Sun aspecting the Nakshatra Surya Upagraha

A practical post today on using the Sun aspects of the nakshatra or the Surya upagraha.

Eventually all astrologers have to learn the nakshatra and use them in their readings. If you can master any one of the Chakra, like the Ashtapadmadalachakra or especially the Sarvatobhadrachakra, you won’t even need to calculate dasha and stuff. These chakra are capable of giving both subjective as well as objective types of results.

The Sun is the source of all power. He is the specific ray which connects you to the Eternal Light. And he is considered to be malefic by nature so the nature of his results will always be kroor (post here). Even in regular life the Sun is bearable only briefly ie the early mornings and late evenings. If you go out under his light at other times of the day he will make you hot, uncomfortable, sweaty and finally give you a sun-stroke. Similarly in the horoscope the Sun’s energies are favourable only in certain positions.

This is the same concept with the Gayatri mantra. It is the light of the internal Sun. I always say that it has prachand oorja, ie a very highly humongous energy. Similarly Soham, its core strength is extremely condensed dense indescribable. Gayatri is the seed of this creation, you will know the creator through his creation. And Soham will take you directly beyond creation. In my blog I never recommend Gayatri Anushthan, that would be too much for regular householder type of people. Very few are capable of absorbing the quantum of energy generated in Anushthans. But a simple mental recitation is gentle suitable for everyone. Again do this only if you feel love, respect and faith for the Gayatri mantra in your mind. Mantras immensely magnify, highly energise and pointedly reflect back to you the intention you recite them with. This is true for any mantra you practice, do it only if you feel 100% convinced about it.


Back to the topic, the nakshatra, ie the lunar mansions, that the Sun aspect are sensitive points in the chart. These are also called the Surya Upagraha. They all give malefic results which are rough on the mind/ body. Here you have to consider 28 nakshatra in sequence including Abhijit nakshatra (post here). 

1. Bhukampa upagraha is the nakshatra that the Sun occupies. Bhu means earth or the material plane and kampa is shaking violently. So anything connected to this Nakshatra will give malefic results and will manifest as an inherent instability. There will be an inherent dissonance between you and the energies of this nakshatra. Events created by this nakshtra will shake you to the core and generally cause turmoil in your life. This will be generated by personal selfishness, self-ego and an inability to consider others point of view. 

2. Vidyunmukha upagraha means the mouth of electrical storms, it is the 5th nakshatra counted from the Sun. This nakshatra will give malefic results related to children, students, creative endeavours, intelligence, etc. Children are the most precious expression of the creative power and sometimes Vidyunmukha can give truly tragic results. Mental stress in personal life and wherever way you use your intelligence and genius. Remedy for the issues here is Shanti puja for the Sun himself. 

3. Shool upagraha is the 8th nakshatra counted from Sun. Shool means means a pointed spear, sorrow, stabbing pain, death etc. It can cause physical harm, like accidents, surgeries and other serious trauma in life. Specifically it can cause problems to the spouse, business partner, spiritual practice, income from business etc. Remedy for this is the Shanti pujas etc for the Moon.

4. Shanipat upagraha is the 14th nakshatra from the Sun’s position. Shani is ‘slow’ and pat means ‘fall’. This indicates that danger will be huge, slow but unstoppable, will loom in the distance for some time and then arrive when you least expect it, something like an avalanche or a landslide. This is a karmic thing and cannot be completely neutralised. You will be immobilised. Acting to get out of this situation will also be difficult. Whatever this nakshatra indicates in your life, it is better to be aware of it and take corrective action in time. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja and other remedies for Mars

5. Ketu upagraha is the 18th nakshatra from the Sun. Its nature is nebulous, unexpectedly piercing and you may not be aware of what this nakshatra is up to even when you are going through situations created by it. Relatives from the spouse’s side will either cause problems for you or suffer because of your actions. Enemies, diseases, debts, demands for service etc are more active under the Ketu upagraha. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja and other remedies for Mercury.

6. Ulka upagraha is the 21st nakshatra from the Sun. Ulka means a meteor, so this nakshtra will cause small stinging incidents in your life making you miserable for extended time periods. This hits most on the finances, there will be a resource crunch. You will receive wrong advice which will get up into trouble. Your support systems, luck, peers, patrons, life philosophy etc will fail to support you. Remedy for this is Shanti puja and other remedies for Jupiter.

7. Mahakampa upagraha is the 22nd nakshatra from the Sun. Mahakampa means  a very high level of violent tremors, discordant vibrations of the highest type. It gives inauspicious results, causes damage to the social standing, social prestige, public image etc. Issues in profession, disagreements with the boss and loss of job or reduction in salary. Expected gains do not materialise and you have to work hard for limited returns. there will be disagreements with your family and friends. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja for Saturn.

8. Varja upagraha is located in the 23rd nakshatra from Sun. Varja is something not allowed to you, something denied to you, omitted from your life. This Nakshatra causes harm in business, in spiritual practice, in partnerships, issues with spouse, separations and divorces. Relatives will cause problems or suffer problems because of your actions. It can be very inauspicious. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja for Venus.

9. Nirghata upagraha is located in the 24th star from Sun. This word means whirlwinds or thunderstorms. It causes all around negatively stemming from your own ill considered actions. It will encourage you to do immoral, unethical activities like cheating others etc. It can hit all aspects of life from emotional to physical, professional to personal depending on the nature of the nakshatra. Remedy for this issue is the Shanti puja for Rahu.

Their names are the names of natural disasters. So the idea is that you cannot do really much about them. This much is from the standard texts which you can simply open and read. 



