Makar Sankranti and Saturn entering Aquarius 2023 predictions

The Vedic samvatsara Shubhakruti started on 2nd Apr 2022 and will continue till 21st Mar 2023. There were very typical transits in this year so I had divided the yearly predictions into three posts (phase 1 and phase 2.) This last phase starts on 17th Jan 2023 when Saturn enters his own Aquarius. During this time the major energy is Saturn in Aquarius. He will go briefly combust from 5th Feb – 14th Mar. Jupiter will be in Pisces till 22nd Apr. And Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra till 29th Nov. 

The transit of Sun into Capricorn is called Makar Sankranti. The Sun appears in different forms in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the twelve Aditya. The Sun in Capricorn sign is called Bhaga Aditya, the luck, fortune, prosperity etc. Makar rashi represents rules, structure, social and professional life, the father etc, it is located at the zenith of the natural zodiac. The regal individualistic Surya will be entering in the house of his son Shani on 14th Jan 2023 at 20:57. And within a day, Saturn will be re-entering Aquarius bringing about even more significant changes.

First, in brief the results of the Makar Sankranti.

Sun’s transit into Capricorn will be celebrated on 15th Jan 2023. The general auspicious time/muhurt, Punyakaal, for  the Makar Sankranti pujas is from 07:10am to 6:02 pm. And the highly auspicious time, ie Mahapunyakaal is only from 7:10 – 8:59am. Everyone is required to do some pujas during this time frame. Ideally, get up before sunrise, get fresh, apply sesame oil to the body and have a bath. Get ready for pujas. Start with the Agnihotra, give Arghya to the newly risen Sun, do your daily pujas, Dhyan, Sandhyavandanam or recite the Gayatri, Adityahrudaya stotra, or any other mantra which you practice. This will channelise the energy of the Mahapunyakaal into your life. Then go to a nearby temple, offer sweets made of white sesame and jaggery to the deity and pray for the wellbeing of yourself, your family and also for everyone in the universe.

Next, let’s briefly see the predictions for Makar Sankranti 2023. If you open any standard Panchangam, you will get a detailed description of the Makar Sankranti Purush. For the current year, his name is Rakshashi, he is young, wearing yellow clothes, riding a tiger, wielding a mace as a weapon, holding jasmine flowers, eating sweet rice from a silver bowl, facing south, etc. These terms are used to interpret the results of this Makar Sankranti. The name Rakshasi, means that this transit will create confusion, indecisiveness, hatred, selfishness, etc general tamasic sort of mindset in everyone. Everyone will feel anxious and afraid of something on the other which will make them act in adharmic, illegal, immoral and unethical ways. People will try to get their desires satisfied at any cost, which will have an extended negative karmic effect. Violence, turbulence, destruction etc will increase. He is riding a tiger, wielding a mace, indicating an increase in force, violence and cruelty. The elected governments all over the world will become strict and the authorities will enforce its power to control public unrest and civil issues which will erupt sporadically. The youth will suffer more, there will be an increase in stress, sickness, deaths etc in this age class. Prices and availability of metals, sugar, rice and other food crops will fluctuate. Weather will be hotter and this year summer will be hot, rains will be lesser and there is a real possibility of drought and its impact on agriculture.

Now let’s briefly analyse the results of Saturn re-entering Aquarius.

Saturn becomes very comfortable and powerful when he occupies his own Mooltrikon sign, Aquarius. And he is in the Dhanishta nakshatra, the lunar mansion represented by war drums. He had already entered Aquarius last year but had returned to Capricorn retrograde for about 5months. Now he is back with a bang. Jupiter though in his own Pisces, is now severely hemmed in between two cruel planets/ kroor graha. This is a paap kartari, ‘malefic scissor’ yog. Saturn and Rahu will not allow Jupiter to express his auspiciousness fully. Next Jupiter will move into Aries in Apr 2023. He will be conjunct Rahu and create a Guru chandal yog till Nov 2023. Thus, for practically the entire 2023, Jupiter will be unable to give his expected good results, there will be inauspiciousness. This is a very critical point when you analyse Jupiter this year. Jupiter is the Jivkarak, ie he helps us sustain life on this earth with auspiciousness. If he is unable to exert his full power then it will have repercussions on health, wealth, food, peace etc all the things needed for a fulfilling life. The ‘Shubh’ auspiciousness will be missing. For those who were enjoying Jupiter’s auspiciousness in this past 2nd phase, especially after Nov 2022, be ready for a change in fortunes. I always look at Jupiter very critically. Even if he is benefic for the chart, he is always should be given a second critical look. The misfortunes that he triggers are the ones which seem manageable initially but are devastating later. (The best example for this Jupiter’s tendency is the diabetes disease). Rahu is comfortable in Aries and he finds the energies of this marital sign a good channel to express his typical ‘I want it all’ nature. A major worrying point is that Saturn in Aquarius is aspecting Aries with his third aspect. His aspect on Rahu is called Shapit dosh which gives cruel results. And post Apr 2023 he will be aspecting a conjoint Jupiter-Rahu! creating several typical situations. (The extra aspects for Mars, Jupiter, Saturn are more severe than their regular 7-7 mutual aspects.)

The following readings are primarily as per your Moon sign. Karmaphal, ie the fruits of your past actions are dependant on the Moon for their fructification. But if your ascendant sign is stronger, then you can see the results counted from this sign too. These results are valid from Saturn’s entry into Aquarius till Jupiter’s exit from Pisces, ie from mid-Jan 2023 to Apr 2023.

Aries – Saturn in Aquarius is very favourable for you, and if you have a strong Saturn in your birth chart then you life will significantly change for the better. Jupiter is average so do some regular spiritual practice to channelise his energies. Rahu is in Aries, aspected by Saturn so you will feel a curious mix of aggression and suppression. Ketu will separate you from your partners and cause unexpected loss of money. Do not engage in extramarital affairs or do not marry randomly during this time. Health will improve, but try to adopt holistic lifestyle changes in addition to medicines. Tension in profession will go down. Better job prospects, increase in salary etc is possible. Family life will improve and you will feel more settled. This is a good time so you can try new projects, new investments and take some calculated risks. You might be afflicted by undiagnosable issues and often a victim of ‘black magic’, evil eye and negative intentions. Parents may require your attention. But overall it will be a good time.

Taurus – Saturn is poised to increase your work pressures and your social activities. Your father will require your attention. Jupiter is favourable will help you consolidate your gains. But still as he is in the paap kartari do not trust others unless you are sure. Ketu is favourable and will scatter your enemies and diseases. During this time, you will be given a lot of work but you will be able to deliver. You will be able to effectively counter gossip and office politics. Money flow, positivity will increase, better job options, etc are all possible. Buying new assets and long time investments can be considered. But on the flip side, you will have little time to rest, you will be travelling a lot, separation from family/children is possible. So pay attention to you diet, health and rest. Overall time is on your side so use it intelligently. And remember that daily pujas are necessary, else 10th Shani has the capacity to cause negativity in the profession, fear and mental stress. Rahu is not favourable, you will be a victim of malicious gossip, evil eye and unexpected losses. Do mantra and daana to get over this. Overall it will be an average to good time.

