Analysing the ascendant lord using friendships

A simple technique to help you gain deep insights into your motivations, expectations and things which silently support you. Also the subtle dissatisfaction which seems to forever surround certain aspects of your life. (For overt problems, this post) And this analysis is derived from the planetary natural friendships.

Our Jyotish texts are in the sutra form, where one word in Sanskrit actually means several things. मित्र Mitra which is loosely translated to ‘friend’ in English means ‘someone who reciprocates positivity’. Sakha सखा is someone who does positive stuff for you out of the goodness of his heart without expecting anything in return. (Bhagwan Krishna is always called Sakha never Mitra. And the Sun is always called Mitra, not Sakha.) 

For this analysis you need to know just the beginner level stuff,

This is the sample chart I use on this blog. Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. He is dead, has lived quite a happening life, with recorded incidents and is a good study subject.

Birth chart Aleister Crowley

The ascendant sign is Cancer and the ascendant lord is Moon. The sign is summary of the personality and the environment in which the person moves. And its lord determines the ability of the person to coordinate his personality and the environment he is in. A strong ascendant lord is better able to use the innate traits of the personality and turn the environment he is in to his advantage.

The 2nd lord is the Sun. The Sun and Moon consider each other to be natural friends. So Crowley was quite comfortable in the matters of the 2nd house, ie close family, accumulated resources, personal history, speaking, small gatherings of known people etc. And the people/ activities of the 2nd were also fruitful for him in a positive feedback loop.

Then the house opposite to the 2nd is the 8th ruled by Saturn. Moon considers Saturn to be neutral. But Saturn considers Moon to be an enemy. So Crowley was neutral about the matters of the 8th but the keywords of the 8th house had great potential to harm him on several levels. And because he felt neutral towards these 8th things, he would have neither noticed the damage nor acted to control it. 

The 3rd house has Virgo ruled by Mercury. Moon considers Mercury to be a friend but Mercury considers Moon as a natural enemy. So though Crowley felt hopeful and optimistic about the matters of the 3rd house, these people/ activities had a greater potential to cause him stress. This means his extended family, teammates, trade and small business activities, writing, short travels, etc would not really support him. And because he felt positive towards these things, he would not have even believed that these could harm him so he would have not acted in time to reduce the damage.

The house opposite is the 9th house ruled by Jupiter. Moon considers Jupiter to be neutral and Jupiter considers Moon to be a friend. So though Crowley would not have had much expectations from the people/ things that the 9th house represents, but these same things would have supported him in numerous ways. The 9th house is the elders, ancestors, luck, karmic merits of the past lives, blessings of the Guru etc. But the personality being neutral to these things means that Crowley would not have been interested in making the most of the positive potential that his 9th represented.

The 4th house is ruled by Venus. Moon considers Venus to be neutral while Venus considers Moon to be an enemy. So though Crowley would have been neutral about the matters of the 4th house these same things would have caused him pain on several levels. The 4th house is the mother, maternal relatives, homeland, school level education, residence, lands, property etc. And feeling neutral towards the 4th things also means not proactively working to nip these issues in the bud.

On the other side, the 10th is ruled by Mars. Moon is neutral towards Mars. And Mars considers Moon to be a friend. So though Crowley was neutral towards the profession, salary, social status, etc there was a significant potential for these things of the 10th things to support him. But he was not interested in making the most of these 10th keywords.

The 5th house is ruled by Mars and its opposite 11th house is ruled by Venus. So similar dynamics with the Moon as the 4/10 houses above.

The 6th house is ruled by Jupiter and the house opposite is the 12th ruled by Mercury. Again similar dynamics with the Moon as the 3/9 axis above.

And finally the 7th house is ruled by Saturn who considers Moon as an enemy while Moon is neutral towards him. Thus the partner that Crowley desired the most actually considered him to be an enemy. He felt neutral towards his partnerships, business dealings, legal issues, profits from business, adored deity, spiritual practices like meditation, etc, but these things had the potential to cause great harm to his personality, his environment and the interaction between his personality and his environment. And his neutrality towards all this 7th stuff would have not let him act for resolving these stressful issues.


This basic understanding can be improved by factoring the planets present in the houses.

