Saturn’s energies and you

Am sure you would wonder why would anyone want to increase the energies of Saturn in their life. Well, we are not increasing/decreasing anything, we are just trying to balance it and make effective use of it.

Wherever Saturn is placed, he puts restrictions and constrictions on the keywords of that house. If badly placed, then he can cause quite a lot of problems, from physical aging, to problems in social identity, profession, money flow, problems in the residence, nameless fears, no comforts, pessimistic attitude, emotional restrictions, no rest, no sleep etc.  He is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries (the exact opposite for his father the Sun). However after he matures at the age of 36yrs, his actions become more understandable. Sun, Moon  and Mars are his enemies, MercuryVenus, Rahu are friends with him and Jupiter and Ketu are sort of neutral to him. He is a natural malefic and has the ability to strike fear.

  • Saturn can perform generally well in houses 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, but this is a very generic statement. You will need to check what aspects he is under and what houses he owns too. E.g. Saturn in the 8th house will give a long life, i.e. he restricts death, but if there are other influences he might make it difficult to leave the aged body! More malefics influence him, more problems will he cause.
  • Saturn in the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th houses generally gives troubling results unless balanced out by some benefic influences. (One exception here is Libra ascendant, if Saturn is in Libra, as yogkarak and exalted, he can even grant Moksh if other planets support.)
  • If you have Saturn aspecting/conjoint the Sun or the Moon take special care of your eyes.

The Saturn beej mantra is, ‘Om praang preeng prowng sah Shanischarya namah’, which can be recited once, thrice or 108 times on Saturdays.

Saturn's energies and you

There are a few things that you can do to regulate and balance Saturn’s energies.

  1. You can add the colors, smells/fragrances and food tastes linked to Saturn in your life. Don’t overwhelm yourself, just a touch here and there.
  2. Take care of your teeth, brush with astringent toothpastes.
  3. Also take care of your bones, take your calcium and eat a healthy diet.
  4. If you drink milk, do not drink buffalo milk, stick to cow milk.
  5. Try to get an oil based massage once in a while. If it is not possible do a self-massage, apply your favourite massage oil to your feet, hands and head etc wherever you can easily and then shower.
  6. Avoid non vegetarian food and alcohol. It may be impossible but then if you can try to limit yourself to just fish for the protein and limit alcohol intake for only at social events.
  7. Feed ravens once in a while, give them chapati or bread something made of grains. (If ravens are not available near where you live then next option is crows)
  8. Do not lie and do not cheat. Such an important lesson, our teachers taught us when we were children. Also avoid taking up professions where you are required to lie all the time! e.g. lawyers? (If you are already a lawyer, help a genuine poor, blind or aged client free of charge once in a while).

And the kindest things that you can do are these acts of charity. These will help your own soul as well as bring real happiness to those who are forgotten by society. Do this with a genuine intention of being of service with love and respect.

  1. Call up your aged parents or grandparents once a week, or run some errands for them if you get the time.
  2. If you can afford it, maybe once a year, give a treat, sweets or fruits to an old age home. If it is not possible then take your own aged parents or grandparents for a special treat once in a while. Be compassionate.
  3. Specifically try to help out blind people or aged people. It can be as simple as helping them on the street or giving up your seat in the bus.

Saturn is the energy of Karma, you have to pay-back and rebalance, there is no option sometimes. So some pain will be involved. Interpreting Saturn’s role in your horoscope is very typical. You do not like the lessons that he teaches, he can be quite harsh. So try to bring into yourself the qualities of responsibility, silence, self-discipline, detachment and objectivity, in short ‘grow up’. Know that you have to give back, if you can give it back gracefully, karma will be more easily satisfied.


Saturn's energies and you

Saturn, the wrecking ball

Shani is the dreaded God of Karma He rules your luck and income. He is the son of Surya the Sun. Sun also represents our Ego. Surya has two sons, one is Shani who delivers karma while we reside in the mortal world, Martyaloka and the other is Yama who delivers karma when we reside in his domains as spirits after the body death. Both terrify because they represent our own Actions which have now come to fruition. We sowed and these two ensure that we reap.

Shani in the horoscope is the one who restricts, constricts, slows and resists. But he also ensures that you work off your debts in a strict orderly disciplined manner. He brings about the maturity earned with hard earned experience. Check out the house Saturn occupies in your birth horoscope. It is the matters of this house which will give you the most soul-changing experience and Shani will administer them.

