The toughest Vimshottari Antardasha

Vimshottari dasha system is the most common one which all students of Jyotish learn. In this, the format is a main-period/Mahadasha, sub-period/antar-dasha and further sub-sub periods, a total of 5 levels. The tone of this main-period is further modulated by the subsequent sub-sub periods. This covers the 120yrs of a human life. The Maha-Dashas are Ketu Mahadasha is 7years, Venus mahadasha is the longest at 20 Years, Sun Mahadasha is 6 Years, Moon Mahadasha is 10 Years, Mars Mahadasha is 7 Years, Rahu Mahadasha is 18 Years, Jupiter Mahadasha is 16 Years, Saturn Mahadasha is 19 Years and Mercury Mahadasha is 17 Years.

The important thing in analysing the Vimshottari is analysing the power and the nature of the Mahadasha MD ruler and the Antardasha AD ruler and the interaction between them. (If you are experienced enough you can attempt adding the rulers of the sub-sub periods etc to this analysis too.)

So open your vedic software, input your birth data and check what planet’s MD and which planet’s AD you are in at the present moment. We have to now analyse the relationship between these two planets to get a sense of how this sub-period will be like.

This is our example chart, Aleister Crowley the famous occultist and creator of the Thoth tarot deck, birth details, 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK. Suppose Crowley was in Jupiter MD and Rahu AD ie ‘Jupiter-Rahu’ period. Now analyse the birth chart, Cancer ascendant so Jupiter is a functional malefic (he owns the 6th and 9th houses and his mooltrikon sign Sagittarius lies in the 6th house, maha-dusham-sthan). Rahu is a functional malefic for all ascendants.

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

Analysing further. Jupiter is the owner of the 6th house, ie his mool trikon sign lies in the 6th house so he will bring in all the keywords of the 6th house into focus during this period. Ie debts, disease, enemies, arguments, imbalances of all sorts, all one-one relationships will break down, business relationships will also show the strain, spiritual practice will be affected. There will be stress, tension as Jupiter’s expansive abilities will expand the 6th house’s ‘serve or suffer’ motif. He owns the 9th house too, but this is just his own sign not his mooltrikon sign. So there will be some positives with some negatives. He will make Crowley dogmatic, rigid in his opinions, he will not be able to appreciate the others point of view, his teachers, professors, even people whom he considers his spiritual teachers can misguide him. For Cancer ascendant Jupiter cannot give beneficial results outrightly as he owns the 6th house. Some good results from the 9th house can be expected but these will be tainted by Jupiter’s ownership of the 6th house. Jupiter himself occupying the 4th house, Libra, with Mars and Venus. Thus his comfort levels are just average. So the Jupiter MD will not give overall very pleasing results. There will be some high points as the 9th house keywords give some benefits but the 6th house ownership over-shadows it all.

In this we have the Rahu AD, ie the Jupiter-Rahu period. Rahu is occupying the 9th house and with the Moon in Pisces. Any graha in the 9th house is capable of giving good results. Rahu is influenced by Moon and Jupiter. Of these Jupiter is the functional malefic. And Moon as ascendant lord is a benefic. But here we must consider that the Moon-Jupiter in the Shakata yog, 6/8 axis. So Moon and Jupiter are not comfortable with each other, which affects Rahu’s ability to give good results too. So Rahu gains more power to do mischief. And the keywords he will damage are related to the 9th house, Moon and Jupiter. So we cannot expect much good from Rahu during the periods he controls.

Then Jupiter and Rahu are mutually in the 6/8 axis.This is the most traumatic axis for two planets to be in as their energies are sucked up in the vortex of karmic suffering/ catastrophic changes. Both are highly uncomfortable with each other and cannot cooperate to give auspicious results on the physical planes.

So overall this Jupiter-Rahu period would have been difficult for Crowley. (This was a basic analysis, you can add more pointers from the Ashtakvarga charts, the shad-bala values, the navamsha, their nakshtra etc depending on your level of study/experience)

Remedies for combust planets

Now come back to your horoscope,

Check which planets are placed in the 6/8 axis. The MD and AD of these two planets will be the most traumatic ones in your life. Eg if Jupiter and Saturn are placed in the 6/8 axis in your birth chart then Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Jupiter periods will cause trouble. Or if Venus and Saturn are placed in the 6/8 axis in your birth chart both the Venus-Saturn and Saturn-Venus periods will be traumatic.

