Saturn or both. In any case it will be an uncomfortable time. You will initially feel encouraged to take bold and decisive steps on the matters indicated by your chart’s Aries sign but later constraints, frustrations and delays will sap your will. Post Apr 2023, all those signs flying high on Jupiter fuelled hopes will be brought back to reality and rudely so. This will be an unbearable crash for several of us.

Rahu is already in Aries and will shift to Pisces on 29th Nov 2023 (true Rahu). So as soon as Jupiter also enters Aries, the Guru chandal yog will formally start. Fame, reputation, character, morals, ethics, health, relationship with the spouse, child birth and children, happiness in the family, wellbeing of elders/ parents/ grandparents, education, exams, interviews, money, investments, social standing, jobs, spirituality, etc are all going to be affected. Secret affairs, unwanted exposure of past mistakes and secrets, spiritual, emotional and physical disturbance, legal issues, fear, disagreements etc are going to be triggered. Rahu being aspected by a strong Saturn from Aquarius (his mool trikon sign) is creating a Shapit dosh. And now Saturn will be aspecting Jupiter too, throughout his stay in Pisces, restricting him on so many levels.


In this Jupiter transit, the strength of the birth chart positions are going to be critical. So open your birth chart, gauge the strength of your personality and also check the power of Jupiter in Aries. (one of the easier way is to check the Ashtakvarga chart as the numbers make it easy to judge the auspiciousness of the planets/signs.)

Of the two signs that Jupiter owns, Pisces is caught in the paap kartari of Saturn and Rahu. And later Rahu will be transiting into Pisces. Sagittarius has a favourable Saturn in its 3rd house, a favourable Jupiter in the 5th but also has the Guru chandal in its 5th till Nov end. (Whenever the 5th house is damaged either at birth or in transit, the capacity to take ethical, proper, considered decisions gets compromised.) So the signs which will feel the maximum effect of this Jupiter are Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries – Libra. If you have your ascendant, birth Moon, birth Rahu or birth Jupiter in these do remain alert.

Those ascendant signs for whom Jupiter is a functional malefic must be extra careful. Depending on your birth chart, this afflicted Jupiter in transit will either add to your dushamsthan troubles or may reduce them, giving you some unique opportunities during this time.

Saturn is the Yogkarak for Taurus and Libra ascendants and Jupiter is a functional malefic. So these two ascendant signs will be able to manage the Saturn impact reasonably well and get themselves out of the negative results that Jupiter or Rahu indicate in their physical environments. You will be required to work hard, be pragmatic, logical and use Saturn to remove the deadweight and negativity from your life. It will not be a pleasant process and you might feel distraught emotionally (this will depend on your birth Moon), but if you are able to practically do so, you will experience the blessings of Yogkarak Shanidev during this period. He is in a position to control both Jupiter and channelise Rahu thus giving you some benefit at least.

Saturn is the ascendant lord for Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants so hopefully he will manage to give some good results for these two ascendant signs. Some material growth will be possible but the emotional context will again depend on the birth Moon sign.

Rarely, Rahu and Ketu can function as Yogkarak graha (post here). In case you have these combinations in your birth chart then the malefic effects of Guruchandal will be reduced and you will be able to make positive use of the energy.

If you have a birth Guru chandal or Shapit dosh or if your birth Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu Ketu are linked in any way or if you are undergoing a dasha period combination of Jupiter, Rahu or Ketu then this period will be more troublesome.

There is a high possibility of being cheated by others. You might be under an illusion that everything is alright when in fact it is not. Being overconfident, or taking unnecessary risks, trying to be over smart will backfire during this time. And it is equally possible that you might cheat or misguide others for your own benefit. Do not take advantage of or use others for your benefit. There will also be a tendency to meddle in others’ affairs, to give unsolicited advice etc. Avoid poking your nose in other’s lives as this will harm both of you.

If you have cheated others, hidden important information from others, induced others to behave as per your wishes by false pretences or by giving them incomplete information on purpose, taken advantage of others, misguided anyone, given false promises, taken unwonted risks etc, all this will come back to haunt you.

If you have taken calculated risks, systematically worked hard, tried to be sincere even under trying circumstances, not given in to inappropriate desires, not bowed down to unwonted pressure from others, resisted harming others etc, then during this period you will see your hard work finally giving you returns. It will be a slow but a gradual process. Especially if you have been doing your daily pujas, doing Daan or Mantra puja, followed Dharma, etc then the returns will be faster.


