Predictions for Vedic New Year Shri Shobhakruti naam Samvatsar 2023 24

The Vedic year Shubhakruti (post here) ends on Phalgun Amvasya ie 21st Mar 2023. Both Sun and the Moon are together in Pisces on this day and it marks the end of one zodiac cycle. The Vedic new year, Shri Shobhakruti naam Samvatsar starts with the sunrise of the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada which falls on 22nd March 2023. This day is called the Yugadi युगादि.

The word Shobhakruti is a Sanskrit compound word composed of Shobha and Akruti. Shobha शोभा means, grace, good, light, beauty, wish, yellow, merit, desire, elegance etc. Akruti आकृति means shape, form, appearance, 22, specimen, aspect, etc.

For predicting the possible events in this new year, the Nutan Varsha Phala, ie the fruits of the new year, we use a combination of,

  • The chart of the first Sunrise of the new year
  • The Nav Nayak system (post here)

This is the basic D1 chart of the new sunrise and its Navamsha D9. If you are an advanced student of Jyotish you can use the other charts, Ashtakvarga, other chakras etc as per your level of competence.

As usual, the lagna/ ascendant degree is in Pisces with the rising Sun. Moon and Mercury are ultra close, they are on the exact same degree. Mercury is completely combust. Venus and Rahu are perfectly conjunct, both are on the same degree in Taurus. Mars is in Gemini. Ketu is in Libra. Saturn in Aquarius is aspecting Venus (this is uncomfortable for Venus) and also Rahu (this is a intense Shapit dosh). Saturn and Rahu are holding Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Lagna of the new year day in the cruel paap kartari scissor, which is not good.

In the Navamsha, the Sun and Lagna are on the same degree, allotted to Virgo navamsha. Moon and Mercury on the same degree and in Libra navamsha. Saturn is in Sagittarius navmsha. Jupiter and Ketu are both allotted to Capricorn navamsha. Rahu and Venus are on the same degree and together in the Cancer navamsha.

The actual rising degree /Lagna is heavily influenced by Sun, Moon and Mercury, who are practically on top of it. Sun and Moon in the 1st house are well placed and also have enough power in the navamsha. Significant potential energy is available but a combust Mercury exactly with the Moon will vitiate the thinking process and disturb the emotions. The ascendant lord, Jupiter is placed in the Lagna itself which is good. But he is afflicted by the paap kartari, so this year everything will suffer from a curious mix of expansion with restraint coupled with a desire to overreach. Further he is debilitated in the D9. The environment will be restrictive, risky and future uncertain. Everyone will want to focus on his own self, might want to take up new creative ideas or fall in love or or start new projects or express the personality in some way, but this will be difficult. Ideas which seem promising may not be practical or useful in the long run. Jupiter does not have much say in the D1 nor much power in the D9. So this basic energy will reflect on all of our personalities, environments and our interactions with our surroundings.

All the planets except Mars are on one side of the Rahu Ketu axis. Rahu and Venus are in Aries on the same exact degree. So everyone will intensely desire all the stuff that Aries sign and Mars and Rahu graha indicate in their personal charts.

As per the Nav Nayak scheme of things, the ‘planetary government’ for Shri Shobhakruti is as follows.

  • Raja – Mercury
  • Mantri – Venus
  • Arghyadhipati –  Jupiter
  • Sasyadhipati – Moon
  • Senadhipati – Venus
  • Rasadhipati – Mercury
  • Dhanyadhipati –  Saturn
  • Nirasadhipati – Moon
  • Meghadhipati – Jupiter

This year we have 5 planets directly involved in the rulership scheme. Mercury the King holds an additional post of Rasadhipati. Jupiter holds 3 posts. Moon holds two posts while Venus and Saturn each hold one position this year. Sun, the natural ruler of the zodiac and Mars do not hold any ministry in Shri Shobhakruti.

Technically 4 of the 5 governing planets are considered to be natural benefics but, Moon does not have strength as he is very close to the Sun. Mercury is fully combust so not auspicious, in fact the natural malefic Sun is acting through him. Jupiter is a shubh graha but caught in a paap kartari so unable to do much. And Venus who is also a naturally auspicious force is exactly with Rahu hence cannot be expected to give favourable results. And Saturn is a naturally cruel force. 

