How to analyse the Vimshottari Moon Mahadasha

Vimshottari dasha  analysis is something that every astrologer needs to know. The planets control parts of your life in a sequence which is called a Dasha. There are several Dasha systems but Vimshottari deserves a special place of its own and is the first Dasha system you will learn.

In case this detailed analysis is beyond you at the moment, I have written two basic posts, here and here with a brief analysis of the Mahadashas based on which houses the planets own in your chart.

The Vimshottari Maha-Dasha cover a human life span of 120 yrs and the sequence is,

Depending on which Nakshatra your Moon is in at the time of your birth, ie your Janma Nakshatra, you will begin your sequence. This start point is most important so ensure that you have your accurate birth time before doing Dasha analysis.

If your birth moon Nakshatra/ Lunar mansion is Rohini, Hasta or Shravan, then you will have your Moon Mahadasha/ main period going on at your birth. The balance of the planet’s dasha period remaining at birth is calculated using the location (arc degree/ minute/ second) of Moon in the nakshatra. If you get this birth time wrong, your starting point will be wrong thus your entire life-time’s calculation will also go wrong.

For the other birth Nakshatras, the Moon Mahadasha can occur at any point of time in the above sequence. But the Moon’s sub-periods/ Antardashas in the other planets Mahadashas will also carry his flavour.

Open your Vedic Jyotish software and open the Dasha section. If there are options here, input the ‘Vimshottari’ system. You have to see two things from here,

  1. At the present time, which planet’s Mahadasha/ main-period and which planet’s Antardasha/ sub-period is going on for you
  2. And at the time of your birth, which Mahadasha was going on.

If either of these, ie your ongoing Mahadasha or the birth Mahadasha is/ was of the Moon, then this post is for you,

First a generic description, assuming that the Moon in your birth chart is favourable for you.

If you were born in Moon Mahadasha then, you are more comfortable around women in general, you are especially close to your mother, feel strongly about your traditions and homeland. You have a family who cares for you. Your basic mind and body are both strong and healthy and the overall personality remains balanced. Communicative, reasonable, attractive, popular, pleasant to be with, a generally active personality. You are receptive to external influences and often modulate these to help you grow. But you are not very forthcoming about your own self, you keep your secrets well and trust only rarely. You have a caring nature, a supportive sort of a person, generous by nature but you can equally get shrewd, narrow minded, jealous and self-centred.

If you are undergoing the Moon Mahadasha now in your life then in this Moon Mahadasha, you will be more focussed on yourself, your needs, your comforts, your growth, your family, your love, your ancestral traditions, family gods etc. Your mother or other maternal figures will be more important in life. You will be taken care of, ie given the nurture, nutrition, love that you need. More settled in life, you might develop regular habits, feel creative, improve personal care, opt for a healthy lifestyle etc. That things which support you as a person will help you grow significantly. You will be able to set up routines for a healthier you. Buying your own house or landed property is possible or shifting into your own personal home is possible. People in professions related to the 4th house or the Moon will see growth, ie homeland security, teaching, home-makers, dealers in liquids, transport, drugs, architects, etc. You might be recognised for something, get awards. Marriage and child-birth is also possible in this period. In these 10yrs you will be required to balance karma related to the position of the Moon in your chart. Caring for others or ensuring that your emotions were being satisfied. Whatever the Moon is supposed to give you in your life will be given in this time. You will go through an emotional period, uplifting or damaging.

If the Mahadasha comes at an age after the maturity period of the Moon then the energies of the Dasha can be utilised consciously thus more effectively. If you are older than 48yrs, then during this Mahadasha it is likely that you will become the understanding and mature elder yourself. You will gain more insights into the working of your own Mind. It can be a very enriching experience. Even if you are older than 28yrs, this time can help self-discovery as you understand yourself more deeply. If you are younger than 28yrs then you will receive what you need from your elders to grow.

If your birth Moon is in Cancer or ascendant sign is Cancer then this Mahadasha will be especially significant for you.

Now to tailor these predictions for your personal life. This requires some basic understanding of Jyotish. (Here is a post on how to begin learning astrology systematically).

Step 1 is to know the aspects of life represented by the Moon and the power he has to deliver his results. You should know what he is going to give you, only then predicting the timing will be of any use. One graha is going to be directly responsible for so many things and indirectly influence so many more things in life. To keep things simple, learn to use keywords and create patterns using these.

  1. Moon in your birth chart (divisional chart 1/D-1).
    • He is placed in which house and in which sign? Thus which parts of your life is he controlling?
      • Eg Moon in 3rd house will be in charge of your siblings, income from trade, your hands, the internal confidence to take necessary actions, skills, practicality, etc. So in his Mahadasha expect these aspects of life to be more prominent in your life.
      • Eg if the Moon is any way connected to the 2nd or 7th houses then he can help in gaining money/ resources, good family life etc but this Dasha can also be linked to the timing of physical death. So do a quick check on longevity.
    • Which houses does he own? i.e. Cancer is placed in which house?
      • Eg Cancer placed in the 11th house will mean that the Moon is in charge of your friend circle, like minded groups, all gains in life, money from speculation, older siblings, etc. naturally these things will be more significant in your life now.
    • The ruler of the sign he is placed in, is he a friend/ neutral/ enemy planet. How comfortable is he in the sign he is occupying? 
    • Is the Moon exalted/debilitated? Naturally an exalted Moon will give more pleasing results than a debilitated Moon.
    • Which planets is he conjoint/ aspected by? Thus which other aspects of the personality is he influencing directly and indirectly. If he is influenced by benefics then more favourable and pleasing results if by malefics then stress.
      • Eg Moon conjoint Mars in the 10th house. This will mean that Moon is in charge of the profession, social mobility, social image etc. But the Mars is now going to help by making his soft nature more bold, courageous, and allow him to take more risks in life. Thus the natural softness of the Moon is reinforced by the Martian qualities. And the natural aggression of Mars is tempered by the softness of the Moon.
    • Has he matured? Is the Moon’s maturity being held back by conjunction with later maturing planets?
      • Planets give more sensible results after maturity. His Dasha period after maturity will give more useful results.
    • What kind of power does he have.
      • His shadbala, avastha etc also can be seen for more insights into his nature in your chart. You can go deeper, depending on your level of study.
    • And since this is the Moon, you have to analyse the Nakshatra that he occupies at birth, ie your Janma Nakshatra characteristics. 
  2. Repeat this same analysis from the birth Moon sign, i.e the birth Moon chart. (Do this only if you feel upto it, this is for advanced students)
    Re-orient your chart around and count your birth Moon sign as the first house. This is the Moon chart and this tells you about the psychological and emotional aspects of your life. How you will ‘feel’ about the Moon Mahadasha. The psychological and emotional aspects. These aspects of life can be completely different from what is happening on the physical level. 
  3. And this same analysis using the divisional chart 9, Navamsha chart will give a perspective on the sub-conscious expectations and the sum total of Moon’s potential. (Not for beginners. Do this whenever you are a bit advanced in your study, else you will end up confusing yourself.)

