Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Sometimes you see very small children suffering despite having a reasonably good family, personal horoscope and on-going Dasha. So you look at the transits and find the quite unexpected reason, Saturn! Saturn is the agent of restrictions, dullness, dourness, discipline, karma rebalance and if is active in very small children can give rise to a life time of deep seated issues.

Eg I know a small child who from birth till the age of 2+yrs went through a lot of stress, which included the death of his own mother, lack of overt love, confusions about food/ clothing/ medical care, illness, arguments among his elders, overall vitiated home atmosphere etc, this despite belonging to a very rich family where everyone was genuinely concerned about him. The horoscope had a rather inauspiciously placed Saturn in the 4th house. And this Saturn at birth was at the very initial degrees of the 4th house, ie had just entered the 4th house.

Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Our early childhood including the pregnancy period is responsible for shaping our body and minds. Our deepest life patterns are laid out during this crucial period and are often fixed for life. Changing them can be extremely difficult. We do not have any control over the events of these crucial initial years. The first seven years of life (and the pregnancy period) are dominated by the mother. In the next seven years of life, ie upto 14yrs, the father (spiritual teacher and birth father both) plays a larger role and the influence of the mother slowly shifts to the background. Only after the age of 14yrs when two chakra development cycles are complete, do we start exerting some real control over ourselves and our surroundings.

In astrology we recognise the force of inter-related karma. If you know your parent’s birth times, analyse them and their horoscopes in depth, you might get valuable cues about yourself. The role of the mother is very important. She has ‘created’ you for 9 months, then nourished and nurtured you when you were a small baby. The role of the father (and the spiritual teacher) is no less important. If your Mom created the body, your Dad has created the self-ego, self-discipline, social status and the self-esteem that go with it. The spiritual teacher, Guru, has created the philosophy, the foundation for you to base your life upon. Interconnected karma is real.

(Eg. I am not scared of anything, but there were a few years when was a layer of fear over everything I did, including my spiritual practices. This time was dominated by my Moon and my Mom’s in-built influences on me. My Mom was even more intuitive/ psychic etc than me, but she was scared of the stuff that she could see/ do. Our Guru would constantly tell her to not be afraid. She conquered her all consuming fear at the moment of her physical death and used that energy of transition perfectly, which is what ultimately matters. The point is that this fear of the ‘other stuff ’ was a part of my karma too and for a brief period I had to endure to rebalance my karma. Our parent’s karma are linked to ours very deeply. If we analyse our parents, we understand our own selves better.)

Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Back to the baby and his Saturn.

This is a list of the unfavourable transits of a planet from his own birth position. Try to remember these positions,

  • Saturn gives unfavourable results when he transits in the same house as his own birth position. That’s why the ‘Saturn return’ at the age of around 27.5yrs is quite dreaded! Saturn stays for a very long, 2.5yrs in one sign and takes 30yrs to complete one cycle of the zodiac.
  • Similarly Ketu is unfavourable in transit when in the 2nd house from his birth position. He stays for a longish 1.5yrs in one sign. He travels in the retrograde motion so the ‘2nd from’ position will come around 16.5yrs and then repeat every 18yrs.
  • Rahu will give unfavourable results when he transits the 9th house from his birth position. He is the same as Ketu, stays for 1.5yrs in one sign. The ‘9th from’ position will come for the first time at about 4.5yrs of age and then repeat every 18yrs.
  • Jupiter’s transit is unfavourable in the 3rd house counted from his birth position. He stays for 1yr in one sign. This ‘3rd from’ position will happen around the 2-3 yrs and will repeat every 12yrs.
  • Mars is unfavourable in the 7th house transit from his birth position. He stays for about 2-3 months in one sign. Except when he goes retrograde once in two years and then stays for 6mths in that sign.
  • Venus is similarly unfavourable when transiting the 6th house from his own birth position. He stays for about 2-3 months in one sign.
  • Mercury’s transit in the 4th house from his birth position is unfavourable. He stays for 1-2 months in one sign.
  • Sun when transiting the 5th house from his birth position. He stays for 1 month in one sign, and covers 12signs in one year. If you are in the habit of observing yourself, you might have noticed that the 5th month from your birth month is quite hectic and tires you out.
  • And finally Moon gives unfavourable results when transiting the 8th house from his own birth position. He stays for 2.25days in one sign.

If you follow planetary transits, take note of these positions of the planets in transit. Whatever they signify will be unfavourable for you during this typical transit period.

