The 12th house, foreign and mysterious

The 12th house does not link to the material life but to the inner growth. It is the house of material limitations but conversely inner limitless-ness. It shows how intricately we are bound by our past lives. Its energies are also linked to liberation either from the physical body or from the manifested creation and attainment of the final enlightenment Moksh.

Of the 12 signs, generally Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius do not fare well in the 12th house. Then Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces do face negative situations but with time and patience can come out as an average placement in the 12th house. However Leo and Sagittarius can fare reasonably well in the 12th house.

Of the planets placed in the 12th house, in very brief. Sun can indicate power over enemies but internal fire is weak. Mercury can indicate friends often being hidden enemies, dislike for the seniors. Venus can indicate deviant or too many material desires, often multiple mindless intimate relationships. Moon can indicate secret enemies but generally can overcome them, there is danger to the mental/emotional stability. Mars can indicate bondage, confinement, sadism, suppressed rage, illness, enemies, over-expenditures. Jupiter can indicate deep knowledge, turbulence in family and a spiritual bent of mind. Saturn can indicate internal grief, guilt, fear, sorrow, defeat, obstacles. Rahu is then a deep desire for all things foreign or the  occult. Ketu generates intense desire for spiritual practice and Moksh in the 12th house.

The 12th house, foreign and mysterious

The 12th house is used for determining travel or residence in foreign lands. There is an attraction among young men/ women to settle abroad. In astrological terms having to move away from the birthplace, for whatever reason, is considered an inauspicious result. But in the craze for foreign jobs and green cards, perhaps this generation wants to go through this karma. ‘Foreign’ land means some place different from the place of birth or ancestral land. How far will someone relocate will depend on the power of the 12th house, eg someone may be born in a family in Tawang but live, work and ultimately settle in Mumbai. Or someone born in Chennai will settle in Moscow. To analyse all this, we need a heavy, powerful 12th house capable of giving auspicious results. A significant percentage of the person’s energy must be diverted into the 12th house. First and foremost a strong 12th house and its lord is a must.

  • Earnings from foreign lands. For this, check if the 2nd house or 7th house is in any way connected to the 12th house/ruler. Such placements can also give professions like import/export.
  • But if the 10th house/ruler is also linked here, it can indicate actual work and a life in foreign lands.
  • Relocation and residence to foreign places. Check if the 4th or 9th house/ruler planet are linked to the 12th house/ruler. This will indicate that the residence is away from the place of birth.
  • If especially Rahu is placed in the 12th house or linked with its ruler, he will be attracted to other towns or even other dimensions. Travel or residence to these foreign lands is always indicated. Even if Rahu crosses your 12th house in transit he can give this result of temporarily shifting to a foreign land. Just remember that Rahu is insatiable, so keep his energies directed with your will-power.
  • If there are at least 2-3 of these patters in the chart, the life in foreign lands will be successful.  In this connection, Rahu’s aspect on the 12th house can also act as a catalyst.

Now the 12th house also indicates our repressed passions. But because it is the 12th there will not be a conscious attachment to these comforts. The need is on the sub-conscious or spiritual levels, possibly that is why it is said to represent ‘secret pleasures’. But be careful about interpreting charts like this because this is a comment on the most personal aspects of someone’s life. These aspects are his secrets perhaps secret even from his conscious self.

Sexual matters and intimacy are seen from the 8th and 12th houses together. 8th is the reproductive organs and 12th is the pleasures that drive us on our inner sub-conscious levels. If the 12th house is more powerful in giving results in this regard the person may not be emotionally linked to the act of physical intimacy. This is a tricky analysis and can either indicate mindless disinterest or mindless over-indulgence. Especially if the 5th lord or the 7th lord get involved here or if the 12th lord gets placed in the 5th or 7th houses do read the charts with due care. In fact if there are malefics associated with them then it can lead to deviant behaviour. So do not jump to conclusions, check the birth moon chart, the navamsha also to get a more balanced judgement. Now physical intimacy with someone else is the lower energy version of a person’s spiritual connection with his own higher self. So such a placement with benefics can grant significant spiritual growth too. A strong 12th house and benefic powerful 12th ruler planet can indicate a strong personality who can leave his personal ego, personal desires and personal satisfaction and grow spiritually. So to judge the spectrum from several mindless intimate relationships without much emotional involvement, to disinterest to spiritual growth, you should read more charts and practice more.

Ketu in the 12th grants detachment from the manifested created on the innermost levels so is conducive for Moksh if the rest of the horoscope allows it. He is apathy in the house of losses so somehow works quite well. However can cause non-interest in physical relationships and loved ones and cause unexpected losses in money etc. Both Rahu and Ketu are very subtle and are considered malefic. If not directed with firm intention these two forces are quite capable of causing havoc in your life so analyse them properly and use their energies as you want to.

