Beej mantras

It is possible that this post gets too technical, but this was the best I could do to simplify the concept! (The website is quite good for basic translations of Sanskrit words.)

Sanskrit is the Devbhasha देवभाषा, it भाषा means ‘to define’ and देव means ‘light’ or ‘divinity’. Thus Sanskrit language defines Illumination. Humans did not discover this language, its origin is from the cosmic sound of Om. (There are scientific papers on the perfect mathematics of the 14 Maheshwar Sutrani). Sanskrit is highly mathematical and precise. Each word has layers of meanings and can express concepts both from the physical as well as the spiritual world with equal ease. There are several scientific papers on the mathematical and linguistic perfection of Sanskrit and experiments are being conducted to record the effect of Sanskrit words, on the DNA, in medicine etc, the visible energies of these words are being mapped with cymatics etc. We are re-discovering the importance of Sanskrit again.

Beej mantras

Sanskrit has 54 Akshar/अक्षर. Akshar are indestructible, inalterable, immutable, fixed sounds. All these Akshar are sourced from Om, they are different aspects of Om. Om is the original sound of creation. The entire Universe resonates to the vibrational frequency of Om (lots scientific papers on this too). Thus the Akshar define existence and evolution both, and have the power to change these states. Each Akshar is considered to be Divine in its own way. Stringing them in defined ways gives the words of Sanskrit. These words are speech, the Mantra.

You can change your existence and the direction/speed of your progress/evolution using these mantra. Mantra words have tremendous power as they harness the energy of sound/vibrations itself, (Nada/नाद Brahma or Shabda/शब्द Brahma). We revere sound/vibrations/rhythm as Divine, and call this divinity Matrika/मात्रिका. Vibrations are Time itself and have the capacity to alter Time. Sanskrit speech /mantra /मन्त्र are not just words. They are the the perfect expression/description of an idea. If you know the perfect word for an idea you can use this expression to manifest your idea. Thus Sanskrit Mantra have the power to manifest and create.

To re-cap, Devbhasha Samskritam/देवभाषा संस्कृतम is the first and original language of this Universe.  It is absolutely perfect by its own creation. Its origins are from the Pranav Mantra Om, and the seer Rishi Panini wrote its grammar as he saw it from the Akash. It has remained unchanged since it was first expressed by the Universe. Sanskrit words are found in all the languages of the world and it is the original mother-tongue of mankind.

So let’s list out the 54 sounds. (I don’t know how to write them with the diacritical marks).

  1. 14 vowels – a, aa, e, ee, u, uu, rhu, rhuu, lhru, lhruu, ae, ai, o, au
  2. 2 support vowels – am, aha
  3. Gutturals – ka, kha, ga, gha, nga
  4. Palatals – cha, chha, ja, jha, nja
  5. Cerebrals – ta, tha, da, dha, na
  6. Dentals – ta, tha, da, dha, na
  7. Labials – pa, pha, ba, bha, ma
  8. Semi-vowels – ya, ra, la, va,
  9. Sibilants – Sha, Ssha, sa
  10. Consonants – Ha, LLa, Ksha
  11. Conjunct Consonants – Tra, Jnya
  12. The sound of the Bindu or dot. (it is somewhat like ‘ang’, very very nasal)

Now with this brief introduction to Sanskrit and the sounds, on to beej mantras. The sound which is the ‘seed’, the primary cause, the source, the truth is the ‘beej’.

Every sound/Akshar has its own power, linking 2 or several can create a blend of their powers. These Akshar are the root sounds and are the purest expression of their energies.

Example, Ga (ग) – is ruled by the specific Devi Gayatri who personifies the light of pure wisdom and clarity. Thus the beej mantra derived from this गं (‘gung’ with the nasal sound of the Bindu/dot) has the capacity to grant wisdom. Mantras are power, to utilize this power you will need your Intention and your personal Will. This गं beej mantra will do whatever action is required to confer wisdom. This is the reason why using beej mantras randomly is considered dangerous by normal people. When you use this गं beej mantra you are sending out your intention (powered by your will and the mantra) to the Universe that you desire the purest expression of wisdom, and the Universe will respond in all ways possible. Extreme example is, if for receiving this wisdom you are required to leave your householder’s life and take sanyas, you will be made to do so, if not in this life, then in whichever life this intention will fructify. So beej mantras should be used with due respect.

Now the mantra of the Devi Mahatmya/Durga Saptashati. ‘Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamudayai vicche’. This is what the beej mantras briefly mean,

Om = the pranav mantra, origin of the Universe, your real name, the Paramtattva

aing = ai + ang = Abundance/richness + Bindu

hreeng = ha + ra + ee + ang = Eternity/Endless/One + Removal/Dissolution + Balance/Perfection + Bindu

kling = ka + la + ee + ang = Control/Coordination + Beauty/Enchanting/Captivating + Balance/Perfection + Bindu

Now each of these beej mantras end with the nasal ‘ang’ sound. This is different from the ‘am’ sound. This sound is the reason why mantras are not so effective anymore. If you observe your priest doing a puja for you, he will use the sound ‘am’, as it should be. He is doing this puja for you, this beej mantra is not being recited for his own self, he is saying it for you, so he pronounces it as ‘am’ sound made by closing the lips.

