Seven categories of the Nakshatra

This is also a basic post, a longish answer to a question on the types of Nakshatra and how to use them in analysing charts. The Nakshatra are the the basic structure of Jyotish (post here). Interpreting their characteristics gives a more pin-point analysis of the personality. 

The basic types of Nakshatra are Kshipra, Ugra, Mrudu/Tikshna or Mishra, Dhruva, Mrudu, Tikshna and Chara. You will see the natures of the nakshatra more commonly used in calculating Muhurt (post here), ie auspicious time for performing certain actions, this is a part of electional astrology. As per the Muhurt Chintamani, the energies of the Dhruva nakshatra are stronger on Sundays, Chara on Mondays, Ugra on Tuesdays, Mishra on Wednesdays, Kshipra on Thursdays, Mrudu on Fridays and Teekshna on Saturdays. But you can also use their natures to determine how the planets placed in them in your birth chart will work, this is what I will try to explain in this post, briefly. 

The nakshatra environment influences the ability of the graha-s to give results. Generally when we discuss nakshatra-s we think of only the Birth Moon’s lunar mansion. Which is a good point to start with. The Moon is nurture, nutrition and nature. But for an in-depth study you have to analyse each of the Nakshatra-s in where your 9 graha and also the ascendant/rising degree are located. In our example chart, the Ascendant degree is located in Pushya, Ketu in Hasta, Sun in Chitra, Venus in Chitra, Jupiter in Swati, Mercury in Vishakha, Mars in Uttarashadha, Saturn in Dhanishtha, Moon in Purvabhadrapada and Rahu in Uttarabhadrapada. So these nakshatra-s will modulate the activities of the planets/rising degree as per their typical natures.

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

So how do the 7 nakshatra categories work?

The behaviour of the planet will change as per the nakshatra he is placed in. Eg If Saturn is placed in a Kshipra Nakshatra he will not be comfortable, he is by nature slow, but the energy of the nakshatra environment is making him hurry along. He will not be able to give his optimal results here. The rising degree/ Lagna nakshtra will have a very significant say on your body structure and overall environment. Also analyse the Nakshatra the ascendant lord occupies, this will give pointers on, what you want to do, how you like doing it and how you use the environment in which you are placed. 

So very briefly on the 7 types of natures of the lunar mansions. 

Kshipra nakshatra – Kshipra means ‘very quick’ – three lunar mansions in this category, Ashvini, Pushya and Hasta. These are sometimes called Laghu, which means ‘limited’ nakshatra. They can grant bursts of speed, energy and vitality. There is a sense of rapid movement, adaptability and flexibility around them. Any graha placed in these Nakshatra will give sudden and swift results, but these generally do not endure over a longer period of time, ie are limited in this sense. These Nakshatra are good for all types work which require a spurt of energy but cannot power activities which need sustained efforts over long period of time. There is limited depth to these nakshatras, ie they are suited for logical stuff but things requiring deep thinking or philosophy may not suit their nature. Any planet placed in these Nakshatra-s will give results somewhat on these lines. Eg, if your birth Moon, the fastest graha, is in any of these nakshatra-s, your mind works very fast. You are quick to grasp ideas, understand concepts and are quite creative. The body is also generally fit and active. Emotional and physical health remains good. You are able to seize the opportunity and make the most of it. But you will have to ensure that the quickness of your mind does not end up in fickle-mindedness. 

Ugra or Fierce Nakshatra are Bharani, Magha, Purvaphalguni, Purvashadha and Purvabhadrapada. Their nature is aggressive, assertive and bold. Highly competitive by nature they will seize success by their actions. They are physically powerful, have a strong intellect and are generally not swayed by emotions. They have distinct opinions and are not afraid to express themselves. Capable of ruthless actions which can easily hurt others. If these nakshatra-s do not control their aggression, their life can become problematic. Their problems are often hidden in the initial stages and suddenly erupt later at advanced stages where repairing them can be difficult. If you have any graha placed in the Ugra nakshatra-s, then you will show an inherent aggressive behaviour towards those things in life represented by this planet. Events related to this planet will occur with uncharacteristic force. Even the milder planets like Moon, Venus or Jupiter placed here gain a higher level of intensity and assertiveness. And the aggressive graha-s placed here will amplify their aggression. If the Moon or ascendant degree or its lord is placed in these, then your personal nature and surroundings can be very intense. Do introspect a bit and try to use your inherent Ugra nature in a more controlled manner as an overdose of fierce energies is never a good idea.

