Ketu and karmic relationships

Ketu is the other half of the Lunar node axis. Rahu is the energy of desire for experience and Ketu is the energy of apathy to experience. Rahu- Ketu are thus very important and should be analysed carefully to get an insight into the deepest motivations of an individual. They tell you where the subconscious is directed, the flow of Experience. You can get a sense of the karmic connection between two people if their charts have some similarity in their Rahu and Ketu placement patterns.

Relationships defined by Rahu are are forward-oriented and focussed on growth potential, an opportunity to grow and accomplish some work together which perhaps either could not complete alone in this life. But relationships defined by Ketu ‘look backwards’.  These represent the experiences you have already have completed to your fill in your past lives. Ketu will diminish the things he controls in material life and give his gains on the spiritual front. And most of us are quite unaware of the spiritual. So Ketu’s gifts are neither registered nor are welcome. These learnings and the wisdom from these experiences exist with you but you are unaware, apathetic. The experiences will be the keywords related to the house Ketu is placed in, the sign/its owner planet and the planets he is conjunct/aspected by. Ketu and karmic relationships

Pull out your chart for this mini exercise. And of someone with whom you this curious feeling of ‘push-away on the material’ but a ‘pull-towards on the subconscious’ levels. Your brother/sister, parent, husband/wife, child, best friend or even your worst enemy! This is how you go about it, e.g.

  • If your Ketu is in your 11th house and your friend’s Jupiter is his 11th house, the house matters will usually not be in the focus in your material relationship together. You will feel very relaxed about this house matters, as you both will have a deep understanding regarding the matters of this house together. Your relationship will be based on the deeper patterns linked to this house.
  • You can check out the signs too, if your Ketu is in Virgo and his Mercury is in Virgo, both will never suffer from Virgo-related matters. Both of you will have a deep link related to the patterns/understanding of Virgo-matters. e.g. both of you might be in the service sector, or methodical, which will be your common link. But this effect will be less intense as compared to the houses as above.
  • The matters of the other planet will be understood subconsciously in the relationship together. Now this subconscious understanding of patterns may soothe or agitate depending on the malefic/benefic placement of Ketu. But in all cases it will be of benefit on the spiritual levels and loss on the material levels.
  • The person whose Ketu involved benefits from the planet of the other. This other planet provides the direction. And Ketu provides his energy of dissociation. Thus both move forward in the spiritual direction.

Ketu – Sun

This combination can lead to dominance of the Sun-person over the Ketu-person, so there might be initial ego-clashes. Ketu – Sun, just like Rahu-Sun, is a deeply felt soul connection. This energy if channelised well, can lead to growth in spirituality and understanding of the deeper concepts of ‘ego’, ‘self’, ‘creation’, etc. Sun is the agent of the individual soul, he hides the Universal Soul/Paramatma by his brilliant light. When Ketu obscures the individual soul, the immensity of the Universe can be viewed. Both friends, when together, will seem to radiate the Sun’s energy less and internalise it more. So this not good in the material context but can remind both of their achievements in the past lives in this context. Is is possible that the Sun-person was a Teacher or a paternal figure to the Ketu-person in some past life.

 Ketu – Moon

This diminishes the outwardly felt emotional connection with time. Both might start off feeling quite in-love with each other. Both might feel a sense of emotional security with each other initially, but this would be more ‘liberating’ not ‘clingy’ or ‘needy’. This connect would be good on the spiritual levels but not from a material or emotional levels. There may be some common subconscious experiences that they both might see. They might remember their common past lives. Over time their emotional link to each other will diminish and be replaced by a barely felt sense of ‘comfort’, ‘easiness’, ‘contentment’. But because it is Ketu, this may be barely perceptible. But if there is a possibility of spiritual growth this can work. Is is possible that the Moon-person was a maternal figure to the Ketu-person in some past life.

Ketu – Mars

This combination can work as this reduces the arguments and tensions between the two persons. The two have already worked out their disagreements in the past lives. There will be a few intense arguments in the initial phases, which in time will diminish rapidly. However with time, this particular relationship may give the Mars-person a vague sense of suffocation as his Mars energies will be internalised. This connection works better in professional relationships. It is possible that the two were linked by war, arms, or were soldiers in some past life together.

Ketu – Mercury

This connect adds depth to the expressions of a relationship. Problems can arise if the Mercury-person is too changeable and superficial and the Ketu-person is too hazy and detached. On the positive side this can initially start with good communication and common interest activities, but it can descend into plain-ness quite soon. This is not good for material or long term personal relationships. But Mercury as the owner of Gemini and Virgo is intricately linked to the creation and understanding of karma. This connect can grant learnings on the esoteric levels if both are aware of what options they have and choose well. It is possible that the two were sister/brother in some past life.

Ketu – Jupiter

The Ketu-person contributes spiritual detachment and the Jupiter person grants the understanding of this. This is a good spiritually positive connect which can last a life time. Both of them will initially have a lot of philosophies to discuss and share with each other which over time will reduce but will give a comfortable feeling of bonding. However this is not good for material gains, if this is in a marriage chart, there should be other positive influences to support, hope, higher learning, health of children etc, the material gains of marriage. It is possible that the Jupiter-person was a husband/wife, peer/patron or teacher of the Ketu-person in some past life.

