Rhrunanubandah, the debts you owe

Sanatan Dharm is not a religion, there is no book to follow here. You follow your own Conscience. You try to still your mind so that you can hear yourself clearly. You are your own judge. You yourself mete out to you the merit/ demerit for your own actions. You are your own blessing and you are your own prison. You are responsible for your own actions and enjoy/endure their consequences. This is the law of Karma operated by your own Antar-atma, inner Self, conscience. Enforcing the law of karma is the function of the 6th house, the Maha-dusham-sthana. The debts you owe. The Rhrunanubandah. 

  • ऋण Rhrun is a Sanskrit word which means loans, the minuses in your life, debts, transgressions, out-going stuff, guilt, duty, anything which is due, flowing, stronghold, obligation, etc. 
  • अनुबन्ध Anubandh means a continuance, consequence, result, attachment, obstacle, inseparable connection, intention, descendant, encumbrance, tie, design, linkage, part, course, motive, binding, contract, sequence, connecting link etc. 

Combining these you can get a sense of the word Rhunanubandh. This obligatory tie links to you to the others around you. Life is not in isolation, we are interconnected to all the beings around us. Your father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, child, relatives boss, drivers, servants, neighbours, all the people you interact with are there because of these debts owed, these inseparable connections of duties and obligations. If you give Rs 10/- to a beggar, it is not due to the kindness of your heart, it is because you owed him that money. You keep a pet animal because you are obliged to him. You care for your garden because you owe this care to the plants who live there. There is no charity in the real sense, it is just re-balancing of the debts owed. Life exists because Rhunanubandah exists. When you clear off your Rhunanubandah, you attain Moksh, ie realise yourself as the non-dual Advaita. 

If you have more auspicious combinations in your chart then you are here to enjoy the benefits of your past karma. In case there are more inauspicious combinations you are here to endure, experience more pain and repay your past outstanding karma. Generally most of us have a mix of good/bad combinations so go through cyclic pain/pleasure which we endure/enjoy.


The 6th house, its owner and the planets residing here indicate the quantum of this Rhun, also whom you have to pay it to. How and when you will be repaying it. If you do not pay it willingly when the time comes, you will be made to do so. Thus the ‘serve or suffer’ motif of this house. The 6th house also indicates the service which you get from others who owe you and the sufferings you inflict on others too. 

The house opposite to the 6th house is the house of Vyay, व्यय, the 12th house. Vyay means expense, charge, dissipation, sacrifice of, disappearance, loss, decay etc. If you make your due payments in the 6th house then the karmic load on you as seen from the 12th house will decrease. If you refuse to honour these due obligations, then your person and your environment will suffer losses. 

The sign occupying the 6th house is the basic environment in which you will be called on to pay your debts. eg Capricorn in the 6th will make you serve the society or serve through your profession, if Pisces then you serve in your astral and dream states, if Virgo then you serve in hospitals, counselling centres, etc. In this post I have discussed the effectiveness of the signs. The most benefic and sensitive signs are Virgo and Pisces. So if you have Aries or Libra as the ascendent then do take a few minutes to analyse the 6th house. If this is afflicted, it can subtly act to distort the positive predictions that you make. 

The owner of the 6th house is the main agent of the Rhunanubandh. His position in your chart determines the nature of your pending Rhun. Whom do you owe? How will you be made to repay? What will be its impact on you? eg 6th lord in the 11th house, people whom you owe will come as your friends, collect their due and vanish from your life. eg 6th lord with the Moon, your mother will behave like your enemy and create adversarial situations for you. eg 6th lord in 3rd house, your debtors will come disguised as your cousins, they will extract their dues and put you in trouble. One tip, never take advice or help or start any business etc with the people represented by the 6th lord and his position in your chart. Even if a natural benefic like Venus or Jupiter owns the 6th house, his work will be to make you pay off your debts, he is the major functional malefic in your life. I get this quite often that Cancer and Libra ascendants must have a easier life because Jupiter owns the 6th house here. People think of Jupiter as a benefic always, which he is not (post here). In fact these two ascendants potentially have a more wearying life as the agent of hope, luck, expansion and benevolence is in charge of the house of debts. For Cancer he is the Rogesh and the Dharmesh both, in-charge of the serve/ suffer motif and the spark of auspicious luck. 