Mishra, Mixed nature or Mrudu/Teekshna – there are just the two lunar mansions Krutika and Vishakha. Their nature is a mix of the sober and the aggressive. Their early life is more difficult, there may be illnesses or neglect in the childhood but things generally ease out later in life. These nakshatra can get very competitive in certain areas of life and in some areas they get over-powered easily. An undercurrent of secrecy and passion almost always underlies all their actions. They feel very intensely and can lash out unexpectedly. They generally have no close friends nor sworn enemies and can get along equally with all. If you have any birth planets placed these nakshatra, then you will show this mixed type of behaviour towards the things these planets rule over in your life. You have very intense energies which have to be expressed in a balanced manner to be useful. A fire is necessary for life but if used inappropriately can burn everything down. The more aggressive planets are more at home in these lunar mansions but using them in a productive manner can be a challenge. And the milder planets though a bit uncomfortable perform reasonably well. 

Dhruva or fixed nakshtra are Rohini, Uttaraphalguni,  Uttarashadha and Uttarabhadrapada. These are the best balanced Nakshatra energies. Their body and mind is strong and life is generally easy and stable. They are capable of using what they have in a systematic and productive manner. Physically fit and emotionally stable, their moral character and understanding is also good. These energies are capable of creating a sustained path to success which will be enduring. They evolve themselves and create assets which help others too. Gentle natured, fair, mild-mannered but very firm about what they have decided. They are clear about their purpose in life and are determined to achieve it. If you have any planet in these lunar mansions, try to use its energies more consciously in your life. You will be able to maintain a balanced approach in respect to those things related to this graha. Whatever aspects of life they indicate, you will progress well and be satisfied there. All graha-s perform quite well in the environment presented by these naksahtra-s. If you have the more important planets eg Moon, Ascendant sign/lord and even the Yogkarak graha here, you can especially benefit from the Dhruva energies. 

Mrudu or Tender/sweet lunar mansions include Mruga, Chitra, Anuradha and Revati. These are delicate in nature and there is a softness, a tenderness about them. They expect softness from others always. Their focus is more on relationships, communication, art etc, the more refined and creative aspects of existence. The body is reasonably heathy but remains sensitive and there may be an inherent susceptibility to illness.  There is a very real possibility of emotional vulnerability. If you have too many planets in these Nakshatra-s you must be careful as always expecting sweetness in life is not a good thing. You have to evaluate your expectations in the aspects of life linked to these planets. As when these expectations break, which they eventually will, it will create emotional issues. These issues will spill over into the body frame causing illnesses. And also affect your relationships with the others around you. In the charts I have seen, people having their birth Moon in these lunar mansions generally go through some sort of neglect during their childhood. This may be emotional or physical, but probably breaks their expectations very early in life. And this later life generally manifests as a sharp tongue and an ability to hurt other with their words.

Teekshna or Sharply pointed Nakshatra are Aradra, Ashleysha, Mula and Jeyshtha. These are known for their aggressive and destructive natures. They are highly assertive, confident and uncaring of what effect their behaviour has on others. These energies are not favourable for creative or constructive actions. They are not helpful or supportive in nature. They can separate from family/ friends, create enemies and thus several difficulties in life. The physical body may be susceptible to illness or emotional issues are also possible as the stress levels will increase with time. If you have the milder planets here, then it creates a deep internal discomfort in the areas of life linked to them. Aggressive planets here cause an over-load of aggression. So if you have any planet in these Teekshna lunar mansions, analyse it carefully and try to use their destructive powers sensibly. Try not to harm yourself and others around you in the process. Every sort of energy can be channelized safely if you know how it works. Even destruction is a desirable thing if done in a controlled and targeted manner. 

Chara Nakshatra or the lunar mansions of the ‘moveable’ nature. These are Punarvasu, Svati, Shravan, Dhanishtha and Shatataraka. They are capable of giving generally fast and positive results. Again their results are not very permanent or enduring, there is sense of superficiality about them. Good for providing bursts of energy at the right moment. The body and the mind is active and desirous of change. They like getting into many things, know a lot, but converting this into action can take time, but once they begin, they move to finish the task. They are somewhat similar to the Kshipra nakshatra-s, but not as swift as them. If you have any planets in these Nakshatra-s, it would be best if you have all the information you need before moving in the aspects of life controlled by them. Be clear in your own mind what you want and how do you want to go about it. 

In Jyotish, you have to eventually learn about the lunar mansions and their use in analysing charts. These 7 categories is a small start in this direction. The Nakshatra is the subtle energy which rules your astral self, the Sookshma-sharir (post here) and thus is linked to your inherent potential which you can consciously actualise in your life.