Find out which are the functional malefics in your chart. And if they are adequately supported by benefics or made even worse by aspects from other malefics? Periods ruled by the functional malefics are invariably stressful. Eg in our example horoscope, Cancer ascendant, so Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu related periods have potential for causing trouble. Eg Now if a Cancer ascendant person is in a MD or AD of these planets then he will definitely face some issues in life during this period. Eg Jupiter-Saturn, Saturn-Jupiter, Jupiter-Mercury, Mercury-Saturn, Saturn-Mercury, Rahu-Jupiter etc all combinations of these planets sub-periods will give stress. The exact source of this stress will be the energies of the houses they own, the houses they are placed in and the houses which they aspect.

Next if the MD and AD ruling functional malefic planets themselves are placed in the dushamsthan. Ordinarily the logic is that malefics in dushamsthan in the birth chart are a good thing. Use a thorn to remove a thorn concept (vipreet raj yog). But a problem arises when the same planet controls two houses, one dushamsthan and one auspicious. In our eg, it is Cancer ascendant, Jupiter controls the 6th dusham and 9th Kona, the Dharmasthan. Or Saturn controls 7th, a kendra house and 8th, a dusham. Here if the malefic planet is placed in a dusham sthan or not supported by benefics then the other auspicious house owned by him also suffers. Eg If in our example, if Saturn were placed in the 12th house, he would reduce the intensity of the 8th house issues but also reduce the auspiciousness of the marriage, partnerships, intimacy, finances, spiritual practice etc. Or if Jupiter is powerless it will reduce the karmic burdens of the 6th house but also reduce the auspiciousness of the 9th house, so the blessings from the ancestors, guidance from teachers, real Learning, progeny, auspicious benefits from past lives, sense of the divine, in fact every aspect of the current life will be affected by ill-luck. This effect on the other auspicious house can be alleviated if this house is occupied or strongly aspected by a benefic. But if this other auspicious house is even more adversely affected by malefic influences then it will be worse.

Finally check the current transit of the MD and AD planets in the skies. If these are transiting through crucial houses of the chart they will have severe impact on you. eg in our example, Crowley is going through Jupiter-Rahu, right now Jupiter is in Capricorn and debilitated (his movement is very weird this year). Rahu is wrecking havoc in Gemini. One eclipse was in Dec 2019 another is due in Jun2020. So Rahu is in his element, causing mischief. So Crowley if he were alive now, he would really have had a bad time just from these two planets activities. And at the last, superimpose the current transits on the birth chart to get an overview on what houses are under stress and which ones can give good results. For Crowley, Saturn and Mars are in Capricorn currently, so a big boost of energy which can be used for growth but he will take his toll on the physical body. ie Saturn return. Sun in Aries is favourable for profession related activities (though he is in the 6/8 axis from the birth Sun) etc and so on.

I hope you use this post to find out the challenging periods in your life and be more prepared to face them. In such potentially adverse periods it is better to remain alert about your thoughts, words and actions. Especially if the karmic heavyweights like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are involved or planets who control the longer Vimshottari dashas are involved, as actions taken here can have long lasting impacts.


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Shakata yog, Moon Jupiter 6/8

I have mentioned Shakata yog in some of my earlier posts and there was a question on it, so writing a full fledged post. The Shakata yog is caused when the Moon and the Jupiter is at a the 6/8 axis. (Some astrologers consider the 2/12 axis to be problematic, but it is not much of a problem unless both are adversely afflicted by even more malefics).

The Moon travels around the zodiac in 28days so it will be in the 6/8 axis from Jupiter for about 5days in this. So about 18% people will have this, which is illogical. So the effects of Shakata yog are greatly reduced and rendered ineffectual if,

  • Either Jupiter or Moon or both are exalted or in his mooltrikon or own sign. ie if Jupiter is in Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces or Moon is in Taurus or Cancer.
  • If either is placed in the  kendra houses, 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th.

This is then not a very common combination. There will be very limited number of people who will show the complete effect of this combination.

So let’s analyse this. The vitality of the person/ his environment will be affected. Sometimes he will face very adverse situations which will drain his mind, emotions and health. And after this hopeless despair, he will rise and gain. But he falls followed by the subsequent rise. This cycle continues for a life time.

