Libra ascendant, Bound to Balance

A Libra Ascendant has an essential requirement to balance everything. (Do read this post on Libra ascendant to understand the logic). Represented by the ‘Scales’, you, Libra ascendant, are very vulnerable to hits from events and people who can push you off balance. If anything has disturbed your internal balance, you will seem disorganised and unstable in all ways till you find your balance again.

Libra ascendant, Bound to Balance

‘Scales and the Sword’, this is the complete image of Libra. This here is the Adjustment card from the Thoth Tarot deck, which to me is the perfect representation of Libra. The secret strength and weakness of Libra is that you are bound to balance. You, with Libra rising, stand just like this, balanced on the the tip of the sword, balancing so much and with such precision. You are hard at work, so that you can remain absolutely still. And see, it is so easy to put you off balance, you stand on the tip of a sword! So people might think you are easily irritated and moody as takes some time for you to regain your balance. In such off-balance situations you become the Sword.

Saturn is exalted in Libra and his father, the Sun is debilitated here. These are two important bits of information which allow us insights into this rashi and what we can expect when it lies in your 1st house. You are required to work for society and for the disadvantaged around you, who are labouring under unfairness. This work will be highly karmic, you will be required to balance out all imbalance that exists around you. You will be a crusader against everything that goes against your sense of inequality. This work will take its toll on your personal body/ mind and with time your internal ego will be ground out from your personality. You will be made to understand that there is a Higher Divine within you and you will ultimately strive to reach this Source within you. So as you work to restore balance in your environment so do you restore balance within your own self.

Venus owns Libra and this is his mool-trikon sign, ie Libra reflects the highest qualities of Venus, his most esoteric self can be glimpsed from here. You are the embodiment of harmony and wherever you go, you bring with you the higher intellectual, pleasurable, esoteric aspects. Refinement is you. Your very presence seems to smooth down the harshness of life and bring in beauty. Charming, attractive and easy-going, you pay attention to your looks and dress. Classy and elegant is how you present yourself and your environment. A smooth face and features, you are pleasing, there is no harshness in either your appearance or behaviour.

Generous and happy by nature, you are simple at heart. You are ready to help anyone and at any time, kind. You like it when people need you to do some work, ‘justify your existence’ is your watchword. You like being useful, lazing around is not your thing. Responsibility is something you take very seriously in your everyday life. You act for the benefit of  humanity as a whole, public service.

You do not like complications around you, lies, treachery, betrayal etc are not in your dictionary. Imbalance affects you more than anyone else. You dislike people who lie to you, hide things from you, betray your trust or break their word. You need fairness and justice in everything. You have a different sense of internal fairness which you follow rigorously. You can break accepted rules if they go against your typical personal ethics. You will not compromise here. You are convinced about your own principles and generally these are right for you.

If you feel that someone has done good by you, you will go all out to repay his kindness. You do not ask for favours and feel bad if you have to depend on anyone. You cannot bear to remain in anyone’s debt. Debt of any sort is ultimately an imbalance. So if you feel that someone has hurt you, then too you will go all out in returning that unkindness. You cannot tolerate this debt of negative emotions for long and you ensure that you get justice. Normally Scorpio is the most vindictive of all rashi-s, this is his general nature. But when the gentle Libra ‘nice guy’, smiling on the outside, burning on the inside, gets back at the one who has hurt him, it can be worse than a Scorpio in action.

Libra holds the Scales and the Sword, blindfolded. His innate sense of fairness in one hand and in the other hand the sword enforces it. Saturn, the principle of the thing, demands action. Sun, the personal ego is blindfolded, does not exist.

Libra ascendant, Bound to Balance

You are creative and have significant artistic talent, but you do not receive training or opportunities to develop them in life. This can become suffocating, so do try to do something creative at least as a hobby in your spare time. This is a good way of releasing your hidden emotions and hurts. Listen to music, or draw or write etc so that you have some outlet available.