Remedies as always are only the two, Daana or Mantra. You can give away the items related to Jupiter on the day he transits into Aries. Or you can do a weekly daan at your nearby Navgraha temple or in the river or the sea. Or you can do your regular daily puja where you also recite a small Navgraha mantra or Guru mantra for Jupiter. Or you can do a small personal weekly or monthly Shanti homa for Jupiter. Or you can recite any mantra of your choice, Gayatri mantra, Mahamrytuynjai mantra, or take up the Soham ajapa mantra or recite the Shri Sukta etc. Or you can go for pilgrimages to your Kuldevata and Ishtadevata temples, give daan there or recite their mantra regularly. Or if you understand your own horoscope then you can also adapt your behaviour intelligently to reduce the malefic impacts on you. The choice is yours, but do something regularly so that you can navigate through safely.

As with every transit there are some positives and some negatives so that the overall time is averaged out. But this time, the negatives are a bit more than the positives, so I will be listing out those aspects of life where you are required to be more careful in my next post on Jupiter’s 2023 transit into Aries.

Part 2 link here

Predictions for Vedic New Year Shri Shobhakruti naam Samvatsar 2023 24

The Vedic year Shubhakruti (post here) ends on Phalgun Amvasya ie 21st Mar 2023. Both Sun and the Moon are together in Pisces on this day and it marks the end of one zodiac cycle. The Vedic new year, Shri Shobhakruti naam Samvatsar starts with the sunrise of the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada which falls on 22nd March 2023. This day is called the Yugadi युगादि.


The word Shobhakruti is a Sanskrit compound word composed of Shobha and Akruti. Shobha शोभा means, grace, good, light, beauty, wish, yellow, merit, desire, elegance etc. Akruti आकृति means shape, form, appearance, 22, specimen, aspect, etc.

For predicting the possible events in this new year, the Nutan Varsha Phala, ie the fruits of the new year, we use a combination of,

  • The chart of the first Sunrise of the new year
  • The Nav Nayak system (post here)

This is the basic D1 chart of the new sunrise and its Navamsha D9. If you are an advanced student of Jyotish you can use the other charts, Ashtakvarga, other chakras etc as per your level of competence.



As usual, the lagna/ ascendant degree is in Pisces with the rising Sun. Moon and Mercury are ultra close, they are on the exact same degree. Mercury is completely combust. Venus and Rahu are perfectly conjunct, both are on the same degree in Taurus. Mars is in Gemini. Ketu is in Libra. Saturn in Aquarius is aspecting Venus (this is uncomfortable for Venus) and also Rahu (this is a intense Shapit dosh). Saturn and Rahu are holding Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Lagna of the new year day in the cruel paap kartari scissor, which is not good.

In the Navamsha, the Sun and Lagna are on the same degree, allotted to Virgo navamsha. Moon and Mercury on the same degree and in Libra navamsha. Saturn is in Sagittarius navmsha. Jupiter and Ketu are both allotted to Capricorn navamsha. Rahu and Venus are on the same degree and together in the Cancer navamsha.

The actual rising degree /Lagna is heavily influenced by Sun, Moon and Mercury, who are practically on top of it. Sun and Moon in the 1st house are well placed and also have enough power in the navamsha. Significant potential energy is available but a combust Mercury exactly with the Moon will vitiate the thinking process and disturb the emotions. The ascendant lord, Jupiter is placed in the Lagna itself which is good. But he is afflicted by the paap kartari, so this year everything will suffer from a curious mix of expansion with restraint coupled with a desire to overreach. Further he is debilitated in the D9. The environment will be restrictive, risky and future uncertain. Everyone will want to focus on his own self, might want to take up new creative ideas or fall in love or or start new projects or express the personality in some way, but this will be difficult. Ideas which seem promising may not be practical or useful in the long run. Jupiter does not have much say in the D1 nor much power in the D9. So this basic energy will reflect on all of our personalities, environments and our interactions with our surroundings.

All the planets except Mars are on one side of the Rahu Ketu axis. Rahu and Venus are in Aries on the same exact degree. So everyone will intensely desire all the stuff that Aries sign and Mars and Rahu graha indicate in their personal charts.


As per the Nav Nayak scheme of things, the ‘planetary government’ for Shri Shobhakruti is as follows.

  • Raja – Mercury
  • Mantri – Venus
  • Arghyadhipati –  Jupiter
  • Sasyadhipati – Moon
  • Senadhipati – Venus
  • Rasadhipati – Mercury
  • Dhanyadhipati –  Saturn
  • Nirasadhipati – Moon
  • Meghadhipati – Jupiter

This year we have 5 planets directly involved in the rulership scheme. Mercury the King holds an additional post of Rasadhipati. Jupiter holds 3 posts. Moon holds two posts while Venus and Saturn each hold one position this year. Sun, the natural ruler of the zodiac and Mars do not hold any ministry in Shri Shobhakruti.