(However if your ascendant is Taurus and birth Saturn is well placed, then this time can grant you significant success in your professional life.)

Gemini – Your Ashtam Shani phase is done with and Saturn in Aquarius is poised to add some auspiciousness to your life. Jupiter is average but still be careful about whom you trust, do not be unnecessarily hopeful about things. Be logical and try to think systematically. If the birth chart/Dasha is favourable, Rahu can be intelligently utilised in the profession to give gains and Ketu’s lack of confidence can also be controlled by behavioural changes. Do pujas of your Kuldevata, listen to your Guru and give tarpan to ancestors, this will ensure Saturn’s continuous support. Do not lose faith or turn atheist, this will add to your problems. In this time frame, you will show steady signs of recovery, health will improve. problems with the reproductive organs will come to light and be addressed. You will reconcile with what has happened to you in the past 2.5yrs, problems will slightly reduce. Your profession will be more in the limelight, work will increase, you will be more visible in your office, more assignments will be given, you will be recognised for your abilities. Finances will also slowly improve, your past investments will give you returns. You will receive help from unexpected sources. Budgeting is necessary but new investments can be done if you are sure about things. Demise of a close elderly family member is possible in this time frame. Your outlook towards life will change and you will be more perceptive and intellectually more in control over your mind. Overall this will be an average to good time.

Cancer – The Capricorn Kantak Shani phase is complete but now in Aquarius your Ashtama Shani starts. Jupiter is favourable in the 9th house but he is hemmed in by Rahu and Saturn, thus incapable of giving auspicious results. Rahu is going to create pressures in your profession and Ketu will cause disturbance in your home life, rest, diet etc. Health should now be your primary focus. There is a possibility of blood diseases, serious surgery, problems in the reproductive/private organs, major accidents etc. Be especially careful if the judged longevity is nearing its end. Try to get enough rest, nutrition and mental peace. There will be fear of unknown things, loss of property, bad luck, etc. There will be failures and disappointments in the projects that you take up. Your spouse and in-laws will be a source of strain, do not get involved. You will face legal issues and be unable to defend yourself. Avoid involvement in other’s problems, avoid giving advice and do not follow to other’s advice unless you are sure. Do not do anything that is against your personal self-interest just because you are influenced by others. Do not trust others. Family and friends will misguide. Be very careful of any new people who enter your life at this point of time. If you are of a spiritual bent of mind then spiritual progress is guaranteed. But for the materialistic mind it is going to be a very trying time. Be prepared.

Leo – Saturn was favourable for you in Capricorn but now in Aquarius he enters your 7th house and this is called a thorny Kantak Shani. Your partnerships will be primarily affected. Spouse, marriage, business partner, profits will start stressing you out. Health can suffer so take due care if you or your spouse are nearing the end of the calculated longevity. Legal issues are possible. Not a good time for new projects. Unnecessary travel and tiredness will make you irritable. Undesirable transfers or change in job is possible. Also you will not get time for your personal spiritual practice which will aggravate the issues. Unexpected loss of money is possible. Avoid unethical actions at all costs as immoral people will try to sway you during this period. Ketu is favourable so if you have a strong birth Ketu he will grant you the necessary strength to handle issues. Skin diseases should be addressed immediately. Jupiter is not favourable and you will suffer diseases of the private parts and humiliation/ pain in secret. However if Rahu is favourable for your chart then pujas, pilgrimages and occult practices can help you tide over. This will be an average to bad time.

Virgo – Saturn is very favourable. Jupiter is favourable but unable to give his full auspicious results because of the paap kartari yog. Rahu and Ketu are not favourable. If you have a powerful Saturn in your birth chart or are in a strong Dasha now then this will be a very good time, use it well. There will be growth on all levels, health will be good, partnerships will give you gain. This is a good time to start new projects, plan a baby, invest etc. There will be professional success, increase in salary, business will expand, profits will be high etc till Apr 2023 after which Jupiter will turn negative. So right now be very analytical of the gifts that Jupiter brings. Saturn is very favourable and he will help you in this matter. You can go full on ahead in matters indicated by Saturn in your chart. One point is that you will feel like taking advantage of others by hiding your true intentions, do not do this as this will result in bad karmaphal later. Jupiter is not auspicious so the opportunities he brings will be tinged with unpleasantness which will increase with time. Avoid being influenced by the teacher, parents and spouse. And if Rahu Ketu are more powerful in your chart then be very careful regarding your family members, in-laws as there is a possibility of being cheated here. Eg in case you are considering marriage proposals during this time then your family members or prospective in laws will hide some crucial facts from you. You will suffer some permanent damage or separation from your family during this period. Diseases of the mouth are possible. But overall this will be an average time.

Libra – Saturn in Aquarius will give some improvement. But Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are not favourable for you. Personal health, relationships, marriage, profession, investments all will give you stress. Pay attention to your spouse and children and their health during this time. Avoid extramarital affairs. Do not trust people around you as there is a possibility of backbiting and jealousy causing you damage. Do take up some regular vrat during this time, eg fasting once a week or something like that. This will satisfy Saturn and you will also get some significant spiritual progress. Ketu will either cause damage on the physical level, eg skin diseases or grant you significant spiritual progress. Either way Ketu’s is a life changing transit.  Overall it will be an average to bad time.

However if your ascendant sign is Libra and birth Saturn is well placed, then this time can grant you mantra siddhi and the fruit of your past sadhana /efforts on the spiritual as well as material levels.

Scorpio – Kantak Saturn transiting over your fourth house is a ‘thorny’ situation. Jupiter in Pisces and Rahu in Aries are favourable for you so try to consolidate while they are helpful. You will be required to work hard and sincerely during this period. You will be overburdened by your professional commitments and stressed out. Fear and anxiety will dominate your mind. Do not cheat others even if you feel inclined to, because such activities will rebound on you. Rahu will encourage you to dabble in black magic, backbiting etc. Health will start going downhill as diet and rest will be affected. Kantak Shani will also start disrupting your family life. Expect problems in your family, as residence, mother, ancestral properties etc start causing issues. Avoid short term flings and extramarital affairs. Money flow will be good but Ketu in Libra is not supportive for accumulating gains, whatever you get will be immediately scattered. This is not a good time for risky investments. Spiritual gains are possible for those with a spiritual bent of mind. Overall it will be an average to bad time for the materialistic mind.

Sagittarius – finally the Sade sati is at an end and Saturn now in the 3rd is willing to help you in your endeavours. Jupiter is supportive and Rahu will help you gain confidence. But Rahu will cause overconfidence so keep your common sense about you. If you have a strong birth chart/ongoing Dasha then this time will give you very significant gains in health, profession, family life, finances, etc. Finally you can take up new projects, calculated risks and be enthusiastic about life. You will travel, attend happy events, festivals, etc. Success and happiness is possible. But even if situations are favourable they may or may not be auspicious in the long run so do think on the consequences before committing yourself. Do use your common sense in all things. Jupiter in the paap kartari yog indicates that there will be hidden unpleasantness which can pop up in unexpected ways. Overall this will be a good time.