People who meet you professionally either fear or respect you, eventually obey you. You have power and are not scared to wield it, this power may be spiritual or material depending on the rest of the horoscope. You are active and well-known in your social circle, the perfect host. Good people in high positions, in the government etc will be known to you. Your official, non-personal work will be done easily with their help. Possibly a part of a large organisation, bureaucracy or corporate structure, you are always engaged. Your interactions with others are generally positive and both gain. You are willing to change yourself and adapt to new situations, thoughts and challenges. Highly intelligent, your language and demeanour reflects this. Overall a powerful individual if the rest of your horoscope allows it.

But you have very few real friends on whom you can rely, ie with whom you can share your personal issues, bff types will not be very many. You do not allow anyone to see your inner emotional side unless you trust them implicitly. Then there will be opportunistic people in your social circle who will use your abilities for their selfish motives. And you are too kind to snap ties with them. Do be aware that there will be people around you who will ‘use and throw’ you, so sometimes do drop the ‘nice guy’ image and actively get rid of such people around you.

You have soft skills, persuasive, you can convince and bring others over you your way of thinking. You want be the ‘nice guy’ always, so you avoid overt conflicts and messy arguments. You dislike heated words and physical fights. If caught in such a situation you prefer to immediately exit. This tendency to avoid unpleasantness can later boomerang on you if you leave a lot of unfinished ends. But you are good at mediating, can resolve arguments between other people. And on personal levels, you are also rather accommodating, you listen to your loved one’s requirements and try to adjust as long as your core ethics are not disturbed. You understand others in a very deep way. In this respect you are adaptable if your overall objective of maintaining balance is satisfied.

You seem passive and obedient but internally you are not. You are observant, you see things which others try to hide from you. Exploring new ideas, you want to know why things happen they way they do. An insatiable thirst for knowledge and experience. You are born for greater things and a larger society is your target. You actually want to make the world a better place. You are ambitious but not selfish, strict on yourself and also on others. In the pursuit of your goals you can be egoistic or cruel at times, not kind or soft-hearted as you usually are. If you are convinced about something, you chase it with all you have got. Hardship does not hinder you, you are persistent and persevere till you achieve your goals. You might have to sacrifice your personal comforts or might create powerful opponents, but you are quite capable of handling all these incidental things.

Libra ascendant, Bound to Balance

Marriages can be very typical for Libra ascendants because the nature of the spouse is opposite to their basic nature and Libra is extraordinarily sensitive to loss of balance. Protracted arguments, negative emotions, guilt, grief, depression, blame games, heated words in marriage, relationships or even friendships, especially if they continue for a long time can destroy the Libra as well as the relationship.

You generally get married to an active, intelligent, pioneering type. You will gain in power and position in society because of him. Then you like physical intimacy, yours is a demonstrative nature, hugs, kisses and cuddles. So generally you have a good time together in the marriage. You are beautiful, a romantic in love. But both of you should not let your daily life’s issues enter your home, ie if you are upset in the office do not bring these issues home as this can trigger arguments. Your spouse will be more into his own things rather than paying attention to yours, unsympathetic. He will not be very interested in your emotional needs. If you pressurise him for emotional support, he might break with you or get into extra-marital affairs. And if you observe that you are being ignored or your spouse always says ‘no’ to you, it will hurt you deeply. As usual you will try to balance out issues in relationships, adjust yourself so that it all remains very pleasant, you rarely complain. You do not speak out when you get hurt because you do not want to hurt your loved one. You dislike being a burden on anyone. But remember that sometimes full out arguments are necessary to bring issues out so that they can be resolved. This lets off steam from time to time. If you put everything inside for years, do not express your hurt, there will come a day when you finally snap. You never get angry without a reason. But now that you are really angry, hurt and have snapped, you will speak out everything that you have been holding inside for so long. This snap can make you temporarily leave your spouse or even cause a final break up.

