Love matches, genuine or fraud

You will get clients, young couples who wish to get married despite their parents objections. Or you might get parents who have reluctantly agreed to the match but want an astrological reassurance that their child is not being cheated. Or a young man/ woman who wishes to cross-check if his lover genuinely loves him before taking the plunge. Here your position should be of that of a spectator, not get involved emotionally and analyse the charts professionally.

Love affairs are the domain of the 5th house and formal marriage is governed by the 7th house. For a love match to turn into a successful marriage these both houses need to be strong and in addition the 9th house also should give its blessings. I have seen several cases where the attraction turns out to be temporary and some cases where the subsequent marriage turned out to be better than what anyone could have imagined.

So first analyse the birth Moon in-depth. The Moon is the clarity of the mental processes, the strength of emotions, stability of understanding and the lens of perception. A powerful Moon elevates the quality of the entire horoscope, there are fewer inauspicious events in life and the person has the capacity to bounce back easily. An inauspiciously placed Moon gives a fickle and immature mind. It cannot identify people who are out to cheat him.

Love matches, genuine or fraud

Here are some typical combinations of a stressed out Moon, if either of the charts show this then it indicates that this person might be led into unsuitable situations.

If the Moon is placed alone and both the houses on either side are vacant (Kemadruma yog). This person feels alone and isolated emotionally. He may have had a childhood of neglect perhaps. It is easy to get him dependant emotionally, an easy prey for the unscrupulous others. And these people can be quite successful professionally, are quite intelligent especially in theoretical sciences. But are emotionally alone. Later you might see cases of cheating where such a person signed away his property in favour of someone and was left with nothing.

If the Moon is placed with malefics, the person has a weak mind which is easily led. He feels victimised and under stress for no reason. He can get easily depressed or swayed or can get dependent on someone who shows him superficial love or sympathy. Easy to trap him in marriage.

If both the houses on either side of the Moon are occupied by only malefics, (Paapkartari yog). This person feels stressed out, feels that he is targeted by others, feels hurt and is again an easy target for someone who wants to get him to marry. Can be trapped by a show of sympathy and superficial love. Later this combination can go on to indicate domestic violence also especially of the psychological kind.

If the Moon and Jupiter are placed in the 6/8 axis. (Or sometimes in the 2/12 axis.) This combination (Shakata yog) invariably causes delay in marriage, immaturity in love affairs, lack of judgement, headstrong nature which ultimately causes damage to oneself. However one good thing is that this is a cyclic thing, the person falls to the depths of misery and then rises again. But this can grant a vacillating nature which is again not a good thing.

A Moon in stress makes the personality go either way. One is either the sufferer or the perpetrator. eg If one was neglected emotionally, he might be rather gullible, believe someone who offers him sympathy, not logically think on what could be the real motives. Or he can go the other extreme where his emotional responses to life are stunted and he will behave in an emotionally hurtful manner to some one who genuinely loves him later.

Now in these combinations, if the Moon is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th 5th or 9th houses the effect is somewhat reduced in intensity. Aspects or influences of benefic planets will immensely help such a Moon. The native will feel emotionally and mentally positive and stronger. If the ascendant sign and the ascendant lord is well placed then the person can somehow manage to adjust to his circumstances even if there are adversities in life.

Remember that one of the charts shows such a stressed out Moon then then there is a possibility that there is something not good about the ‘love match’ scene. (Confirm the same with an instant Prashna kundali)

One another thing you should be aware of is that, often mantra are used to control persons. This is a use of the Vashikaran mantras. (This is negative karma for the one doing it, often they suffer some life time disbility, progeny is affected or physical death occurs in a bad way.) I have seen Vashikaran mantras being used several times, before marriage and even after marriage.

Influence of Ketu active in the horoscope at that time is a very potent indication of psychic energies being used to control the other.