Capricorn – The third phase of the Sade sati now begins for you. Saturn’s negative intensity should reduce to some extent. But Rahu and Jupiter both are not favourable. So the overall stress on health, relationships, profession etc will continue and may increase. This is not the right time for investments, risky speculation, gambling or starting new projects. Loss of money, position and peace is possible. You must take up some pujas or daily Dhyan so that you can find some peace within you, else your mind will get stressed out. Do not get involved in other’s business as this will invite trouble for you. Avoid risks and speculation. Try to stick to the ethical and moral path. Overall an average to bad time.

Aquarius – Saturn is transiting over your birth Moon and the middle phase of the Sade sati has begun. However the time till Jupiter is in Pisces ie till Apr is somewhat favourable. Rahu is favourable so there will be a mix of results. There will be positive effects on your health, money flow, family, profession etc. You can also consider investments during this time. However speculate in the stock market only if you are clear about things. Use this time to work hard and get your affairs in shape, do not leave any loose ends. (Rahu will remain supportive till Nov.)  But overall the middle phase of the Sade sati is tiring and stressful. So take care of your health, ensure adequate rest and proper diet. Do not get involved in other’s affairs, keep a low profile. Do not misguide others or force your opinions on them. Family and friends will also be a source of stress. Perform your duties the best you can. Take up some daily spiritual practice so that your mind can recover. If you can find an inner core of strength then things will be more bearable. Depending on others inevitably brings in disappointments in the long run.  Overall an average time.

Pisces – You had a supportive Saturn in Capricorn but now he is in Aquarius, thus your Sade sati has begun. In his next transits through Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, you will be forced to mature in several ways. Navigating this time will be easier if you have a strong birth chart and a favourable Dasha ongoing. The time frame till Apr 2023 ie till Jupiter in Pisces will be disappointing. Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are all in unfavourable positions. Personal health, partnership, family matters, money flow, budgeting, investments, profession, office politics, etc everything will be a source of stress. Avoid investments, speculations, disputes, legal issues, conflicts etc as you will be on the receiving end even if the fault is not yours. The mind will be under stress and the body will also feel weak. The environment will not be supportive. You have had a very good time in the past Saturn in Capricorn transit and hopefully have accumulated enough resources to tide through the 7.5yrs of the Sade sati. Overall this will be an average to bad time. 

In rare cases, especially with Taurus or Libra ascendants if you have a very strong birth chart then the Sade sati can also push you into public life where you will be required to work hard for social and general welfare. But if you have a weak birth chart or are in a unfavourable Dasha then be extremely careful, this is the start of 7.5yrs of growing up. Be prepared.

As usual there are only two ways to reduce the impact of the planetary transits. Targeted Mantra and Daana. (ref to the index page for more posts on this) If you are already doing your daily pujas and regular spiritual practice then the transits become even more easier to handle as you can more easily adapt your mind or take up behavioural changes which help reducing the impact. However completely eliminating the effects is impossible. These results are all the results of your own past karma so will have to be endured /enjoyed. The remedial effects can only reduce the intensity of the impact, eg if you were to fracture your ankle then with the remedies you might get away with a minor sprain. The maximum reduction in intensity is when you suffer the negativity in your dream states and this is possible with regular pujas, ie ‘Nitya and naimittik pujas’ and the targeted mantra and daana, ie the ‘Kamya pujas’.

(The time/date I have used is from Drikpanchang and is calculated for Ujjain).

Lunar eclipse 8 Nov 2022 astrological predictions 

We recently witnessed a solar eclipse on 25th Nov (post here). It was for about 4 hrs, so its global effects will fade over the next 4yrs. A total lunar eclipse is now coming up on 8th Nov 2022.

eclispe 1

The entire eclipse, ie from the start of the partial phase to the end of the partial phase is about 3hrs 20mins. So the direct effect of this eclipse on the overall Earth will fade in about 3-4 weeks. (For lunar eclipse, number of hours = approx number of weeks). More than half of the Earth’s geographic area will experience the partial/ total phases. Only those regions who experience the total and partial eclipse will be affected. The penumbral part of the lunar eclipse does not have much of an astrological significance. This lunar eclipse will be visible in the land/sea areas on Earth as per this map (from

The entire Pacific ocean and the North sea areas above the Pacific will experience totality. Some parts of the Atlantic, Indian and Southern oceans will also experience the total and partial eclipse phases. Huge water bodies spanning both the hemispheres will be absorbing the energies of the eclipsed Moon. Among the nations, notably Japan, New Zealand, China, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada and USA will experience totality. The central and eastern part of Russia, eastern parts of Kazakasthan and other central Asian nations too will witness totality. Partial eclipse will be visible in both North and South Americas, Australia, the entire landmass of Asia, a small part of Antarctica etc. For Bharat / India, the eastern part will witness totality and the rest will see a partial lunar eclipse phase briefly from after sunset till 06:19pm. (New Delhi will witness a partial eclipse). 

In the recent Solar eclipse of 25th Oct 2022, the Sun was very deeply debilitated, Mercury was not combust and had power from being in his own Virgo, Venus was completely combust, Moon had zero paksha bala, Saturn was retrograde and Mars was moving forward. Now these planets have dramatically changed energies and will give somewhat different results in this lunar eclipse.

The configuration of the planets in the skies during the eclipse is as follows,

  • Aries – Bharani nakshatra with Rahu (post here) and Moon.
  • Gemini – retrograde Mars in Mruga nakshatra (post here). The eclipse is occurring in his Aries.
  • Libra – Svati nakshatra with Ketu. Vishakha nakshatra with the debilitated Sun (Libra is his sign of debilitation), completely combust Mercury (within 1deg) and combust Venus (5 deg away).
  • Capricorn – Dhanishta nakshatra with Saturn (post here). 
  • Pisces – Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra with retrograde Jupiter (post here) He is not directly involved in the eclipse.

The nakshatra involved in the eclipse are – Rahu and Moon in Bharani, Ketu in Svati and the Sun in Vishakha. And the signs are Aries and Libra.

  • The Bharani, Poorvaphalguni and Poorvaashadha nakshatra borns should be especially careful for 3-4 weeks after the eclipse, ie those with their birth Moon, birth Sun or ascendant signs in these nakshatras should avoid unnecessary risks. If you have any birth planets in these nakshatras in your personal horoscope, then whatever areas these are supposed to signify in your life will experience a burst of karmic energy.
  • Also if your ascendant sign or birth Moon sign falls in Aries/ Libra, it is advisable to be careful. In fact any birth planet in 15-25 deg in these two in your personal horoscope will trigger karma.