We know of the dreaded Sade-sati when the transit Saturn moves in the sign 12th to your birth moon sign, the actual moon sign and the sign 2nd from the moon sign. This is a period of 7.5 years where you are tested on an emotional level. Your comfort zones are destroyed and their stark reality is brought out. This event happens every 22.5yrs. But with this sade-sati taking so much attention, we forget that transit Shani in each of the 12 houses can bring about catastrophic changes.

Here will describe the effects of the transit Saturn in each of the 12 houses of the chart beginning from the ascendent. These changes will occur over a period of avg 2.5 yrs, the time Saturn takes to traverse the rashi. The overlying theme of these 2.5 years will be as given below. The effects will be modified by the aspects and transits of the other planets and the strength of the original birth horoscope. Shani takes off our rose-tinted glasses and makes us see the start harsh reality for what it is. eg, if your brother really does not like you but just pretends to, the reality will come out when Saturn traverses your 3rd house. Also Saturn’s periods seem more endurable after 36yrs of age and after 60yrs they become more understandable.

Saturn, the wrecking ball

Shani is Structure, Time and Reality.

Transit Saturn in ascendent will directly affect the physical body, you may age suddenly. You may fall ill more often as your vitality is compromised. You may feel tired with painful joints and muscles. Be very alert regarding any physical symptoms and consult your doctors immediately. In addition, your and your parents social standing and luck will be affected. In short, you will look and feel and get older.

Transit Saturn in the 2nd house will impact the family heritage and assets. Some worrying realities regarding the family and group may come to light. Tangible family resources will shrink. Your personal health and health of family members will cause problems for you.

Transit Saturn in the 3rd house will put a spanner in your communications and teamwork. You might get into disputes with your neighbours, cousins and brothers. Feelings and actions against you which were hidden will come to the surface.

Transit Saturn in the 4th house home will uproot the foundations of your life. Health of your mother will be affected. The house you live in, your vehicles and landed properties will be in litigations. You may even lose these objects of emotional security and even death of the mother may occur.

Transit Saturn in the 5th house will impact your creative processes, most importantly your children. Keep an eye on your children least you get unpleasant shocks from them. If studying, your education will suffer. Also never gamble or speculate during this period.

Transit Saturn in the 6th house is relatively a better position as Saturn will help you maintain your problems at their current levels. Your problems of debt, disease and enemies will not worsen. Now is a good time to undergo deep healing and resolution of long suffered illnesses or debts. Your enemies also wont be able to cause you harm.

Transit Saturn in the 7th house, all your partnerships will suddenly develop issues. All activities which require fair play, negotiation, balance will fail. You will develop problems in business partnerships, marriage, contracts and legal situations. Patience and perseverance is the key. Do not make it worse by ill considered rash acts or immature behaviour.

Transit Saturn in the 8th house is again a better position as it extends your life. Shani will put a stop to those sudden changes which may potentially cause, accidents, medical operations or death. Bad luck is put on hold as situations do not get worse. This is again a time to work on whats really bothering you and using the energies of saturn to get it set up again.

Transit Saturn in the 9th house will make you revaluate your ideology and belief structures. Your outward expresssions of faith, like going to the church, performing pujas etc will be compromised. Your dead ancestors will demand some tarpans and energies. There will be issues with father figures and paternal male relatives.

Transit Saturn in the 10th house will cause a rift between you and your father. Health of the father will be affected and he may even die. Professionally you will be in a hard place, with more demands being made on your time and volume of work. You are required to organise your work patterns now in these 2.5yrs.

Transit Saturn in the 11th house makes you luckless. Do not gamble or speculate during this period. Your sources of income will be restricted. Your friends, networks and communities will also shun you. Keep a low profile during this period.

Transit Saturn in the 12th house will ruin your spiritual peace. You will be forced to completely understand what you have before you are given access to more spiritual tools. You will not get time to rest, sleep and pray. You will deeply disturbed at the subconscious levels which can create deep seated traumas. Be very careful as these subconscious traumas will spill over and be visible in your physical body when the Saturn moves on again to your ascendent.

These above are the physical realities of Saturn transits. How it will affect you on the emotional and comfort level is to be seen from the position of the transit Saturn from the birth moon sign. For the more subtler influences also count the current transiting rashi from your Birth Saturn rashi. This will give you the complete picture.