The 12th house, foreign and mysterious

Finally some not so good combinations related to the 12th house. A damaged 12th house often indicates a cruel mindset. Malefics in the 12th house almost always indicate eye troubles, with the left eye suffering more. If the 7th house ruler is placed in a damaged 12th house, problems from spouse always. Ascendant lord in the 12th house, weak body prone to hidden diseases which might erupt suddenly. Similarly lord of 12th in the 12th house can indicate hidden weakness of the body. If the 12th house is damaged, pay particular attention to Rahu’s transits over it as it can trigger the weakness.

New students in astrology will now read the worst possible meanings in their 12th house placements. But do not judge yourself so harshly, you chose this placement at your birth, trust your higher self. Every placement brings you more firmly on your spiritual path, especially the 12th house. These lessons are from your own past lives. There is always some unfinished lesson or some unfinished duty which you have chosen in this 12th house pattern. So remain calm and dispassionate, look for the good in every event, there is always something positive.


The 12th house, foreign and mysterious

The 12th House of Bridges

The first house/ ascendant is the sign rising on the east horizon as you were born. But upto a couple of hours before you were born, the sign which occupies your 12th house was rising. The first day of your life, before you arrived as an independent person, the 12th house sign rose at the east preparing the environment for your to-be-born person/ environment. It was then the bridge between the Pitrulok and the Martyalok. 

The instant of birth is beautifully synchronised by the Moksh trikon. We are born (1st house) from the energies of our past lives (12th house) we settle into the security of our new destination Martyalok (4th house) and the umblical cord is cut (8th house) completing the birth process.

The 12th house rules the immediate past life. All the stuff from the immediate past life is the resource from which your new persona/environment is created. At the moment of death, the entire life passes before one’s consciousness, in a span of a second, infinitely fast. You watch your current life’s replay in a single glimpse. And you fix your consciousness on one incident from this life as you pass out of the body-shell. This impression decides your immediate next life. You have this choice at your point of exit. If you can choose consciously, you have control over your next life. Or if you can power your exit with a mantra like ‘Om’, Soham Hamsa you can propel yourself to a better energy state or even gain Videha Moksha. But most of us are quite scared at this point, so miss out on this literally once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Most astrologers are hesitant about deciphering the 12th house. Its traditional meanings of losses, reduction of the physical manifested, dreams, spirits, solitude, dream states, requirement of leaving the home and familiar environments, private prayers, contemplation, sleep, dream-states, past lives, imprisonment, insanity, sensitivity to the other dimensions and to astral cues, etc are quite unsettling. Your 12th house brings to you all the feelings, thoughts, images from your past lives which shape your present life. This information can be enabling or threatening to your present sense of self. Regrets from the past life and also its successes are stored here.


Examine your 12th house, the sign, the occupant planets, the aspecting planets. Then the location of this sign’s ruler planet, which sign is he in, the planets with him and aspecting him. Use the keywords of the planets, signs and houses to get a general idea of what type of results you can expect. If you feel confident about reading your Navamsha, then check out all these planets you have identified. Do they gain power in the D9, will they give auspicious results or not. So now you have a reasonable idea of your 12th house and its power to give results. This is the baseline, more events and their timings will depend on the Dasha and the transits as always.

If there are several or significant planets connected to the 12th house, you have a lot of your conscious life connected to the affairs of the 12th house. There will be several issues from your past lives which you will be resolving, albeit unconsciously, in this life. If you have your ascendant sign ruler planet or the Moon or the Sun in the 12th house you need to take care as the personality will be, as a whole, more into the inner subconscious world. If any of the other planets are placed here, then you will focus on your inner side as per the keywords of that planet. eg Jupiter here will make you base your life’s philosophies on your experiences of the 12th house. If you have the biggest karmic boss Saturn here, you will be required to work your karma out in the astral dimensions.

If there are no planets placed in the 12th house, it is empty, then you do not have significant karma connected to this house. Then examine the owner planet to know how you use the mysterious energy of the 12th house in your life. One exception here will be the Aquarius ascendant sign. Here the ruler of the 1st and 12th houses will be the same taskmaster Saturn. The second exception will be Leo ascendent as the other luminary Moon rules the 12th house. Both these ascendant signs, the personality will be equally at home and equally active in the conscious and sub-conscious dimensions of existence.

The 12th house is the house of extreme results, let’s check its positive aspects in this post. If your 12th house is capable of giving auspicious results, then it can be a good sub-conscious foundation for the current life. The sign and planets placed here can be your secret helpers and your sub-conscious supports your conscious self in overall growth. You are able to use their energies in effectively managing your external world. These planets/ sign will indicate the positive karma from your past life which you are going to use to your advantage in this life. You were helpful, generous and kind to others in your past lives, worked on your spiritual growth and now in this life you are going to benefit and get a boost from all this.