Step 2  Smaller sub-periods within the main period/ Mahadasha are called successively Antardasha, Pratyantardasha, Sookshmadasha and Prandasha. The logic on how to analyse these even smaller units remains the same for each planetary owner of the sub/ sub periods. In this post we will learn to analyse up to the Subperiod, ie the Antardasha.

  1. Find out the power of the sub-period planetary lord and the aspects of life that he controls just like you did for the Moon above.
    • Eg if you want to analyse the Moon Mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha, then you will have to find out both Moon’s and Jupiter’s power to give results.
  2. Then analyse the relationship between the Moon and the sub-period owner planet. If they are in the 6/8 or even the 12th from uncomfortable aspects, then that sub-lord’s sub-period will not be comfortable. If they are in the 5/9 axis it will be a favourable sub-period. The interaction between the planetary owners of the main-period and sub-period is quite important, take your time over it.
    • eg Jupiter is in 5th house and Moon in 9th house this will be an extraordinary time. Both are in the pivotal Kona houses, and in the 5/9 axis from each other. This could be one of the best periods of your life. This would also be a Gajakesari yog. So they will give tremendous progress in the Moon Mahadasha’s Jupiter Antardasha.
    • eg Jupiter in 11th house and Moon in 6th house in the birth chart. This time will not give good results. Moon in the 6th house of turmoil. Jupiter in the 11th is better placed for positive results. But they are mutually in the 6/8 axis. This is the Shakat yog, will give instability, ups and downs and significant confusion in the Moon Mahadasha’s Jupiter Antardasha.

Step 3 is the routine planetary transits /gochar. (Not for beginners. Do this analysis only if you have a good grasp of the fundamentals.) Transits can modify the results indicated by the Dasha system to some extent. So draw your birth chart (D-1) on a paper and superimpose the current planetary positions on it. Use a different pen so that you can make sense of the composite chart you are drawing. This is the last step you do.

Now to analyse the sub-periods/Antardasha of the Moon’s main period/Mahadasha. This is just a starting point for you to base your own analysis on.

  • Moon antardasha
    • If the Moon is capable of giving pleasant results, this can be a very significant period of growth depending on which houses he is in charge of in your chart. There will be internal stability which will trigger prosperity in all forms. Personal and professional successes, marriage, birth of children, promotions, good investments, increase in wealth, good health and emotional stability, your instinct will work for you etc. If this is so, then you must make the most of this Antardasha.
    • If he is badly placed in your birth chart and inauspicious for you then emotional trauma, mental stress, physical ill health, loneliness, etc are possible in this first sub-period.
    • This is the first sub-period, so observe events around you and yourself carefully. This will set the tone for the entire Mahadasha. If this period has been favourable, you can expect continued generally favourable results. If this period has given mixed or unpleasant results you must take care. Then predicting favourable results will depend on power of the Subperiod rulers of the subsequent Antardashas.
  • Mars antardasha
    • If Mars is powerful, then in this sub-period you will take risks to achieve what you want. Highly motivated, confident, during this time you will bulldoze your opponents and gain your desires. A favourable Mars allows to to change yourself and your surroundings as per your desire. This period can be very fruitful especially if you are connected in any way to the land, eg army professional, agriculturalist, builder etc.
    • But if he is unable to give favourable results then overwork, have no time to rest, over-confidence, carelessness, anger, etc will be triggered. So pay attention to your health especially the blood related aspects. Your close family and siblings will be a source of trouble for you.
  • Rahu antardasha
    • If Rahu is capable of positive results, then this sub-period will make you want more than you have. Satisfaction will be less, you might spend more than you earn. Family may not support and professional life will not give happiness. But conversely all this will motivate you to work even harder and strive to gain more and more. You might achieve a lot of material gain during this period. However do not lie or cheat others during this time as it will backfire on you later. Try to do some Dharmic activity, eg pujas, pilgrimages, Mantra, Daan so as to keep the positivity coming in.
    • But is Rahu is going to be unpleasant for you then, this time will give you stress, losses and trouble on the physical as well as the emotional levels. You will feel tired and dispirited. If Moon or Rahu is connected to the 2nd or 7th and the longevity is at an end then physical death can occur. Even otherwise, you will be surrounded by people and things which drain you. Especially beware of any new women in your life as they can cause you harm. Legal issues are a distinct possibility during this time.
  • Jupiter antardasha
    •  If Jupiter is favourably disposed then this can be a great sub-period. Money, family, profession etc will all give happiness. Promotions, new jobs, better salary, more income are all possible. Long term investments or life time decisions during this period will be favourable. Travelling, pilgrimages etc will give pleasure. Education and learning will be encouraged. Both Moon and Jupiter are natural benefics so make the most of this time for growth and expansion. You will be known for something and there will be positivity in your life. Marriage, birth of children, job openings, educational prospects, health, wealth, spiritual mindset, pilgrimages, etc should be predicted as per the age in which the antardasha occurs. eg if the chart has some form of Gajakesari yog or a favourable Jupiter – Moon interaction you can achieve a lot during this sub period.
    • If he is not aligned favourably with the Moon then he will give erratic results. Avoid getting into any illegal or dubious activity during this time as it will give you pain later. Your luck is not with you at this time so you might think that something is surely in your hands, but it will slip out at the last moment. eg if the birth chart has the Shakat yog then be careful about predicting highly positive results.

