Virgo and Pisces, the most sensitive axis – Part 2

I have written about the Pisces half of this axis part -1 here. This is now about Virgo, ruled by Mercury, the sixth sign of the zodiac. If you have your birth Moon or ascendant in Virgo or a significant bunch of planets in Virgo, this is what you will be on the internal subconscious levels.

Virgo and Pisces, the most sensitive axis - Part 2

Virgo is very typical sign, generally not happy, (absence of ‘happiness’, but is not unhappy!), perhaps ‘plain’ is the word? Virgo represents the ‘imbalance’ created by the use of the divine intelligence by the individual soul/Jivatma. We, our soul is divine, the Ultimate Reality/Parabrahma, but whenever we act with the tag ‘I did this‘, the law of karma comes into force. Self-ego hides the divinity of the soul under the tightest layer of the Anand-mai-kosh or Karan-sharir and we think of ourselves as helpless humans at the mercy of a callous fate.

Virgo/Kanya is represented by a human female figure. Mercury’s signs are represented by human figures none other, his other sign, Gemini has two human figures. Kanya also means ‘focus’. Virgo, then in this context would represent the bindings on the soul created by Desire (subtle roots of desire).

Imbalance created by personal-ego gives rise to Virgo. Usually Saturn is considered to be the ‘karmic planet’, everyone is oh-so-scared of Saturn. But you if you want to be scared of your karma, you should be scared of Mercury and his Virgo. This sign represents that part of your total karma which you have decided to balance out in your current life. Saturn is the one helping you pay this off with discipline, order and method.

As a Virgo, you are internally aware of this karma you have created and perhaps that is why you have this perpetual plain attitude of ‘not-happiness’. You know you are unbalanced, you know things are unfair and perhaps harsh. The force of your entire personality and your environment is directed to this one point agenda of converting this karmic imbalance to balance. ‘Treasure’ for you is represented by Libra, you want to accumulate balance, fairness, relationships and partnerships. But remember Libra at the spiritual level defines the ultimate in balance and partnership. What you really want is, to balance your own karma and find the only real, permanent and most valuable relationship, your relationship with your own Higher Self!

If Virgos are unable to understand this basic thing about their inner nature, this karmic imbalance and misalignment can lead to actual psychiatric problems in life.

The entire force of the Virgo personality, will and action desires to convert imbalance into balance. You are a collection of unbalance, we all are, unbalanced karma, failed promises, ruptured relationships etc spanning so very many lives. This sign represents all this and you are required to set this balance right! You have chosen for you a task of enormous magnitude, but then you do have the necessary resources from your past lives. You use your personal vitality, fire and divine intelligence in one brilliant burst of focussed energy in this lifetime to achieve the treasure of perfect balance and relationship with the self.

You may have access to all material pleasures, but you know internally that getting caught in these amusements can potentially lead to more karma. The last thing you want is to increase the imbalance you already are under. You feel the pin-pricks of karma from your past actions and you are required to suffer through them now. Virgo, owned by Mercury has all the advantages of Mercury’s brains, analytical power, databases, skill sets, database management, power to infer, logical thinking, working with others, power to act and work tirelessly. You have the capacity to make it big on the material plane but still you prefer to serve. Working off your karmic load is on priority.

Virgo and Pisces, the most sensitive axis - Part 2

You are quite passionate, but express yourself in a very low key manner. Others might think of you as a martyr or an idealist, more into planning, directing, encouraging and motivating others to act, rather than acting yourself. You are wary of acting, as you worry about creating more karma however inadvertently. Your materialistic life fails to satisfy just for this reason. You are receptive and can sense ‘other’ things too, thus you can be good at divination. You have the ability to sacrifice yourself for others and are quite sensitive, ambitious and zealous. But as your nature is defined by imbalance, you might feel like you are walking a tightrope most of the times. If you take up some regular spiritual practice you will be able to divert all these internal things to the spiritual realm and live a more adjusted material life.

You seem a bit pessimistic to others, but this too has a reason. Having a heightened awareness of karma, you are ready to give up everything that defines ‘self-ego’. You are aware that self-ego leads to this tangled net called karma and you wish to annihilate your limited sense of self.

Your assets are the agents of Capricorn and Taurus. They are the 9th from and 5th from each other, and act as the divine intelligence and foundation for each other in a cyclic manner (trikon). And the challenges that you will face will be presented by the signs and agents of Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.

Scorpio will make you want control over secrets, you want to use secret knowledge, explore forbidden and hidden things, learn skills of the occult, work in the esoteric and the tantric. You desire control over all types of energies including the pran/kundalini in your body. And you will have the courage and boldness to work with these strange things too. Aquarius will ensure that you will be flooded by demands for service from so very many many sources. You will have to serve, counsel, help, be there for, an astoundingly large number of individuals. If you choose to not serve them, you will be forced to suffer through a surprisingly large number of events related to disease, debt, cheats, enemies and losses. If you won’t give your energy through service, these agents will take it by force. The more you give away, conversely the more you will gain in terms of your desired objective – balance. Your practice of the secret spiritual then becomes extremely important for you to replenish your energies.

Aries will create a strange mix of beginnings and endings together. Every action you perform will strangely seem to be complete as soon as you start it, and it will change you very deeply. At the lowest levels you may have to suffer through accidents or surgeries. And on the energy levels you may be targeted by entities or spirits, or you might suffer because of faulty movement of pran/kundalini in your meditative states. But challenges are to be welcomed and used as stepping stones to rise higher. You have the fire within you. You thrive on change as every change is one step forward to achieving the ego-less state. As the personal ego dissolves in the Divine Intelligence, you come to the end of your cycle. These challenges will be on the inner subconscious and spiritual levels and will ultimately benefit you. But on the physical levels these will be seen to be harsh, hard and often traumatic. If you can understand why this is happening you will be better able to cope. However be careful of over-ambition, stay away from bad influences/company, try to work without expectations and routine work even though boring is essential so be regular and consistent as far as possible.