(There is a young man I know, practically like a son. He is the only son of an ultra-rich family. Amavasya birth, Sun/Moon/Venus/Mercury in the 7th house, all aspected by Saturn. Ketu mahadasha on, current transit of Rahu on this Ketu. Birth Ketu placed 12th from his Moon. A woman has used vashikaran on him. He introduced her, wanted me to do the chart matching, but she did not give her correct birth date nor her palm prints. But the aura does not lie, she is several years older than him and unsuitable. Now he’s called up saying that the wedding is next month. Astrologically it is an impending disaster for both the woman and the man.)

(Someone I know went to USA for higher education and has fallen prey to vashikaran there! She refuses to come back and insists on marrying a highly unsuitable man. There are traces of Vashikaran in her aura which the Thoth Tarot cards also confirm. But she is just too far away and living with that man now to do anything about it.)

Love matches, genuine or fraud

The Dasha periods and the current transits of the planets are used to time events. Naturally Dashas/transits will also trigger episodes of love affairs. The planets involved are,

  • The planets placed in the 7th house or aspecting it or its planetary owner.
  • Venus can trigger affairs or marriages during periods controlled by him. He is the permanent agent of marriage and male-female relationships.
  • The planets placed 7th from the birth Moon.
  • The sign placed 7th from the birth Moon and its planetary owner.
  • The planetary rulers of the navamsha sign where these above planets get placed in.

(If you are following a sign based Dasha system then the periods controlled by the 7th house sign. The sign in which Venus is placed. The sign in which the 7th lord is placed. The sign placed 7th to the birth Moon can also trigger marriage or serious love affairs. Or the navamsha signs in which these planets are placed)

You have to analyse one thing here. The Dasha /transit should be capable of granting a strong bond. ie whatever planet/ sign is triggering the event, it should be capable of giving auspicious results. (Best refer the Ashtakvarga charts for their power) If the energies involved are not strong enough, then some sort of emotional relationship can occur. This can be a one-sided affair, physical intimacy or a temporary attachment. For a formal marriage to occur the Dasha /transit has to be strongly linked to the 7th house of both the charts. This is the essential requirement, the trigger planets/signs have to be auspicious, not damaged by malefic influences, strong and connected to the 7th house. If there is any damage to these then it is a clear sign that there will be issues in the future.

Finally you can check if the horoscopes match astrologically (post here).

There are several types of marriages from an astrological point of view, some are socially acceptable and some are not. A marriage is a life time event, the energy of the union is retained till the physical death of one of the two. There is nothing called a ‘legal divorce’ from the energy point of view. So analyse carefully when you get clients of the marrying kind.

Love matches, genuine or fraud

Six types of mantras in ‘magic’

Mantras are intentions. Specific Sanskrit words which amplify your intentions and make things happen. There is a misconception regarding Mantra, Yantra  and Tantra. Most people think that all this is evil and black magic. It is nothing of the sort. Energy is plain energy, you can use it a per your conscience. Mantra is a way of harnessing and focussing energy. It is your intention makes it good/evil and none but your conscience judges you.

There are six types of mantra as per the intention of the user.

Shanti mantra – these mantra are used for peaceful purposes. Shanti means rest, peace, calm, averting pain, welfare, etc, positive state of mind and body. These reduce the effect of negative energies prevailing on the practitioner and his family. Checking evil actions of enemies, ghosts and malefics in the horoscope. This can be used to enhance recovery from diseases and also to avoid impending disease/death. Even to ensure a good agriculture harvest, milk production and in animal husbandry. For success in business and profession and to avoid losses, tension and theft. To improve self-confidence and achieve one’s desires.

Shanti mantra are not harmful to anyone else and are intended for everyone’s welfare. There are pujas like Satya-narayan pujas where the mantras are invoked for peace and happiness in a family and in the society.

