Water has psychic energy

Water is that universally freely available source of energy. But in todays world a very minuscule percentage of us has actually drunk “water”.

Most of us drink water out of the taps in our houses or bottled water that we buy from stores. This is not real water. This is a processed liquid which is subjected to several physical and chemical tortures before being served to us. This water is very very low on energy, its condition is like that of a man severely beaten up. In addition it has added harmful chemicals like fluorides etc. But unfortunately, this is what we have been conditioned to believe is actually pure water.

water has psychic energy

So what is real water?

Natural water from clean mountain springs or rivers is the real water. It may not be filtered but is full of the natural energy that makes it actually good.

But these sources of high energy natural water are also quite limited today. You cannot go and drink water from any random stream water. Human activities have moved up the into the higher mountains also and this has changed the quality of the water flowing in the mountain streams. For example in the Indian Western ghats extensive mining activities have polluted the mountain waters sources here.

But we Indians are still lucky that we have the biggest source of high energy natural water still available in the higher reaches of the Himalayan river Ganga. The nearer you go towards Gaumukh the purer the water is. There have been numerous studies carried out on the waters of the Ganga where they have found beneficial things like low surface tension, useful colloids, macrophages and stuff. But then those who can see auras should be able to see the most interesting side of these waters. The aura of the Ganga river water is silver-gold, vibrating at the highest possible energy levels. We Indians, after a pilgrimage to the Ganga, bring back a bottle of her living water to keep it in our puja rooms.

If you have some Ganga water in your house do not just do its puja, use it. One drop of this high energy water if added to your regular drinking water will raise the overall energy of the water which will help your bodies and souls.

But most of us do not have such easy access to Ganga or living water in our cities and our busy lives. So here is a very easy way to increase the energy of the water you drink. You can buy bottled water or drink from the tap but first pour out the water in a small copper kumbh/kalash (A copper pot shaped like this below), let it remain in this for just a minute. Always drink from this copper kumbh not steel or glass cups. You will get it in stores in this small size too. But be sure that the kumbh is copper on the inside. (One rather oversmart shopkeeper once tried to sell me a kumbh/pot made of steel which was coated with copper just on the outside.)

Water has psychic energy

Do remember that more than 70% of your bodies is water. So do try this simple remedy to energize your drinking water and thus increase the energy of your entire body.  Do this for 21 days at a stretch and observe the difference in yourself.