  • Saturn antardasha
    •  If Saturn and Moon together in your birth chart are capable of favourable results then this period can give some benefits. But you will have to work harder. Tiredness, delays, frustrations and loneliness will be there to some extent. You might feel afraid internally. Increase in stress will naturally affect health and happiness. You will be harsher with others and this can spoil relationships. Disputes with your family or mother specifically related to land, home and assets can occur. But try to see the fair and legal position of things rather than giving way to emotions. Try to work with facts and see the practical side of things. If used intelligently, this period will give you long lasting gains. Doing some puja will help you magnify the positivity.
    • In case he is not favourable then these negative effects as above will continue with no respite. You will be unable to make sense of the events around you and remain distressed.
  • Mercury antardasha
    • Both Moon and Mercury are natural benefics so this sub-period can be quite favourable to you. Here you can expect better relations with your siblings, trade related gains may pick up, stock market and investment options may be good, education opportunities will open up. Marriage, children, job etc whatever is a ‘happy outcome’ for your mind, will occur. Your logical mind will support you and you will have the necessary boldness to achieve your goals. You will have and use your skills to resolve any lingering issues from the previous Saturn sub-period.
    • But if they are unable to work together they will cause you pain, disappointment, ill health, mental stress, legal trouble etc. Avoid breaking the law or engaging in high risk speculations as loss of money is quite possible.
  • Ketu antardasha
    • if Ketu in your birth chart can give favourable results, then this can be a short but intensely spiritual time. You will feel disconnected from the people and things around you as your inner worlds are more alluring to your mind. Or if your birth chart is of the material sort then gains from secret sources, unexpected opportunities and gains are possible. Secret tips, insights, lucky guesses etc will help you as your intuition will be high.
    • But if there is a possibility of unpleasant results, then this time can be disturbing, mental stresses, loneliness, psychic interference, restlessness, etc. If Moon or Ketu is connected to the 2nd or 7th and the longevity is at an end then physical death can occur. 
  • Venus antardasha
    • If Venus and Moon are capable of giving auspicious results together then this sub period can be a very rewarding one on several levels. Value, validation, nature, nurture, nutrition will be provided to you. Both the types of love ie needy love and equitable love will be available in your life. All your desires and wants will be fulfilled and you will be happy. Inner satisfaction, balance, fairness etc will be on a high. Depending on the physical age in which this sub-period comes, you might start some meditative practice or get married or birth of children or higher education is possible. Either way this will be a good time and do make the most of it. Money, family and good times are indicated.
    • But if Venus and Moon are unable to give pleasant results together then these very same things will be denied to you. There will be imbalance, unmet needs, loneliness and scarcity. Loss of money, resources, assets is possible.

  • Sun antardasha
    • this is the chidra dasha, the ‘cutting off’ sub-period, the last antardasha of the Moon’s mahadasha. This is a time of review. You consolidate all that you experienced in your Moon mahadasha and cut off all that you failed to learn. The Moon will have given you opportunities for emotional fulfilment. Your relationship with your mother, maternal relatives, home culture, traditions, landed property etc were in focus. ‘Need’ based love relationships or nurturing relationships. 
    • Now the Sun is personal confidence, ego, self entitlement. ‘Selfishness’ will clean out the Moon persona and prepare for the Mars persona which is to follow. You feel a new rush of energy in you. The Sun will prepare a dispassionate list of things of what you gave and what was received. If you have given more, you might suddenly find these dependant others being systematically cut off. Only the basic unavoidable relationships which you intellectually feel necessary will be sustained by this Sun. All the opportunities for emotional fulfilment, ‘Need’ based love relationships will be consolidated. The softness and gentleness of the Moon will be gradually replaced by qualities of Mars, which is the next Mahadasha in sequence.
    • But in the last Sun Antardasha, you will decisively end all emotionally draining things. And for those emotionally uplifting things, you will remove their emotional parts and appreciate them on an intellectual level.
    • If the Sun is capable of giving positive results, there will be improvement in personal health, vitality, finances, status and power. You will also become more distant from others. ‘Neediness’ will be reduced in all ways.
    • If he is not auspicious for you, even then he will work in the same direction but the process will be painful, stressful. You will face arguments, fevers, ill health, exit of a maternal figure, cut off from the homeland, selfishness from others etc sort of results.

Everyone who wants to learn astrology should analyse their own horoscope first. It is quite easy to predict major events in life and with some practice you can predict minor events too. Get into the habit of pulling out your own chart for a detailed analysis every 6 months. Look at the Dasha periods and transits that will happen over the next 6 months, try to predict 1-2 things which might happen. These can be very simple things to being with, eg some disturbance over the 4th house = some issue related to mother. Some positivity over the 10th house = a pleasant time in the office. Tally these predictions 6 months later, be systematic about it and evaluate for yourself how accurate you are getting.

Finally remedies can be used to set any unbalanced energies right. These are basically three,

Behavioural, ie you understand what is happening to you and try to intelligently and consciously modulate your behaviour in a way most appropriate to the situation. This requires significant control over the Mind and not everyone can do this. But if you are doing your regular spiritual practice then this becomes inbuilt in your nature.