Saturn. If a baby is born with the birth Saturn placed at the very start of the house, then he will have a difficult time till Saturn exits that house. Whatever Saturn stands for in his chart will be restricted, denied, held back. And its deep impact will last for a life time. Saturn’s movement is quite slow, so this period can be upto 2.5yrs of life, which for a baby can be quite tedious. Time passes extremely slowly for a baby, as proved by differential maths. You might have noticed this, when you were a child, the days seemed to stretch on, the summer vacation was like a never ending break. But now you are older and time literally flies, tempus fugit.

  • eg. the rising sign is 15deg Aries, Saturn is placed at 2deg Cancer, this means that Saturn has just entered the 4th house and will remain here for about 2.5yrs more. So he will be placed ‘1st from’ his birth position for the next 2.5yrs. He will have full scope to give his unfavourable effects during this period.
  • eg. the rising sign is 15deg Aries, Saturn is placed at 29 deg Cancer, this means that Saturn will be exiting the 4th house very shortly and soon will be placed ‘2nd from his birth position’. His unfavourable effects will be limited.

My own birth Saturn is in a similar position and till the age of 2.5yrs I was a ‘difficult baby’, always crying, unable to sleep. Saturn for me, represents my karmic bindings to the other dimensions. And I do have memories of that ‘baby-hood’, I was seeing too many thing, stuff not from this dimension and it was scary, but a baby can only cry to express itself! Seeing clients can sometimes help you in resolving your own deep confusions.

The birth position is fixed at that instant of birth. After this whatever happens in the sky becomes a part of the ‘transit’ combinations. The other planets also go unfavourable periodically as per the list above, but Saturn gives the most evident effects. He is the slowest so literally grinds into and takes his time, slowly but steadily. His nature is to constrict, to reduce, to discipline, he does not show overt love etc which for a small baby/ child can have a life time impact. Saturn is fear personified. So for a new baby, Saturn remaining on in the same house as the birth Saturn is technically a ‘transit’. And Saturn is unfavourable when he transits same house as his birth house position. It is just because we never get a 1yr old baby client complaining about his nutrition/ nurture etc, that we never realise this effect. This period can be quite difficult for the baby/ small child.

If you have a small baby in the house, do keep track of the unfavourable planets transits as above, especially the ones which will occur when he is very young and cannot speak/ communicate. And if you yourself have had such intense transits when you were a baby/ small child, try to analyse them so that you can resolve your own deep seated linked issues.


Saturn and the troubles of the early childhood

Ashtakvarga for confirming predictions

The Ashtakvarga chart is of very great importance in Jyotish. And one should make full use of this tool. Checking the effects during transits and strengths of the graha in that sign is just one way of doing this. Here, I am listing out a few more ways you can use this table in making predictions. Ashtakvarga is very simple method, all you need to know is how to read the rows and the columns.

Residence in foreign lands can be easily seen using Ashtakvarga.

‘Foreign’ in astrological terms is a rather loosely defined concept. Foreign residence can mean different things to different people. A person from Chennai shifting to Sri Lanka just a few km across the sea is living in a foreign land. Someone from Maharashtra goes to live in Manipur. Or someone from India goes to USA. All these are examples of foreign residence. Foreign can mean a different town, different state or even a different nation. It basically means a place which is different from your home, in terms of distance or culture or both. The person feels it to be ‘foreign’. Several people want to translocate to foreign locations for better opportunities in life. The horoscope will support if the following houses have potential,

  • 7th house – travelling to to foreign lands
  • 9th house – long journeys
  • 12th house – journeys abroad which result in permanent residence (Rahu in the 12th house is a sure-shot prediction about having to leave the home town)

Calculate the Ashtakvarga or use the software. Then

  • check the total scores of the signs placed in each of the three houses above.
  • If there are any planets placed in these houses check their individual score for that specific sign and also their total score in the last column.
  • All these scores will be the least possible as leaving the home and going to away from it is considered to be an inauspicious effect.

eg. Here is just the Ashtakvarga chart. (I am not giving the rest of the birth details as the person is alive and I do not like using living people as general study subjects, but I wanted to use just this chart.)

The signs in this person’s 7th, 9th and 12th houses are Aries = 22 points, Gemini = 35 points and Virgo = 23 points. Saturn is in Virgo in the 12th house, he has 1 point in Virgo. These are all very low scores so the relocation to the ‘foreign’ locations is quite evident. (Except Gemini in the 9th house has the highest score in the table = 35. The reason was because the client had a very strong past life connect with these foreign places, he was bound by the 9th house to go and complete his Dharma there.)