If you feel that you are not wanted, you leave. You always put a lot of yourself into any relationship and if you are hurt, you can take ages to recover. You seem very logical and intellectual on the outside but inside you are quite emotional. Such a deep emotional upheaval will numb you on the inside. You will then shut yourself down and try to recover your balance alone. You are a very private person. Your joys are for all to share but you can never share your hurt with anyone, because again you do not want to be a burden on anyone. So after this outburst, you suffer in silence and alone.

You have a tendency to keep your past negative experiences in your mind so that you do not repeat the same mistake again. You can remember hurts forever. Initially it is with the emotional context, later it becomes an intellectual exercise. You never forget or forgive others who hurt you, you will return the hurt or cut them off completely. Self-critical, you hold yourself to very high standards of behaviour and also thoughts/ feelings. If you feel that you have not lived upto your own standards, you can be very ruthless on yourself too.

Your health is average, not very many issues in life. Diseases related to the back, spine and the kidneys, ie organs located at the back of the body are possible. Physical death is generally sudden, ie there are no lingering diseases at the very end of life which is in fact a blessing.

Professions suited to your nature are all those which linked to harmony or beauty. So lawyers, fashion industry, cosmetics industry, interior decorators, models, beauticians, perfumes, film and music industry etc. You are rarely wrong as you are compelled to be fair, you can make a good judge, you cannot lie. You can be a good businessman, an efficient bureaucrat, a Seer, a poet or lose it all as your baser instincts lead you down.

Libra ascendant, Bound to Balance

Sometimes almost a mystic, you like dabbling in metaphysics. You are intuitive and have inner sources of information available. If you are an evolved soul then spiritual practice can elevate your consciousness. You are highly intelligent, logical and analytical and receive direction from unknown sources. And you follow this direction. You do not know why you do, but you intuitively know that this is the right thing. You are inspired by the highest spiritual but you do not experience this inner reality until later in life. You have significant social status and wealth, but you are not enamoured of the material. You want to collect human relationships initially and later you find your relationship with your own self. You are interested in intellectual and spiritual wealth. If you are such a Libra then, your way of speaking is compelling, profound, you can sway masses by the mysterious secrets your words hint at. You can draw people to you, magnetic.

So Libra ascendant, you are a very simple, honest, uncomplicated nature, essentially a peaceful and calm personality. At whatever level of existence you operate, you are very much capable of performing whatever task is assigned to you. You are aware of imbalance in all its forms and you try to balance everything always. This is your karmic duty. And if you can link this to spirituality then you will have an easier time. The Sign which Balances in all ways, at all cost, always.



Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 3

This is the concluding post of this three part series on Aries and Libra.

Are you just an individual or just a partner in an equitable relationship?

Aries and Libra indicate beginnings, Aries is the natural ascendant, the 1st sign of the zodiac. You are created from the energies of Dissolution. It is the beginning of the first half of the zodiac where you use the energies available to you for developing your own self. Then you use your personal sense of self and self-ego to create karma in this half. In Virgo, you realise the magnitude of karma you have created for yourself and you start working on resolving it, here the focus is still on your own self. In Libra, the 7th sign of the zodiac, the natural descendant, you start your journey back to the unmanifested Reality. In this second half of the zodiac you give of yourself. You consciously return the sense of self-ego and diffuse the energies that you had labelled as belonging to yourself. This process continues till you reach Pisces, the Dissolution, you dissolve your self into the Greater Self with full intention. Virgo and Pisces are the ‘endings’ as Aries and Libra are the beginnings.

Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 3

Together, Aries and Libra represent Change of the highest intensity.The change that these two signs represent is not the traumatic and shocking one associated with the 8th house /Scorpio. This change is the subtle inner one which determines your soul’s direction. You choose this change. You are aware of the situations which existed before, you chose this change and you are aware of that which will happen. Thus the element of sorrow associated with these two signs. When you change something consciously you are aware of leaving something and taking up something new for your own good. The process may be pleasant or perhaps not, but there is no option.