Mantra- You use the power of the Devbhasha Samskrutam and your own intentions to change the course of the event energies. Mantras of the Moon can be used during his Mahadasha, especially do something every Monday. Or any of these activities which enhance his power. Or mantra of the Bhagwan Shankar also work well enough.

Daana You give away the unbalanced energies to a Consciousness capable of absorbing them, a worthy Brahmin, a deity or a river/sea, this is the real meaning of Daana.

Karako bhavo nashto, Ruler of the house in the house

This is one statement which is bandied about much without understanding what it really means. ‘Karako bhavo nashto’. The general understanding is that if the karak/agent of a house gets placed in that same house, it utterly destroys the results of that house. (Karak = agent bhavo = of the house, nasto = destruction).

Karak is a word with several meanings.

First is the Bhava-karak. The agent of the house. These planets have a say over the matters of these houses in subtle ways.

  • Sun is the karak of the 1st, 9th and 10th.
  • Moon is the karaka of the 4th
  • Mercury is the karaka of the 4th and 10th
  • Venus is the karaka of the 7th house
  • Mars is the karak of the 3rd and 6th
  • Jupiter is the karak of the 2nd, 5th, 10th and 11th
  • Saturn is the karaka of the 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th

The next way of understanding karak is the owner of that house. eg in a horoscope with Aries as the 1st house. Mars will be a karak of the 1st house. Venus will be the karak of the 2nd house and so on. I will focus on this meaning in this post as the first meaning is popularly known and analysed in depth by several people. The concept however remains the same for both meanings.

So what happens if a planet is placed in the same house for which it is a karak?

It will emphasise the things connected with that house.

Eg suppose that the ascendant lord is placed in the ascendant sign/ 1st house or the Sun is placed in the 1st house. This will make you more focussed on the things related to the individual personality and the environment around you. You are perfectly suited to your environment. The major life experiences will revolve around you. The life experiences related to this house will be more intense and significant. A major portion of the consciousness is linked to this house/sign/planet’s results.

This can get over-whelming sometimes,

Eg suppose this is happening for your 7th house. This will make your partnerships your life’s most happening focus, too much perhaps! Your wife/ husband/ business partners can take too much time/ energy. You might ignore the other aspects of your personality/ life because of this focus. Other aspects of life will seem comparatively duller and uninteresting, so you might ignore them. This can land you in trouble. But the possible negatives can be easy to manage if you are aware of what can happen.

If this house is linked to a living person, this person can try to dominate you.

Eg if this is happening in the 4th house, your mother will have a major influence in your life. The relationship can get quite much, ‘too much of a good thing’. If you are sensible enough to understand how much is enough, this can be a good thing. The person signified by this house is over-confident, over-involved, over-assertive and over-linked to your life experiences.

This placement will give also more of the non-living things connected to that house.

eg So if its the 4th house, you may have a good house, cars, properties and a nice connect with your home culture. This can be a good thing. The attributes of the house are not destroyed, they are quite present, sometimes in double-dose. But they are in some way ‘diminished’. Too much can become a burden if not managed properly.

Karako bhavo nashto, Ruler of the house in the house

There is a possibility for some imbalance. Suppose that the planet is occupying his own sign. Now he and his sign both are together for better or worse.

Let’s take an example, Libra ascendant, so 4th house is Capricorn ruled by Saturn. 4th house is also subtly influenced by its Bhava-karak Moon.

  • Situation 1 – If Saturn is placed in the 9th house/Gemini sign. The item ‘mother’ will be defined by 4th house, Capricorn, Saturn, 9th house, Gemini, Mercury, 6/8 axis operating between 4th-9th house, Moon’s position, other planets present/ aspecting all these etc. This will give a more faceted personality, diverse interactions and a more balanced situation. There are so many planets/ signs/ houses contributing in some way or the other. The item ‘mother’ is a composite of all these. If something is going negative there will be something going positive to balance the item ‘mother’. Now if Capricorn has malefic planets placed but if Saturn has a nice house exchange with Mercury the item ’mother’ does not suffer much. Something compensates. Next, if in transit, Capricorn get Ketu placed in it, he can cause separation/ death of the mother, but if Gemini+birth Saturn gets a transit Jupiter placed in it, he will add positivity to the situation. There will be separation for something nice, eg might leave home and go to a hostel for education. There is scope for some other planet to compensate.
  • Situation 2 – Now if the 4th house Capricorn has Saturn placed in it. The item ‘mother’, will be influenced by only by the 4th house, Capricorn, Saturn and subtly by Moon. The karak Saturn is in his own house. If in this case there are malefic influences on Capricorn sign they will be on its owner Saturn too. There is limited scope for compensation and the item ‘mother’ will suffer from imbalance. Now in transit, if Capricorn gets Ketu placed in it, it will affect both the sign and its lord and will cause death or sharp separation of the mother. There is no other compensating influence.
  • Situation 3 – Suppose Moon is in Capricorn. This line of reasoning will be the same as situation 2 above, just replace ‘Saturn’ by ‘Moon’.

So a planet placed in his own house will become strong and beneficial. But becomes vulnerable because any afflictions affect both him and his sign/ house. There is lesser possibility for compensation. If the afflictions are in the birth chart then you should take due care. If these are temporary ie occurring in transit then you should be careful for the duration of this transit.