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 8.55.33 PM.png

Confirming longevity

You can confirm the longevity and the quality of life using the Ashtakvarga scores. The following should have good scores,

  • the ascendant sign’s total, this is crucial.
  • the planetary lord of the ascendant sign wherever he is placed should have a good score in the sign he is placed in. The total score of this planet should be high. This too is crucial.
  • any planets placed in the ascendant sign should have good scores in the sign. And the total score of that planet also should be good. This will play a supportive role.

Verify this logic with your client’s charts, it will always be correct.

  • The average total for a sign is 28 points, if there are more points obviously the sign and its house is going to give good results. If there are less than 25 points, it is a cause for concern. Less than 20 and the sign is practically annihilated.
  • The average for a planet in a sign is 4 points. If he gets more points, he will naturally give more auspicious results. If his points are 1 or 2 he is unable to do so.
  • In our example above, the client’s Asc-Libra has 27 points, less than average but not too bad. Venus has 3 points in the sign he is placed in, its less than average. We can expect him to have a reasonably long life but there will be physical issues cropping up from time to time.

Predicting sudden rise and falls in life is easy using the Ashtakvarga charts. 

In our example, we can see that Capricorn = 32 points, Aquarius = 18 points and Pisces = 30 points. So when a planet transits from Capricorn to Aquarius whatever he signifies will go suddenly downhill, the client should be careful during this time. And when the planet again transits from Aquarius to Pisces there will be a sudden rise in that planet’s stuff. This prediction can easily be tallied using the Moon’s transits, he transits the zodiac in one month. (eg in one such transit the client managed to quarrel with his wife so seriously that it led to a temporary separation, there were other factors of course, but this Moon’s transit was the precipitating factor.) The falls especially can be dangerous and the client should be prepared and careful. This sudden rise or fall is even more dramatic if the totals are the exact 18 and 36 points, the minimum and the maximum possible scores.

If you get clients who have fallen ill suddenly or in serious accidents or sudden loss of wealth, sudden crash in relationships etc check out their Ashtakvarga table for confirmation and further predictions.

The dread of the Sadi-Sati

The transit of Saturn through the signs placed 12th, 1st and 2nd from the birth Moon sign are called the ‘Seven and Half’ years of torture, the ‘Sade-sati’. To check out how severe the Sade-sati is going to be for you, open your Ashtakvarga table and note the sign occupied by the birth Moon, the sign before and after it. (Remember the Ashtakvarga is about signs not houses, do not confuse yourself while noting down the points.) Now check out the following

  • The total points of each of these three signs. If these scores are less than 25 it is bad and its even lesser you are going to have a dreadful time. But if these scores are more than 30 points, your Sade-Sati will actually give you pleasing results!
  • Now see the individual score that Saturn has in these signs. if its less than 2 consider it to be a testing time, but if it is more than 6 it can give gains. The scores 3 to 5 are considered to be somewhat average.

Saturn can cause significant physical and mental stress even when he is not doing his Sade-sati. In our example above,

  • Saturn (though the Yogkarak) damaged the client’s body and caused severe stress in his profession when he transited Virgo (Saturn+Virgo = 1, Virgo= 23).
  • Before that when he transited Aries (Saturn+Aries = 1, Aries= 22) he caused disappointments in his education.
  • Now the prediction for Saturn’s effect on the client’s life. Saturn will transit Capricorn soon from Jan 2020. (Saturn+Capricorn = 7, Capricorn= 32). The client will see a sudden rise in his profession and gains (we just saw how to predict sudden rise in life). Then next Jan 2022, Saturn will transit Aquarius (Saturn+Aquarius = 2, Aquarius= 18) this client will go through a sudden fall in luck and will have to face stress in life unless he is strongly prepared to deal with with what will come. Saturn’s next transit through Pisces will offer only generic relief because though Pisces=30 a good score, Saturn+Pisces = 1 is an abysmally low score.

So as you can see, the Ashtakvarga table is a very useful item. You can use the total values of the planets and signs and also the individual values of the planets in the different signs to gain a clear idea of what kind of results they are going to be giving in life. So whenever you predict using the birth chart, do glance over the Ashtakvarga tables, this will be an additional confirmation step which will improve the accuracy of your predictions.


Ashtakvarga for confirming predictions