Shakti yog, Moon Rahu combination

The Shakti yog combination is described by Rishi Jaimini, so we need to apply guidelines from the Jaimini system in interpreting it fully. The Shakti yog is formed when

  • Moon, Rahu occupy the 5th and 9th houses from the ascendant sign.
  • Moon in the 3rd house (aspecting the 9th house) and Rahu in the 5th house
  • Moon in the 11th house (aspecting the 5th house) and Rahu in the 9th house.
  • Both are together ie conjunct in the 5th or 9th house.
  • If both are not placed in the 5th or 9th houses but both aspect them. Do remember that in the Jaimini system, the signs also aspect each other.

Jaimini’s Sign aspects

  • Aries aspects Leo Scorpio Aquarius
  • Taurus aspects Cancer Libra Capricorn
  • Gemini aspects Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
  • Cancer aspects Taurus Scorpio Aquarius
  • Leo aspects Aries Libra Capricorn
  • Virgo aspects Gemini Sagittarius Pisces
  • Libra aspects Taurus Leo Aquarius
  • Scorpio aspects Aries Cancer Capricorn
  • Sagittarius aspects Gemini Virgo Pisces
  • Capricorn aspects Taurus Leo Scorpio
  • Aquarius aspects Aries Cancer Libra
  • Pisces aspects Gemini Virgo Sagittarius

The 1-5-9 houses are part of the Dharma trikon, the most important axis of personal creativity and the past lives auspicious benefits which feed into your personality. If Rahu and Moon are influencing the 5th/ 9th houses then tremendous power is generated. The power of the ascendant lord and the soul evolution level of the chart will determine how much and how will this power be used in life.

Two famous personalities are often quoted as examples of the Shakti yog, Adolf Hitler had this in his birth chart and Ramkrishna Parmahansa in his Navamsha chart. A greater contrast cannot be imagined but yes both were products of the Shakti yog in their 9th house working in different ways.

‘Shakti’ here means the active power of the Devi associated with the Tamo-gun, also known as Parvati or Kali. If you have this yog in your birth chart then know that you wield an essentially destructive power. Jaimini himself says this “the native will assume the nature of the destroyer of creation”. “Kaal roop”, what you destroy will depend on the rest of the chart. You can destroy lives, homes and nations, like Adolf Hitler did. Or you can destroy your own deha-buddhi (belief that you are the body), destroy the illusion called Creation and realise that you are indeed the Eternal Advaita like Ramkrishna Parmahansa did.

Your higher self has already made this choice at the moment of your birth and as Rahu is involved with the Moon means that you have not given yourself the option to change it within the lifetime. Rahu is the direction of the desire, you desire this experience with the fullest intensity. The Rahu-engine is pulling the planet-train in this direction. And Moon, the conscious energy of the Ajnya chakra, the sookshma-sharir, the sum of all your past, present, future, parallel lives is powering it. You desire this experience with all the intensity of your self.

Shakti yog, Moon Rahu combination

Rahu will give you a lot of mental strength and very significant psychic ability. You are very competent, courageous, able to stand for what you believe in. You will make your fortune, whatever you desire. You will be able to influence huge sections of the population in a very powerful manner. This combination indicates the Dharma that the soul has chosen very strongly at birth and how it will go ahead in this path. You do not let anyone come close to you. You tend to doubt your well-wishers and prefer taking your life decisions on your own.  Rahu here causes to you over-reach especially in your young age. There is destruction and often physical pain associated in your life path. Things become more clear as your planets mature one by one but real clarity is achieved only after the mid-40s.

This yog is not a malefic yog per se. It gives you the power to completely eliminate certain influences from your life. This is highly karmic in nature as Rahu is involved with the Moon. Actions of yours will have deep effects on others too. How large an audience you will command will depend on the rest of the chart. But your actions will be good/ evil for the society, ie if benefic planets are involved, it will destroy ‘good’ qualities and if malefic planets are involved, it will destroy the ‘evil’ qualities in the society or your target group.

This Shakti yog can occur in your birth chart or also in your divisional charts.

  • If the yog occurs in the birth chart all aspects of your actual life will be touched by its energy.
  • If it occurs only in the navamsha but not the birth chart then you will be caught in such events but you may not be actively involved in them.
  • If the yog occurs in some other divisional chart then its effects will be related to that part of life indicated by that divisional chart.

There is one very significant negative of this combination. If you get such a chart you have to understand this part before counselling the client.

  • If there are any other planets placed in the 5th or 9th house then the things they represent get destroyed in the material sense.
  • Also if there is any other planet conjunct this Moon or Rahu, that planet’s significations also get destroyed in the material sense.

I am listing out extreme results planet-wise, but these have to be seen in context of the potential of the individual chart.

  • If Sun is involved you will be able to finish off your self-ego, selfishness and peep behind the Sun’s scorching heat with ease to view your Reality.  As the sense of self is destroyed, you achieve self realization. But while on the path do not let others take advantage of your this typical unselfish nature.
  • If Mercury is involved he will grant a short temper and an inability to see the logic of things. Rational behaviour will be affected and and psychological illnesses can result eventually.
  • If Venus is involved, you will not be able to maintain one-one equitable relationships. Appreciation of material stuff, luxury, comforts, art, refinements, higher aspects of emotions etc will not exist. Maintaining any relationships especially with the opposite sex will be difficult. Spiritual practice will also be difficult to maintain. Persons whom you believe to be a Guru will cause you harm. Be very careful till you cross your mid 40s. Moksh-karak bring restricted like this can grant deep pain as you cannot connect with your own self.
  • If Mars is involved, you have a very still nature. You cannot be provoked nor do you lose your temper much. However vitality of the body can be affected and others might take advantage of your essentially non-violent pacifist nature.
  • If Jupiter is involved you will destroy ‘life’ in some way. You will be physically weak, ill, unable to endure, suffer from disease. Marriage and children will not be possible. Dogmatic fanatical nature which cannot appreciate other’s views on religion/ spirituality. In extreme cases you may be responsible for wars or at least cause arguments in life with people/groups around you. Again teachers will not be able to guide you properly. Things get more comprehensible after the mid-40s.
  • If Saturn is involved, you will use your power to destroy all pending karmic bindings on you and remove all fear, sorrow, grief etc from your life. This can grant you very high spiritual progress if the rest of the chart allows it.

(I know a chart where Moon in 3rd and Rahu in 5th creates the Shakti yog. This person has significant occult power, mental strength etc, a very powerful personality. But he also has Venus in the 9th house and Jupiter conjunct Moon, so both have been unable to give their auspicious results in the material life, education, family life, kindness, ability to give and receive genuine love, relationships, spiritual practice, physical vitality, nature, etc been affected in some way or the other. Jeev-karak Jupiter and Moksh-karak Venus both have not been allowed to function fully. Now observing this person as a study subject, if he chooses the spiritual path he will gain it all, Paramanand. If he chooses the material path, grief and a few hundred more lives await him. Decisions and their repercussions!)

Shakti Yog is not very rare, you will see it in maybe 25% of your clients in some form, but when it is backed by a powerful chart, or you see other patterns adding to its power then you truly have a unique individual. If you can, do observe such a person as a life time study.


Shakti yog, Moon Rahu combination