In very brief, the karak planet’s behaviour when placed in their own signs /houses,

  • Sun in own sign/ house gives over confidence, determination, enjoys professional authority, is dominating, self-centered, has an over-bearing father/ religious teachers. This Sun does not allow the person to ‘see’ the problems of people dependant on him. This is not good for a happy married life but can give quite good social status and creativity.
  • Moon in own sign/ house can make one more emotional, the watery characteristics are exaggerated, the astral self is over-sensitive. The mother has a disproportionate influence over one’s life. Dreams, intuition and the other dimensions are more accessible.
  • Mercury in own sign/ house can give an argumentative behaviour, annoying, juvenile at times, too much self-promotion, writes a lot, a highly visible journalist, irritating, his siblings, co-workers are also high visible and analytical people.
  • Venus in own sign/ house can either degenerate into a pleasure seeking mindset or a very deep spiritual inclination. A desire for physical pleasure exists which cannot be satisfied. There are always luxuries, social interactions and material assets. There is a internal desire for perfect balance and beauty.
  • Mars in own sign/ house gives enhanced aggression. Over-confidence, often misplaced confidence, wants to compete and tries to do things on his own, dislikes partnership and will refuse help. Diseases related to heat are common.
  • Jupiter in own sign/ house can give a dogmatic theoretical mindset, inability to accept other’s life-philosophy, over-expansion, rituals of religion can attract, can be a wonderful teacher but a a parent it will be difficult for the children.
  • Saturn in own sign/ house can give a bitter mindset, a sense of resentment, regret, always compares himself with others from more socially privileged circumstances, feels socially isolated, is very hard working, helps others and is hyper aware of professional and social situations. The father also has his own mental problems of fitting into society and career concerns. The early childhood is often traumatic but things ease out after Saturn matures.

This statement ‘Karako bhavo nashto’, is to be seen only in context of the 1st divisional chart or birth chart not the further divisional charts. And the situation will improve after the planet matures.

Now one placement does not make a reading. (I consider that at least 3 combinations indicating the same thing should be present to give a tangible result.) If you have such a placement in your chart,

  • Check if there are aspects of other planets on this house/ sign/ planet. If you have benefics aspecting or malefics. If there are benefics aspecting this position can give very favourable results in life.
  • Look at the navamsha position of the planet concerned. Is there a pattern where the inner potential supports outer manifestation. If so expect very solid and satisfying results from this planet.
  • Be careful during his Mahadasha and antardasha in other planet’s mahadasha (Vimshottari system). And during his significant transits. There could be unexpected events. If you can use the energy of these events in the right spirit then you can gain significant benefits from this situation.
  • However you must be careful if there are malefic influences on this planet in birth or in transit. As during this time you will be more vulnerable in these aspects of life.

‘Karako bhavo nashto’, is not so damaging as it is made out to be. If you have this combination, know that you have a lot of potential but it requires intelligent use. Once you are aware of how it works, you can use it more effectively.

Karako bhavo nashto, Ruler of the house in the house

Guru Chandal yog, Jupiter conjunct Rahu

This is traditionally the combination of Guru + Rahu together in one house. It is said to destroy Jupiter and kicks one outside the accepted society. But it is not as simple as that. For astrological analysis, patterns need to be studied.

First let’s go through the graha involved,

Jupiter – Dev Guru Bruhaspati. He is the spiritual preceptor of the demi-gods. The planetary force responsible for kindness, benevolence, wisdom , religiousness, peers, patrons, ancestors, good fortune from past lives, education, long journeys, spiritual growth, rest and rejuvenation, dream and other states, Moksh etc. A Guru is someone who guides you to your own internal reality, ie guides you onwards to your path to Moksh. A well placed Jupiter offers you hope, support from your internal philosophy, blessings of seniors and ancestors and overall makes you lucky. The positive potential of your own good deed from your past lives is Jupiter.

Rahu – the direction of your desire for experience. He represents all the stuff which you have ignored to such an extent in your past lives that now they have become quite urgent. Rahu is the engine which takes along the energies of your horoscope in his direction. In the present times, Rahu is essential for material successes, so do not think him to be all bad. Chandal is someone who is required by karma to get into energies of the distressing and traumatic types. Either his personal life/nature will be linked with such energies or his environment will be distressful. Eg The people who work in smashans, Hindu cremation sites are called ‘chandal’. They are required by karma to work at such sites of terrifying transformations and energies. Rahu is said to be a chandal because his energies are often distressing, problematic and he often behaves badly. In the story/allegory of Samudra Manthan, he tries to cheat rather than waiting for his turn.

Ketu – Why Ketu? Guru-Chandal is about Jupiter-Rahu? But in such a situation the Ketu placed 180 deg away ie opposite will have the full aspect of such a Jupiter. So we must also consider Ketu. Ketu is all the stuff you have saturated yourself with. You have transcended these experiences, had your fill in the past lives and now you have their deepest learnings with you.

Guru Chandal yog, Jupiter conjunct Rahu

Conditions where Guru-Chandal yog/ combination is considered more potent and capable of giving disagreeable results,

  • Obviously Jupiter conjoint with Rahu.
  • Then Jupiter conjoint Ketu and aspecting Rahu 180deg away also gives similar results. Especially if such a Jupiter is afflicted.
  • Another combination which gives similar results is if the 9th house or the 9th house’s lord is afflicted (In some cases a severely afflicted 5th lord and 5th house can give similar results) And Jupiter is also afflicted ie unable to give auspicious results.

Now here ‘afflicted’ will mean the following. Retrograde, debilitated, combust, in maran-karak sthan or in the signs of his enemy planets. Or placed in the 6th house, 8th house or 12th houses. Or influenced by the lords of these houses. ie influenced by the functional malefics. These are too many possibilities for ‘affliction’, so if the planet concerned suffers from at least 3 of these things at a time, his ability to give agreeable results is significantly compromised.

What does this combination do?

Jupiter + Rahu is very typical. It gives knowledge and intelligence, but it can make one selfish, a cheat, self-centered, vindictive, willing to break all rules, twist meanings around so that he benefits. Can show ingratitude in its worst form. He can ‘use and throw’ others. May have a lot of wealth and assets but often little or no respect in society. There is an inherent cruel streak. This behaviour will be maximum in the Jupiter-Rahu antardsha and the Rahu-Jupiter antardasha (Vimshottari Dasha system) whichever happen in the lifetime of the individual. Rahu + Jupiter gives a highly materialistic nature, one wants to acquire stuff. Check which house Jupiter is placed in. The people associated with this house can show materialistic behaviour. In addition, the luck associated with the house is enhanced. eg such a Jupiter in the 11th house will rarely give real friends, mostly you will have ‘friends’ who will be ‘friendly’ only till they have some work with you. But you will be lucky in life, you will gain from a lot of sources. Or if this Jupiter is in the 4th house, the mother will be materially inclined and you will be lucky in matters of buying house/ car/ property etc.