The eclipse will involve 6 graha. Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are the usual four. Mercury and Venus are the two additional ones. Whatever these six planets signify in your chart, you will see a sudden release of karma in these areas of your life. 

  • Venus is strongly aspecting Moon. Even if he is combust but 5deg away now and he is still a Guru thus has some potential to support the Moon. (I am counting on this one position to grant auspiciousness for some of us at least.) 
  • Mercury is completely combust so for all practical purposes he does not exist. Sun has absorbed him completely and become a composite Sun+Mercury energy system. So when interpreting results for the Sun, do add the keywords of Mercury to him.
  • Saturn is aspecting Libra and the 4 planets in it. He is quite powerful in Capricorn/ Dhanishta nakshatra. This is an uncomfortable aspect and he will trigger delays, restrictions, karmic retributions and suffering in the matters connected to this sign and these planets in your chart. Also the natural significations of these graha/sign will show obstructions. Eg Libra is the natural intellectual processes, balance, equitable trade, fair deals, relationships based on legal procedures, your relationship with your self etc, all this will suffer. 
  • And retrograde Mars (post here) is aspecting this Saturn in Capricorn with his 8th aspect. Mars has gained power by virtue of his retrograde. This is not a good aspect (post here). Mars will force his impatience, aggression and temper on Saturn/ Capricorn. So whatever Saturn/ Capricorn indicates in your life, be ready for premature actions and unwonted aggression here. You will be goaded into action without due preparation. Also the natural things linked to Capricorn and Saturn, eg Capricorn is the natural governments, social structure, professional status etc will be subjected to Mars’s typical nature of aggression etc. He is retrograde so indirect, stealthy, under the surface actions will dominate the mindset/ behaviour.

Briefly for the signs of the zodiac.

  • Aries borns will remain under stress and need to be careful in all aspects of life.
  • Taurus borns will be able to manage but personal health will be affected, unexpected losses are possible, unknown fears will trouble the mind.
  • Gemini can make some gains if they control their ego and behaviour.
  • Cancer borns may feel the pressure at their jobs but overall this time is average for them.
  • Leo borns will be unable to meet expectations, overwork is expected, but some opportunities can pop up. Act only if you are convinced about these projects.
  • Virgo borns should avoid trusting others unnecessarily. Family pressures and personal health issues can disrupt your mind/body. 
  • Libra borns are under severe karmic pressure, pay attention to your self first. Stress is expected from all aspects of life. 
  • Scorpio may have physical losses, unknown fears and diseases which cannot be easily diagnosed.
  • Sagittarius should not allow their self ego/ personal opinions to spoil their relationships.
  • For Capricorn, home repairs, property disputes and mother’s health can be a stress point.
  • Aquarius will have some unexpected opportunities which can be utilized with due care.
  • Pisces have scope for monetary gains but overall tiredness will make you irritable.

To determine the specific results expected for you, open your individual horoscope.

  • Evaluate the power of your birth Moon, ascendant sign/ lord. If these are strong then there is a good possibility of favourable results. (Especially Aries, Cancer, Leo and Libra signs should make an extra effort to utilise the eclipse energies.) 
  • If your birth Venus is strong then he will help you better channelise the eclipse.
  • If you have a strong birth Sun (and/or Mercury), then this possibility becomes even stronger.
  • Finally if your birth Rahu or Ketu are yogkarak for your personal chart (post here) then some positive results are definite in the next 3-4 weeks.
  • Note where Aries falls in your personal birth Moon chart. For the next 1month or so, whatever this house signifies, you will experience unexpected events which will leave deep impressions in your life. Eg if your birth Moon is in Pisces then Aries is the second sign counted from him and this eclipse will influence resources, money, investments, family members, your family properties etc. 
  • But if your birth chart is not strong enough, or if your birth Moon is weak, or if you are undergoing an adverse dasha/ transit then you should take adequate precautions for the next 3-4 weeks at least as the eclipse energies will cast a destabilising effect on you. 

Avoid taking risks, especially near water. Avoiding adventure sports like rafting, swimming in natural water bodies, water sports etc. Travel and tourism in natural areas like forests, seashores etc is not advisable for at least 1 month. Games of chance eg gambling, and processes which are based on unpredictability eg stock market will be even more unpredictable than usual. Mental turbulence will be quite high for sometime so be careful if you have to take major decisions now.

For the global level predictions, 

  • This lunar eclipse is going to be visible over very huge expanses of water. A dramatic change in the weather patterns which originate in these oceans will have global long term indirect impacts. The coasts and in the water/air routes will remain vulnerable. 
  • Mars is retrograde, so we can expect an overall ‘cooling down’. However this will also lead to simmering tensions, sheath attacks, sabotage, accidents, blasts, terrorist attacks, unexpected disasters, underwater explosions, volcanic activity etc. Human actions will provoke, instigate, invade etc typical Mars’s keywords amplified by Rahu and powered by the Moon. And natural processes will be unpredictable, dangerous and generate imbalance, scattered by Ketu.
  • All the nations who will experience the eclipse and especially those whose national capital will absorb the total eclipse will face economic issues, civil unrest and political instability.
  • If you have the precise birth details of national leaders then note their birth Moon sign/ ascendant sign. If their time is favourable then they may be able to support their nations also. 
  • I have mentioned this eclipse in the list of major eclipses which will cause significant change (post here). The deeper ongoing conflict between the East and the West will continue for several years (post here). A overt war is already on in West Asia. Russia and its allies are fighting the West through Ukraine by proxy. This eclipse is not visible in Moscow nor in Kiev but the graha combination is an indication of escalation. If you look at the charts, ie it is only Russia and Ukraine for now, Russia has the advantage as its foundation birth chart is better. 
  • This eclipse will trigger a significant destabilisation in the Central/ Eastern Asian region. Totality will cover the points China/Taiwan, N/S Korea etc. The central Asian nations will also be pressurised about choosing a side. The failed and the already in-trouble nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan will become even more unstable, all of which will threaten the overall region. 
  •  There is a real danger to/from the trigger happy leaders of the ‘collective west’. Canada, USA (both – current lunar eclipse’s effects) and Europe (past solar eclipse’s effect) will continue their downward trajectory. 
  • The eclipse is affecting more than half the world directly and the rest of the world indirectly. There is a possibility of change in leadership after the eclipse for several nations. Maximum destabilisation is expected during the 1month post-eclipse.

For Bharat, some losses are inevitable. Economic gains will fluctuate in the short term. Our prominent leaders, army officers and people critical in maintaining our nation’s security must take due care. Our leaders are trying their best, however these oncoming challenges are going to be severe. Everyone must do whatever they can to support our nation. 

If this eclipse is visible where you live, it is advisable to some spiritual activity during the eclipse. There are only two ways of addressing karmic imbalances, Daana and Mantra. As always use your common sense. Do only that much as advisable and as per your level to absorb.

