Bhavat bhavam, convert the potential into the actual

Bhavat bhavam is an important concept in analysing houses. I have written about one way of looking at it in this earlier post. It means ‘house of the house’, ie to analyse a house, you also need to check the power of the house placed that same number of houses away from it. A house may have the potential but this bhavat bhavam house provides the opportunities for the potential to be realised. If the house under scrutiny is a house of turmoil, then the bhavat bhavam for this house will reduce the effects of the turmoil in life. And if the house concerned is an auspicious house then the power of the bhavat bhavam house will accentuate the beneficial effects.

These are the bhavat bhavam houses for the 12 houses of the horoscope.

  • 1st house – the ascendant has no Bhavat bhavam house
  • 2nd house – 3rd house (counted second from the 2nd house)
  • 3rd house – 5th house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 4th house – 7th house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 5th house – 9th house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 6th house – 11th house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 7th house – 1st house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 8th house – 3rd house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 9th house – 5th house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 10th house – 7th house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 11th house – 9th house is the bhavat bhavam
  • 12th house – 11th house (this is counted twelfth from the 12th house)

If you notice the Bhavat bhavam houses are all the odd houses of the chart. Every odd house is the bhavat bhavam for two other houses which are in an axis. The odd houses are related to the expression of the personality outwards, towards the others. These houses are the way you pull in the stimuli from the outer world and how you respond to these stimuli. These houses generally look outwards from the personality, ‘extro-spective’ and are more inclusive. This doesn’t mean that the even houses are less important than the odd houses. It just means that they have different orientations and functions. The even houses are more directed inwards, towards the home, the family, the self and the inner self. Here you are more introspective and more exclusive. The energies generated here are pushed inwards as you analyse the events occurring around you with reference to your individual self.

Bhavat bhavam, convert the potential into the actual

Now let’s check out the ‘house of the house’ using the trikon concept. The Dharma trikon is the 1st 5th 9th houses. The Artha trikon houses are the 2nd 6th 10th. The Kama trikon is the 3rd 7th 11th houses. The Moksh trikon is the 4th 8th 12th houses. The houses belonging to the Dharma and Kama trikon subtly influence the other houses in the chart through bhavat bhavam. The houses which are the foundation and the houses which are the desires/actions are the odd houses. And the houses which are linked to your secret self, your inner life, those things which have real meaning for the individual you are the even houses of the horoscope.

The ascendant house has no other house influencing it. This is a subtle reminder that the 1st house is the all important house which is the essence of the entire personality. If the 1st house is powerful enough, then just this one factor can elevate the quality of the entire horoscope significantly. The 1st house is the bhavat bhavam only for the 7th house. So for the 7th house to give its results effectively, the 1st house has to be strong. Obviously, 7th house is the second most important house of the chart. The 7th house is used to determine the significant partnerships, time of death etc. But now the 7th house is the bhavat bhavam for the 4th and 10th house. Ie the 4th and 10th houses can give their promised results only if the 7th house is powerful enough. And the 1st, 4th, 7th 10th are the pillars of the chart, kendra houses. So you see how the power of the 1st house subtly influences these pillars of your horoscope.

The houses placed in the 7/7 axis, ie opposite to each other have the same bhavat bhavam house and this is quite an important way of looking at the axis as a whole.

Then the 3rd house is the bhavat bhavam for the 2nd and 8th houses. The 2/8 axis is linked to your personal assets and how you use them, change them, evolve them through sudden opportunities. Your ability to navigate through these sudden changes is a function of your personal boldness and risk taking abilities, ie the 3rd house. The 2nd house gives the timing of death and the 8th house is the situation of death, so the bhavat bhavam the 3rd house is the desire for life, the courage to live. A powerful 3rd house will help actualise the positive potential of the 2/8 axis and reduce the inauspicious fruits of the 2/8 axis.

The 5th house is the bhavat bhavam for the 3rd and 9th houses. The 3/9 axis is how you create multiple options in life and also choose between them. The 9th house signifies universal philosophy. So in the 3/9 axis, you first create multiples and then synthesise then back to the singular. Here you try to understand rational logic as well as deep philosophy. The bhavat bhavam for both the 3rd and 9th houses is the 5th house. The 5th house is your personal genius, intelligence, creative actions, self confidence and self-ego. A auspicious 5th house will help you make better use of the power of the 3/9 axis.