One positive point I have observed in these horoscopes is this, if Jupiter and Ketu are both placed well and capable of giving good results. For this you have to analyse their positions from the birth Moon and refer to their power in the Navamsha too. This will give an extremely wise, intelligent, philosophical etc person of Jupiter-ian qualities but who has no place in the accepted society, ie a saint, a seer. The past life learnings related to spiritual life are available. And if in addition, Venus and the ascendant lord are also auspicious then this is someone who will get Moksh in this lifetime. This is the promise of the horoscope. Such a person should take advantage of the Jupiter-Ketu antardasha period in the Jupiter Mahadasha and the Ketu-Jupiter sub-period in the Ketu Mahadasha whichever comes in his life (Vimshottari Dasha system).

What can reduce the negative effects of the Guru-Chandal Yog?

Strangely Saturn can. Now Saturn is a malefic, so if he is conjoint or aspecting Jupiter (esp with his 3rd or 10th aspect), he will add to the damage. But the other side of Saturn is to maintain the society, social image, social prestige, fame, profession, physical father, discipline, rules, gains, luck, money, salary, etc. He has the power to control Rahu’s obnoxious behaviour. If your Saturn is well-placed or a Yogkarak or able to give auspicious results, or your 10th and 11th houses are powerful, the negative parts of this Guru Chandal yog combination are reduced.

The intensity of the mean behaviour will depend on the rest of the planets of the horoscope. If Jupiter gets associated with even more benefics, conjoint or aspecting the negative qualities of the Guru Chandal yog are nullified.  A strong ascendant lord and a strong Moon can create more options for the individual. They can give the person a sense of right/ wrong and also the ability to choose the correct path as per the internal conscience, ie free will. Then a strongly placed 5th house and its lord. Or a 9th house and its lord capable of giving auspicious results. ie if the Dharm trikon is auspicious the quality of the horoscope is improved, the personality is less attracted to Rahu’s temporary glamorous charms. Rahu and Ketu have significant spiritual and technology related indications which are positive in life.

If the person does not go through the Jupiter-Rahu antardasha or the Rahu-Jupiter antardasha. Or if these sub-periods occur when the person is too young or too old to actively do anything. Or if these two sub-periods/ Antar-Dashas coincide with an over-arching transit of Saturn over significant houses of the horoscope.

Guru Chandal yog, Jupiter conjunct Rahu

In the current times, Jupiter is with Ketu and Saturn in Sagittarius. Soon Sun will join them for a month. This satisfies one of the conditions for a Guru chandal yog in the current times. These days till 22nd Jan 2020 are very interesting, in several ways.

The ‘yog’ or defined combinations in the birth horoscope have their typical effect on the person’s psychological make up. The Guru Chandal yog can confer a lot of positivity, both spiritual and material successes if used in the proper direction. The name ‘Chandal’ does not mean that it is an all bad combination. But if you allow your Rahu/ Ketu to overpower your Guru, it can destroy all auspiciousness in the chart. 



Pushkar Navamsha in the D-9 chart

The navamsha chart is essential for gaining an in-depth view of the personality. If you have the correct birth time then you should analyse the following 3 types of charts, this is the basic minimum.

1.  The basic birth chart (D-1) – Manifested reality, the actual stuff which is happening/ will happen.

2. The birth Moon chart – this is easy to draw. You take the basic birth chart and re-orient it so that the house the Moon is in becomes the 1st house. e.g. If your rising sign is Taurus and birth Moon placed in 3rd house, Cancer sign, your birth Moon chart will start with Cancer as the first house. This is used to predict the emotional impact of life-events on your mind.

3. The D-9 Navamsha chart – the sum potential of your life. The things which remain behind the scene but are extremely vital.

Now the Navamsha chart is created by dividing the zodiac into 108 parts. Or simply, each sign of 30° is divided into into 9 equal parts of 3° 20″ size, thus it they are called nav-amsha, ‘9th part’. (the reason is a bit philosophical and includes the framework of the Nakshatra system). These parts are called ‘navamsha’. Each of these parts are assigned to the 12 zodiac signs in sequence. e.g. first part to Aries, the second part to Taurus and onwards till the 108th part belongs to Pisces.

Pushkar Navamsha in the D-9 chartPushakar navamsha is a special navamsha /9th part. Pushkar means ‘to nourish’. Essentially a part of the zodiac where, if there are planets placed, they get more power. If you have your Vedic software with you, check if you have any planets or the exact ascendent degree, placed in these Pushakar zones. There are 24 such Pushkar navamsha zones.

The location of the Pushkar Navamsha are as follows,

Planet placed in this sign in D- 1

Pushkar navamsha degree range

Planet shifts to this sign in the D-9


20° 00″ to 23° 20″


26° 40″ to 30° 00″



6° 40″ to 10° 00″


13° 20″ to 16° 40″

Taurus *


16° 40″ to 20° 00″


23° 20″ to 26°  40″



00° 00″ to 3° 20″

Cancer *

06° 40″ to 10° 00″



20° 00″ to 23° 20″


26° 40″ to 30° 00″



06° 40″ to 10° 00″


13° 20″ to 16° 40″



16° 40″ to 20° 00″


23° 20″ and 26° 40″



 00° 00″ to 3° 20″


06° 40″ to 10° 00″



20° 00″ and 23° 20″


26° 40″ to 30° 00″

Sagittarius  *


06° 40″ to 10° 00″


13° 20″ to 16° 40″



16° 40″ to 20° 00″


23° 20″ and 26° 40″



00° 00″ to 3° 20″


06° 40″ to 10° 00″


If you observe the third column, the Pushkar navamshas shift to the most sensitive and benign signs in the zodiac.

e.g. If you have Jupiter placed in Aries at 22° 30″ it will be in the Pushkar navamsha and in the D-9 will shift to Libra sign. This Jupiter will give very good results because of this.

