Love relationships and the Moon signs

Your relationships and your Moon signs. The Moon indicates your mind and emotions, your astral self. He is the summary of your emotional needs and how you express yourself. Whenever you want to analyse someone’e emotions you have to give due importance to the Moon. And one-one relationships of any kind are primarily about emotions. So check out how you and your loved one behave in your personal relationship!


Aries is generally honest, passionate, confident and enthusiastic about everything including his relationship with you. He will start off with you in a very down-to-earth manner and will build on from here. He is impulsive so will often make the first move and sweep you off your feet with his intensity. He will make you go on activities and fun-filled adventures with him which if you are not equally excited about can be tiring for you. He will get insecure if he feels that you are dominating him, if you question or criticise him he will not like it. He thinks that his way is right and he expects you as his partner to follow him always. His only weakness is his explosive temper. His stubborn, headstrong and often intimidating behaviour can cause stress between you two. He is occasionally sweet and can come up with gifts etc. He will promise you stuff without thinking things over and most probably later forget. When you remind him, he will to get it done. Systematic planning is not his strong suit.But he can over-power you with his constant high energy, enthusiasm and attention. He has to understand that one cannot demand love by outright aggression. He is always in the driver seat of the relationship which can get suffocating for you in the long run. You should be able to cope with this continuous high powered energy to be in a long term successful relationship with an Aries. If you bore him, he might break up with you, so keep him on the chase and keep some part of you hidden so that he works to discover new things about you all the time.

Taurus is a romantic but is always there for you. Will start off with friendly overtures and if he doesn’t like what he sees, he will back off slowly. Rather stubborn, unchanging, sometimes lazy in love. He might miss out several potential opportunities because he moves a bit slowly. He is like a big bull. A bit slow on the uptake, so can seem disinterested, but is quite enthusiastic once he gets it. Can be possessive and over-possessive even in public which can irritate you. You can expect him to deeply love you only if he is really interested in you. He will protect you, ie will not stand for anyone hurting you. He is usually honest, will keep his promises and generally will not break his word to you. He can act to get your sympathy, can even pretend or exaggerate, so that you give in and do what he wants to do. He is generally stable in his relationships but requires romance. If romance dies out then he can lose interest and can look for another romance elsewhere. He wants stability in a relationship and will get nervous or angry when insecure. Once he feels assured about you, gets comfortable in the relationship, he holds on with tenacity. He considers his and your social reputation to be important so do not do anything which will damage this aspect of your life together. Dishonesty in a relationship will put him off. He will not leave you and the long-term relationship as he dislikes change but if he ever takes this rare decision, he will never look back.


Gemini is clever, logical and a master of words. Very expressive and witty, sometimes this wit can get cutting and acerbic. He can sound dominating but is a bit juvenile. So if you are in a relationship with a Gemini be prepared for his occasional lies, false promises, juvenile sarcasm and biting wit. It may be unintentional, but words can hurt deeply. If he tries to make sarcastic remarks about you in social gatherings or tries to make you feel inferior, you should be on guard. Then again because he socialises so much he can be confusing, is he really in love with you or is it just friendship? He desires to remain updated and involved in everything. He will want to know everything about you all the time. He is quick, sometimes unpredictable, double-faced and can act out of self interest. If he promises you something, best not rely on him actually doing it for you. If you remind him, he will point out your minor faults and change the conversation. Thus he is considered selfish. He dislikes being left alone, so if you do not answer his phone call, he will start feeling insecure. If you love a Gemini, be ready to speak and listen all the time with an open-mind. Less of emotion and more of logic is his motto. He will not stick with a clinging partner for long. He is complex by nature, non-traditional, different mindset, very active and outgoing, etc so loving him can be a chore. His secret fear is that he will not be loved back with that same intensity.