Technically 4 of the 5 governing planets are considered to be natural benefics but, Moon does not have strength as he is very close to the Sun. Mercury is fully combust so not auspicious, in fact the natural malefic Sun is acting through him. Jupiter is a shubh graha but caught in a paap kartari so unable to do much. And Venus who is also a naturally auspicious force is exactly with Rahu hence cannot be expected to give favourable results. And Saturn is a naturally cruel force. 

The natural ruler of the zodiac being absent from the planetary government means that there will be lack of direction in everything. He is acting indirectly through a combust Mercury and has spoilt him. Mars being absent means that people will lack that competitive spirit, confidence and boldness that he represents. And there will be underhand behaviour, pettiness, twisted logic and selfishness in everything. So there will be proxy wars, cyber attacks, financial meltdowns, crimes linked to money, economic crises etc and outright aggression will be the last resort. 


Some general trends for this year are as follows.

Everyone is going to be more selfish and think only of themselves. Diplomacy will exist but there will be an undercurrent of discord running through. Things may be presented in a convincing manner but motives will be questionable. Disagreements will be frequent, at the personal, local or national levels. The elected governments will find it difficult to govern properly this year. There will be severe interference from anti-national elements in practically every nation. Dictatorships will be comparatively stronger.

New practical ideas, inventions, systems etc will be put in place. Our ancient Indian sciences, Ved, philosophy etc will be re-discovered and will be made popular. Subjects which require logical thinking will be more recognised.

People will try to set up businesses at every level, small scale industry will be more profitable. Small entrepreneurs will take risks and start small units. Everyone will think of novel ways to make money. Social media will boom as content producers try to become influencers. This will lead to a different level of stress and anxiety. People will forget the concept of personal privacy as they try to ‘monetise’ their lives and this will also lead to crimes. Entertainment business will become profitable as new ways of delivering content are explored by everyone and media in regional languages will be more profitable.

New projects should be undertaken only after due risk assessment as there is a high chance of failure. The overall economy on the individual / national /global levels is not supportive and may slide into a depression/ recession.

At the government levels, new industrial policies will be framed to support the economy. New policies, laws, rules etc will be brought in which will be fair but the public lead by anti-national groups will protest against these. New laws will be brought in to help genuine hardworking Indian farmers, labourers and to reduce the dominance of middle men and traders in the agricultural sector. New shipping routes, new ports and new shipping policies will help export / import. 

Women will be more prominent everywhere this year, especially in the government, politics, business, crime, etc. There will be an increase in love affairs and women will be more dominant here too. Divorces, separations, multiple affairs and immorality will increase.

Classical arts, music, dance etc will be more appreciated. People will want quality and variety in everything. Branded perfumes, luxury goods, cosmetics, cosmetic procedures, gourmet food, gifts, flowers, alcohol, drugs, jewellery etc will be expensive but also more in demand. Savings reduce as expenses increase. 

During this year, diseases of the mind, nerves, skin are possible, especially mental breakdowns caused by stress. Psychological issues will increase as emotional needs will not be met, mental illness will be more in the limelight. Addictions, especially alcohol consumption will increase. 


This year, farmers will be required to change their crops and cropping patterns. Rain will be untimely, erratic, heavy but of little use for agriculture. Production of the routine food crops, like wheat, rice will be affected. Water scarcity in some areas and excessive rains in other areas will affect food crops, fruits and cash crop production. White coloured crops eg rice, cotton and sugar will be in demand and will also fetch a good price. Sea food and aquaculture will be profitable. Metals will be mined in greater quantities and also be profitable. Silver, gold and pearls will be in high demand.

Water will be recognised as a valuable resource and people /nations will try to get more control over it. Rain and water scarcity or flooding is possible in several places. Drinking water will become more expensive. Coastlines will more suffer from winds, cyclones and natural calamities connected to water. Eclipses will trigger accidental deaths connected to water. 

Demand for minerals, metals, coal, iron, petroleum etc increases and their prices also increase. Dry land crops will be cultivated more and cereals production will decrease. Cash crops, fruits, ‘dry fruits’ will give good profits. However the nourishment provided by such crops will decrease for several reasons including increased pesticide use and adulteration. 

There will be a desire to regain health so vegetarian food, Ayurved and Homeopathy will be will be more popular. 


Overall, this year will have unexpected challenges on every level. Practically every nation will suffer as these cruel planetary combinations disturb our overall life and living. The Ukraine war will continue and escalate, it will involve other western nations. The west will continue with its downward spiral. Extreme weather conditions, increase in wars and war like situations, civil unrest, cross border infiltration, terrorist attacks, famines, droughts, floods in various parts of the world. Slowing down of the economy and its entering a recession is a definite possibility. 