The * in the table above, represent the Pushkar navamsha which are also Vargottam, i.e. the planet will occupy the same sign in the D-1 and the D-9, which will make it doubly powerful for giving his results. e.g. if you have Mars in 14° 30″ Taurus in your D-1 he will be placed in Taurus in D-9, which makes him both Pushkar and Vargottam, doubly auspicious.

Now to use your Pushkar navamsha in predictions,

First generally analyse what this planet is capable of giving you? How powerful is he? Which sign and house does he occupy in the D-1? The signs that he owns, where are they placed in your D-1 chart? Which aspects of your life does he control? Is he exalted, debilitated, retrograde, combust or aspected by malefics/ benefics etc? e.g if he is in a Dushamsthan he will be an agent of disease, death and loss. And if he is placed in the 11th house, he will give gains and expand your material and spiritual profits. But the influence of the Pushkar navamsha is this, it will promote the auspicious results and reduce the intensity of the inauspicious effects of this planet

Continuing our example, whatever results e.g. Jupiter is capable of giving you, in your chart, they will be amplified. The potential of the D-9 is 100% converted to the active D-1 in this case. Jupiter is very comfortable, the inner potential and the outer manifested are complimentary. Your personality can focus and clearly act out whatever this Jupiter directs. Jupiter is benevolent, expansive and philosophical, you will be these things inside and out! Everyone is different on the inside (D-9) as compared to the outside (D-1). But Pushkar planets are the same, inside and out, you will no deep mental/emotional discomfort as you act under their influence. Especially in your actions with your ‘significant-others’, spouse, business partners, partners in profession, parents, children etc. A Pushkar planet affects you and your connected partner in the same way, so your inner expectations are always satisfied in the outer life.

Jupiter’s results in transit will also be modified. First calculate what results are possible by combining the effects of the birth Jupiter and the transit Jupiter together. Pushkar is ‘auspicious amplification’. In the transits of Jupiter, you can calculate the exact period when he will cross this same Pushkar navamsha again. This will occur for 1-2 months during your Jupiter return, at 12yrs, 24yrs, 36yrs etc multiples of 12yrs of life. This 1-2 month window will be poised to give you exceptionally beneficial results if you use it well.

Transits of other planets over this birth Jupiter in Pushkar Navamsha will also give auspicious results. This Jupiter will modify the effects of malefic planets in transit over him. e.g Saturn transiting over Aries in our example will give generally more favourable results and the inauspicious effects are modified by the presence of Pushkar Jupiter in Aries.

Then this will also help during the transits of the rulers of the Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardasha. Transits of other planets over this birth Pushkar Jupiter during their Vimshottari dasha periods will give favourable results. (Vedic astrology is about patterns within patterns.) e.g if you are going through Mercury Mahadasha and within it Rahu antardasha, whenever Mercury or Rahu transits over Aries with the Pushkar Jupiter, their effects will be more auspicious.

The Vimshottari periods of Jupiter himself will be very powerful. The main Jupiter Mahadasha and also the Jupiter sub-periods in other planets Mahadashas. Your ’significant others’, especially the spouse, will also feel similar effects in this period.

Any special combinations, like house exchange, raj yoga etc formed with such a Pushkar Jupiter will be auspicious and give favourable results.

If the ascendant degree itself falls within a Pushkar navamsha, e.g. You are born at 17° 40″ Libra rising, your chart will be pulled up one level, life will be auspicious overall.

More planets placed in Pushkar navamshas, more powerful this chart will be. If you examine charts of highly successful people you will find 2 or more planets in Pushkar navamsha.

Pushkar Navamsha in the D-9 chartThere is a further Pushkar bhaga within the Pushkar navamsha, an exact single degree in the zodiac where the residing planet gains exceptionally high energy. This is for academic interest as you will need the exact time of birth for calculating this degree precisely. These are as follows,

  • Exact 21st degree of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
  • Exact 14th degree of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
  • Exact 24th degree of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
  • Exact 7th degree of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

There are two other ways you can use Pushkar navamsha.

  1. These degree zones are auspicious and favourable so are used in finding out good times to do things, i.e. in calculating a Muhurt. e.g if you buy a car at the time when a Pushkar navamsha is rising in the east, it will be auspicious.
  2. These are also used in Prashna method where the client asks one single important question. e.g. If the planet defining the question in the chart is falling in a Pushkar zone, the answer of the question will be favourable.

This is a rather technical post today but useful. It is something which you can easily check from your software. If you have a planet in such a Pushkar navamsha, it will give very noticeable effects and auspicious results.


Pushkar Navamsha in the D-9 chart

(There is little information on Pushkar navamsha, a bit in Jataka Parijat, but you can refer to Shri C.S. Patel’s book, ‘Navamsha and Nadi Astrology’. This post is from the books and also from my personal experience. I know a chart with 3 pushkar navansha, 1 pushkar bhaga and 3 vargottam placements, where despite the D1 being a bit problematic, the D-9 is strong enough to grant very good results)

Analysing Vimshottari dasha of rulers of houses 1-6

The Vimshottari system is the most commonly used system for timing events in a chart. It might seem complicated to analyse but it is not! If you can remember a few keywords of each house/sign and each planet you are off to a good start.

Any Vedic software can calculate which planet’s Mahadasha/ main-period is operating at the present. The planets follow a fixed order, Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. The lengths of the Main-periods and sub-periods of the planets are fixed. (There are sub-sub periods too, upto 5 levels, but you can ignore those for now). The period of the ruler of a house, activates the house.