Venus combust 2022 analysis and predictions

Venus is in charge of all one-one relationships, and all the things which satisfy you. Daityaguru Shukracharya can grant Moksh to the more evolved individual souls or material pleasure to those lower down in the spiritual levels. He signifies luxuries, sexual relationships etc, pleasures of the mind/ body. If he is spoilt in the chart then he grants addictions, casual physical affairs, unstable finances, no sense of the spiritual etc. He is a very cryptic graha, and he tests your abilities of single-pointed focus, endurance and intelligence.

Venus is considered combust when he is 10deg around the Sun in the forward motion. It is like the planet has evaporated, absorbed by the Sun. Its attributes temporarily weakened. And when it gets exceptionally close to the Sun, it feels as if it has vanished from the skies. Combustion in transit affects all of us together. So before combustion season starts it is better to be aware and be prepared for an over-load of the Sun’s scorching energy. Sun is a natural malefic and so close to a naturally auspicious graha, ie Venus, he damages the Daityaguru’s capacity to do good for everyone, everywhere.

In this year Venus will be going combust from 15th Sept to 2nd Dec 2022. And during this time he will be transiting through four signs from Leo to Scorpio.

Also during this time Mercury will be briefly combust and retrograde till 2nd Oct, he is in Virgo. Saturn in Capricorn is retrograde till 22nd Oct and Jupiter will remain retrograde in Pisces till 21st Nov. Interestingly all three are in their own signs. (And Venus will also be going combust in his own Libra for some time.) And Mars will be going retrograde in Gemini and Taurus from 30th Oct (will write a separate post on Mars soon). Two eclipses, lunar and solar will occur during this time frame. The solar eclipse on the Deepavali amavasya will be especially intense. This is all the overall background energy.

The ascendant and birth Moon signs Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio will be affected the most. Also wherever these signs are placed in your chart, you will feel the pressure. Eg if in your chart, Taurus represents your mother then you will feel a strange disconnect from her etc. Similarly the lunar mansions linked to Venus, ie Bharani, Poorvaphalguni and Poorvashadha nakshatra will also see some effects of this combustion, so be alert if your birth Moon or ascendant degree/ Lagna falls in these nakshatra. 

To pinpoint the effect of this combustion on you individually, you will have to first analyse your chart. A weak chart suffers more in adverse transits and a stronger chart can convert adversity to opportunity. A strongly placed ascendant sign, Ascendant lord and birth Moon grant physical and mental strength to easily navigate through any situation.

Then note what all Venus signifies in your chart, the houses he owns, his position, influences on him, exalted or debilitated, ashtakvarga, nakshatra, shad-bala, etc his power to give results should be examined in depth. Also if the chart is going through the following stronger effects will be seen.

  • If you are going through Vimshottari Venus mahadasha, or Venus sub-period ie Venus antardasha in any other planet’s mahadasha.
  • Taurus as the Lagna or Moon sign Taurus should pay attention to personal health, especially heat related diseases. Also this is the most determined sign of the zodiac so you might be even more stubborn and headstrong than usual.
  • Libra ascendant or birth Moon sign Libra– again health issues and turbulent unexpected changes coupled with a deep sense of imbalance which affects you in every way.
  • Note which house Venus is transiting in your chart and expect turbulence from the keywords of this house and also the house opposite it. Eg When Venus is transiting Libra, also pay attention to the stuff that Aries signifies in your chart.
  • If you have Venus combust in your birth chart then you generally feel lonely but unwilling to accept or express it. You feel unbalanced in one-one relationships and often lose out on important interactions because of your self centred behaviour. When Venus goes combust in transit, you will feel even more restrictions in relationships, financial, material, spiritual etc matters. Do try to focus on what you really want deep inside, rather than what you think you want.

The effect of combustion will also depend on the strength of the Sun in your personal birth horoscope at birth and also in transit. So you should also be aware of what the Sun stands for in your birth chart. If the Sun is a functional benefic for the chart, there would be some good results. If your birth Sun is strong or if he gains strength during this time in transit, then you might feel a very high level of self-confidence which can as easily become over-confidence in the matters related to Venus.

Combust Venus means that the energy of the planet is absorbed by the Sun. A ‘Venus eclipse’ and everything connected to Venus be dominated by your self-ego. All the attributes of Venus, ie fairness, balance, law, equitable relations, money, resources, etc will be unbalanced. No one will feel like sharing anything but will feel entitled to dominate, grab and hoard things selfishly for their own selves. 

When Venus is combust his guidance is no longer available. The esoteric Guru has evaporated. It becomes difficult to judge the true value of things, people, actions, emotions, relationships, thoughts, desires etc during this period. Inability to appreciate what you have. Validation will be conspicuous by its absence. Unfairness in love and a disinclination to give and receive from your loved ones, out of balance irrational behaviour. A sense of internal loneliness is triggered which is expressed as a superficial exaggerated bravado in the matters controlled by Venus. Yet on the inside, there will be low self esteem, discomfort, a sense of defeat, desperation and inferiority.

There will be disputes in the family and with the spouse. Expect criticism from loved ones. Spiritual practice might suffer. Financial losses, separations from loved ones, breaks in business partnerships, addictions etc. Creative arts, eg films music etc might not be able to express themselves for sometime, ‘writer’s block’ is possible. Recognition for creativity will reduce, some might not get paid enough for their work. Forgeries, cheating, corruption, immorality etc can increase. Warped ideas will be promoted as ‘creativity’. Decision making capacity will decrease. Some might find themselves tangled in intense but short term legal issues and erratic romantic affairs. 

An unhealthy fascination with cosmetic procedures and artificial modifications of the body. In extreme cases by performing irreversible and dangerous surgeries on the body. Do recognise that this desire to go under the surgical knife stems from an inability to love your own self. The real solution is to follow some daily ritual where you spend some time with yourself and learn to appreciate your own beauty. 

This period is not suitable for any auspicious activities, pujas, ceremonies etc and especially the sanskars of our Dharma are not performed during this time.

On the global levels. As I have repeatedly mentioned, the war in Ukraine will drag on, there is really no end in sight. Russia has the upper hand for several reasons, to begin with it has a better chart. This war will consume the ‘West’ ie Europe and USA. Their collective economy will go down, people will physically exit this earth and there will be continued turmoil and suffering. All this will have an overall negative impact on the global economy which will also slow down. National and international treaties, contracts, partnerships or agreements will not be honoured. Every nation will try to secure its own assets at the expense of its neighbours. Discussions on non-issues will consume public energy. Expect civil unrest and riot like situations in several nations. Public health will be affected. Generally the nations to the east of Bharat will fare better than those on the west. (And the transits etc of the other planets will aggravate the situation instead of showing a way out, especially Mars in Taurus will wreck finances, currencies, national treasuries etc.)