Saturn the wrecking ball, takes out every aspect of your life systematically in his transit cycle of 30years. And then does it again. Most of us experience 2 full cycles till the age of 60yrs.

Saturn, the son of the Ego, brings harsh realities to the surface and if you are pragmatic enough to understand it is actually a good thing.


Using the Energies of Saturn

Everyone is scared of Shani, and it is quite natural, because Shani is our past, and everyone is rather scared of ones own past.

In our past lives we have done a lot, and I mean a whole lot of activities tagged with, “I, am doing this” and all the energies associated with those actions have taken the form of Shani. In Sanatan Dharm this is the “karma”. (The word Karma basically means to act.)

Now these energies from your past demand to be balanced and Saturn is the taskmaster who will ensure that you balance out each one of those actions. If in your earlier life you were a hard hearted husband who made his wife sleep on the floor you just might find yourself buying a bed for someone in this life (that person was the wife of the past life who has now come for balancing the energy and the karma).

Saturn is just like that strict teacher from school who never joked in class but taught something so valuable about discipline and using your resources fully that you remember him with gratitude for the rest of your life. Saturn is just that strict, teaching discipline, first using what you have fully before taking on new stuff, organising and learning the bitterest lessons of life with calmness and steadiness. Saturn is in short “growing up”.

No one really likes to take responsibility and Saturn ensures that you do just that, face up to your past and set things right. Our past is full of things which we did right and also those things which we did wrong. Our past happinesses and regrets both have to be faced up to. Just because Shani represents our past regrets does not mean we should be scared of him. He is here to help us not punish us. His lessons are prolonged, slow and we are required to learn patience and persistence. He then rewards us with maturity.

Then the dreaded “Shani Sade sati. The seven and half years of Saturn transits effects over your birth moon sign and the sign before and after it.

As soon as you visit a astrologer who wants to make you his regular patient, he will sooner or later invoke “Shani sade sati” to try to put you under a fear psychosis. If not sadesati then the Shani Mahadasa or Antardasha or Pratyantar dasha, or in fact anything to do with,” Saturn is going very bad for you and you have to now shell out money for pujas etc”.

But in fact your Shani periods are the periods of “house cleaning”. You clean up your life and get rid of the energies which were of no use to you anymore. These unwanted things, things which have outlived their utility can be anything, from relations to jobs, to mindsets, to houses, anything which has outlived it use. And in some cases this can be your body too, death of the individual where he discards the body which is of no more use to him.

Shani also restricts, in the sense he forces you to use whatever has been allocated to you fully, to completely consume it and only then will he allot just that much extra as much as you can realistically use. No more but no less too. Shani forces you to utilize your internal energies to stop your disordered activity patterns and move towards regulation.

If you are going through a Shani period this is the basic that you must do so that your mindset changes and you adapt to the events going on in your life more easily. If you do this with complete intention and a sense of gratitude it will work wonders.

  1. Every saturday do a Jaap of the Shani beej mantra 108 times it is this .. ॐ प्राँ प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः .. And do remember as you are saying this for your own personal self it is to be pronounced as “OM prang pring proung sah shanaischaraya namah”. In case you are doing the jaap for someone else it should be pronounced as “OM pram prim proum sah shanaischaraya namah”.
  2. If you so feel inclined and you have the materials, a copper pyramidal hawan kund, desi cow dung cakes and desi cow milk ghee, you can yourself do a small hawan with this same beej mantra replacing namah by swaha.
  3. On saturdays light a copper small lamp with cotton wick and sesame oil in your own house puja ghar saying this small mantra for Saturn. Om Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam. Chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam OM. Sanskrit is ॐ नीलांजनसमाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम्‌ छायामार्तण्ड सम्भूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम्‌ ॐ
  4. And finally depending on how hectic your schedule is try to do Dhyan once in a while, once a week is quite possible I think?

And Gratitude to Shani? Yes, do try to develop a mindset where you are grateful to the Universe for all that is given to you. All the good times and all the bad times. These too will pass. This is all a journey where we pick up experiences and thus live. How boring would it be if we had only one type of experience all the time. The hard times help us appreciate the good times more and the good times provide us with a hope that helps us overcome our bad times. Ultimately good or bad is just the mindset. Change your mind and the universe changes for you.

Use your Shani periods wisely to balance your karmic load and try to develop a mindset which does not sway with the times.


Obsessively Ambitious Kaal Sarpa