Cancer is generally loyal. Polite and well-mannered, he is a good host and knows about etiquette. So most likely you were quite impressed when you met him first. He needs love, so will subconsciously start to manipulate you in hopes of keeping you more tightly to himself. It is not a bad thing, just his nature but this in extreme cases can make you feel guilty. When he gets emotional, he will fuss so much that you have no option but to give in. He cannot tolerate rejection and lack of overt love. If you promise him something, best fulfil it, else you will never hear the end of it. And if he promises you something, he will take efforts to deliver it. He can go out of his way to keep you happy as he worries that you do not love him in return. If you love a Cancerian you have to frequently display your love, appreciate him and assure him that yes, he is the apple of your eye. Cancer is a moody sign, sensitive but he keeps his real emotions inside. He is shy, secretive and never forgets anything. Jealousy and a vengeful mindset is possible at times. He can criticise you and others easily. Alert about money and assets, will not spend unless is assured of returns. Generally a home-loving guy, he won’t mind if you two don’t party out on week-ends. He keeps a good house, can cook well and in the early courtship will often invite you over to his house. He does not trust easily and will take time to open up. If you have won his confidence and love, he will be a one-man woman or a one-woman man. He will generally not initiate a break-up as he needs love. A Cancerian is deeply immersed in his loved one, so if you have one for yourself, take good care of him.


Leo is generally good to be with. He always makes a favourable impression on those whom he meets up with. He loves extravagance, so expect gifts and overt displays of affection. And he will want you to pamper him in return. He can love you deeply, albeit in a regal way. He can be romantic in private and will also exhibit public displays of love. He is concerned about public reputation and has a very big ego, is intense, likes adventure, etc all this can genuinely make you feel inferior at times. If he gives you his word, and if is a realistic thing, he will try to deliver. His pride is important to him and a one-one relationship is ultimately a compromise, so some Leo-s prefer not getting married at all. But if you ignore him, his worst fear, he can argue, make typical comments and try to make you feel inferior, so that you give in. He wants to be at center-stage always and wants to dominate over everyone at all times. He is rather stubborn and wants to have his way, either by his ‘royal’ influence or his power. He is very proud of his appearance, his power and his vital energy. In case he falls ill or he looses his charismatic sheen, he will feel insecure, which can rebound on you at home. In case he faces a failure, he expects you or his friends to pull him out of the mess. A Leo is susceptible to praise so unscrupulous people can get to him using his this weakness. It is upto you to point this out to him, which he will not appreciate. Generally he is faithful in love and will not initiate a break-up himself (if the situation becomes too much he can secretly cheat on you or find congenial company elsewhere). If you leave him, his pride will suffer to such an extent that he may never attempt to find love again.

Virgo is a loyal, hardworking, practical and shy person. He will be to the point, business-like even brusque with you. He will take a very long time to fall in ‘something like love’. Highly analytical, logical and organised he will try to reduce the emotions of love to a mathematical formula. Love is not math, it is a promise hidden as an emotion. He will always judge you, even when he is in love with you. Constantly thinking, analysing, decoding and classifying you. Loving a Virgo, is like living under a microscope all the time. And he is unbearably shy. He will indirectly, vaguely try to say something about his emotions or desires, this will be frustrating for you. A Virgo will never promise you anything. If you suggest something, he will find five logical reasons to not do it. Even if he has liked doing some activity, he will never accept that he enjoyed it. He will make it seem like he did it only for you and it was all your idea. He has that ‘virginal’ mind-set, will pretend that nothing affects him. He does not trust anyone including you. Ego is an issue as he thinks he can do no wrong. Others humour him on his face, but joke about his behaviour behind his back. He can ruin a relationship, as he has very high expectations from you. He will set standards for your behaviour, obviously find you lacking, as no one, not even he himself, can meet his own perfect standards. Then he will become rigid, insecure and start criticising/ nagging you. And when a Virgo starts this, it will be impossible for you to continue with him. (Some Virgo-s keep changing partners in search of perfection but eventually fail, as no one, including he himself, is perfect). But if you point out something about him, he can get verbally abusive and use very cutting language. If you are in love with a Virgo, be prepared for the inevitable arguments. Better find some other outlet or friends with whom you can get validation as expecting expressions of genuine love from an anxiety-ridden Virgo is unrealistic.