  • Eg the 7th house – Saturn, the owner of the 7th in the 7th itself increased the potential for damage that the 7th could inflict on the personality. Mars, the owner of the 5th and 10th (yogkarak) in the 7th would have been great if he were alone here, but he is conjunct Saturn, which spoilt his capacity to give positive results. His energy is channelised by Saturn and this has allowed the 7th /Saturn even greater potential to harm the personality. 

If you have noted in the series above, the houses opposite each other are never ruled by mutual natural friends of the ascendant lord. This rule is applicable to all the ascendant signs/ lords and across all the houses axes but with one notable exception. The Venus Mars pair are both neutral towards each other. This dynamics is clearly reflected in the people with Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio ascendents ruled by Venus/ Mars. Both Venus and Mars tolerate each other and neither sabotages the other’s significations. If you have such charts in your collection, then note the interaction these people have with their spouses, business partners etc, the 7th house things. These four ascendants have the most balanced relationships with their mirrors, significant halves, shadows, ‘fill in the blanks’. And as per the Bhavat bhavam concept, if the 7th house is secure then the entire personality as a whole remains balanced.

These four ascendants of Mars and Venus are special in another way. Their kona ie 5th and 9th house owners are mutually natural friends and also friends with the ascendant lords. This is a great advantage – the creative intelligence, life foundations and the personality are in a positive feedback loop. This is applicable for the Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants too. These seven ascendant signs potentially have a powerful Dharma trikon which can propel them onwards on a fast track to a fulfilling life.

In your chart, check if the 5th or the 9th lord considers the ascendant lord as an enemy or vice versa. In this case you will have to take extra efforts in these critical aspects of life. 

For the four ascendants ruled by Mercury and Jupiter, there is a typical situation. Jupiter sees Mercury as an enemy. Mercury considers Jupiter as a neutral. So in the chart, the four kendra houses suffer because of this tension between the two. The kendra, 1 4 7 10 houses are the pillars of the chart, responsible for the material support that the personality gets in life. If you observe your sample charts/people of these ascendants you will see that they have several issues simmering below the surface. Their personality/ environment, family life, profession, relationship with father/boss, money flow, relationship with the spouse etc reflects this discomfort between the 4 kendra house lords.


When you analyse your own chart, note the following ‘enemies’. 

  1. For those houses whose owner considers your ascendant lord to be an enemy, but your ascendant lord considers to be a friend – You will have to tone down your expectations from these houses. Pay attention to the small things which start going wrong, the red flags. Do not ignore early warning signs and take corrective action immediately to avoid major damage.
  2. For those houses whose owner considers your ascendant lord to be an enemy, but your ascendant lord considers to be neutral. Here you will tend to ignore the house and its issues. So try to pay attention, get involved even if you do not want to and resolve the issues of these houses in time, before they become unmanageable.

You can similarly find out the houses which are supportive to your personality, ie the houses owned by planets who consider your ascendant lord as a friend. You should change your attitude towards these facets of your life depending on whether your ascendant lord feels friendly, inimical or neutral towards these.

Analysing your horoscope in this way will add to your understanding of the dark and bright halves concept (here and here). Do note how the thread of karma weaves through the houses from the perspective of the ascendant.

If the house in the dark half is supportive to the personality then the house opposite to it in the bright half is not and vice versa. So you are more comfortable or really happy only in one of these two houses opposite each other, never equally comfortable in both. You can either turn inwards or outwards, never both at the same time.

(Use astrology to decipher your own personality, it is a more fulfilling way of applying Jyotish. If you can consciously channelise your personality and use your environment, you will be more successful in life.)

Birth Moon in airy signs Gemini Libra or Aquarius

As you think, so you are. We are but thoughts, crystallised into human form. We think ourselves into existence by the power of the mind. And this is why the position of the birth Moon is very significant. He is the embodiment of the Mind, the Manas. The Moon determines your thought patterns and thus your very existence.

The 12 signs of the zodiac are divided into,

Vayu वायु in Sanskrit means air, Vaat, wind, pran, greed, desire, breath etc. It is also the name of the deity Vayu, which is a conscious intelligence.