Ketu and karmic relationships

Ketu – Venus

Venus is not just the ‘planet of love’, this is his lower energy form. He is in reality Daityaguru Shukracharya, with all the knowledge and seriousness that goes with it. The strictest Teacher of the most difficult students. And Rahu/Ketu is a Daitya. So Shukracharya is Rahu/Ketu’s Guru! There will always be an undercurrent of teaching and learning in this relationship. This is a very important connect which if the two use mindfully, they can achieve significant progress on the spiritual levels. This connection will start with mutual attraction but ultimately will be a platonic, spiritual one. This connect is not good for a material long term relationship. Ketu is disconnected, headless so can experience on the non-conscious levels. If Venus is operating on his highest levels this can be great, but if Venus is on his materialistic lower energy levels then this will cause frustration to both persons. Venus will express his dissatisfaction while the Ketu-Person will be vague and disinterested about it. It is possible that the Venus-person was a husband/wife/lover or teacher of the Ketu-person in some past life.

Ketu – Saturn

This is a serious connection, quite heavy duty karmic bindings from the past lives. Initially this will be a mini-repeat of the past lessons which can be restrictive, constrictive and suffocating, coupled with dissociation. Both will not be sure if they have to be together or separate. It can get unbearable in the initial phases but if the two learn through their experiences it can get better with time. However it is better for professional relationships rather than personal ones. It is possible that the Saturn-person was in a position of authority over the Ketu-person in some past life.

Ketu – Rahu

This in my opinion is the deepest and most ‘karmic’ of all possible Rahu or Ketu linked connections. This is very good for companionship in the real sense and is usually a life-time connect, growing deeper with time. A connect of two opposites who are actually One. This gives each an understanding of the other which can neither be articulated not understood completely, just experienced. There is genuine sympathy, affection and each appreciates the other’s life path intensely. The simplest reason is this, the Ketu-friend knows at the deepest levels what the Rahu-friend is going through at present, and will go through in the future. The Rahu’s present/future is Ketu’s past experience. And vice-versa! Both are astral graha, complete when with each other. Thus the two friends feel the other as the missing-link which completes each at the deepest level. But this will also lead to several misunderstandings on the material levels as they are both motivated and apathetic to exactly opposite things. It will take some time and effort to sort out things, but once they do it will be a very complete experience. (I know a couple of friends, with a Rahu-Ketu linkage in the birth chart and the same combination in their divisional chart-9, navamsha chart also. Unbelievably linked on all levels.)

Ketu – Ketu

This is the same as Rahu-Rahu because if two charts have their Rahu-Rahu together it automatically means that in both Ketu-Ketu also exists. Both persons are very similar in what they have learnt deeply from their past lives. They have gone through the same sort of experiences and internalised the same learnings in the past. Ketu in the same house (or sign) in each’s chart, will ensure that both are disconnected from similar things. Both thus have a non-conscious understanding of each other’s deepest motivations and inclinations. This is a good combination for companionship and friendship.

Ketu and karmic relationships

The finer details will depend a great deal on the house in which this connect occurs. Also keep the social and cultural background in mind. Ketu does not mean that the two will disregard the socio-cultural norms and engage in mindless aberrant behaviour. These are mental and psychological patterns you are analysing.

Synastry, i.e. matching patterns in two charts is done while matching charts for marriages. In the Indian system, matching charts is very detailed and goes into more details than what synastry (in the western context) does. However it is important to remember that on the psychological levels, the woman feels better when she receives and the man feels better when he gives. This keeps both the partners satisfied on the inner levels. So when you are checking the Nodes connection for marriage charts, keep this in mind. e.g. a woman-Ketu and man-Mars would be a much more fulfilling relationship on the psychological levels than a woman-Mars and man-Ketu connect. Or a woman-Sun with man-Ketu is better than the other way round.

Ketu’s experiences are always liberating on the spiritual levels. They will be felt as a loss on the material levels. But remember that whatever Ketu means to you, you have already given it up in your past lives. But not given up in despair! You have transcended that experience, it is a very positive thing in the spiritual context. The current Ketu position in your horoscope is a reflection of this reality. In the present life, Ketu will give at least one intense jolt of separation so that the past life’s subconscious learning gets triggered and is available in this life too. And because it is Ketu, this experience will simply slip away from your consciousness. Try to be conscious of this ‘jolt’, so that you can use its energy more effectively when this happens in your current life.

Ketu and karmic relationships

Effect of retrograde planets Jupiter

Jupiter tends to be retrograde for about 4-5 months every year. So, you can expect Jupiter moving in the apparent reverse motion in about 22% of your client’s charts.