Specifically for Bharat’s Independence Day chart, Taurus is the ascendant sign. Venus is the ascendant lord going combust and with all the additional planetary movements, the coming time is not good. He will be combust and transiting the 4th to 9th house of the national chart, impacting the keywords of these houses as he goes through them in sequence. There will be national security concerns. The economy will see a slowdown. Public health will be affected. Financial measures will have to be taken which can hurt. Agricultural produce will be affected, in fact all sort of production will see a decrease. Natural disasters especially excessive rainfall, high wind, flooding etc is expected. There will be civil unrest, protests etc by anti national elements which will adversely affect several states. Anti-national activities will rise. (Shakun shastra is the study of omens. I was reading a news item last week where a crack was seen in the Arun stambh of the Bhagwan Jagannath temple at Puri. This is not an auspicious shakun and it indicates negative results for the state of Odisha and also for the nation.)

Our society is based on relationships of so very many types. Every relationship, where two or more entities are involved, is based on agreements, even the most romantic partnership will have some said/unsaid rules. And when Venus is combust in the skies, all these agreements go for a toss, and this is leads to unsolvable problems.


Remedies as always are Daan and Mantra.

  • You can try to do daan on the day Venus turns combust. And daan is not charity, it is a conscious giving away of the unbalanced energy to a Consciousness capable of accepting it.
  • Mantra of Venus on Fridays will be very helpful. Or worship of any feminine deity or reciting the Shri Sukta or any mantra or stotra of a feminine deity will also equally work as a remedy.
  • Also you can try wearing the fragrances or colors associated with Venus to subtly bring about a change in the energy. Venus is associated with certain foods which you can also add to your diet.
  • You can also alter your behaviour or change your expectations during this time frame. But intelligently modulating the mindset is possible only if you are on a higher spiritual level or are already practicing some regular spiritual practices.
  • A daily schedule of simple pujas for your Kuldevata or Ishtadevata etc is always recommended as this helps hold you together even in trying circumstances and it also helps the additional remedies to act more effectively on you.

Analysing Varna of the Nakshatra

(I wrote a detailed post on the energy dynamics of the four Varna of a Dharmic society here. This post is about using the Varna concept in Jyotish.)

In Uttar Bharat, the signs/ rashi are assigned Varna. This concept is commonly used in the Ashtakoota system for matching charts for marriage. In this system, the birth Moon sign determines the varna.

In Dakshin Bharat, the Nakshatra varna is more commonly used. The Varna of the Lunar mansion occupied by the birth Moon ie the Janma Nakshatra, is considered during matching charts for marriage.

  • Vipra – Ashwini Pushya Ashleysha Vishakha Anuradha Shatataraka Poorvabhadrapada.
  • Kshatriya – Bharani Punarvasu Magha Swati Jeyshtha Dhanishtha Uttarabhadrapada.
  • Vaishya – Krutika Aradra Poorvaphalguni Chitra Moola Shravan Revati
  • Shudra – Rohini Mruga Uttaraphalguni Hasta Poorvaashadha Uttaraashadha

And the graha also have Varna.

The Varna concept is used in marriage chart matching but also can be applied in regular life, for analysing the personality, the mental/ emotional tendencies etc. If you are aware of your Mind you can proactively live a more settled and successful life. The Varna of the nakshatra occupied by the Moon, ie the Janma nakshatra, will indicate your mental tendencies. The Varna of the Lagna nakshatra, ie the lunar mansion occupied by the ascendant degree will give some pointers as to the overall personality and the environment you are placed in. And I have observed that in charts with powerful Rahu or Ketu, the nakshatra occupied by the more powerful node also has a significant but subtle impact on the person.

The Nakshatra level analysis indicates the subtle points about the personality which are generally ignored. This sort of analysis will be relevant only for those charts which are on a reasonably good evolutionary level.  You have to have some level of self awareness and some clarity about your life and life purpose to understand and use this information. It is of no use for individuals who do not wish to self introspect or make efforts to change themselves.

So check out the lunar mansion occupied by your birth Moon. The Moon is the indicator of the Mind and you are basically what your Mind says you are. This is why a brilliantly placed birth Moon is the best ‘yog’ possible. The nakshatra of the Moon works as a filter between you/your Mind and everything else. It also filters out what you need for this life from your sum total. ie your astral self which is the Moon, is filtered by this nakshatra and this creates the Mind for your current lifetime.

If your birth Moon occupies a Vipra Nakshatra then you will naturally feel more inclined to the Vipra type of activities. You are highly intelligent, you learn things by heart and also understand concepts very deeply, you are willing to learn. You are capable of studying long hours, practicing your routines seriously, very dedicated, you have faith in an higher intelligence and are religious or spiritual in some way. Your ideal way of working out things is through civilised dialogue, trying to understand and thus resolve differences, you are rather philosophical by nature. You like helping others and may be seen as a wise elder by others around you. You can become a very good teacher, counsellor, advisor, researcher, writer, etc. If you perform the Gayatri puja, ie the trikaal Sandhya sincerely you will get excellent results from this sadhana. You are the intellectual and philosophical foundation of the Dharmic society. It is the duty of the Vipra to learn, teach and to do pujas for the wellbeing of the individual/ public. To literally share their blessings. To follow Dharma in life and also to motivate others to do so by example and by teachings. So if you engage in such activities, you will get the desired results easily and you will also feel deeply satisfied on the inside. However do not let others take advantage of your typical nature and try to be practical about things.

If you are in a profession where you are doing these sort of activities then you will feel emotionally fulfilled as you do your work and also progress well. Else you can take up a hobby or do some above mentioned activities in your spare time which will help you find an outlet for your Varna energy.

If your Lagna is in a Vipra nakshtra then you will be more often physically placed in situations described above. eg if you have a Vipra Lagna nakshatra and Shudra Janma nakshatra, then you may be required to teach mechanical engineering applications to engineering students.

If your birth Moon is in a Kshatriya nakshatra then you are more aggressive and physical by nature. You like exercising and are the one who wants to get up at 5am to go to the gym. You may have learnt marital arts or may be good at team games or may compete in individual sports. You cannot bear injustice and are willing to stand up for the values you believe in. You are an aggressive person and this will be evident in some way eg in your speech, mannerisms, body language or you may be outrightly violent. In our Dharma the Kshatriya are responsible for punishing specific types types of criminals (An enemy/Atatayi is the one who the intention of killing, damaging or hurting – sets fire, poisons, attacks with weapons, steals wealth, loots property, robs land or kidnaps women. Such Atatayi are given the death penalty and this is the Dharma, the responsibility of the Kshatriya varna). Kshatriya are also responsible for governing the nation, so you might feel comfortable in government jobs and you will genuinely feel responsible and do good in such jobs. In our current society, you can also take up a profession in law enforcement, police, military, etc where you feel that you are in the role of a protector and have some scope for physical activity. You are the protective and governing foundation of the Dharmic society. However do not let others take advantage of your typical nature. If someone purposely tries to push your buttons do take a minute to think through things before leaping into action.

If you are not in a profession which offers you an outlet for these energies then you should take up some hobby where you can act in the ways described above. eg learning a martial art or reading about wars and war strategies etc.