Shakata yog, Moon Jupiter 6/8

Jupiter and Moon are two very important forces in the horoscope.

  • Moon is the agent of the mind, the sum of all your selves through time/space, the illusion of creation, emotions, mental processes, comforts, security, nurture, nourishment, your needs. The Moon controls your body’s power and also your minds strength. He is the agent in charge of the sookshma sharir or the subtle/ astral body. He is located at the Ajnya chakra ie your third eye.
  • Jupiter is the deep wisdom, hope, auspicious benefits from your past lives, blessings from the divine, your spiritual practices, the grace of the Guru, benevolence, expansion, philosophy and understanding, conducive environment for development of the higher faculties, refinement, support of your peers/patrons. He represents that part of your past lives positive karma which you have chosen to activate in this life as ‘luck’. He is located at the Swadhisthan chakra.

Moon and Jupiter together can be understood as the – karmic seeds of past lives and the possible actions of the current life coupled with the ‘luck’ you have chosen for yourself in this life. If these things work favourably with each other you will have a reasonably easy life on the material, emotional, mental, subtle etc levels.

The 6/8 axis is the most traumatic axis possible (post here). The planets caught in this axis are adversarial to each other and give uncomfortable results. Whatever is represented by them individually will give disturbing results when taken together.

  • The 6th is the karma you have chosen to resolve in this life, a burden consciously chosen at the moment of birth. Awareness of the burden does not make it less easier to bear. 6th is the house of karmic service and sufferings, karmic payback so as to say.
  • The 8th is fundamental changes in the self-identity/environment etc caused by sudden shocking traumatic events. If you use these opportunities to grow you can very fast but these events are very trying that it is difficult.

So Shakata yog can be summarised like this. The quality of the karmic seeds of past lives is a burden. The possible options for actions available to you in the current life are all traumatic. ‘Luck’ is often adverse and fails you just as you need it. This combination of Jupiter-Moon will bring blockages in progress on all levels. Check the houses and signs occupied by them to know which part of your life will be affected the most. And you have chosen this for yourself in this life. The thinking process and creative ability is dimmed as luck is often not in favour. The mind is churning away thinking and evaluating possibilities, you feel the strain. But Moon and Jupiter are both high level benefics. So whatever they do, ultimately they do not harm. The trauma that they will inflict will also have a positive effect. You might not think this to be positive at the time, but when you look back, every adversity has been like a springboard pushing you onwards.

It is the Moon, so rhythm is built-in. With each fall, there is innate potential to rise. The more deeply you fall, the higher you rise. There is a brief moment of utter despair but then you know it is over and a new cycle has begun. This combination invariably brings in spirituality. When the material life kicks you in the ass a few times, you realise that you need to find strength within. So as you rise you try to find your own self inside you, you become more self-sufficient and self reliant.

Your brothers, your uncles/aunts, your own parents, husband/wife, children all give you intense shocks from time to time which can sever your emotional or even physical connection from them. There may be episodes in life when you are completely alone, isolated from your family or the people whom you love (they may not even think about you). Just when you are at your lowest point and desperatly need help, there will be no one. There is intense mental anguish as your emotional supports are jerked away from under your feet. If you try to anchor yourself to another person, in the next cycle he will kick you away. The one whom you love the most will give you the deepest sorrow. You are forced by the rejections around you to seek new directions for your personal evolution. Your sorrow will eventually make you stop relying on others and you will try to develop your own abilities and self reliance.

You are forced to protect your own emotions and your own mind, as the jolts are very heavy. So you think very seriously, from different perspectives and often take radical steps for self-preservation. This might be thought of as head-strong, aggressive, over-reaction, negative etc behaviour by others. This behaviour will ultimately push people away, you might not be very popular in society; no social butterfly you!