Aries and Libra are the preferred partners, in the 7/7 axis. These are mirror images, outwardly very different but internally completing each other. If you are a Libra you might observe your favoured partner to have an Aries dominant or a Mars dominant personality. e.g. He may have a Mars in the ascendant, or ascendant lord heavily influenced by Mars, or the birth Moon controlled by Mars etc. Or he may have Aries as the ascendant, or the birth Moon in Aries, or a bunch of significant planets in Aries. (And likewise for Aries.) Venus and Mars are very closely linked planets. Libra needs Aries to complete itself and Aries too requires the qualities offered by Libra to complete his personality.

If Aries is original thinking, Libra is the one who gives it structure to those thoughts. Aries is self-focussed but Libra manages to create agreements between two self-s. As the pioneer Aries forges ahead, Libra follows, making those legal and social ties which are mutually acceptable. Equitable fairness consolidating the blast of energy. Raw power cannot be sustained indefinitely but for the balance of Libra. Libra uses the raw material that Aries provides it and creates the ever evolving balance. Passion tempered by intellect is even more formidable. Aries provides the force and Libra the balance, one has no meaning without the other. Libra continually adjusts the force created by Aries which benefit not just the two of them but also the larger community. Libra needs Aries to give it a sense of self. Continually seeing oneself as a ‘partner’ rather than as an individual is not healthy. Unless you appreciate your ‘individuality’, you will put yourself and your needs last.

Aries and Libra are the same in several ways.

The same planet controls the 6/8 axis for both signs. So if the personality is strong the changes forced on this personality will be equally strong, creating an equally strong new personality. Your strength is tested at every instant. Every change forced on you is by your own self. You hammer on yourself, thus evolve. It is traumatic to even think of, but you do it, throughout your life. You are created from change, you create change and you change in very fundamental ways.

Their owners consume and refashion each other. Venus becomes the only Marak for Aries and Mars is the only Marak for Libra. Marak is the planet who decides the time when your body is saturated. You have amassed all the Value you could, and you leave the physical body. This is a very subtle relationship between Venus and Mars which needs to be appreciated. You are born with a fixed agenda regarding resolution of karma. Karma is created because of relationships, you consider someone ‘other’ and perform your actions with a sense of ‘self’. So resolving karma essentially means to resolve relationships.

For resolving karma two things are needed

  • Letting go of the sense of self (domain of Aries)
  • Letting go of the sense of ‘other’ (domain of Libra).

So the signs have to let go of their own defining nature! Thus their constant dissatisfaction in close relationships, they know that with each relationship they are getting closer to letting go of their essential natures. (Only when you let go of your narrow sense of self can you attain your Higher self/Moksh.) There is a deep underlying sorrow that each creates for the other. e.g. Libra never gets the perfect relationship he desires, he has to face a raw blast of energy instead. Aries gets a geometry-obsessed intellectual rather than someone passionately adventurous. But both know in their deepest hearts that what they get is actually right for them. But knowing doesn’t make it easier. Both know that they have to explore the spiritual realms to find peace. And they do it, but this happens late in life. Till then life passes by in a blur.Now for the energy and Moksh related significance of this axis. Remember you are studying Jyotish, the deepest knowledge/Ved-ang, which will Illuminate your own Self.

Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 3

Aries is the structure of the body and the energy flowing through it. i.e it is also the structure of the Chakras, the naadis and the pran/vital energy flowing through it. The force of the pran (and later Kundalini) is extremely great. This force, if let loose without balance will destroy everything. Now a Libra may be whatever his chart signifies but inwardly he wants to balance. He wants things to be perfectly in alignment all the time. I know a Libra who keeps his office desk in perfect order. Books, files and photos of the kids all at perfect 90degrees, the laptop parallel to the desk-edge, the chair placed just so! He is so obsessed about this that I had to suggest Tratak, as a better use of his obsession.