  • If you have no planets in the 6th house, the debts due are proportionately lesser, a easier life awaits you.
  • And if there are several planets here then you have several debtors waiting for you. You will be required to work more and if the rest of the horoscope is supportive there will be also be sufficient energy to do so. If the ascendant lord and birth Moon are powerful then this work can create several  avenues and opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth.
  • A powerful benefic in the 6th house can ensure that you gain from your enemies. But if he is weak then he can give you stress from the generally positive things in life which he stands for. 
  • A malefic in the 6th will create active conflict with your enemies. You will be more aggressive, more proactive, more willing to engage with issues. If the rest of the horoscope is good then he will also supply the energy demolish your foes. You will have go through the Rhunanubandh, ie the binding debts, disease, enemies etc. But you will go out of your way to resolve the potentially stressful energies before they get a chance to really act against you. Later, in life, taking precautions and acting preemptively will become a habit. Malefics work well in the 6th house. 


I have written several posts on the 6th house, but in the context of the Rhunanubandh let’s see the three top heavy duty planet placements. (planets in the 6th house post here)

The Birth Moon in the 6th house or conjunct the 6th lord. Debts related to emotions. The simplest way to put this is whoever you need love from, invariably gives you emotional pain and later exits from your life in a traumatic manner.  Emotional suffering, mental stress, astral issues, dreams, hauntings, illnesses with no real reason or solution, body weakness, lack of nutrition, lack of nurture, loneliness etc. The Moon and the 6th house/lord energies means your the mother was over-worked or felt that you, her child, to be an extra burden on her. The birth Moon is nurture, nutrition, needs, nature. As a child, your needs were never acknowledged nor fulfilled. You might have been ill, alone, haunted, ignored, unloved. Later, acknowledging that you actually have emotional needs is difficult and the source of your problems. But you will always have the moral courage to endure these disturbing times and the intelligence to rise above these issues. The solution to this Moon is to help others who are suffering pain due to emotional trauma. There are several ways where you can do this and also earn your livelihood eg law, astrology, medicine, psychiatry, nursing etc.

The ascendant lord himself in the 6th house or conjunct the 6th lord. The personality and the environment of is for this lifetime completely in the shadow of the 6th house. It can get very intense. You will be required to serve the Rhun-s you owe, all the time. Your personality, your surrounding environment and the interaction with these two will be governed by the subtle influence of the 6th house energies. A lot depends on the power of the ascendant lord, if he is strong then you can excel. Again choosing your profession well is the secret for managing this position. 

Then the 5th lord, if in the 6th house or conjunct the 6th lord. The 5th lord is responsible for finishing off the debts owed. The 5th house is the house of your Poorva-janma-punya. The auspicious merits of your past lives which are available to you. If you wish, you can consciously use them through out your life. You make your luck using the energies of your 5th house. The owner of the 5th house is very important and in powerful horoscopes you will find that he is always placed well. He grants you creativity, genius and confidence which comes from an awareness of the internal link to the Divine. If he is linked to the 6th house/lord, then his potential is used for karmic service/ suffering requirements. Instead of propelling you onwards, now this graha can bring up even more karmic debts from your past lives. The realisation of the internal Divine is muted, confidence is reduced and the genius finds no creative outlet. It can get very stifling. (If you have any Virgo ascendants in your study sample do observe this part of their lives.) But ultimately it is the 5th lord, so however muted he may be, he still has the power of creative genius. So if you work intelligently, you can create several opportunities for yourself and rise. (Dharma trikon post here)


Rhunanubandh coming up for resolution is not a bad thing. If the personality, (the ascendent sign, ascendant lord and the birth Moon), is powerful enough you can convert this Rhunanubandh into opportunities. If so then you can actually benefit in some way. If not then life becomes a drudgery and there is suffering. The 6th house is also disillusionment, disappointments, misunderstandings, disturbances, difficulties etc. It helps you resolve past karma but also teaches you a lesson so that you do not repeat the same mistake again. So try to understand what this house is really upto in your chart. Anything that makes you come out of your comfort zone will initially create difficulties but eventually help you evolve. Sometimes the 6th can do this for you.

The 6th is a upchaya house. The positive meaning is if you complete your pendency then things will get better with age. But, if you ignore your enemies/ ripu, don’t address your diseases/ roga and leave your debts/ runa unpaid then the power of upchaya will multiply these things in your life. This is the secret of managing the three upchaya houses. Never ignore them and the things that they stand for. If you fail to address the issues raised by them from time to time, they will keep on multiplying them with the passage of time.