Briefly for the Moon signs.

  • Aries will be under stress continuously as Rahu Jupiter in Aries aspected by Saturn take their toll on your mind. Do not let others take advantage of you and your skills. Learn to recognise the hidden intentions of the people you meet.
  • Taurus is going to face one of the most challenging years of their lives. Health and financial stability should be given priority in this year. Past mistakes, regrets and lost opportunities will make you unpleasant.
  • Gemini will feel isolated most of the time. Do not let your ‘friends’ put you in awkward situations. Parents will need your attention.
  • Cancer will go through multiple challenges on the health, business and relationship fronts after Apr 2023. Try to find genuine friends who can help you in this year.
  • Leo should be careful when getting into new relationships. And loneliness can lead to bad habits and addictions. You will regret the opportunities which you lost in the past. 
  • Virgo have to be careful regarding money this year, budgeting is essential. Overconfidence in the past will show its true effects now. Be careful as this is a challenging time.
  • Libra has to keep health as a priority. Loved ones may betray you in this time. Keep a low profile, avoid aggressive behaviour, do not create new enemies.
  • Scorpio – Expected results will be delayed. Always keep a plan B ready in professional life. There will be stress from spouse and children at home.
  • Sagittarius has a relatively better time this year. New opportunities will be available, choose carefully. Past mistakes will haunt you and family members will not be supportive.
  • Capricorn should not trust others more than necessary. Legal issues are possible and you will be blamed for your actions. Family members will disappoint. Do not interfere in other’s affairs.
  • Aquarius will face a monetary crunch. Unexpected trouble, hurdles and dissatisfaction in life. Loneliness will cause mental agony. Trying times ahead.
  • Pisces should be ready for separation from loved ones. Significant changes in profession or residence is possible. Health and finance will be an issue. 

Individual specific results depend on the power of the personal horoscope. A strong birth horoscope, ie a strong ascendant sign/ lord, a strong birth Moon, strong Ashtakvarga table, or if the D1 D9 dynamics is strong or if several of your planets are Vargottam etc then you can better handle the situations which life throws at you. Especially this year, you will be able to get through this Shri Shobhakruti only if you have an auspicious and powerful birth chart. Dasha periods of benefic planets are always helpful. Positive planetary transits over your birth chart positions help create opportunities for growth in life. 

The eclipses occurring in this year are,

  • Solar eclipse – 20 Apr 2023
  • Solar eclipse – 14th Oct 2023
  • Lunar eclipse – 28- 29 Oct 2023
  • Solar eclipse – 8th Apr 2024

Major transits this year are,

  • Jupiter moving into Aries on 22nd Apr 2023 where he will stay for one full year till 1st May 2024.
  • True Rahu moving into Pisces on 29th Nov 2023
  • True Ketu moving into Virgo on 29th Nov 2023


Pujas for welcoming the new Samvatsar are similar all over Bharat. There are local and cultural variations but the basic concept is the same.

Briefly, everyone wakes up before sunrise, gets fresh etc. Rangoli, Kolam etc is drawn outside the front door of the home. Torans, garlands of marigold flowers, ripened wheat stalks, mango leaves etc are tied to the front door. The daily Agnihotra is performed at the exact sunrise time. Arghya is offered to the newly risen Sun. Regular pujas of the household deities are performed. The head of the family reads the Varsha phal from the new year’s Panchangam so that the entire family hears it. A naivedyam is offered to the deity and distributed as prasadam. (A mixture of neem flowers/new neem leaves, coriander seeds, jaggery, tamarind and salt coarsely crushed together is the special naivedyam for this day). Then everyone goes to the temple, does puja, gives Daan and intends for a happy new year.

On the new year day, Yugadi, do take some time to reflect on what has happened to you in this past year Shri Shubhakruti and think on how you will use the opportunities that the new Shri Shobhakruti will bring for you.

The next Vedic Samvatsara (2024- 25) is the Shri Krodhin Naam samvatsara and ‘Krodhin’ क्रोधिन् in Sanskrit means ‘an angry man’.



Shapit dosh 2023 and Venus in Aries

This year the Venus Saturn Rahu Jupiter dynamic is causing continuous havoc in everyone’s personal life (post here). Several of us are going through financial difficulties, professional issues, health problems both mental and physical etc.

The year 2023 started with both Venus and Saturn in Capricorn. This meant that one of the two sources of wisdom (Venus and Jupiter are the two Gurus) was restricted by Saturn. Venus with Saturn is an intensely cruel combination, in birth or transit or in even the Dasha system (post here).