Shakata yog, Moon Jupiter 6/8

Thankfully this yog gives material assets, you will be well off, considered an eminent personality in some field, you are not an ordinary person. If the house/ sign of the Moon and Jupiter are powerful in themselves, the person will do immense good for the society and wield real power over others. But there will be periodic humiliations, deprivations, obstacles and persistent personal loneliness. These trials purify the spirit and it ultimately is for a noble cause. And this combination often gives abilities of the spiritual, psychic, occult kind. The ability to control the subtler forces around you. It is latent to begin with, it takes a few cycles to become aware of them. (Shivaji Maharaj, perhaps the greatest Hindu ruler had this combination, we all learn about his life in school. A recent example is Yogi Aurobindo)

There is a possibility of disease to the eyes. The astral body can get affected, crack and aura can leak. (There is one very strange thing, if the person intensely wants his desired or loved one to come near him again, the aura becomes thinner in places and can crack/leak from there). The cyclic intense emotional drama can cause other repercussions on the physical levels depending on the individual horoscope. The person might lose control on his eating habits/ body weight. The 6th house is also of disease, debts, servitude and suffering. So all these things can be triggered from time to time. 8th also represents catastrophic changes including diseases, surgeries etc. So keep the physical health in mind and get a regular yearly check-up etc.

Most importantly do some regular spiritual practice. There is no other way of making sense of all this. The 8th is going deep within yourself, tantra, awareness, occult, the highest spiritual, coming face to face with your own secrets, getting rid of the skeletons in the closet. You have a rare opportunity here, perhaps you chose it because you were inwardly ready for a spiritual transformation. And you gain the spiritual when you sacrifice the material. And the illusions of the material are torn away rather harshly. You are the pure intellect and the impurities are being hammered out of you. Two top benefics, Moon and Jupiter will help you now. You might meet a real Sat-guru to guide you. There will be cyclic falls and rises in your spiritual practice too.  Sometimes you might feel that it is all a waste, but do not stop doing it. It is the only thing which will help direct the energies of this Shakata yog in the best possible manner.

Shakata शकट means a car or a carriage. Yog means union.

The mind is forced to leave all external things that give it support. Till it finds the support it needs within itself. It is a deeply painful process but ultimately worth it. This is the true result of the Shakata yog.

(There is someone very close to me who has this combination. It gives results in its full form as the two Jupiter and Moon occupy the 6th and the 11th house counted from the ascendant. Obviously they in the 6/8 axis among themselves.)


Shakata yog, Moon Jupiter 6/8

Love matches, genuine or fraud

You will get clients, young couples who wish to get married despite their parents objections. Or you might get parents who have reluctantly agreed to the match but want an astrological reassurance that their child is not being cheated. Or a young man/ woman who wishes to cross-check if his lover genuinely loves him before taking the plunge. Here your position should be of that of a spectator, not get involved emotionally and analyse the charts professionally.

Love affairs are the domain of the 5th house and formal marriage is governed by the 7th house. For a love match to turn into a successful marriage these both houses need to be strong and in addition the 9th house also should give its blessings. I have seen several cases where the attraction turns out to be temporary and some cases where the subsequent marriage turned out to be better than what anyone could have imagined.

So first analyse the birth Moon in-depth. The Moon is the clarity of the mental processes, the strength of emotions, stability of understanding and the lens of perception. A powerful Moon elevates the quality of the entire horoscope, there are fewer inauspicious events in life and the person has the capacity to bounce back easily. An inauspiciously placed Moon gives a fickle and immature mind. It cannot identify people who are out to cheat him.

Love matches, genuine or fraud

Here are some typical combinations of a stressed out Moon, if either of the charts show this then it indicates that this person might be led into unsuitable situations.

If the Moon is placed alone and both the houses on either side are vacant (Kemadruma yog). This person feels alone and isolated emotionally. He may have had a childhood of neglect perhaps. It is easy to get him dependant emotionally, an easy prey for the unscrupulous others. And these people can be quite successful professionally, are quite intelligent especially in theoretical sciences. But are emotionally alone. Later you might see cases of cheating where such a person signed away his property in favour of someone and was left with nothing.

If the Moon is placed with malefics, the person has a weak mind which is easily led. He feels victimised and under stress for no reason. He can get easily depressed or swayed or can get dependent on someone who shows him superficial love or sympathy. Easy to trap him in marriage.

If both the houses on either side of the Moon are occupied by only malefics, (Paapkartari yog). This person feels stressed out, feels that he is targeted by others, feels hurt and is again an easy target for someone who wants to get him to marry. Can be trapped by a show of sympathy and superficial love. Later this combination can go on to indicate domestic violence also especially of the psychological kind.