The 7th house as we saw earlier is the bhavat bhavam for the 4/10 axis. The security and comforts that you are born with and the work that you would like to perform in this life. Both these houses are the kendra houses, pillars of the chart. The 7th house is one-one relationships which is the basic foundation of both the home and the society. A powerful 7th house ensures that you are successful on the home and the work fronts both.

The 9th house is the bhavat bhavam for the 5th and the 11th houses. The 5th house represents your self confidence, genius and your personal channel for divine inspiration. The 11th house is how you interact with the greater society and your gain from your personal creativity. To convert the promise of the 5/11 axis to reality, a powerful  9th house is necessary. This would mean that you would have the necessary life philosophy, luck, blessings from the Guru, help from your peers/patrons and your own auspicious benefits from your past lives to push the agenda of the 5/11 axis.

The 11th house is the bhavat bhavam for the 6th and 12th houses. The 11th house is the ‘house of gains’, but then what is gain? The 6th house is about the deepest understanding of your personal karma imbalance, it is a very serious house. The 11th house can reduce the harshness of the 6th house and help you work out your karma in a gentler manner. The 12th house is the final culmination via meditative states, you have rebalanced the karma and have gained something very Real. The 11th house can reduce the losses signified by the 12th house and increase its positive qualities. This is the real gain which is signified by the 11th house. So if the 11th house is powerful you will be able to use the 6/12 axis in the real sense and increase your awareness levels.

The entire chart is interlinked. You cannot see one house in isolation and neither does one placement make a reading. There are patterns within patterns and influences from unlikely places. So if you get charts where the promise of a house is denied or reduced, then do check out the power of its corresponding Bhavat bhavam house. This is very useful concept in Jyotish and helps in analysing the power of the chart to convert the potential to the actual.


Bhavat bhavam, convert the potential into the actual





Dharma Trikon of the horoscope

The 12 houses of the horoscope are divided into the Dharma Trikon, houses 1, 5 and 9. The Arth Trikon houses 2, 6 and 10. The Kama Trikon of houses 3, 7 and 11 and the Moksh Trikon houses 4, 8 and 12.

Every human needs these 4 categories of activities to live a reasonably comfortable and happy life. These are Sanskrit words so have layers of meanings and cannot be translated exactly. However, broadly Dharma is the foundation of your life, from the physical environments to the spiritual principles and the deepest understanding of these. Arth is all the hoards, the income, finances and wealth, all the assets and treasuries that you build up on ever level the physical, emotional spiritual etc, and also your understanding of these. Kama is the all the desires that you have, desires ranging from company of friends, interaction with the society, with the spouse and to being with your own Self. These desires also operate on all levels. And finally Moksh, the closure of every aspect of this life, the ultimate understanding of each aspect and also the foundations that you lay down in the astral which will serve as the seeds of your next life experience.

Dharm trikon/triangle is the three houses, 1, 5 and 9 and the aspects of your life that they indicate. Here you decide your personal dharma/Swadharma. (The universal Dharma is called Rita). You choose what is right for you, the right social context, the right creativity and the right philosophies.

The First House

The 1st natural house of the zodiac is Aries, and its ruler Mars, so Aries and Mars wherever they may be located will have a subtle influence on the matters of the 1st house, in addition the actual sign and its planetary ruler.

The 1st house is the house of your personality, the energy of your physical manifestation, the beauty of your face, your skin, complexion, the proportions of your body. Your physical appearance the muscle strength the vitalness, the competitive energies, basically the force of your personality expressed in every way possible. The energies of the Annamaya-kosha, the layer of your body which is visible to the eyes are the 1st house or the ascendant. The 1st house also has its say on how your body and mind can enjoy what is available to you. Do you permit yourself the capacity to enjoy pleasure or pain! Do you have significant personal integrity? Also are you honorable and dependable? This house lays the foundation of your physical life. This is the house of beginnings and the potential that you derive from your birth. Your birth circumstances, social status and the role you are expected to perform in the society. The experience of your early childhood. All of this is connected to the assets you have accumulated in your immediate past life.

How you feel about your social position? Do you actively work to improve it or damage it further? How do others treat you as a matter of routine? Is your voice heard in your social setting? Social ranking is also related to material accomplishment and contributes to your ego. Thus what society thinks of you, determines your quality of life experiences.