You see Tratak is one exercise which is perfect for geometry-obsessed individuals. You stare at the perfection of the Shri-yantra and with time force your own internal geometry to match its perfection. This to me is the real spiritual goal of Libra. Rather than focussing on the material, the objects on the desk, better focus on your own internal geometry. Your chakras are out of balance because of karmic influences (basically Rahu-Ketu). Work with your Libra-ness  and bring these mis-aligned chakras to their perfect balance. The forces flowing through the chakras have to be perfectly balanced so that the chakra geometry gets aligned and remains aligned, (the balance is dynamic!). And then allow your Aries-nature to push the high volume of pran first so that the Kundalini can later shoot up in one smooth motion.

How you see yourself as? How do you explore your relationship with Yourself? How do you conquer the kingdom of your Dream? This is the secret of the Aries/Libra axis. The beginning of the end.


Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 3

Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 2

Libra/ Tula is the 7th sign of the zodiac, it is thus the natural 7th house of the horoscope and rules over balance, relationships and fair partnerships. This sign is ruled by Venus the esoteric teacher. Libra is the axis on which the zodiac rests. For the physical body too, Libra represents your backbone on which the entire body is balanced.

The zodiac is divisible into two halves psychologically, and with Libra, begins the second half of the zodiac. This is the midpoint between the individual self and the Greater Self, between the material and the spiritual. Here, you withdraw from creation of new karma and focus on giving back and rebalancing your karma. The path of involution begins from Libra. Here you prepare for the long way back home. You begin with a deep understanding of your Karmic balance, a sobering realisation indeed.If your ascendant is Libra or your Moon sign is Libra or you have a significant number of planets placed in Libra in your chart this is how you will be on the inner deep levels.

Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 2

You are exceptionally logical and intelligent. You will have lots of opportunities in life. A lot of scope to create relationships of every type. Your exceptional intelligence is essential as you decide the best possible opportunity to go with. You think in terms of bargains, ‘if I give so much how much will I get back’, always! If there are malefics here you will think in the material terms but if there are auspicious influences, you will think in terms of the spiritual and karma. Overthinking should be avoided, as this can lead to stress. Once you make your bargain, reevaluating it over and over again will cause anxiety. Thinking is exhausting. Initially the mind will be tired, later the body will also fall ill.

You want to work but you want clarity and perfection. You cannot exist in environments of doubt and ambiguity. You want clear instructions and if you are the boss, you are very clear about you directions to your juniors. Accuracy, precision, exactness, sincerity and on-time are your watch-words. You will then push yourself so hard to attain perfection that your back will hurt. You are not an original thinker but you always expand on ideas which you get by reading books or by interactions with others. Partnership in everything you do.

You cannot lie, unless malefic influences dominate. You will have sufficient wealth in life, you will rarely be poor. You have business acumen and can profit if you start your own business with a suitable partner. You are artistic and skilled. You like working with your hands or mind. You like geometry, maths, logic, languages. Whatever profession you choose you can excel. You tend to boast which is viewed negatively by others. You come across as a know-it-all, often prejudiced against others whom you think know less than you do. Cultivate the habit of listening to others, it will help as you are often misunderstood. If there are malefic influences here you will also subscribe to conflicting thought processes causing more misunderstandings.

You will perform religious and spiritual practices sincerely. Saturn is exalted in Libra and his father, the Sun is debilitated here. The sign favours systematic disciplined work for re-balancing karma. This allows you to be the sincere professional, sensitive to public opinion, at ease in large gatherings and able to profit in a transparent manner. You do not allow self-ego to rise and take center-stage, you are willing to work with others fairly. You put yourself after your duties, this you suffer. Learn to assert yourself once in a while. Ultimately however you gain divine favour and the deepest understanding of your real self.The sign 7th from Libra is Aries-Mars, so your partners are aggressive and rather selfish, self-focussed. You too desire aggressive and passionate partners, but you want a fair relationship, this you will never get, thus a sense of disappointment exists, especially in intimate relationships. Libra-Venus rarely indulges in infidelity after getting married, as you are very aware of the social image you project. Before marriage you do indulge in romantic affairs.