If your Lagna is in a Kshatriya nakshtra then you will be more often placed in the situations described above. eg your Lagna nakshatra is Kshatriya varna and Janma nakshatra is Vaishya, then you may be required to trade in weapons or be a supplier to the army.

If your Janma nakshatra is of the Vaishya varna then you are more comfortable in commerce. Buying, selling, trading, bargaining is your forte. You like talking, communicating, keeping track of what is happening, what can be capitalised on, what can be converted into value. You have an innate understanding of how money, stock markets, financial transactions etc work. You are more comfortable in situations where these sort of energies prevail. You are practical about things and a good negotiator. You are aware of your strengths and weakness and can accurately gauge the position of others you are dealing with. You rarely give others the benefit of doubt and will not help others unless you stand to gain something from it. You will succeed in all activities where the theme is exchange of value for mutual profit. You are the foundation of value and trade in a Dharmic society. However do guard against others using your own nature against you. Profit attracts you but you should not engage in dubious or risky actions for money, these can eventually rebound on you. 

If you are in a profession with these sort of vibes then you will feel more satisfied in life and also earn loads of money. But if you are not then you should engage in some of these Vaishya type of activities in your spare time, it will help you find an outlet from your innate nature.

If your ascendant degree, ie lagna nakshatra is of the Vaishya varna you will be put into situations where you will be required to value, trade, exchange etc as described above. eg Your lagna nakshatra is Vaishya but your Janma nakshtra is a Vipra then you might become an economist, someone who philosophises and teaches theories about money.

If your birth Moon is in a Shudra varna nakshatra then you have the capacity to work and produce stuff. You know how to get things done, set up a work flow or a production line, determine realistic goals and practical deadlines. You are the one sincere person in your office who always achieves targets. Learning skills is easy for you. You are hard working, systematic and capable of following rules. You have a practical mind and can organise things. You are the ideal worker and depending on the rest of the chart can do well in any sector where there is actual measurable output, eg in industries, around machines, agriculture farms, animal husbandry, carpentry, mechanics etc. You know how physical things can be worked together to actually produce tangible material, ie food, metal items, cloth, shoes, buildings, roads etc. Everything that you see around you is ‘produced’ or ‘built’ and thus is your domain. There are unlimited opportunities for you as you are the physical foundation, the material prosperity on which the Dharmic society rests.

You should pursue activities where you can actually create something on the material level. If you are in such a profession then it will help you channelise your energies and gain. But if you are not, then choose an art or craft type of a hobby where you work with your hands. This will give you the necessary emotional satisfaction and help you balance out your innate energies.

If your Lagna nakshatra is Shudra then you will be put in situations where you are required to physically act to produce material stuff. eg If your Lagna nakshatra is Shudra and your Janma nakshatra is Vipra then you may be a publisher who publishes text books, Dharmic books, books on philosophy etc.

(This is the first time on the internet, that Varna and Nakshatra Varna have been analysed in depth.) Do read the previous post on the nature of the four Varna and how the Dharmic society is based on the equal foundations of the four Varna. Also how an individual uses the Varna to maintain Dharma within the self. Unless you understand the previous post, you won’t be able to make full use of this one.

Jupiter retrograde analysis and predictions 

Jupiter goes retrograde for about 4 months every year and about 22% of us have a retrograde Jupiter in the birth chart (post here). In addition, all of us go through the transit effects of retrograde Jupiter every year. Retrograde planets in transit indicate that this is a time to review and redo things. So now, if you have made any mistakes or serious blunders or left things halfway in the recent past, Jupiter will help you revise all this stuff and complete things or at least bring them to a logical conclusion. If any negativity has happened in your life in the recent past, eg betrayal from others, losses, pain, restlessness, etc then now Jupiter will help you make sense of all this. You will either be able to give a befitting reply to these things, set them right from your point of view or wrap them up in a way which gives you some positive benefit.

At the present time, Jupiter will be going retrograde in transit in his own Pisces sign for 119 days from 29th Jul 2022 to 24th Nov 2022. He will be going retrograde at 1:26am Indian standard time, so technically the vaar/solar day is still Guruvar and the lunar day/ tithi is Ashadh Amavasya (amavasyant maas). The Ashadh month is the most secretive month of the year and this is one of the major Amavasyas. (we do pujas of Deepaks in the evening Sandhyakaal). The next tithi/lunar day is the start of the Shravan month, the Shukla pratipada. The Moon is in Pushya nakshatra so the auspicious Guru Pushyamrut yog is operating. Point being, Jupiter is going retrograde at a very significant time.

During this retrograde, Jupiter will be will be moving within the Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra which is linked to Saturn. This is one positive, he will neither be changing his sign nor his nakshatra during this retrograde. He will be aspected throughout this time by Saturn who is presently in Capricorn.

The other significant events are,

  • Saturn is retrograde from 5th Jun to 23rd Oct
  • Mars will be retrograde from 30th Oct till 13th Jan
  • Mercury will be retrograde between 10th Sep – 2nd Oct
  • Venus will be combust from 2nd Oct to 18th Nov
  • Malika yog for 3 days 22-24th Aug
  • Partial Solar eclipse on Deepavali Amavasya

The other planets, Saturn, Mercury and Mars going retrograde and forward will affect the results expected from Jupiter. Saturn retrograde can cause unforeseen delays in your work schedule, trigger karma and tire you out. Mars retrograde will add his flavour of repressed and misdirected aggression, overconfidence and failure. Mercury retrograde will encourage selfishness, miscommunication, illogical behaviour, block on creativity and financial losses. Venus combust will reduce auspiciousness and fairness, increase heartbreaks and cause financial losses. Overall this time requires all of us to revise, rethink, rework and redo things which have happened in the past few months. 

As per the standard Jyotish texts (post here), Jupiter’s transits are seen from the birth Moon sign. He is generally favourable in the 2nd 5th 7th 9th and 11th houses from the birth Moon sign. And unfavourable in the houses counted 1st 3rd 4th 6th 8th 10th and 12th from the birth Moon. If we analyse just this, Jupiter in Pisces, he is generally favourable for Aquarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer and Taurus and not so favourable for the remaining signs. Karma and its unfolding is always more connected to the birth Moon (post here). However, if your ascendant sign is powerful, you can count from the ascendant sign to get additional information.

But now that he is retrograde, some of us who were suffering will gain some relief from the negativity. Especially those with their birth Moon in Uttarbhadrapada, Pushya or Anuradha nakshatra will see a positive change after the turbulence of these past few months. Overall all the signs will be able to make positive use of the retrograde, except Aries, Leo and Libra, who should be more careful during the retrograde as sudden unexpected events may cause stress.