Love relationships and the Moon signs

Libra is the sign of the balance, but in romance perhaps he is the most unbalanced of the lot. No relationship is never constant and the least bit of imbalance upsets his internal balance. His biggest failing is that if he does not like something, he cannot directly say it. He dams it within himself and when it bursts it is a heart-breaking meltdown. As far as romance goes, he likes a happy medium, extreme lovey-dovey stuff or nil romance both can damage the relationship. He is a soft and gentle personality, quite formal and will quietly introduce himself to you. A strange thing about him is that he is quite capable and knowledgable himself but will pretend that he is helpless without you. You help him because you feel he cannot survive without you! And he gets you to do what he wants. He is a perfectionist in the sense he cannot bear it if he makes a mistake. He is very hard on himself if he errs. He tries to please everyone but it cannot happen. And he is confused most of the time in his personal life. If you want to go on a date etc, you will have to organise it yourself. He can be indecisive which can be frustrating for you. He needs your periodic assurance that he is doing well. Emotions can be confusing for him as they interfere with his airy intelligence. He will not choose a highly emotional partner in life. In inter-personal conflicts within the two of you, he may seem outwardly balanced but he will be highly emotionally disturbed. He cannot take good decisions in an emotionally charged context. So he can criticise or speak cutting words in such situations. If he is unhappy in a relationship he will try to find solutions to win you back, but if as a last resort he chooses to break up, it will be a dignified end.

Scorpio can be an emotional wreck himself and he can reduce you to one too. Then he will cut off his emotions in an instant and become completely normal. He generally is not deeply emotionally involved in any relationship. He is secretive, jealous and suspicious about your social circles. He is bad at public relations or social functions. Overthinking, unpredictable behaviour, irrational actions and a manipulative nature can kill love. He will need information about your movements. He expects loyalty and is scared of being judged, betrayed or humiliated. But he can do these exact things to others. He is stubborn, his emotions are fixed, he cannot change them. So if he falls in ‘something like love’, he fears losing control and cannot make proper decisions about his and your life. If a Scorpio is very deeply in love with you, strangely his behaviour will get more hurtful leading to angry confrontations. If he promises you anything, a rare event, he will do it. He is very vindictive, so if you are genuinely in love with a Scorpio, try to keep him in good temper. Do not betray him ever. If you criticise him he will never accept it in good temper but find some minor fault of yours and sting you. He can never learn from his mistakes. He will threaten you, give ultimatums, break up, stop talking, get abusive, brow-beat you into submission. He needs his space and his secrets. Sensuality and sexuality is always a major topic in Scorpio and sometimes this can get unhealthy. He is attractive and knows it, so flings on the side cannot be ruled out. If he decides to break up he will do it in an instant, but if you choose to end it he can get very nasty.


Sagittarius is a lucky sign. He can bring out the best in you and in every situation he can be a ray of hope. He is generous, makes you comfortable without dominating and is good company. He can be a good life partner and there is nothing typical about him which will cause you emotional pain. He is not very emotional himself but is quite enthusiastic and willing to work in the relationship. Generous, his is a happy go lucky mindset. Religious, optimistic and sometimes gullible, he can be cheated by others. He is sometimes quite impractical about material things and gets distracted easily, so keeping an eye on the home, finances etc can become your job. He has a tendency to take things for granted which can damage the relationship. If you get angry with him, he will try to change the topic to your faults to make you feel guilty. Or change the topic completely so that you forget why you were upset in the first place. He does not like you to be too dependant on him. He generally will not promise you things before considering everything, but once he promises he will try to deliver. He likes to travel and experience exciting things and if anything stops him from doing so he will get insecure. If you take too much of his time he can initiate a break-up. But if you are also self-sufficient in your own way, this can become a life-time relationship.  Some Sagittarians consider relationships as a whole to be suffocating so never marry. He is a free spirit, he can get bored easily. So best would be to keep a bit of yourself hidden so that the excitement lasts longer.