Now the Bindu ‘ang’ sound. This is transcendental. It is the sound of the 16th kala/aspect of the Moon (internal Illumination) ruled by Mahatripurasundari, the highest Paradevi, Mahamaya Herself  who is represented by the central Bindu of the Shriyantra/Meru geometry. You are accessing the creative aspect of the Parabrahma itself when you use this Akshar. When you make this sound the lips remain open, the tongue presses at the back of the palate (is significant) and the energy of the sound is directed upwards through the nostrils into your third eye. You are powering the mantra to high energy levels, you are manifesting your intention, you are being the Creator Himself.

So always pronounce the beej mantra as ‘Om aing hreeng kleeng Chamundayai vicche’ and not as “Om aim hrim kleem Chamundayai vicche”. And treat the mantra with due respect, you are putting the energies of the Universe into motion with the mantra.


I got several confused questions on the ‘nasal anngg sound’ so here is a audio of the Ganapati mantra, ‘Om Gan Ganapataye namah’ it has been recited perfectly.

Beej mantras

(Thank you to the kind soul who wanted to know more about the beej mantra, I hope reading it triggers something good for you!)

The tantra of the Sriyantra and Meru

I had to write this today. There are just too many pujaris and pandits who love keeping power in their own hands and scaring people.

This is again related to the Kundalini. As we all know the 7 energy vertices of the body are actually points within the main energy channel/naadi named sushumna, but the energy of each vertex can be geometrically represented as a diagram in 2 dimensions. The energy diagrams are called “yantra”.

Then the energy of each vertex corresponds to a sound and this sound is called a “beej mantra“. Eg the sound “Rang” is the beej mantra of the manipur chakra. Try this if you are feeling cold. Repeatedly chant “rang” either verbally or in your mind, if you do it for too long you will feel so hot that you will actually start sweating. There is nothing mystic about it! It is all about resonance, simple physics.

The seven chakras have their individual yantra geometric diagrams and the entire set of 7 when viewed from the top takes the shape of the fundamental geometry Sriyantra.

Now if the Sri yantra is pulled into 3D we get a Mahameru. As your consciousness expands you will be able to visialize this geometry in 4, 5, 6 and even more dimensions. This happens in a state of deep Dhyan when you actually mindfully look inside yourself.

Pranayam, the basic 3 methods

Now this is the geometry of your own personal energies. It is not something outside of you. This is how a perfectly balanced human energy should look like. Right now we average humans have energies out of kilter and topsy turvy and out of balance. This out of balance energy leads to all sorts of emotional and physical problems.

The objective of a human life is to perfectly balance our internal energies.

So these individual Chakra yantras, Sriyantra  and the Mahameru are a visual reminder of how the perfectly balanced energy should look like and the beej mantras are an auditory reminder of how the energies should sound like. By looking at these geometries or by uttering these beej mantras we are trying to resonate our unbalanced chakras with the perfect Srichakra. We are trying to induce resonance, something we learnt in school physics, remember the tuning fork experiments?

So I want you all to get yourself a Sriyantra drawn perfectly, or a Mahameru carved perfectly and gaze into the center Bindu of the geometry. Do this exercise for 3 minutes everyday and see how things start getting balanced on deep levels internally.

But our priests and pujaris are so clueless that they cloak everything in rituals and what nots and scare people. One of my clients was so scared to keep this tool in his house because his family pujari told him that it requires heavy duty puja else the Goddess Laxmi will be cross with him.

You can safely keep the Yantra in your house, even use it as a paperweight if you desire, it looks quite pretty! But as it is an object of energy it will be of more use as a Tool rather than as a paperweight.

And yes, if you do a small puja with your Sriyantra/Mahameru everyday the resonance will definitely be better. Yantra is the tool / geometry, Mantra is the sanskrit words used to trigger it and Tantra is knowing how to do it!

So learn how to resonate your energies with the Perfect Geometry.

Just one precondition, your Intention should be clear, You are doing this for balancing your own energies, it is your own private affair, it a moment of joy, and it is not a meaningless ritual. If you are not clear about your own Intention please do not do it. Intention is everything.

Place your yantra in a clean place. (I keep my Clear Quartz, 2 kg weight, Mahameru in a silver plate, filled with unbroken raw rice grains and the grains then covered with a yellow cotton cloth.) Sit in front of it on your asan, face east or north. Clean the yantra daily with clean water and wipe with a cotton cloth. You can use either or both one after the other, the following 2 mantras to activate your yantra as you wish.

  1. Srisukata – the first 16 shlokas/stanzas are to be recited – While reciting look at the central point/ Bindu of your yantra. Take one strand of wet kesar/saffron and apply it to the bindu with the ring finger of your right hand after you finish.
  2. Devi Khadgamala stotra – When you start take 3 grains of unbroken uncooked perfect rice grains and hold then with your right hand thumb, middle finger and ring finger. After you finish put these 3 rice grains on the central Bindu. I could not find an error free text but found an error free recital.
  3. Or if you find these 2 difficult to start with recite the devi gayatri, “Om devyaii Brahmandyaii vidmahe, Mahatshaktyaii cha dhimahi, tanno Devi prachodayat Om” and apply one wet strand of kesar/saffron on the Bindu.
  4. Easiest would be a simple “Om”, recited for 3 times

The Yantra is a representation of Perfection and Perfection is Shri  /Laxmi/  Devi /Mahamaya. So do treat it with the basic amount of respect. Shri will resonate with your intentions and amplify them. So if you get scared, it will amplify those feelings. If you are happy, it will amplify that too. See She is very kind, She does what you ask of Her. So be very clear, about your Intentions, the Yantra will give you back exactly what you want. And your Intentions are your own Free Will.

This is the only warning necessary.

Who is a Guru?