Nav nayak the 9 rulers of the year

I have written a few posts on the events expected in this year, 2020-21, Shri Sharvari naam samvatsara (do use the index page or the search bar to read them). In these, I had mentioned that Mercury is the King for this current year. There was a question on how to arrive at this ‘king’ etc for the year. Thus this post. As per Vedic astrology there are the following 9 Leaders – nav-nayak for a year/Samvatsar.

  • Raja – the most important role. He is the king of the year. He has the final say in all the activities which are to take place in this year.
  • Mantri – the second most important role. The advisor and minister to the king. The matters to public life and living overall are his domain.
  • Senaadhipati – this role is as important as the Mantri. This planet is the commander in chief of the armies. He is advisor to the king in matters related to his domain of internal public law and order and external aggression.
  • Argyhadhipati – ‘Argya’ means valuable stuff, offerings, water etc. This planet mainly controls finance in all its variants, all money and wealth related stuff and public health.
  • Meghadhipati – ‘megh’ means clouds. This planet determines the kind of weather we will have in this year. Especially the rains. This is very important as all our actions are ultimately linked to the weather!
  • Sasyadhipati – ‘sasya’ means crops, produce, merit etc. So agriculture of every type is controlled by this planet. All things which are derived from the earth also come under his purview which include the mining industry etc. Everything that is further manufactured using these primary materials is also his domain.
  • Dhanyadhipati – ‘dhanya’ also means crops, but there is a fine distinction as this word means specifically the food crops and cereals. Eg if the Dhanyadhipati is not strong, specifically food crops may fail. All food items are under his purview. Will the people be able to eat nutritious food this year? Look at the transits and power of the Dhanyadhipati to find this out.
  • Rasadhipati – ‘rasa’ means essence, change, sentiment, taste, how the mind will work, what will people find pleasure in, mixtures, spices, etc. What will capture the imagination of the public? What will they do in their free times, the kind of entertainment that they will choose to engage in is controlled by this planet. If this planet is going to give inauspicious results then addictions, bad habits, immoral activities etc can start in a major way.
  • Neerasadhipathi – this planet will control karmic compulsions, things which make you tired, dull, undesirable and unhealthy things, contradictions, missed out things, things which get neglected, things which weigh on your mind/body/soul . This planet indicates public sufferings, their source, types., duration etc. Also the things which will not be in the government’s to-do list.


In the Nav-nayak system, Rahu/Ketu are not considered. Only the 7 graha linked to the week-days are considered, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn are sequentially the rulers of the 7 days of the week from Sunday to Saturday. One planet can get 1 more more roles and some planets may not be given any roles at all in a specific year.

There are 9 types of roles. If the natural malefics, Sun, Mars, Saturn getting more roles to play in the year then the year will be difficult for humans. The year might have natural disasters or the government may take tough decisions which are adversarial for the common citizens. But if the natural benefics, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, get more roles to play in the year’s administration then life for the common people will be better. To analyse the benefic/malefic role of the impressionable planet Mercury, check out which planet is influencing him on the new year day’s sunrise time horoscope.

The most important roles are the King, Mantri and Senaadhipati. If the natural malefics get all of these vital roles then there are several issues created by  mis-governance. The governments and authorities create problems, are corrupt, engage in dubious activities, make faulty policies etc. In case these 3 roles are occupied by natural benefics, then the common man has a easier time in that year and the government also functions better.

For the current year, Sharvari, the Nav-nayaks are,

  • Raja – Mercury
  • Mantri – Moon
  • Senaadhipati, Meghadhipati, Arghyadhipati – Sun
  • Rasadhipati – Saturn
  • Sasyadhipati, Neerasadhipati – Jupiter
  • Dhanyadhipati – Mars
  • In this year, Venus has not been allocated any role in the Nav nayak.

Now finally, how to calculate the Nav-nayak for the year. Download a Vedic astrology app or check online. Just ensure that the ayanamsha used is Lahiri/Chitrapaksha. You basically have to find out on which day the Sun changes his sign or Nakshatra etc as per the following list.

  • Raja – The ruler of the day of the Chaitra shukla Pratipada tithi. ie the first day of the new year, the first day of the bright half of the Chaitra month. For the current year, Sharvari, this was on a Wednesday, Budhvaar so the King of this year is Mercury, Budha-graha. (Do remember to check the tithi-Pratipada for the Sun-rise time only for calculating this Nayak.) We follow the Shakya Samvat for India/Bharat so do use this date for calculating the Nav-nayak
  • Mantri – The ruler of the day when the Sun enters the Aries sign.
  • Argyhadhipati – The ruler of the day when the Sun enters Gemini.
  • Sasyadhipati – The ruler of the day when the Sun enters Cancer
  • Senadhipati – The ruler of the day when the Sun enters Leo.
  • Rasadhipati – The ruler of the day when Sun enters Libra.
  • Dhanyadhipati – The ruler of the day when the Sun enters Sagittarius
  • Neerasadhipathi – The day lord when Sun enters Capricorn
  • Meghadhipati – The ruler of the day when Sun enters the Aradra Nakshatra

So now you know how to get a general idea of how a year is going to be. This a very easy method, panchangams give this list in the ‘Varsha-phal’ on the first page itself. There are several pujas performed on the first day of the new year, but the most important one performed right after sun-rise is the puja of the new year’s Panchangam. Then the ‘Varsha-phala’ is read out by the oldest member of the family. This is considered very auspicious for the well-being of the family in the new year.

You also now know who are the nav nayak for this current year Sharvari, 2020-21. And we are already 2 months into this year. So try to analyse how this list has worked out till now.

  • Example is, Venus has not been allocated any role in the Nav nayak, so things indicated by Venus are not going to be important in the public’s or the government’s perspective. And now we are 2 months into the new year and it is so so obvious. Luxuries, material goods, branded goods, accumulated wealth, enjoyable one-one relationships, spiritual practice, good times spent with friends/family, entertainment venues, etc all have taken a back-seat. Refinement, elegance, grace, love in all its forms, has vanished from our lives. Just think on this deeply.