The sign is represented by the scales of the balance in perfect alignment. Now these scales represent opposing forces. These have been brought to balance. Understand this, the challenge that you face is to bring to precise balance, two opposing forces. If either one of these two is more/less, the entire personality crashes. Your duty is two-fold, first is to balance out these opposing forces and second is to maintain the balance forever. This requires constant work. If the forces change, you also have to change to compensate and bring the system back to equilibrium. This is extremely difficult to do in actual life. Libra people are always under great stress. The mind is always working, thinking of different ways to balance out things. Highly sensitive to change and often in physical pain. You seem to be in control of yourself. Your emotions, actions, reactions are always controlled. But only you know the price you pay for this outward control. Your entire self is focussed on balancing the changes which the external environment and its forces bears on you.

Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 2

As a Libra, you are bound to balance always, you have no choice in this. And the environment is bound to change. Change is the only constant. Thus your stress. The entire Libra personality is repressed. (If you ever see a Libra breaking down under pressure you will understand this terrifying strain that he always labours under.)

Libra is between the Virgo and Scorpio. It is influenced most by demands from its neighbouring signs (2/12 axis is not very favourable). Virgo is the place where you serve/suffer and all agreements break down here, imbalances of very sort! Scorpio stings others and also the self, traumatic changes causing complete changes in the personality/environment. Libra sits between these two terrific forces and balances these conflicts. It is a strain. You are outwardly very calm, composed and relaxed but internally you seethe with conflicts and opposing energies which you have to balance.

Now the is another challenge, the drama of constant creation-death-rebirth constantly plays out here. Venus is both the lord of Libra and Taurus, counted eighth from Libra. Venus here modulates the adversarial 6/8 axis and forces the personality/environment into continual change often traumatic. As per the Vimshottari system, the Mahadasha of Venus is the longest at 20yrs. Lots of events occur during these 20yrs. For Libras the Dasha period of its owner planet himself is very stressful as rapid cycles of creation-destruction-recreation occur throughout this time.Mars is the owner of Scorpio and Aries which are placed 2nd and 7th from Libra, making Mars the Marak, often giving inauspicious results. Jupiter considered to be the biggest benefic planet is the ruler of the houses placed 3rd and 6th from Libra, making him a functional malefic, so he too cant do much good. Jupiter behaves opposite to his normal benefic nature! Saturn is the Yogkarak, the biggest benefic, as the owner of the 4th and 5th houses from Libra. But Saturn here deprives the native of maternal love and comforts of the home, he often lives away from the home-town. Also there is a disconnect from the internal divine intelligence, spiritual practice will give results but these come late in life after Saturn matures. Till then Libra suffers. Adolescent Mercury takes on the role of the peer/ patron as the ruler of the 9th house from Libra. Mercury is practice/skills and 9th represents theory/ philosophy. It is upto you to find the balance between these two opposing ideas! Mercury loses some of his auspiciousness as he also rules over the house 12th from Libra. Moon as the ruler of the 10th house loses his directional strength and searches for emotional support in the profession making him a bit dysfunctional. Sun as the ruler of the house 11th from Libra also makes you balance the opposing ideas of personal genius and self-ego v/s someone who is a part of large like-minded groups.

If you observe the planets, they are required to work against their fundamental nature here. As a Libra you have to balance out these things too, and you are doing it continually internally.

Libra has enormous potential especially the Libra ascendant. But this potential is lost as most Libras are engrossed in the outer, material, social aspect of their lives. They relegate the occult, spiritual, esoteric in the background. Venus is actually the Daityaguru Shukracharya, the teacher of the worst students so his teaching methods are a bit different. But the rare Libra who turns inside and tries to establish a relationship with his inner self is often successful as Shukra is the real Moksh-karak, agent of Illumination. Most Libras, as they grow older/mature, do focus on the inner self and progress spiritually.

Libra is a highly esoteric sign which suffers in the initial period of its life. If Saturn is well-placed it benefits after the age of 36yrs. The enormous potential of this sign can be utilised if it turns inwards and seeks its internal balance.


Aries/Libra, The Beginnings, Part 2