Then this restrictive energy continued as both, one after the other, moved into Aquarius in Jan 2023. And once Saturn entered Aquarius (post here), he started aspecting Rahu in Aries creating an intense Shapit dosh in transit (post here). Further he and Rahu took control of Jupiter in Pisces in a cruel paap kartari scissor. This stopped Jupiter from doing whatever good he was capable of and in addition all the things controlled by Jupiter started causing turbulence in our lives.

Next Venus moved into Pisces, joining Jupiter and causing even more confusion as Venus and Jupiter together (post here) is in itself an inauspicious combination. If this was not enough Sun and Mercury entered Aquarius, giving Saturn full control over 5 graha. (It will become 6 graha when Moon in his cycle of 28days, enters Aquarius and till he exits Aries)


Now Venus is all set to move into Aries on 12th Mar 2023, where he will join Rahu and be aspected by Saturn, creating even more trouble for everyone on multiple fronts. The Shapit dosh which started on 17th Jan 2023, as Saturn entered Aquarius, will go on an overdrive. This time till 6th Apr will be tumultuous for everyone. Venus getting afflicted to this extent means that everyone will temporarily lose that precious relationship with the one they love the most, ie the personal Self.

You will feel unvalued, there will be a loss of confidence, you will not get validation from anyone, feel lonely, suffer from a lack of support from your loved ones and even your personal spiritual practice/your deity will fail to overtly support you as you feel lost inside. This is a time when you might think unethical thoughts, do immoral actions, start addictions and take misguided decisions which have a long term negative impacts.

The keywords of Venus, ie spiritual practice, physical intimacy, pujas, wisdom, beauty, money, partnerships, accumulated resources, close family, equal love, etc will be under the typical influence of Rahu and restricted by Saturn. You might feel deprived of these things or feel that someone is cheating you at this level or you yourself might cheat others here or you might voluntarily under the illusion of Rahu allow yourself be cheated in these aspects of your life. There is a possibility of domestic violence, hateful words, emotional torture at the one-one levels. Snapping of relations is a distinct possibility in this time. Try to not hurt the ones you love as it may not be possible to recover any relationships/ assets etc that you lose during this time.

Saturn has full control over the situation as he is dominating Rahu, Jupiter and Venus. Also Sun and Mercury in Aquarius are caught in this storm. All these planets will be under Saturn’s control until they move out from Aries. If Saturn is a malefic for your ascendant sign (post here) then this will be worst. For those who have a benefic Saturn at birth, this will be an average to bad time.

Saturn is on the verge of exiting Dhanishtha nakshatra (post here) and will soon enter the Shatataraka nakshatra (post here). Shatatarka lunar mansion is connected to Rahu. The rule breaker Rahu will now onwards be subtly influencing the systematic Saturn of about one year. A curious sense of symmetry is seen here as Saturn is aspecting Rahu while sitting in a nakshtra linked to Rahu. If you have a benefic Rahu in your birth chart then this time may give you some spiritual benefits. If this Saturn in Shatararaka/ Shatabhisha nakshatra transit is unfavourable for you then be prepared for a surge of pending karma. Rahu is uncontrolled desires, unrestrained risks and unlimited illusions. Saturn is ‘limitations’ in every way possible. Both together is an uncomfortable energy.


If you have a Shapit dosh in your birth chart or even the Guru chandal combination, or any combination of Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu in your chart then you must be careful as long as these in-transit combinations are active in the skies. The main signs under stress are Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and to some extent Libra. So whatever they signify in your chart will also cause turmoil in your life.

Those with Shapit dosh in the birth chart will face additional severe mental stress, sleeplessness, loneliness and physical ill health. Mental instability will occur in this time. Long term relations, loves, friendships and business partnerships will break. Death of close family members, divorces or separations can occur. Legal issues, disagreements, financial losses, stalling of projects will occur, job satisfaction will not exist and home life will be strained. You will be randomly blamed for things. Some might lose their jobs or homes. In any case, something /someone very precious to you will be lost to you for ever in this time frame. And it will be something connected to your pending karma so you will most likely be powerless to stop this.

Shapit dosh in the birth chart is often missed or not given due importance. But I have observed that this one specific dosh, the ‘cursed combination’ has the potential to completely destroy the significations of the signs/ houses it affects. And it also stops the other positive combinations in the chart from giving their effect. This is all the ill-will which you have earned in your past and at its most potent. And more so in this time when Venus in Aries is mixed up in these karmic energies. Expect frustrations and sorrow in life as negative karmic fruits triggered by this dosh cannot be generally modified. And karma is on an overdrive in 2023. This will be a trying time for most of us.