Capricorn has a very traditional mindset. He is rational, responsible, disciplined, well-mannered,  calculative, workholic, boring routine! He has immense self-control and is rarely harsh on the ones he loves. He is ‘moderate’ in every sense of the word. He falls in love slowly and after giving it much thought. He does not trust others generally, is calculative by nature and to get one to fall in love with you requires hard work on your part. You will have to show that you are worthy of his trust. Once he falls for you, it is mostly a life-time thing from his side (unless later his self-interest comes between you two). He has high standards and lots of expectations from himself and from you too. He works hard to achieve his goals in life and expects you to support him in his endeavours. He can be cold, is not very expressive in love. If you love doing mushy stuff or are emotionally dependent types, a Capricorn spouse is not for you. He does not like clinging or dependent partners. But he will do everything possible to create a comfortable life for you two and the children on the material levels. He believes in long term relationships. He is not flexible or adaptable, so you will have to give in to his typical nature at times. His biggest fears are financial and social setbacks. So do not do anything which will trigger his these two deepest insecurities. He cannot perform well under pressure. He generally does not promise you anything but, if he does so, he will keep his word.


Aquarius can be blunt and non-emotional, so not very suitable if your heart is sensitive. He is very good in a social setting, his conversation, mind-set, personality etc does stand out in a crowd. He likes to socialise and meet with different people and experience different things. It can be quite exciting to be with him in society. But in personal life, the cracks behind the perfect mask are obvious. If you chose him for his public behaviour, then you might be disappointed in your private life with him. He has several friends and mates so you will at some point of time feel ignored or alone. He also likes to explore options and feels that the perfect social presence can get him the perfect mate. He thinks himself to be perfect, which he is obviously not. If you point out his mistakes, he will promise to change. But will repeat same thing the next day. Promises do not mean much to him so will rarely keep his word. He can take you out on nice dates or get gifts occasionally and life with him can be overall good. His worst nightmare would be if you restrict his freedom or overdo the criticism. He is solitary by nature, believes in doing things alone, he needs his freedom. He does not like conforming to general social norms. He is rather humourless and cannot handle sarcasm. He cannot stand it if someone cracks jokes at his expense. But he himself can be sarcastic and impatient at times. Then his cutting words can create rifts in your relationship. He does not like you to be possessive and if you are, he might choose to break up.

Pisces is very laid back and allows any random stuff from you. Pisces is most resilient sign because it is non-judgmental, a good partner to have. His only requirement is that you visibly love him and allow him to love you in return. He loves displays of affection which perhaps after the first flush of love can get a bit much. He is loyal and easy-going in his absent minded way. He is helpful, emotional, supportive. He does not insist that you do things his way, is agreeable and trusts you beyond limits. He has no malice in his heart, is gullible, he tells everyone everything! He can be cheated in love, as you and others take advantage of his simplicity. He gets easily hurt as he often chooses an unsuitable partner. He is very sensitive to everything and avoids conflict. He likes giving gifts, he gives the best gifts in the zodiac and will make your birthdays etc special. He pampers you, he is happy in love. If you are a priority for him, he will move mountains to keep his promises to you. He does not bother about small things. Relationship with a Pisces almost has no reason to break-up. There is only one typical thing about him, if you point out to him that he has done something wrong, or you did not like something he did, ie you criticise him repeatedly, he will suddenly become very insecure. A upset/ angry Pisces goes silent, isolates himself. He will switch off his phone, not respond. If you meet him, he will not look at your face directly. He will remain in his own world, hurt and an emotional mess, till you make up. In case you don’t, he will drift away. (He is gullible and very generous, so will be snapped up by someone else who shows him affection.) He is highly intuitive and if he does not like something about a relationship, it can be impossible to convince him that all is well or to get him back. If you drive him away emotionally, it can be the end. He is the summary of the zodiac and is the most difficult to understand. And if you are in love with a fish, remember this sign has two of them moving in opposite directions! If you want to win and keep his love you have to accept him as he is and share his dreams.


Love relationships and the Moon signs