Effects of Mars and Rahu conjunction 

Mars is said to be like Ketu and Rahu is said to like Saturn. However do remember that Rahu and Ketu are subjective in nature, they are astral forces. Mars and Saturn are objective in nature, they give tangible physical ‘real’ results. These are cruel forces, kroor graha who cause turbulence and sorrow in life.

The keywords for Mars are birth, death, vitality, challenges, exploration, secrets, domination, pioneering spirit, competitiveness, winning, blood and the circulatory system, pran and the Nadi system etc. He is an explosion of raw power, always on the move.

And Rahu is the desire to have it all. To gain every sort of experience, to reach and then over-reach, to achieve in every way possible, amoral by nature. He wants satisfaction but by his very nature he is never ever satisfied. 

Rahu and Mars together have the potential to become very intense. Rahu will enhance Mars’s objective results on the subjective plane too, so you will feel very deeply when you act as per Mar’s significations in your life. This can get so intense that all positive results of Mars are destroyed by the endless desire of Rahu. And they are enemies.


If you have Mars-Rahu together in your birth chart then you need to analyse it step-wise like this-

The sign in which this is happening and its nature is critical. If Mars is comfortable in this sign, he can constructively use Rahu’s power. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, debilitated in Cancer, his own signs are Aries (also mooltrikon) and Scorpio. Plus he functions well in the other two fiery signs, Leo and Sagittarius. Rahu is generally malefic for every ascendant sign but rarely he can function as a Yogkarak, so check this aspect before predicting severe results and scaring yourself.

Check if the Mars is retrograde, combust or debilitated which can change the way his power moves. I have observed that these combinations turn the Mars energies inwards. You might cause damage to yourself rather than others with this sort of Mars, so being careful is advisable. You need to find an outlet for your Mars Rahu energies else you suffocate inside.

Also check Mars’s shad-bala, vimshopak-bala, avastha, ashtakvarga, nakshatra etc as per your level of study. The more information you have on your Mars the more you will be aware of Rahu’s influence on him and thus you. If they are less than 15deg apart then the effect will be even more intense. If they are in the same Nakshatra or in the same Nakshatra pad (this means in the same Navamsha), then the effect will be obviously felt more.

Next is the house in which this is happening. Generally if this occurs in the 3rd, 6th, 10th 11th houses and has some beneficial influences then the combination can generate revolutionary leaders of the positive sort. You will be able to use this energy to fight injustices, right wrongs, help the downtrodden etc.

Analyse the houses owned by Mars, ie where do Aries and Scorpio lie in your chart. Both the house controlled by Mars in your chart will also show the effect of Rahu. His typical over reach, habit of creating illusions, playing politics, cheating, etc will also influence these two houses.

You should also check the houses which are aspected by Mars, he has the regular 7th aspect and the additional 4th 8th aspects which in my opinion can be more intense. Then Ketu is always opposite Rahu, so in this Mars-Rahu conjunction, Mars will be fully aspecting Ketu. This aspect generally intensifies the fiery energies in the house/ sign of Ketu as it aggravates his fiery nature. If the rest of the chart is unable to absorb or regulate this energy then it can cause immense damage to this house. 

The conjoint Rahu will hold back Mars’s maturity period. So you will remain unaware of Mars’s power and potential for a significant part of your life. You will become aware of them both together as you cross your mid 40s and their full effect will be evident by the age of 48yrs.

In the Vimshottari Dasha system, Mars Mahadasha is followed by Rahu Mahadasha so this is a continuous experience of 25yrs, which is a very significant time frame. So if your Rahu Mars are in a progressive house/sign and are capable of giving positive results then you can have an extraordinary 25yr span in your lifetime, else this period can be quite turbulent.


A few typical results of this combination will be as follows, however they will vary in intensity as per individual chart combinations. So do tailor them to your personal chart keeping in mind the above listed points.

This combination grants you an hyper alertness about the things connected with Mars. And your aggression is generally directionless, ie you are generically aggressive towards everyone. You may not be aware of this but everyone is a little bit scared of you.