As always the only solutions are Daan and Mantra. And even if you feel that your daily spiritual practice is not helping, you must continue doing it. It is in fact the only thing which is really helping! Finally if you are able to analyse yourself, your chart and your mind then do try to intelligently modify your behaviour so that you can navigate through safely in the coming time.

Venus Jupiter exact conjunction in Pisces

At the current moment, today, 2nd Mar 2023, we can see the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on the western horizon. They should be getting together in Pisces like this once every 12yrs (but curiously last year they were exactly conjunct at 3deg Pisces on 30th Apr. So in this Jovian 12 yr cycle we had this conjunction for two years in succession. And the last time they were exactly conjunct in Pisces in Feb 1963). The two brightest planets in the skies are together in a brilliant conjunction, visible for a couple of hours after sunset. Today they are both on the 18 deg of Pisces, practically in the center of the rashi and exactly conjunct. Pisces belongs to Jupiter and Venus is exalted in Pisces. I always view Jupiter Venus conjunction/opposition either in the birth chart or in transit or in the Dashas critically. They have great potential to mess up things when together. This happens on a subtle level and not everyone is aware of it. And stuff on the subtle levels manifests on the physical levels in max 6 months.

If either of them were allowed to work here in Pisces alone it would have been wonderful but both together here at once is not an ideal situation. Jupiter knows that it is his house and wants to relax and get his stuff done. And Venus is annoyed that he is not allowed to work freely in his house of exaltation. He knows that he can be comfortable here and get a lot of stuff done, except that Jupiter is also around. And both being in the paap kartari, cruel scissor of Saturn and Rahu, is not helping things. In fact, in my opinion, Saturn – Venus is an intensely cruel combination and Saturn – Rahu is the classic Shapit dosh.

Devguru Jupiter and Daityaguru Venus are both saumya graha, gentle planets. Both are Gurus, but of opposing factions, their disciples Dev and Asurs are continually waging war on each other. In fact Venus is Guru to Jupiter’s son too. But both are technically enemies, but on the philosophical levels. Now, both being in power at the same time, is creating stress as both Dev – gentleness and Asur – cruelty are equally powerful. A deep pull and push is being felt inside the mind and for some of us on the body and the physical environment too.

Pisces Moon borns and Pisces ascendants will be feeling this energy quite strongly. In fact they must have started feeling strangely restless from about 2 weeks ago. If the birth Moon or the ascendant degree is in the middle of Pisces then the effects would be even more pronounced. For the birth Moons and ascendants of the other signs, whenever Pisces falls in your chart, this conjunction must have started giving you some subtle trouble since mid Feb. Or if you have any birth planet in Pisces then its keywords must have started causing issues. At the very least, ‘philosophical confusion’ about things would have made its presence felt in your mind. This typical thing will resolve once Venus exits Pisces and is more than 15deg away from Jupiter. (But then he will get conjunct Rahu and both will be aspected by Saturn which is another issue altogether).


But (to answer a question I received), just because they are together right now does not make this a generally good time to start new ventures. Both are saumya graha, gentle planets. They are generally auspicious but their real benefic/ malefic nature will depend on the ascendant signs/Lagna of the individual charts. Jupiter is a class 1 malefic for the Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn (and possibly Libra) ascendants and Venus is a class 1 malefic for Scorpio and Pisces ascendants (post here).

However if you have to start your new project in this time frame then you must be pragmatic about things. Recheck everything that can go wrong. Do not be hopeful or feel that luck is on your side, it is not. Most things go wrong when we ‘trust our luck’ and fail to take the most common sense precautions. Ensure that you have the necessary capital, permissions, resource, etc for starting the project and also operating it for a least some time till you make profit. Do not trust anyone unnecessarily or take random advice. Decision making will be difficult, you will feel conflicted about how to go about things. Support from the business partner or the ‘patrons’, eg banks, advisers, seniors will not be reliable. Overreaching or speculating or ‘gambling on luck’ is not a good idea right now. Decide things with all facts in your hands and keep your projections realistic.

In this post I have written more about the strangeness that Jupiter and Venus together are.


Guru chandal yog aspected by Saturn 2023

Jupiter is currently in Pisces (post here) and he will enter Aries on 22nd Apr 2023. With Rahu already sitting here, this will trigger a Guru chandal combination (post here) which will last until Rahu exits Aries (True Rahu – 29th Nov, Mean Rahu on 30th Oct) and moves 15 deg away from Jupiter (29th Dec 2023). Ketu in Libra will be fully aspected by Jupiter during this time. Jupiter has already entered within 30 deg of Rahu so some basic effect of the Guru Chandal has already started. And on 5th Apr, Jupiter and Rahu will be 15deg apart. This will trigger the full effects of the combination. (Eclipses occurring during this time will act as triggers for global events).