So as a first simple step, find out which planet’s main-period you are currently in and locate which houses in your chart are ruled by this planet. e.g if you are in Moon Mahadasha and you have a Cancer Ascendant, your 1st house is ruled by the Moon. So your 1st house will be in focus during this Moon Mahadasha.

This is a good way to check if the time given to you by your client is correct. Events in a lifetime should match the periods else the birth data is incorrect.

Analysing Vimshottari dasha of rulers of houses 1-6

Time periods of the 1st house/ ascendant lord generally grant increase in physical vitality, strength and health. You are more active in your social group, you are more known. Your environment is conducive and you act with confidence. You feel energised. You mature, grow up, take on new responsibilities. Learning opportunities, new profession, marriage, birth of children is possible. You are on the move, you explore new things, travel, meet new people, you can take calculated risks which will pay off. It is a new you, more visible. Use this period wisely.

The details will depend on the nature of the planet involved. e.g. for 1st house, Aquarius sign the ascendant lord is Saturn. Saturn will always make you work hard. He is your ascendant lord so will be favourable to you, but that won’t stop him from making you work hard with discipline.

The periods ruled by the lord of the 2nd house are the possible Marak periods. You might leave your physical body if the longevity of your chart has reached its limit. The 2nd and 7th houses are the houses of Value or Maya. If you have saturated your capacity to accumulate, you leave this physical body and come back with a new one. The owners of these two houses decide the timing of the physical death. On the material side this period is about solid tangible things. You can use this time to generate wealth, investing sensibly, buying assets and making yourself financially secure. As the 2nd is also about the family you will get time to be with the family, connect with your family members, and also furthering your family interests, eg investing the family’s combined wealth. You will benefit in your profession, your social standing will improve and your birth father will also benefit through you.

The results will depend on the power of the house to give results. e.g. if you have a separative malefic planet like Ketu placed here, he will work to separate you from all that the house signifies. Thus it will be a difficult period.

Periods of the lord of the 3rd house are busy with communications. You communicate more or receive more communications. You might write, explain or teach skills. You will talk, interact. For writers, this will be a productive period as your work will be published and appreciated. Trading and gains will be possible. Brothers and brother-figures, fellow teammates will support. If you are married, this period will be favourable for your spouse as the 3rd house is in the favourable 5/9 axis from the 7th house. If the 3rd house is well-disposed this period can be quite active and fruitful.

As a general rule, the houses placed in the 5/9 axis, 1/7 axis and 4/10 axis from the house under the spotlight fare well. The houses placed in the 6/8 axis are always adversely affected, the 3/11 and 2/12 axes are also negatively impacted to some extent.

Analysing Vimshottari dasha of rulers of houses 1-6

Time periods of the lord of the 4th house are obviously linked to the home, the homeland, traditional activities and customs. You are ‘rooted’ in some way or the other. You might acquire things which give you security, e.g buy a new house, new car, landed property, orchards etc. Your parents, especially the mother will give you affection and you might feel more deeply about her. If this period occurs in the childhood, it can be better for nurture/nourishment as the mother is more available. During this periods, protection and shelter is more available. You will receive parental love in one way or the other. You might also complete your schooling, pass exams successfully etc. This period is a good one.

A lot depends on the placement of the house owner planet whose period is on, e.g if this planet is himself placed in the 12th house, then this period will cause pain and abandonment. In case you are predicting a negative result, do check if the planet concerned has matured. The intensity of the planet becomes more reasonable after this age. e.g if this is Mars, he matures at the age of 28yrs (unless his maturity is held back by late maturing planets conjunct). Before this age, he expresses himself as aggression, physical dominance, fighter, challenger, rash, ready for a physical fight. But after he matures he can become cooly competitive, impersonal, coldly calculative, business-like, focussed, the cold rage variety, a more ‘grown-up’ way of expression.

Time periods of the ruler of the 5th house are full of creativity, a whirl of bright lights, the focus on the self. Birth of children is almost always a result, or you gain students, children of your soul. This period is favourable for all sorts of activities. Gamblers, politicians, creative people, actors, celebrities, etc are all benefitted. Even for common people like us, there are gains in health, confidence, money flow, investments and overall luck. Now if your 3rd or 6th house allow breaking of rules, you might commit petty crimes and get away with them.  If the self-ego is very high these crimes may not even be considered as ‘crimes’. Actively use this time to create lasting benefits for yourself.

Some placements are more challenging and some are pleasurable, but we cannot call them bad/ good. They all just Are. Each placement helps you resolve karma and was chosen by you at birth. How you go about them is your choice always. If you resist the events unfolding around you, it will create more conflicts. But if you actively participate in them with full awareness they become more manageable.

Now the period of the ruler of the 6th house are always difficult. Karmic payback big-time! If there are planets placed here it can get worse. There is bodily illness or injury, social conflict, accusations, cheating, servitude victimisation, exploitation, addiction, crime, poverty, financial problems, problems in marriage, business, partnerships. You might have to face court proceedings. If this period occurs in childhood there might be neglect by the parents/care-takers. You are bound to experience stress during this period one way or the other. Whatever you go through, it is karmic in nature. You will feel a lot of things, try to think objectively. Physical pain, emotional pain, something painful in your family/ social/ inter-personal relationships, little things which add up and make you uncomfortable. It can become so stressful on the outer levels that you are unable to think on the internal root cause. You think in loops, you go over the details but never look beyond them into the causes. Then finally you lose faith, you doubt that there is anyone looking out for you. You feel lost and alone and this pulls you down a negative spiral. So instead, think this as a problem which you have to solve, try to be analytical rather than emotional, this would be more helpful.

This was the first step in analysing the Vimshottari dasha. The keywords from the houses 1st to 6th, will write about the 7th to 12th in my next post.


Analysing Vimshottari dasha of rulers of houses 1-6