Sleeping under the night skies

The current human population is disconnected from the skies and the celestial bodies in it. We are indoors all the time, inside the office during the day and within the house at night. In fact thanks to the PU soles of our shoes we have lost all connection with the Earth too. The ancient cultures would honor the Sky Father and the Earth Mother and there was a perfectly deep reason for it. The Skies guide us and the Earth supports us, even today, but now we are unaware of their presence in our lives. 

Till very recently, we would regularly walk about under the Sun, his energy would directly enter our body, mind and individual souls. Now, with our heads buried in our screens, we rarely look up at the skies and the direct sun rays do not fall on our bodies. Technically the best time to be under the Sun is at sunrise or sunset. But we simply do not look up to him anymore.

At night the situation is even worse with the intense dust and light pollution. We have completely forgotten that the Moon, the Stars and the inky black night skies even exist above us. Children living in the cities are the most unfortunate ones in this respect. They do not know how beautiful the night sky is. And this disconnect is messing up everything on so many levels.

Earlier, during our grandparents generation, sleeping outside, ie on the terrace of the house was a regular feature. People would sleep outside on those typical cots with the coir netting. I remember when I was a child, whenever we visited my native village or my Guru’s Math, sleeping under the night sky was so exciting, magical. My Dad would teach me the Nakshatra visible above. Even today, I try to maximise my time under the night skies (as the weather permits) and point out the graha and Nakshatra to my son.

As per Sanatan Dharma, we are required to sleep outside for one night under the full Moon of the Ashvin month (Kojagiri/ Sharad Purnima). The Moon is nearest to the Earth on this day and his power is very strong and auspicious. We fast during the day and at night we offer the Moon a sweet milk based Naivedya and drink it as a prasadam (desi cow milk with saffron, sugar etc boiled for hours under the Moonlight, it is called Basundi). 

Sleeping under the night skies is one of the best remedies for balancing the Moon and easing the Mind related issues. And it is not possible anymore for most of us. Thus the increase in mental issues, depression, anxiety etc. This emotional imbalance is a direct effect of this unprecedented change in our lifestyle. We have deprived ourselves of the soothing and supportive rays of the Moon and Nakshatra.

So here is what you can do. Try to be under the light of the full Moon, Purnima for a few hours, once a month. If you can sleep outside under the skies for the entire night, it would be the best thing. Also try to be under the night skies when the current Moon transits your birth Moon Nakshatra, ie once a month. Then during the Ashwin Purnima, try to be under the Moon for as long as you can, this will be once a year. Even if you can do this much it will be a very big support for your mind. As you lie under the night skies, try to locate the 27 nakshatra and the other important stars in the skies, it is a fascinating exercise. 

There is one important Star, Tara, whom we have completely forgotten in the recent times. It is visible only in the northern hemisphere, ie the Pole star, Dhruv tara. At present I am getting several questions on Reiki. An interesting Reiki factoid is that Mikao Usui’s family emblem is the emblem of the deity Bodhisatva Myoken, the Dhruv tara personified. This symbol combines the Sun, Moon and a Star or more correctly the Bindu, in a very beautiful manner.

Dhruv tara is the embodiment of the highest realm of consciousness. So as you drift off to sleep under the night skies do focus on the North star for a few minutes. Doing Tratak on the stars is a very useful exercise, and the Dhruv tara is perfect for the purpose.

(My readers want me to write simple posts).