The paap kartari of Saturn and Rahu is affecting the auspiciousness of both Venus and Jupiter. And currently Venus conjoint Jupiter in Pisces (Venus exalted in Pisces and Jupiter owns Pisces) is also causing confusion. Venus will be able to give his regular auspicious blessings after 6th Apr when he exits Aries. Also the transits of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus through Pisces and Aries during Feb Mar 2023 (also in Feb Mar 2024) are going to aggravate these problems. Jupiter will be combust, in the entire Apr 2023 intensifying the negative results.

Guru chandal yog 2023 will be fully aspected by a powerful Saturn from Aquarius. Aquarius is his mooltrikon rashi. And he will be using his intense 3rd aspect on the Guru chandal – Jupiter Rahu. Saturn aspecting Rahu is called Shapit yog /dosh, ie a cursed combination (post here). Saturn aspecting Jupiter is also an intensely karmic combination (post here). One is the lord of expansion the other is the lord of contraction. When equal and opposite forces are forced to work together in one time period there is going to be intense confusion. This aspect will continue till Jupiter leaves Aries on 1st May 2024. This year, both Saturn and Jupiter are not changing signs during their annual retrograde motion, Saturn continues in Aquarius throughout and Jupiter continues in Aries throughout without a change.

Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu – Ketu are the slow moving forces and whenever they mutually interact, conjunct, aspect etc they trigger severe karmic events. If you have any of these combinations in your birth chart, ie Jupiter – Saturn, Jupiter – Rahu, Jupiter – Ketu, Saturn – Rahu, Saturn – Ketu, then be prepared for a karmic rollercoaster in the near future. Even otherwise, everyone will see the effects of this transit combination in their lives. New babies born during this time will have this combination in their birth charts as a life time energy.

For individual charts, whichever house Aries falls in will see the full effect of the Guru chandal aspected by Saturn. You will take wrong decisions with respect to the keywords of this house, act in Adharmic ways, be cheated, or cheat others, over reach and fall flat on your face, feel hopeful but then lose it all. However if the birth chart is strong enough then you will be able to create some long term material asset using their energy. But then be careful about creating even more karmic entanglements during this time.


Jupiter is the jiv karak, ie he is responsible for maintaining life on this earth. This means that he is responsible for, peace, food, health, marriage, children, dharma etc. He is now associated closely with the Chandal Rahu. Chandal means someone who has terrifying and intense energies or has to work in places with such strange and dangerous energies. Rahu is definitely a strange and terrifying force and is very powerful in Aries. Aries is a generally good environment for Jupiter but this time with Rahu and aspected by Saturn things are not going to be peaceful, safe or conducive for life and easy living.

So during this time, expect dramatic changes in the finance systems, food production and supply systems, gold price, religious activities, spiritual practices, relationships etc. Use of drugs, intoxicants, hallucinogenic agents, addictions will increase. People will be more than ever hooked to the virtual worlds and this will have a negative impact on general mental health. Unhealthy food, fast food will be consumed in more quantities causing increased health issues. There will be a lack of jobs, lack of opportunities and overall depression as Rahu will negatively affect all the keywords of Jupiter. Something like fate itself turning against the human race.

Everyone’s analytical power, intuition, wisdom, common sense will be fascinated by Rahu and fail. Misunderstandings, mistrust, disputes, lack of coordination, loss of cooperation in expected and mistakes made in the past will haunt everyone. Even if you gain something that sense of satisfaction will be denied. And most of the gains that you get during this period will be temporary, unstable and illusory.

Saturn’s aspect will bring on the negative karmic fruits or curses which will cause more problems. Students and education will also suffer in some way. During this time religious heads might misguide or create negative emotions in their followers. Riots, civil disruptions, terrorist attacks etc can increase. Enemy nations will use covert ways of attacking. Eg using foreign funded NGOs who pretend to be helpful. Several nations will go bankrupt, including some of our neighbours.

This combination is not auspicious for Bharat. We are due for our national election in 2024 and this makes us a target. Hopefully our security systems will be ready for this. And when you vote, look at the past actions, Dharmic/Adharmic, of the candidates and ignore the promises that they make for the  future.


The  Guru chandal yog will give the following results as per the birth Moon sign.