This post is about the common characteristics of the three airy signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the intellectual tycoons of the zodiac. If your birth Moon is in any of these three signs then maybe you can identify the following traits in yourself. Use your knowledge of Jyotish to become more aware of your own self. Learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses to leverage them intelligently in life, thus making the most of it.

As a Vayu rashi, you are first and foremost quite changeable. The refreshing playful zephyr on a summer morning or equally the furious hurricane, demolishing everything in your path, you are always in motion overtly or covertly. This activity can be physical ie you like travelling, seeing new places, meeting new people, taking in new experiences. New settings, stimulating conversations and exchange of ideas make you happy. Adaptive, flexible, accommodative, cooperative and broad minded, you are made welcome every in every social situation.

You sometimes subtly experiment with people, a well placed word here and there to move situations as per your desire. Setting things into motion with these light interventions and then observing the outcomes is something you do naturally. You are a good conversationalist as you have a strong grasp of language, you instinctively know which word should be used where. Genuinely curious about everything you want to know more, about people, the place or the situation. Information attracts you like nothing  does.

And you need company, your close friend circle, your partners or the infinitely expansive like minded groups. Your interactions with others are your life and soul. Cooperation with the other comes naturally to you. You are generally a transparent personality and do not bear malice or feel hatred in your heart for long. However you can sometimes be unstable and unpredictable. So if anyone crosses you there is no saying how you will react, you might blow the hurt away with the wind or equally keep it within as a grudge to be repaid in full later. This can make you seem flighty or sometimes vindictive.

You also love to physically touch others in the course of your interactions with them. So you engage in shaking hands, clapping others on the back or hugging etc as per the norms of your home culture. Perhaps you do this to reassure yourself of the physical reality of the person before you.

And this desire to be on the move is equally a mental exercise. So you often travel into the delightful environs of your own mind and think. Ideas, alternative scenarios, projections, playing with your thoughts. Even if you look outwardly relaxed, your mind is always running in the ten different directions and at full speed. Your mind is your favourite toy and your thoughts never stop. You imagine things and sometimes put them on paper, ie write prose and poetry. With such immense creative skills, if you choose, you can be an awesome writer. 

You have the capacity to visualise a situation in the mind’s eye, turn it round and round, gain new perspectives, bring in more information. And you are quite perceptive, you can easily capture different angles of the same situation which others cannot sense. Then you use your intelligence and analysis to logically reduce things to their building blocks. This often leads you to new and unexpected opportunities. You can project into the future and also perform root cause analyses using your judgment and analytical skills.

Your are capable of subjective as well as objective thought, individually and together. And this is a rare ability. Generally people focus on the specific situation before them, ie think only in context of the situation they are in, ie concrete thought patterns. But some are able to observe the concrete before them and extrapolate it to the abstract, and use both these ways to make more sense of the situation. Eg you tell your friend something accurately about his chart. He argues, asserts that you are wrong. You know your subject and are sure about the analysis. There are two overlapping scenarios here, the objective, ie the current argument, the actual question that is being discussed. And the subjective, you now use this event to revalue your friend’s personality. You analyse his reaction, his behaviour and revaluate his personality and fundamentally change your perception about him forever. Both these thought patterns always go on simultaneously in your mind. In fact your mind can think in several directions at once. And other people who cannot comprehend what your mind is capable of will call you egoistic.

These three signs are the Shudra rashis. This indicates that you have an infinite capacity for working, hard. Always in motion, active and tireless. Even before one project is complete, you have another one ready in your mind. You have the rare ability to multitask. You can communicate, talk, write and are the glue of human interactions, which is the real physical foundation on which this society exists. You produce ‘thought’ which is of immense value and essential. The ability to think is most important as it in turn creates everything else. The Mind is the real creator. And this is ‘work’ in the real sense. Thus the airy rashis are the real actual creators. And finally deep philosophy is not your forte, ie you do not subscribe to any ideological foundation, you are willing to experiment with several thought processes to achieve your goals.