Your mirror, the fill-in-the-blanks is Pisces. It is a karmic partnership where an outwardly dreamy Pisces mirrors a rational Virgo and equally likewise.


Virgo and Pisces, the most sensitive axis - Part 2





Mercury, the energy of Talk and Trade!

Mercury is the agent of communications and messages. Thus he is an enormous force who governs all human interactions. His agency is can be used for positive or negative work depending on the intention of the user. Thus the same Mercury is the perception manager, the middleman, the media, the manipulative agent, the blackmailer, the medium or the meddler. The Pedantic Teacher, the Esoteric Preceptor, the Royal Ruler, the Emotional Comforter, the Fiery Warrior, the Strict Taskmaster, the Desirous Rahu and the Nebulous Ketu all need the Communicator to deliver their messages. Mercury is the only force who can interpret, analyse, read, speak, hear etc, so he is the only channel through which the other planetary forces can communicate to our Consciousness. But Mercury is not a passive telephone line of the chart. He has his own agenda too as he Controls communication.

If you have observed, it is quite impossible to find Mercury placed alone in a chart. Most commonly he is conjunct with Sun or Venus and of course other planets. If rarely he is alone, the owner of his sign will influence. Only very rarely when he is alone in Gemini or Virgo will he be completely neutral, though aspecting planets will always influence. He is quite eager to interact with other forces and can easily absorb their messages, add his agenda to them and then transmit it to the target audience.


When a message is created naturally its copy is created. Thus Mercury is also the agent of duplicates, twins and copies. Thus siblings, team-players, co-workers, are his agents. And generally such messages are delivered to the students, pupils, disciples and subordinates. Thus such recipients and groups are also in the domain of Mercury.

Mercury is like the ultimate filing clerk. Whatever he sees and experiences, he mentalizes it and rationalises, How can I organise it? He is always thinking of better ways to organise his perceptions so that he can extract the maximum learnings from it. The trick is to make him understand when to stop. Mercury has to be stopped when the maximum has been learnt, else he tends to file-re-file, organise-re-organise, analyse-re-analyse just for the sake of it, in a never-ending loop. This leads to mental trauma eventually. The Compulsive Calculator, limited by his past. Every experience will be analysed as repetitions of the past patterns. When confronted with something completely new, which cannot be fit in and filed properly, he feels insecure and shuts down. These two are the most important karmic lessons that Mercury has to learn, to stop over-analysing and allowing events to flow, without reducing them to data bits.

Mercury is the son of the Moon. Moon is basically the unfathomable human mind and Mercury represents that part of the mind which is logical, rational, accessed, articulate and available for interactions. And as a typical teenager who doesn’t get so well with his dad, Mercury tends to be quite immature, rough and his decisions are hasty and based on superficials rather than deep  wisdom.You see, Mercury is not so different from your average teenager, impressionable, adaptable, argumentative, becomes a malefic when posted with malefics, needs his peer-group, needs guidance from his elders.


Whenever Mercury influences any sign and house, he brings in his typical behaviour there. The matters concerned with that house and sign will now be organised and filed. Communications in every which way, then discussions, arguments, criticisms, explanations and analyses. He is always into short term goals and the proverb ‘penny wise pound foolish’ is made for him. He will always utilise every opportunity for trading, marketing, advertising, loves meetings and conferences, especially where he can toss around ideas, talk and talk. However he has a high analytical ability, is mathematical, also good at grammar, can articulate complex thoughts and is excellent at verbal and written analysis. He can recognise repetitive patterns, is calculative and very good at information exchange. Mercury is a highly successful lawyer or a great doctor! But the Mercury  machine is addicted to measuring, then what should be done with these measures, he does not know, he cannot judge the value of what he has measured, he is not wise. He can just compare it against some pre-decided standard and docket it.

So Mercury always needs to be guided by another force so as to actually learn and grow up. And generally he accompanies Surya, the source of genuine intelligence where he acts a messenger boy for the Ego or Divine intelligence. Also seen with Venus, where he helps out in setting the terms for balanced agreements and treasuries or in conveying esoteric knowledge.


Mercury gets exalted in Virgo, where he is the lord of his own house. He is free to express himself and if not provided direction by other planets, is a mechanical amoral force of unrestrained intelligence. He then becomes sort of a super-computer, continuously organising, categorising, planning with the data available to him, till his amorality catches up with him and he messes it up. In Virgo he gets ample information about services, debts, diseases, enemies, arguments, discussions etc which he analyses till he finds the best possible way to file them. A Data processor.. info in info out!

Mercury’s brilliant analytical powers however get drowned in the dreamy sign of Pisces. He also considers the pedantic and wise Jupiter to be his enemy. Pisces is the sign of feelings, visions, sub-conscious, no focus, vague impressions, perceptions and universal consciousness. And Mercury is lost in this, he loses his technical powers of focus, practicality, articulation, problem-solving, and becomes vague and inconsistent. Debilitated Mercury struggles with the messages he receives from the Pisces sign and ultimately fails to convey the mysticism of this rashi in analytical language. His logic limited vocabulary cannot express the intuition, contemplation and meditation of the Piscine influence. Mercury gives similar results when posted in the 12th house of the horoscope too. He is incapable of contemplation and meditation, remember he is an adolescent!

Thus Mercury the Commercial Agent, must always remain busy, talking and trading!


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