  • Pisces who has been dealing with the subtle negativity of the Janma Guru will also gain in some way. Health, relationships etc will improve and it will be appreciated for all that it does. Significant amount of money will come in.
  • Aquarius can get some financial windfall or some sort of a legacy, but it needs to be careful about using this money. Chances of squandering this asset is a real possibility.
  • Capricorns will be able to take bold decisions and profit but do refrain from becoming overambitious and unpleasant else this will backfire after Jupiter becomes forward again.
  • Sagittarius will improve its finances but will make enemies on the home front as it becomes more arrogant.
  • Scorpio will become cruel and act in unethical or immoral ways which will land it in trouble later. 
  • Libra will gain strength to overcome its enemies and options may open up on the professional front.
  • Virgo will gain from partnerships but should careful not to get too emotionally involved, remain practical so as to retain the profits.
  • Leo will strongly move towards spirituality after at least one unpleasant event.
  • Cancer will gain knowledge and will be able to use this practically to promote itself in society.
  • Gemini will be able to confidently use its professional knowledge and skills in the office to make some significant improvement on the career front..
  • Taurus will network and communicate with long lost friends, pressure groups and important people thus gain both money and reputation during this period.
  • Aries will turn to mediative activities but there may be a couple of unpleasant events to go through first.

During this period, all of us can achieve significant spiritual goals. Especially if you have been doing pujas with specific intentions or specific anushthans or Daan or even your daily pujas sincerely, you will feel the difference now as Jupiter turns retrograde. You will get the actual physical positives on the material level.


If you have your birth Jupiter retrograde then you will see a positive change during this transit retrograde. You will be able to complete projects or pick up some long pending work and finish it or capitalise projects abandoned by others, etc. It is possible that you may be appreciated for the work that you do during this period, so keep an eye out for such projects which may come your way.

If you are born with your birth Jupiter retrograde then you are introspective, have a unique approach to education, religion, spirituality, culture etc. You are hard working, ethical, kind hearted, benevolent, helpful and philosophical. A powerful retrograde Jupiter can indicate an evolved soul who does not accept ‘modern philosophy’, but sticks to the proven systems. You have a different way of seeing things, perceptive, you can pick up hidden things and subtle cues, anticipate future issues in the future etc. You can be cheated by ‘gurus’, so choose your spiritual guides carefully. There will be a very strong urge to turn towards the spiritual during this time frame.

Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra is ruled by the deity Ahirbudhnya and linked to Saturn. It represents the two back legs of a cot, specifically a funeral cot. It is linked to deep knowledge, wisdom, trance like states, secrets, enlightenment through dissolution, etc. It is a versatile nakshatra and can perform competently in life. Outwardly flexible and internally rigid, it clear about its own self. It is a Kshatriya nakshatra and takes its Dharma seriously. 

Jupiter going retrograde in Uttarabhadrapada can lead to laziness or complacency, shyness, insecurity, over empathy, misplaced sympathy, over calculative nature, etc which leads to issues later. There will be an internal simmering righteous anger about the situations that you find yourself in. You will try to find reasonable solutions at first but most likely this anger may be released via a dispassionate sort of destructive behaviour. You will want to move towards the higher spiritual often at the cost of the immediate material. The middle 10days of the Bhadrapad month will see a greater release of this nakshatra’s energy. 

If we consider the attributes of the Nakshatra quarters, then Jupiter in the 4th quarter of Uttarabhadrapada, will create situations with intensity, violence, unexpected turns, a layer of cleverly created confusion hiding the reality. In the 3rd quarter, there will be an attempt to restore balance as things quieten down again. In the 2nd pad, there will be more detailed planning and strategic action but the focus will be on benefiting the individual rather than the collective. And in the 1st quarter, there will be clarity coupled with a sense of achievement.

The energies of this lunar mansion are best channelised into activities which are performed in solitude, eg meditation, research, planning, creative work etc. It does not favour actions which require instant reactions or immediate responses.

As a general rule, a strong birth chart can tide over all temporary events created by the transits. So if your birth Moon, ascendant lord, and ascendant sign are powerful, then you have an inherent capacity to convert negatives into positives. You will also have to read this transit in context of your individual charts. When analysing an individual chart, keep your eyes open for all sorts of patterns which the planets make, using the following points.

  • consider the power of the birth Jupiter, at least use the Ishta kashta phala values
  • the houses he controls – ie where does Pisces and Sagittarius lie in your chart,
  • his functional nature – is he a functional malefic or a functional benefic in your chart,
  • the planets he is aspected by or conjoint with or aspecting.
  • check which house Jupiter is transiting over (post here).
  • Or if Jupiter in transit crosses over any planet from your birth chart (post here).
  • eg If your Ascendant is Cancer and Moon is in your 9th Pisces. Now Jupiter transiting over Pisces will influence this Moon, but as he is transiting over your ascendant lord, this will be an auspicious transit for you, irrespective everything else.
  • Jupiter aspects the 5th 7th 9th houses from his position and enhances their positive and auspicious results. Jupiter in Pisces will increase the positive results of Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio, so you can expect some benefits from these areas of life.
  • Depending on your level of study you can check out the Ashtakvarga score of Jupiter in Pisces and the power of Pisces sign to give favourable results (post here).
  • The Janma Navtara table (post here) can also be used for quick analysis.
  • For subtle level analysis the Kota chakra (post here) can be used.
  • Also consider the Dasha periods that you are undergoing. Mahadasha and Antardasha of favourable planets will enhance positive results. But if you are in the Dasha periods of functional malefics then you should take adequate precautions. 

Remedies, as always, are only two, Daan (post here) and Mantra (post here). If you can do a regular spiritual practice or even a daily puja, any routine activity, it will help you increase your overall strength which will help you in all ways.

Jupiter going retrograde will also have his impact on the national and global events. 

Prices of food items, grains, ghee, medicines, essential supplies etc will increase. This will cause a resentment against the elected governments. Weather will remain erratic. In Bharat randomly excessive rains and floods and lack of rains are going to cause problems in agriculture. At least one severe earthquake expected in the Asian region. Expect a change in the political systems, governments, or at least the portfolios of the ministers. Horse trading, politicians changing their parties etc all is possible. In short there will be confusion and lack of coherent policy or philosophy at the political levels. Judicial interference in the functioning of the elected governments will lead to an eventual loss of face for the judicary. People will protest against it. (Combust Venus opposite retrograde Jupiter.) War like situations will continue and now more nations will get sucked into the conflict. Nations to the west of Bharat are now on the downward slope (have mentioned this in several posts). Economy will continue its collapse. Abhorrent and unnatural lifestyles will be promoted as strong foundations and the governments will take action against them as the common people will now start protesting against erosion of long held values. A Malika yog, where 8 planets are in 8 continuous signs is going to occur on 22-24th Aug, (from Pisces Jupiter to Libra Ketu) this will cause at least one significant event. This will be traumatic or positive depending on the nation’s birth chart. And the solar eclipse on the Deepavali Amavasya will also cause several changes with far reaching effects.

Jupiter is retrograde, but is neither changing his sign nor his nakshatra which makes him very powerful. It is his own sign and a Saturn linked lunar mansion. So he will force people to get into philosophy and spirituality, ie Dharma. Those who do so sincerely, will be able to manage their karmic pendency better. Those who fail to do so will face a severe karmic backlash.