If the Moon and Jupiter are placed in the 6/8 axis. (Or sometimes in the 2/12 axis.) This combination (Shakata yog) invariably causes delay in marriage, immaturity in love affairs, lack of judgement, headstrong nature which ultimately causes damage to oneself. However one good thing is that this is a cyclic thing, the person falls to the depths of misery and then rises again. But this can grant a vacillating nature which is again not a good thing.

A Moon in stress makes the personality go either way. One is either the sufferer or the perpetrator. eg If one was neglected emotionally, he might be rather gullible, believe someone who offers him sympathy, not logically think on what could be the real motives. Or he can go the other extreme where his emotional responses to life are stunted and he will behave in an emotionally hurtful manner to some one who genuinely loves him later.

Now in these combinations, if the Moon is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th 5th or 9th houses the effect is somewhat reduced in intensity. Aspects or influences of benefic planets will immensely help such a Moon. The native will feel emotionally and mentally positive and stronger. If the ascendant sign and the ascendant lord is well placed then the person can somehow manage to adjust to his circumstances even if there are adversities in life.

Remember that one of the charts shows such a stressed out Moon then then there is a possibility that there is something not good about the ‘love match’ scene. (Confirm the same with an instant Prashna kundali)

One another thing you should be aware of is that, often mantra are used to control persons. This is a use of the Vashikaran mantras. (This is negative karma for the one doing it, often they suffer some life time disbility, progeny is affected or physical death occurs in a bad way.) I have seen Vashikaran mantras being used several times, before marriage and even after marriage.

Influence of Ketu active in the horoscope at that time is a very potent indication of psychic energies being used to control the other.

(There is a young man I know, practically like a son. He is the only son of an ultra-rich family. Amavasya birth, Sun/Moon/Venus/Mercury in the 7th house, all aspected by Saturn. Ketu mahadasha on, current transit of Rahu on this Ketu. Birth Ketu placed 12th from his Moon. A woman has used vashikaran on him. He introduced her, wanted me to do the chart matching, but she did not give her correct birth date nor her palm prints. But the aura does not lie, she is several years older than him and unsuitable. Now he’s called up saying that the wedding is next month. Astrologically it is an impending disaster for both the woman and the man.)

(Someone I know went to USA for higher education and has fallen prey to vashikaran there! She refuses to come back and insists on marrying a highly unsuitable man. There are traces of Vashikaran in her aura which the Thoth Tarot cards also confirm. But she is just too far away and living with that man now to do anything about it.)

Love matches, genuine or fraud

The Dasha periods and the current transits of the planets are used to time events. Naturally Dashas/transits will also trigger episodes of love affairs. The planets involved are,

  • The planets placed in the 7th house or aspecting it or its planetary owner.
  • Venus can trigger affairs or marriages during periods controlled by him. He is the permanent agent of marriage and male-female relationships.
  • The planets placed 7th from the birth Moon.
  • The sign placed 7th from the birth Moon and its planetary owner.
  • The planetary rulers of the navamsha sign where these above planets get placed in.

(If you are following a sign based Dasha system then the periods controlled by the 7th house sign. The sign in which Venus is placed. The sign in which the 7th lord is placed. The sign placed 7th to the birth Moon can also trigger marriage or serious love affairs. Or the navamsha signs in which these planets are placed)

You have to analyse one thing here. The Dasha /transit should be capable of granting a strong bond. ie whatever planet/ sign is triggering the event, it should be capable of giving auspicious results. (Best refer the Ashtakvarga charts for their power) If the energies involved are not strong enough, then some sort of emotional relationship can occur. This can be a one-sided affair, physical intimacy or a temporary attachment. For a formal marriage to occur the Dasha /transit has to be strongly linked to the 7th house of both the charts. This is the essential requirement, the trigger planets/signs have to be auspicious, not damaged by malefic influences, strong and connected to the 7th house. If there is any damage to these then it is a clear sign that there will be issues in the future.

Finally you can check if the horoscopes match astrologically (post here).

There are several types of marriages from an astrological point of view, some are socially acceptable and some are not. A marriage is a life time event, the energy of the union is retained till the physical death of one of the two. There is nothing called a ‘legal divorce’ from the energy point of view. So analyse carefully when you get clients of the marrying kind.

Love matches, genuine or fraud