Social nature and the signs

In the current times an out going nature is considered desirable. The ability to go out with friends, party, mingle with office team mates, to make contacts, network and make important contacts etc is considered to be a part of the ‘out-going’ personality. Wallflowers are frowned upon, considered insecure and introverts. But the nature of a person is inextricably linked to the horoscope he chose at birth. Some signs are more outgoing, some are wallflowers, some shy but willing to interact, some are simply not interested, some are content, some strive, some like home-making and some do networking. Try to recognise your nature and then use it intelligently in society.

Open your birth chart and find out the ascendant sign and the birth Moon sign. These two signs have a very visible impact on your overall personality/ environment and your emotions/ behaviour. This follows a very cursory description based on the behaviour in society.

Generally Aries, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius are the outgoing hyper ones. Always willing to go out and interact with others, have lots of energy for doing a lot of stuff. They are not given to introspection. They act more intensely. They are rather unaware of the situation’s impact on themselves. They are acting in the flow of the external impulses without much thought on how this impinges on their own self.

Aries is such a rush that he rarely notices his own self; his own positives, his negatives are unknown to him. He is always doing things as he is interested in everything and everyone, big or small. Carefree by nature, he doesn’t worry much. He can be genuinely helpful to others without expecting returns. He is non-serious about his personal life which can get him into relationships with unsuitable partners or messy situations in life. However he does have the energy to get himself out of them with time.

Gemini is intelligent and observant. He mingles well, is genuinely interested in other people, a good conversationalist. Has the ability to multitask. He is usually a good host. He can analyse other people, their behaviour, nature and then also manipulate them if required. He is helpful by nature but will always be aware of his own self interest. He moves in society easily and has a lot of information which he will make use of for his own advantage.

Leo is aware of his own power and wants to increase it. He will mix in society, smartly cultivating those connections which will help in the future. But he will also genuinely work for helping others and the society at large. He is intelligent and aware of the currents that influence society. His own personal life is generally well settled and his focus is on the outer world. He wants power and desires to exercise power, either as a king or as a king-maker.

Sagittarius is the most helpful of all the signs. He is genuinely interested and attracted to others. Urged on by his unique sense of what is right, but often his sense of right may not be the practical course of action. He has rigid opinions on philosophy/ spirituality and likes being invited for giving lectures etc. Very active, always on the move, will easily interact with people from all strata of society.

Social nature and the signs

Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius are more sober, more introspective. They micro analyse themselves and are very conscious of how a given situation affects them. They think more intensely. They are at the center of their own thought processes. The mind tries to relate every event and every experience with its own self. It is a self-absorbed way of thinking.

Virgo is burdened by his personal responsibilities in life. The vision has narrowed down to the self. There is an underlying grief, self-centred thought processes and often selfishness. He does try to adapt himself to the situation/others but this also perceived as a burden. He tends to feel sorry for himself and thinks others to be better off. Idealistic by nature, he will help others but want some benefit for himself too. This complex mindset comes across sometimes as shyness. He has rigid opinions and can get defensive and argumentative if challenged.

Scorpio is highly self-involved. He will come out in the open only if he senses benefit for himself. He can be helpful but this will soon turn to exploitation as he will take more than he gives. Does not do well in company as is extremely self-oriented. Absence of fine feelings and empathy is not a healthy trait. Can descend to vindictiveness and mean-mindedness. Highest level of introversion seen here. Should take stock of his emotions from time to time and avoid getting into strong emotional confrontations.

Capricorn is self-focussed, very aware of his social status. He interacts with everyone but on the superficial duty level. He can talk a lot on big matters, society, religion, money etc but never about personal stuff. He is in touch with everyone who matters. Never overly friendly or pally, he know how much is enough depending on the use and social status of the other. He is focussed on the material and is rarely spiritual. He is helpful but always expects something in exchange. Highly rigid in his opinions and views, he can hurt others by his speech. He is unable to adapt/ change to situations as he is rigid about his own self too.

Aquarius is given to comparing his social situation with others. He is self centred and considered himself important. Under the influence of the sign, he works a lot for the society and desires to be recognised for his social service. He feels insults and slights very deeply, quite self-conscious. He is obsessed with ethics, morals, law and will always follow them. He likes being called as a guest speaker or motivational speaker. A person influenced by Aquarius desires social mobility and will actively engage with those who are placed higher than himself.

Social nature and the signs

Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Pisces are the ‘content’ signs. They are satisfied in their regular small circles of family and friends. They do not need large social circles and often get uncomfortable in large parties and gatherings. It is not that they cannot aggressively network it is just that they do not feel the need to do so. They favour one-one interactions or small, limited and intimate groups. They feel more intensely. They are neither taken up with others or their own selves but are more balanced between the two. They try to balance between home life and professional life, extremes do not appeal to them. They are the moderates of the zodiac.

Taurus likes to socialise with family and friends, eat and drink, song and dance. He will know the best restaurants in town and will wear the best quality clothes. Mildly interested in others, he will talk and interact well. When confronted with an overtly aggressive person he will smoothly slide away as he likes pleasant company above all. He will maintain just those important contacts who are of actual use to him.

Cancer is home-oriented. He will show an interest in the issues of the wider society, but he is more concerned in how these will affect his personal family. He will talk a lot about ideals and social issues but he is more of a arm-chair intellectual. He likes being the guest of honor in functions where he can expand his personality. He generally never forget slights and insults. The overall personality is pleasing yet reserved.

The Libra has to balance everything. He is ambitious yet within reason, as his family will always come first. He desires social stature and security for himself and his family. His children are very important to him and he will see to it that they do well in life. Grounded mindset and is very practical. He can break rules if he sees an advantage in it. He will interact with only those who can be of use to him.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac so carries certain burdens and advantages. Socially he is well placed, has a good husband/ wife and often several children. Children and their successes are important to him. His spouse might find it a bit difficult to understand him as ‘dreaminess’ is very much a part of his nature. He is in his own world and does not bother with others much. He desires security and will not do anything which will compromise his social status. If he thinks that someone has become a burden he can cut ties without a second thought. Otherwise he is ok in every situation.

If you have any planets in your ascendant sign or more planets conjunct your birth Moon then these will add their flavour to your nature. But the underlying attributes will be somewhat like these above.


Social nature and the signs