Venus Saturn and relationships in 2023

As per the Ved there are two major reasons why we are unable to perceive our own Reality. One is the desire which leads to confusion – Moha and the second is fear which leads to restrictions – Bhaya. 

In astrological terms these are the graha, Venus and Saturn. So when you study your sample horoscopes, if you see any connection between Saturn and Venus take a few more minutes to study it. Also if you see an ongoing Saturn/Venus dasha combination, analyse it further. Finally significant Saturn Venus transits and aspects also have the ability to really mess up lives.

A quick post today because of a personal experience yesterday. I went through a very confusing evening before realising why my mind was inexplicably in such turmoil. Venus had entered Aquarius in the afternoon and with Saturn already present there, everything was caught in a strange twist of attraction and repulsion.

Venus and Saturn are conjunct every year for about 28 days. This year Venus will remain in Aquarius till 15th Feb 2023. During this time whatever Venus signifies in your chart will see restrictions, separations, pain and suffering. Eg if he is your Ascendant lord then you may fall ill, feel depressed and unable to think on what you want to do. If he is your 5th lord then your boyfriend/girlfriend might dump you. If he is your 7th lord then your loved one might ignore you or be temporarily separated from you. If he is your 11th lord then your expected gains might be delayed, your friends will cause you pain etc. 

Venus is the natural lord of the 2nd and 7th houses, ie your resources, money flow, spouse, legal agreements, business partnership, meditative practices, marak etc. He is also incharge of all the desirable things in life, the beauty and the joy that comes when you live your life to the fullest. So, with Saturn influencing Venus, all these beautiful aspects of your life will suffer from a strange melancholy. You might feel fearful about losing these things for no real reason, or suddenly stop trusting these loved ones in your life or suffer from a fear of being abandoned by your closest love/ relationship. Separation emotional/ physical from your loved one/ spouse is likely. You might permanently or temporarily lose that one person who loves you the most or the one you love the most. So be careful in the matters of the heart. Avoid arguments with your loved one during this time. Recognise the efforts that your loved one makes for you and try to reciprocate even if you do not feel like it. Satisfaction and genuine emotional support in your love relationships will be missing. Also you may not be able to tell your loved one how much you love him. Avoid brief flings which can spoil things with your true love. There will be an undercurrent of guilt, suffering and internal loneliness. 

Loss of money is possible during this time. So if you are thinking of investments, check everything twice before committing yourself. You will want to hold on to material resources, money and desire physical security during this time. And it is possible that you will neglect your spiritual practice. Your family will cause you pain or loss. Be careful if acting under pressure from your family members.

If you meet new people during this time it will be more for social interactions, through the family connections etc. It would be best to keep these people at this basic social level, do not bring them closer into your life, into your heart. As finding new love interests or genuine friends or people on the same mental frequency as you, during this time, is unlikely. These new people will most likely be your enemies from your past lives here to teach you a deep karmic lesson, hitting you on your relationships, desires, spiritual practice and your desire to be intimate, to love and be loved equally in return.

This year, Saturn had just entered Aquarius so today, in just one day, Venus crossed him, ie won the graha yuddha, planetary war. Technically, now Venus has more power to deliver his results. But Saturn owns Aquarius, is in his own mooltrikon and capable of strong results. He will not yield to Venus so easily and subtly continue to affect his significations. Similarly Venus will also subtly vitiate Saturn’s significations.

We can also use the Nakshatra transits to fine tune their balance of power / results in Aquarius. Saturn is in Dhanishtha till 15th Mar. Venus will be in Dhanishtha till 28th Jan, then in Shatataraka till 7th Feb and in Poorvabhadrapada after that. Their connected planets, Dhanishtha – Mars is in Taurus, Shatataraka – Rahu is in Aries and Poorvabhadrapada – Jupiter is in Pisces. Currently Rahu and Jupiter are under Saturn’s influence. So when Venus enters Shatataraka and Poorvabhadrapada again he will be subtly more under Saturn’s influence. Saturn is the king of this year, controlling everything from his own signs.

Back to Venus. After exiting Aquarius and his close conjunction with Saturn, Venus will enter Pisces and remain here till 12th Mar. He will be exalted and willing to give good results but during this time, he will be conjunct Jupiter, who rules Pisces, and both the Devguru and Daityaguru will now be in an intense Paap kartari of Saturn and Rahu. This too will be a turbulent period where the significations of Venus and Jupiter both will suffer. Jupiter and Venus is also a typical combination which leads to internal stress (post here) and the Saturn – Rahu paapkartari, ‘cruel scissor’ combination, will cause more mental stress during this period. A lack of guidance, misguidance and mental chaos is likely for most of us. You might see situations trying to give you gain, might feel that the fruit of your hard work is finally in your hands but Saturn – Rahu will not let you enjoy this. 

And after all this drama, Venus will enter Aries and remain here till 6th Apr. This time he will be with his disciple Rahu and aspecting his other disciple Ketu. Conflicting desires, illusions, fear and uncertainty as the typical Venus – Rahu conjunction will be aspected by Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn’s extra 3rd 10th aspects are generally more intense. Keep your ambitions on a sensible level, do not cheat, lie, conceal things, hurt others for your own gain. Do not engage in flings and immoral activities. Saturn will not allow this and you will be required to suffer for this later. If you have a spiritual mindset, you will be able to use the energy of Venus – Ketu to tide over else Venus-Rahu will trap your mind in extravagant illusions of desire ultimately causing your fall.


Another point is that Saturn will get combust from 5th Feb to 14th Mar. Generally we do not give much significance to Saturn’s combustion but this time we must factor in this too. Father and son, Sun and Saturn are not on good terms. And Sun will be combusting Saturn in his own mooltrikon, in his own rashi. The contrary natures of Sun and Saturn and being forced to endure each others presence will be too much for both of them. All significations of Sun and Saturn in the charts will suffer. Saturn in his mooltrikon is capable of giving good results but Sun will constrain him from doing so. And an uncomfortable, burnt out Saturn influencing the other planets is going to cause even more discomfort for all of us. 

(I have used the dates from Drikpanchang)