There is a tendency towards self-harm. But depending on the other combinations in your chart, you might or not act on these thoughts. But you think about violence, dangerous situations etc. You might visualise yourself doing risky acts or wish to do so. You are not afraid of physical injury and are willing to get yourself hurt in the process. 

There is an elevated sense of ego as you always feel very powerful. You think that you can get over any situation by a display of sheer power, intimidation, domination and aggression. You are willing to offer violence as a solution to every problem in life. However this is not the pure Mars, it is linked to the sneakinesses of Rahu. So you might show that you are brave strong etc but there is a hollowness in your these claims. Given a chance you might to choose underhanded tricks rather than fair competition to achieve your aims.

And you can be whipped into a fighting frenzy. So be very clear about the life philosophy that you follow. You can be goaded into religious or racist intolerance which can easily turn violent. And you can further inspire others into similar violence, as you have significant leadership qualities. This sort of combination can thus lead to terrorist, anti-social, activities. Depending on the rest of the chart you can even become some sort of a revolutionary leader of the negative sort. 

On the health front, there are possibilities of blood related issues. Rash behaviour can lead to accidents, injuries, surgeries or even physical death. There is a tendency to get into addictions, drinking, gambling, womanising, etc negative habits. 

In the family, you most likely are the oldest among your siblings. In case you are a woman, relationships will be affected. Multiple serious relationships, two or more marriages, divorce, widowhood, extra-marital affairs, serious love affairs which do not culminate into marriage, marriages with strangers/foreigners etc are possible. These situations can be averted or their intensity be reduced if the 7th lord and Jupiter are strong in your chart.

If you have this combination in your birth chart, then you should learn techniques to help you control your thoughts. Yogasan, Pranayam, Dhyan, Mantra pujas, etc are a good option as here both Rahu and Mars will get an outlet to express their physical and astral energies. Going to the gym or engaging in only physical activity is just Mars, it does not give control over the astral Rahu. Remember that it is very easy to provoke you into violence, so best learn to count to 10 before exploding into action.

Depending on which house this combination occurs, you can try to invest in stocks of companies manufacturing arms or work in such an environment or work in R&D to develop weapons or work in the police or the army or in turbulent situations where you can release this energy in a productive and positive manner. Explosives, petroleum, fire etc related jobs where you work with destructive energies can suit you. You can also write motivational articles, engage in rigorous research, occult, invent new stuff etc. You need a continual stimulation of new horizons to explore and you are willing to do anything for this. You are also quite intelligent, opportunistic have a very strong will and are willing to take risks. This Mars and Rahu then can shape an extraordinary individual if the rest of the chart permits it.


On the transit front, the Rahu Mars conjunction occurs once every about 1.5yrs or so and it is now due from 27th Jun to 10th Aug 2022 in Aries. This time can give extreme results as Saturn will be aspecting them with his 3rd aspect from 27th Jun to 12th July. And then from 12th Jul onwards he will start aspecting Ketu!

World events will become more destructive in nature as Rahu in Aries will suck Mars into his web of deception. The Ukraine-Russia war will intensify. Europe and USA will suffer the most. Civil movements, several of them armed, will erupt all over the world for different reasons. Terrorist activity, gunmen, bomb blasts, destruction of public property, open civil riots etc fueled mainly by intolerant thought processes including religion, corruption, political dramas, etc will occur. Police and the military will be forced to act at great personal risks. The courts will be aggressive and try to control the armies in some way, but this will lead to even more confusion for the elected governments. Deaths of a few aged or prominent leaders is expected. Industrial accidents are possible.

Bharat too will see these same patterns of disruption as above, we are already seeing it in the newspapers daily. In addition the Indian monsoon has arrived, but rain itself is going to behave like a weapon, so cyclones and torrential rains will occur in some places and drought like situations in other areas of our nation.

This Mars Rahu combination is going to give negative results for all the birth Moon signs. All of us will suffer unexplained loneliness, emotional upsets, aggression, rage issues, body pain, mental stress, pressure at work and home, controversies, etc. The best thing to do is to keep a low profile, avoid arguments, avoid risky behaviour, budget and take due precautions for health.