Jupiter, the owner of Sagittarius and Pisces

Vashikarna mantra  – Vashikaran means to attract, subjugate, tame, bewitch etc. These mantras are used to bring someone or something under the control of the practitioner. If you want your enemy to be in your control and get your work as per your desire these mantras are to be used. But remember that controlling someone against his wishes for personal gain and selfishness is negative karma. So think twice, if this is for the actual benefit of that other person and if your conscience permits it. Generally these mantras are used for gaining worldly pleasures and the wife/husband of choice, this is a positive way of using them where you are not coercing others for your benefit. But the prevailing theme is to use these for controlling the spouse against his/her will, it later inevitably leads to karmic back-lash (have seen this happen several times). These are also used by tantriks to capture spirits as slaves which almost always has a bad ending.

Sthambhan mantra – Sthamban means to arrest, restrain, check, paralyse etc. These are used to stop or reduce the speed of actions. The proper use of these mantras is to stop anyone from speaking or doing anything bad against you, this is justified. These will not actively harm the other party just stop them. But there are people who will use these to cause problems for others. Eg you get a client who is unable to get married and you see that her neighbour has paralysed the situation out of sheer spite! There are plenty of unscrupulous practitioners who can perform such rituals for a fee.

Vidveshan mantra – These are used to create conflicts or differences between two persons. These can used to control a harmful person who is causing damage to you as a means of self-protection. However some people use them to create differences between family members, this is negative karma.

Ucchatan mantra – Ucchatan means to ruin, eradicate, separate, upset, overthrow etc. These mantra create disturbances in the mind of the target. These can make humans, animals, spirits etc leave a place by force. The target meets with failures in his profession. Thee can be used to make someone distracted and lose focus. Earlier these were used against enemies of the nation or in situations where a large number of one’s people were to be protected from invaders etc. Even now they are used to get rid of ghosts and to clear up hauntings. These can be used for self-protection. eg If someone has abandoned his spouse and family, and is running after someone else, he can be made to forget that person and brought to his family.

Maaran mantra – Used to kill someone. (Should be never used, as it is a huge negative karmic action). These mantras can be used only in very rare cases, perhaps in national interest, where protection for a large segment of people can be ensured only with the death of one person. The karmic cost of this act is very high.

Obsessively Ambitious Kaal Sarpa

The general method in using these Vashikaran, Stambhan, Vidveshan, Ucchatan, Maaran mantras is to create an item infused with the energies of this mantra. Anything touched by you becomes a means to gain access to you. Even the soil on which a person walks on can be collected and used if one knows how. So if your enemy or someone you know is inimical to you gives you some of these things, avoid.

  • To eat as a prasadam – ghee, fruit,
  • Tries to give as a gift from the deity – flower, leaf,
  • Or if tries to put a tilak ie a mark on your forehead using ash, vermillion etc.
  • Or if you see things dropped at your door, eg, sticks smeared with vermillion etc, ash, lemons, mustard seeds, coconuts, random strange things which have a disagreeable aura.
  • Or you see nails put into your front door frame, these are difficult to see and this happens quite frequently.

So much about mantras but which are the mantras used? One extreme is the Devi Mahatmya /Durga Saptashati. This book has about 700 mantras. Each one has a meaning and a specific way in which they are to be used. But to use them first you have to ‘Siddha’ the Nav-avarna mantra. ie the Nav-avarna mantra has to be fruitful for you. This means a 9 lac repetition of this Mantra first. After that the entire mantra set of the Devi Mahatmya is in your grasp. The second extreme is our daily Gayatri mantra. (ॐ भूः भुवः स्वः । ॐ तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम । भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि। धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात॥ ॐ Om bhuh bhuvah swahah Om tat savitur varenyan bhargo devasya dhimahi dheeyo yonah prachodayat Om). Recited in its regular format it works as a very effective Shanti mantra. But there is also an entire tantric way of using this mantra, most commonly by adding a beej akshar to it.

So for all of us the safest and easiest way of protecting ourselves is to recite the Gayatri mantra in its regular form. This is all the magic that you need!


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