Now to apply these concepts to your chart. Open your chart and find out these nakshatra counting from your birth Sun nakshatra. You will get your list of 9 birth Upagraha.

Here you have to interpret the Surya upagraha in two ways,

  1. as per the birth position, their effects will last for a lifetime. 
  2. from the Sun’s transit ie from his current nakshatra position in the skies. This will keep on changing every 13.2 days. (The Sun covers 1 deg per day.)

First for the birth positions. Let’s open our example chart. Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead and has a reasonably well-known life, happening on several levels, a good study subject.

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

So as per this birth chart,

  1. His Sun is in Chitra. So Bhukampa is Chitra
  2. Vidyunmukha is Jeyshtha
  3. Shool is Uttarashadha 
  4. Shanipat Uttarabhadrapada 
  5. Ketu Krutika 
  6. Ulka Aradra 
  7. Mahakampa Punarvasu
  8. Varja Pushya 
  9. Nirghata Ashleysha 

So the first layer of interpretation is that whatever these nakshatra mean to him in his life will be afflicted by the nature of the Surya upagraha. Try to match the keywords (post here) of the nakshatra with the qualities of the Surya upagraha as per the list above. This will mean finding out the houses in which these upagraha lie.

  • eg Jeyshtha nakshatra lies in the 5th house so the energies of Vidyunmukha will be seen in some of the results derived from the 5th house.

The next layer of interpretation – find out if any of the houses are completely afflicted by the Surya upagraha. Calculate the bhav madhya, ie center of the house of each house. As we are using the simplest equal houses concept in our studies this is rather easy as each house is 30deg in width. Check if the mid-point degree of any house falls in any of these Sun’s Upagraha points.

  • In our example chart the rising degree, which is the bhav madhya, central degree for the 1st house falls in the Mahakampa Sun upagraha point, subtly spoiling the significations of the 1st house.

The third layer of interpretation. Check the birth planets affected by the Surya upagraha.

  • Venus is in Chitra – so the things signified by Venus will give him inauspicious effects as defined by Bhukampa. So for his lifetime, equitable love, business partnerships, profits in business etc natural significations of Venus will be afflicted by a core of instability. His personal ego will not let these endeavours succeed as they should. In this chart, Venus rules the 4th and 11th houses and sits in the 4th, so the comforts of a home, support from tradition, gain in life, company of like minded friends etc will be afflicted by Bhukampa. 
  • Mars is in Uttarashadha – so the results that Mars gives will have shades of Shool. Natural significations of Mars, ie actions taken with courage, bold initiatives, his siblings/ brothers etc will cause him pain and sorrow. In the chart, as the ruler of the 10th and 5th houses, sitting in the 7th house, Mars will give him piercing pain from the professional life, social life, partnerships, money will be short, children and students will disappoint etc.
  • Rahu is in Uttarabhadrapada – the results that Rahu would give in life would have the flavour of Shanipat. Events triggered by Rahu will fall on his head like an avalanche and cause severe distress. Most of these will stem from his own moral turpitude, trust in unworthy people, non-support, conflicting life philosophies, trying for things which he can never have, wasted efforts, acting under illusions or delusions etc.
  • And finally the ascendant degree itself is in Mahakampa – so his entire personality and the environment that he would have moved in would be under the subtle effect of Mahakampa, ie Pushya nakshatra. If you go through the life history of this man, this one reading is sufficient to describe his entire life.


Next to analyse the transits using the Sun upagraha. 

Currently the Sun is in Poorvaphalguni nakshatra, so the current Surya upagraha are,

  1. Bhukampa is Poorvaphalguni 
  2. Vidyunmukha is Swati
  3. Shool is Jeyshtha  
  4. Shanipat Dhanishtha 
  5. Ketu is Revati
  6. Ulka is Krutika
  7. Mahakampa is Rohini 
  8. Varja is Mruga
  9. Nirghata is Aradra

So for our sample chart analysis,

1. Check if any of Crowley’s birth planets are in the transiting upagraha.

  • Vidyunmukha is Swati – Swati has Jupiter in his birth chart. So temporarily the Jupiter related activities will suffer the inauspiciousness of Vidyunmukh upagraha.
  • Shanipat is Dhanishtha – This nakshatra is occupied by Saturn in the birth chart so Saturn connected things in Crowley’s life will give him the Shanipat type of result temporarily.

2. Check if any transiting planets are in the Crowley’s birth upagraha. 

  • Currently the transiting Venus is in Chitra nakshatra. This is the Bhukampa upagraha for Crowley. So Venus related things in his life will temporarily gain the Bhukampa flavour.

3. Check if a transiting planet is occupying a transiting Upgraha. This will be common for everyone living on earth at this point of time. 

  • The current position of Jupiter in the skies, he is transiting in Dhanishtha. So the things connected to Jupiter in life for everyone will be subtly affected by Shanipat. 
  • The current Rahu is transiting in the Mahakampa upagraha. So for everyone including Crowley (if he were alive now), Rahu is causing subtle effects of the mahakampa type. 

This is briefly how to make use of the Nakshatra in predictions. The birth chart analysis will give somewhat subjective results. For objective and precise results, do use the transit positions. Advanced students should ideally start their own sample charts collection and make their own observations to learn astrology systematically.

The Surya upagraha describe the nature of the results expected. This you cannot change, but you can reduce the intensity by taking the remedial actions, doing the Shanti pujas, your personal practice etc (index page). The final outcome of these results will depend on the power, nature and function of the planet affected. Finally to absorb this event and to convert it into positive growth is a function of the ascendant sign, ascendant lord and the birth Moon.