This house is counted 5th from the 9th house, thus is the expression of the guidance and philosophies that you have chosen for yourself and guided in this by your Guru, paternal figures, patrons and peers. It is the 9th from the 5th house so is the summation of the deeper understanding of your own creative forces and your active use of them.

Ultimately you desire social validation and use your physical attributes to compete, this lays the foundation of your social personality. The domain of the 1st house.

Dharma Trikon of the horoscope

The Fifth House

This is the house of your creative expressions. The natural zodiac sign here is Leo, ruled by the Sun. So Leo and Sun wherever they may be located will have a subtle influence on the matters of the 5th house.

You are known by your actions, you maybe famous or notorious, both are expressions of your personal creative actions. You will be made visible through your behaviour e.g. a leader with power or performing arts like dances, theatre, musical compositions. Or you will be made visible by your channelising of abstract divine intelligence, your scholarship, publications drawing, painting and writing. This is the house of being Visible, the natural ruler is the Sun!

The 5th also indicates your higher education. Training in skills, practice and preparation. guidance from parents and teachers, personal focus and also your confidence which comes from a secure childhood environment. And then the capacity to think and to convert what you been taught into new actions. All this provides you a platform for your accomplishments which will be then recognised socially.

Another function of the 5th is to create new ways of using information/intelligence and also drive the society as such to a newer understanding of civilisation. Also to create new children who will live in this newer version of civilisation.

(One point to be noted here. I have seen charts with auspicious placements concerning 5th house but having no children. The more powerful this house is, the more will you be inclined to use its energies for high art, high intellectual expression, superb performances, or great spiritual/political leaderships, rather than producing children from your own physical body. If you observe, genuine and great achievers in any field (artists/leaders/sadhus/etc) have no or limited physical children, if they have any they will engage nannies to take care of them.)

This house is the 5th from the 1st house, thus obviously is the creative expression of the personality. It is also the 9th from the 9th, thus is the foundation of auspiciousness and all sorts of fortune/Bhagya in the horoscope.

This is the house of your speculative creativity and its resultant fame. The Glory of your Ego.

The Ninth House

This is the theoretical basis of your life, here you choose the creed you live by here. The natural zodiac sign here is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. So Sagittarius and Jupiter wherever they may be located will have a subtle influence on the matters of the 9th house.

Your belief system which has developed out of your own creative processes and the religious system that you relate you.The paternal figures whom you choose and really respect as a father-figure (Biological father is the 10th house, you do not have a choice in this). This is the house of the Guru, the one who teaches you wisdom. (Modern education is not about wisdom, it is more the 3rd house). The help and support that the society will give you, your peers and patrons and the elders who help you further your place in society.

The philosophies which are your own (the ideas you were trained in are seen from the 4th house). The ancestral wisdom that derives from the ancestors of your current life and the wisdom you have garnered throughout your own past lives. This is the house of sustained study, deep contemplation and the intention of Dharma. You want to know the deepest possible in the domain of study here which may not have any direct practical application but is the foundation of all your mental processes. Your moral wisdom, your sense of humanity and your associations with similarly philosophical persons and institutions. Your understanding of the divine-human association is the 9th.

Your Bhagya/auspiciousness. The 9th house indicates the best of the best associations that you have created for yourself.

All the 4 types of trikons are based on creative expressions. Example, in the Dharma trikon, the 5th is the creative expression of the 1st, the 9th is the creative expression of the 5th and the 1st is again the creative expression of the 9th. Each house is counted 5th from the other. This is true for all the trikons. All the 4 types of trikons are also based on philosophies and deepest understandings. Example, the Dharma trikon, 9th is counted 9th from the 1st, the 5th is counted 9th from the 9th and the 1st is counted 9th from the 5th. Thus they are the deepest understanding and philosophical depths of each other.

In horoscope analysis this 5-9 axis is very important. For analysing every house do take into account the placement 5th and 9th from it. These represent the conversion of all the manifested/subtle assets of that house into new visible creative expressions. These visible actions are then again analysed with newer ways of thinking and converted to deep philosophies. And these deep philosophies are then manifested in the physical realm. This cycle is the cycle of evolution and growth for every house and thus the entire personality.


Dharma Trikon of the horoscope