You need more time alone as 12th is an intensely private house. You enjoy solitude, dislike noise, crowds and too many people around you. This isolation can be by choice or by necessity. You may live in the mountains, in an ashram or a spiritual retreat by choice, If not for a lifetime, then at least for a few significant years of your life. Or serve in such institutions by karmic necessity, eg in lunatic asylums, prisons, deep forests, mines. You either need to experience the isolation yourself or vicariously through others who are kept isolated. Solitude is often linked to self-introspection, delving into one’s own hidden depths to understand mysterious things about oneself. And you are very productive when you get this time alone. What you do now depends on the planets/ sign here. eg Mercury here can be a writer or Venus here can be an intense spiritual seeker. Your energies indicated by the 12th house are directed inwards so developing inner resources is very much possible.

You dislike crowds, dislike being in the public eye. You are very sensitive to the astral cues of other people, eg their aura affects you. If you become aware of someone seeing you, speaking to you, listening to you or around you, you feel conscious, shy and unable to perform normally. You feel vulnerable in a crowd. If you have major or several planets in the 12th house you tend to be an intensely private person. You go out in society, meet people, do your job etc but essentially you are not open to sharing things about yourself. Close friends will be limited and you cannot share your personal things even with them. Things of the 12th house desire to remain in the background. You are very protective of the things indicated by the 12th house as you are very deeply vulnerable to these. These things if affected adversely, do not remain on your conscious levels, they directly hit and are absorbed by your astral self.

Another interesting thing if you can observe is, in some families the 12th house of the all the members shows similar placements. This indicates that the family members are moving as a soul group, taking births in sync with each other and having deep subconscious links from their past lives together. The 12th house is the mirror of the 6th house. The house where you consciously repay the one-one personal karma v/s the house where you sub-consciously rebalance karma pending from past lives and linked to a large amorphous collective.

The 12th house can also indicate the situation in your earliest baby-hood and also the environment around your pregnant mother. You don’t remember all this stuff consciously. This is also the reason why sufferings of the childhood are considered highly karmic. These are linked to your earlier lives and leave a subtle impact on your entire current life.


Our example horoscope, Aleister Crowley, the genius occultist of recent times, birth details 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK. His Birth chart, Navamsha chart and Ashtakvarga are as follows.

In his birth chart, the 12th house is Gemini, vacant. Its ruler, Mercury is placed in the 4th house, with Venus and Jupiter. Of these two, Jupiter is quite closely placed by Mercury, and Mercury considers him to be an enemy. Venus is more than 15deg away so there is limited influence of Venus on Mercury. Then Jupiter aspects the 12th house with his ninth house aspect. So we will consider Mercury and Jupiter to be linked to the affairs of the 12th house. In the Navamsha Jupiter moves to Saturn’s Aquarius, a neutral position. And Mercury goes to Mars’ Aries a neutral-to-uncomfortable position. So we can deduce Mercury is not comfortable with all this and Jupiter will give neutral results.

We can glean more information from the Ashtakvarga table for this horoscope. The house total for the 12th house is 25 (Gemini sign is number 3) so as a whole the house will give inauspicious results. In transit through this house, the planet Venus will give beneficial results. Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon will give average results. Mars and Mercury will give unfavourable results as per the Ashtakvarga analysis. Similarly for their Mahadasha-s. So now we know our basic background on the 12th house for further analysis depending on the questions if there were any. 

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley
Navamsha Aleister Crowley

Ashtakvarga, an easy way to analyse transitsThe 12th house is an important house. The natural 12th sign of the zodiac is Pisces ruled by Jupiter. It is not bad but here you are required to learn very deep lessons which are pending over from your past lives. It might get uncomfortable at times. It is a part of the Moksh trikon. It creates the 9/5 axis with the 4th and 8th houses. We leave the body in the environment of the 8th house, intelligently navigate the transition using the resources of the 12th house and settle into our new destination dimensions using the energy of the 4th house.

If we accept that we prepare our lives for the moment of exit this Moksh trikon becomes more comprehensible. We prepare our mind-set through out our life. We try to meet our targets of karma rebalance. We try to make the most of this life-time and bring positive energies in ourselves. All this so that when that moment of exit comes we can make the most of it and propel our souls to even higher energy states. This genius and creativity of the moment of death is the 12th house. When we leave the body-shell this 12th house again is the bridge which brings us from the Martyalok to the Pitr-lok.

The 1st house is a reflection of the sub-conscious energies of the 12th house brought out into the conscious realm. And the 12th in the same cycle is created by the breakdown of the energies of the 1st house. This is the extraordinary significance of this 12th house.

It is strangely fitting that the instant before we were born and the instant after we leave is governed by the 12th house, the House of Bridges.