Retrograde motion happens quite regularly, most of us have at least one graha retrograde in our horoscopes. These retrograde planets affect deeply on the psychological levels, on growth and development. Their energies are channelised differently, turned inwards towards the non-rational dimensions. They offer subtle challenges, and if you can over come these, you are granted greater access to your inner self. If you consciously use their energies, they will support heightened intuition and self-awareness, but if left to themselves they will deny access to these. These are the subjective, unconscious motivations of your self, you cannot understand them in the context of your rational, objective, conscious and motivated actions.

A planet gains more power when he is retrograde because he is in the reviewing, redoing, reevaluating Re-mode.

Effect of retrograde planets Jupiter

Jupiter is considered the biggest benefic planet in the chart, benevolent and gentle. He is the agent of knowledge and wisdom. Depending on what he signifies in your chart, he can help you on the material or spiritual paths. Based on what Jupiter means in your horoscope, he will make you understand and experience its true value. Education, career, law, religion, metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, marriage, children, he gives and expands the potential for all these. Jupiter is also about being ‘visible’ in public, fame. Jupiter matures rather early in life so generally by the time the individual enters active society his thought processes have already taken a definite direction. Colleges and Universities are the places where these thoughts are first expressed, this patterns then continue throughout life.

A retrograde Jupiter increases the psychological dimensions of the experiences he controls. He will be successful in the roles assigned to him, but now he will look for the inner subjective meanings, the patterns linked to these roles. He might have money and fortune, but he will question the use of these things in life and in a broader social perspective. Jupiter retrograde is the courage of conviction. Questions like ‘what is good for me/society’, ‘what is personal/societal progress’, ‘what is personal/societal good’, are pondered upon. He will think very deeply on the matters of the house he is placed in. Jupiter retrograde will have an inner hope, righteousness and faith. He knows himself to be right, will never give up hope and can turn into a crusader of his faith, in benevolent but insistent ways. He is quite positive in approach. A retrograde Saturn thinks for a change in material benefits for the society. A retrograde Jupiter thinks about the society’s collective ‘soul’.

Jupiter is the natural owner of Sagittarius and Pisces. Both these signs are located in the second half of the zodiac. These energies are directed outward from the person, more social in context, more distributive. This is where the personality diffuses, the larger picture comes into focus. He sacrifices his individuality for the sake of the larger perspective. So when Jupiter turns retrograde, he thinks and rethinks on larger issues very deeply. He develops his unusual perspectives on philosophy, religion, law, learning, losses of the material, gain of the spiritual, etc. Such a Jupiter values subjective humanitarian values, like kindness, generosity, compassion etc in an abstract way. He might not actively give money to a charity but might prefer being a spokesperson motivating others to contribute. This ‘visibility in public life’ usually happens after mid-life, for the simple reason that in his younger years, his unusual opinions will not be taken seriously or he may lack opportunities. The initial years may be accompanied with self-doubt or lack of self-confidence but there is usually a complete change with middle-age.

Effect of retrograde planets Jupiter

Retrograde planets are always linked to a ‘inner voice’ who evaluates the gifts linked to the planet very strictly. You will not bother about how your opinions are being received in public as long as your inner conscience is satisfied. You prefer to learn from your own experiences and reactions to them, rather than from others. You will also not expect returns for the actions you perform, e.g. you know that this is your life path and you are following a greater force, so walking on this path is satisfaction enough.

Retrograde planets in the horoscope invariably delay some things in life, e.g personal achievements, marriage, wealth, etc can come later than you expect. And spiritual growth and philosophical understanding will invariably come earlier than you’d expect it!

If your retrograde planets are conjunct with a direct moving planet, e.g. retrograde Jupiter conjunct Sun, you should analyse the Sun and Jupiter as a combined unit, as Jupiter will subconsciously influence the actions indicated by the Sun in your horoscope. Jupiter will in a way, use the Sun’s energy to express himself. And the Sun will use retrograde Jupiter’s thought processes as his back up.

As with Saturn, Jupiter is retrograde for a significant period, 4-5 months, every year. So if you have retrograde Jupiter in your birth chart, these transits of retrograde Jupiter will  be felt quite intensely. You will seem to work overtime without a break during this period. If you observe yourself over the years, you might notice that you take decisions which have far-reaching impacts during this period. Jupiter retrograde at birth has marked out whatever is stunting your personal and spiritual growth. Transiting Jupiter retrograde will make you resolve these issues in earnest. And this will happen every year. These 4-5 months is where life will be in fast-forward for you. So try to remain aware of events. Try to clarify your internal understanding. You will reap the benefits of your this hard work when Jupiter goes direct in transit again.

‘Fulfilment’ is a very subjective. To be really satisfied about the aspects of life controlled by retrograde planets, you will have to tread on unusual paths. There will be hard karmic lessons or extra effort required this life to be genuinely happy and content. So be patient and persevere.

And finally, because he is Jupiter and he is retrograde, replaying the lesson of faith, ethics and values, you will not follow established religion blindly. You will find your own truths and deeper meanings, with time. There may be disappointments on your spiritual journey as you follow others. Try and listen to your own inner voice and have faith in yourself. Be kind to yourself and you will find your own way, which will be perfect for you, with time.

Effect of retrograde planets Jupiter