Aries borns will be facing the brunt of the Guru chandal. Everything that you think is your ‘personal thing’ can cause problems for you. ie your personal health, personal environment, your personal relationships, personal finances etc. You might be shown several opportunities in this time frame, but most will be hollow on the inside. Choose intelligently. Changes on several levels are possible, eg job, business, residence, relationships etc. Income may go down or you may be unable to save money, budgeting will be necessary.

Taurus borns will face mental stress. Your elders, relatives and friends might misguide you, so do think for yourself before taking advice from others. Rest will be affected, you might feel lonely during this time and emotional health might suffer. Death/ permanent separation of at least one close relation can occur during this time frame. You might face constraints in your profession and expenses might increase. On the positive side, your enemies will be powerless and you will remain in general good health.

Gemini borns will have new people entering their lives in this time frame but not all of them will be trustworthy. Do not take up bad habits or cheat others under the influence of such friends and beware of get rich quick schemes. Temporary separation from close family members is possible. If you are planning to marry during this time, recheck everything before committing to the new alliance.

Cancer borns will suffer especially in their profession / business. Your boss will not support you and change in job is possible. Social image might be tarnished and your relationship with your father might see ups and downs. You might be required to spend time away from your family. Separation from the mother and distress sale of ancestral property and lands is possible.

Leo borns will face disputes with the elders in the family. Do not do anything which damages your reputation. Death or permanent separation of a close family member is possible. You cannot expect much support from your siblings, team-mates or stock market investments. Your wife will disagree with you so learn to be patient. Be careful when driving. Perform all your dharmic duties, eg pujas, ancestor tarpan, kuldevata pujas etc sincerely as any omission now will have far reaching consequences.

Virgo borns will feel generally hopeless. Issues in profession, business, money flow, projects etc will cause stress. Any major decisions under the influence of Jupiter in the period from Nov 2022 – Jan 2023, might be regreted now. You will question your self, your deeply held philosophies /opinions and your actions. You will feel threatened in strange ways. Health, both physical and emotional might be affected. Family life will be disturbed and there will be a distance in relationships. Selfishness/ cheating by your close family members will come to light and deeply disappoint you.


Libra borns will suffer because of the actions of their spouse and business partners. If you are planning on getting married recheck the prospective alliance thoroughly before going ahead. Business, ongoing projects, money flow will be affected. Legal issues may suddenly pop up as people will try to cheat you. You will feel unsure about your actions and self doubts will make you restless. Some negativity from your past or entities may haunt you now. Health should be a priority for you, make sure you consult a qualified medical professional as misdiagnosis is possible.

Scorpio borns will feel bold and capable during this time. And there will also be several opportunities for growth in finances, profession etc. Do not cheat anyone or act against Dharma under the influence of the Guru chandal, remember Saturn is watching. You will feel restless and want to do so much, be careful do not over reach. Rest will be affected, you might get intuitive dreams. There will be a subtle drain on your personality which you will not be aware of now. Later this will cause problems. So be reasonable about things. Your investments and efforts can go waste.

Sagittarius borns will meet many fascinating people and feel attracted to them. Do not fall for the wrong type else you will regret it later. Love matches now should be checked thoroughly to avoid disappointments later. You will feel good about everything, self confidence will be high. There will be several outlets for you to express your creative genius. Avoid risky speculations as saving money might be difficult in this time and control wasteful expenditure.

Capricorn borns will suddenly swamped with work. Especially household issues, land issues, property matters, repairs in the residence etc will occupy your mind. Your mother might demand your attention. However you will not be able to spend much quality time with your family. You might neglect your professional work or you might miss a promotion or a change in job is possible. Make sure that you get enough rest during this time.

Aquarius borns will face issues with the siblings. Resolving these will be difficult as these relatives will try to dominate or otherwise suppress you. Finances, division of ancestral property etc will be an issue. Your office teammates might try to get you in trouble or take credit for your work. Investments should be done only after careful checking and there is a possibility of losses in the stock market.

Pisces borns will again get new opportunities for work and to show their professional skills. But the office environment will be oppressive. Your finances will improve, you will be able to save money. Your family will give you importance and relatives who had broken relations with you may come in contact again. But always think on what motives they may have and do not open yourself emotionally to everyone. Do not give away your money or help your family members at a cost to yourself during this time.


If you are of a spiritual bent of mind then you can find some strength in your internal Self. In any case, daily pujas are a must which every follower of Sanatan Dharma must perform. Give yourself these 5mins daily, make it a habit, learn to invoke the higher divinity with you. This will help you cope with the vagaries of life in a more balanced way.

Remedies for the Guru chandal as aspected by Saturn are as always Mantra and Daana depending on the individual charts and behavioural changes if you are aware of what is happening to you. (index page)