This same theme is continued in the Kama trikon. These signs make up the 9/ 5 axis of creation/ foundation of the desires of the mind. You set your Will in a specific direction and this is the function of the Kama trikon. This trikon crystallises a set of desires in your Mind. You try to get those things which your Mind longs for. Once the mind conceptualises an idea, the rest of the body starts working to achieve it. You are successful at every profession which requires creative thinking and visualisation coupled with lots of diverse activities. 

If we check out the light and dark halves concept and the location of the signs in the natural zodiac. Gemini lies in the inward moving energy part and Aquarius are in the outwardly moving energy half. Libra can go either way (depending on the rest of the chart.)

All are odd signs so are male rashis. This means that your are more the instigator of action. You activate, inspire or provoke others into action. You provide the intellectual, technical etc backup which assures these others who lean on you for guidance. 

The signs opposite to the airy signs are the fiery signs. So your preferred partner is often someone who has a fiery sign in the ascendant sign or the Moon sign or significant planets in the Agni rashis. Though fire and air do not seem a very logical combination but you like interacting with such people. They are opposite to your nature but strangely provide you the fill in the blanks energy which you need. 

These airy signs are composed of Nakshatra connected to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. That means the 9 nakshatra quarters of each of these signs are composed of,

  • 2 quarters of Mars energy.
  • 4 quarters of Rahu energy
  • 3 quarters of Jupiter energy.

This combination is a very potent mix. Initiative, confidence, secrets, desire for change added to unlimited desires, infinite longings, superlative Will with kindness and luck. A well placed Moon in such an airy sign can create an extraordinary individual. 

If you observe the sequence of Chara, Sthira, Dvi-swabhavi rashis, ie moveable, stable, dual natured, then the signs progressively are dual, moveable and stable. This is the fundamental sequence where first the personality explores options, experiments with each one of them till it is satisfied and stabilises on one of them as the most suitable. All the airy signs will in some way follow this sequence in the life.


These airy signs are composed of Nakshatra connected to Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. That means the 9 nakshatra quarters of each of these signs are composed of,

  • 2 quarters of Mars energy.
  • 4 quarters of Rahu energy
  • 3 quarters of Jupiter energy.

This combination is a very potent mix. Initiative, confidence, secrets, desire for change added to unlimited desires, infinite longings, superlative Will with kindness and luck. A well placed Moon in such an airy sign can create an extraordinary individual.

If you observe the sequence of Chara, Sthira, Dvi-swabhavi rashis, ie moveable, stable, dual natured, then the signs progressively are dual, moveable and stable. This is the fundamental sequence where first the personality explores options, experiments with each one of them till it is satisfied and stabilises on one of them as the most suitable. All the airy signs will in some way follow this sequence in the life.

For those on the spiritual path, these Moon signs are connected to air, Vayu, Mind, Pran. So if you have some grounding influences in your chart which help you focus then you can easily achieve control over your breath and pran. But to get on the spiritual path you will need to have a powerful watery sign in your chart as airy signs are neither philosophical nor emotional. And to trigger spirituality, you need to have that emotional connect with your adored deity or a deep understanding of philosophy.


One negative here is that you love the thinking process by itself. So when think of a project and arrive at a conclusion in your mind, this in itself is so highly satisfying that you do not even bother to put your project into actual practice. This can make you unreliable in life.

Another is that you cannot emotionally connect with others on a one to one level and this can affect your relationships with your loved ones. Especially in emotionally charged contexts, such remote behaviour can traumatise your loved ones. Your inability to express emotions in depth can sometimes be a problem in personal relations. This can lead to irresponsible, immature or flighty behaviour.

If this Moon in Vayu rashi is unable to perform optimally he will first create an inflated ego. You will talk illogically, gossip, boast a lot, have an opinion on everything, be impractical and suffer from a lack of grounding. Only talk and zero action. Or you may be cold, calculative, aloof and unapproachable.

This airy Moon can sometimes cause imbalances of the mind, psychiatric problems as general sensitivity is exaggerated. Sometimes this constant thinking can also be a source of stress as the mind gets tired and literally melts. Also medical issues with the physical nerves, allergies and skin related problems.

If you of the Airy Mind, are suffering from such negatives then you should analyse yourself, develop coping mechanisms and try to leverage your positives so that you can live a better adjusted life.

You live your life in your mind.