The natural ruler of the zodiac being absent from the planetary government means that there will be lack of direction in everything. He is acting indirectly through a combust Mercury and has spoilt him. Mars being absent means that people will lack that competitive spirit, confidence and boldness that he represents. And there will be underhand behaviour, pettiness, twisted logic and selfishness in everything. So there will be proxy wars, cyber attacks, financial meltdowns, crimes linked to money, economic crises etc and outright aggression will be the last resort.

Some general trends for this year are as follows.

Everyone is going to be more selfish and think only of themselves. Diplomacy will exist but there will be an undercurrent of discord running through. Things may be presented in a convincing manner but motives will be questionable. Disagreements will be frequent, at the personal, local or national levels. The elected governments will find it difficult to govern properly this year. There will be severe interference from anti-national elements in practically every nation. Dictatorships will be comparatively stronger.

New practical ideas, inventions, systems etc will be put in place. Our ancient Indian sciences, Ved, philosophy etc will be re-discovered and will be made popular. Subjects which require logical thinking will be more recognised.

People will try to set up businesses at every level, small scale industry will be more profitable. Small entrepreneurs will take risks and start small units. Everyone will think of novel ways to make money. Social media will boom as content producers try to become influencers. This will lead to a different level of stress and anxiety. People will forget the concept of personal privacy as they try to ‘monetise’ their lives and this will also lead to crimes. Entertainment business will become profitable as new ways of delivering content are explored by everyone and media in regional languages will be more profitable.

New projects should be undertaken only after due risk assessment as there is a high chance of failure. The overall economy on the individual / national /global levels is not supportive and may slide into a depression/ recession.

At the government levels, new industrial policies will be framed to support the economy. New policies, laws, rules etc will be brought in which will be fair but the public lead by anti-national groups will protest against these. New laws will be brought in to help genuine hardworking Indian farmers, labourers and to reduce the dominance of middle men and traders in the agricultural sector. New shipping routes, new ports and new shipping policies will help export / import. 

Women will be more prominent everywhere this year, especially in the government, politics, business, crime, etc. There will be an increase in love affairs and women will be more dominant here too. Divorces, separations, multiple affairs and immorality will increase.

Classical arts, music, dance etc will be more appreciated. People will want quality and variety in everything. Branded perfumes, luxury goods, cosmetics, cosmetic procedures, gourmet food, gifts, flowers, alcohol, drugs, jewellery etc will be expensive but also more in demand. Savings reduce as expenses increase. 

During this year, diseases of the mind, nerves, skin are possible, especially mental breakdowns caused by stress. Psychological issues will increase as emotional needs will not be met, mental illness will be more in the limelight. Addictions, especially alcohol consumption will increase.

This year, farmers will be required to change their crops and cropping patterns. Rain will be untimely, erratic, heavy but of little use for agriculture. Production of the routine food crops, like wheat, rice will be affected. Water scarcity in some areas and excessive rains in other areas will affect food crops, fruits and cash crop production. White coloured crops eg rice, cotton and sugar will be in demand and will also fetch a good price. Sea food and aquaculture will be profitable. Metals will be mined in greater quantities and also be profitable. Silver, gold and pearls will be in high demand.

Water will be recognised as a valuable resource and people /nations will try to get more control over it. Rain and water scarcity or flooding is possible in several places. Drinking water will become more expensive. Coastlines will more suffer from winds, cyclones and natural calamities connected to water. Eclipses will trigger accidental deaths connected to water. 

Demand for minerals, metals, coal, iron, petroleum etc increases and their prices also increase. Dry land crops will be cultivated more and cereals production will decrease. Cash crops, fruits, ‘dry fruits’ will give good profits. However the nourishment provided by such crops will decrease for several reasons including increased pesticide use and adulteration. 

There will be a desire to regain health so vegetarian food, Ayurved and Homeopathy will be will be more popular.

Overall, this year will have unexpected challenges on every level. Practically every nation will suffer as these cruel planetary combinations disturb our overall life and living. The Ukraine war will continue and escalate, it will involve other western nations. The west will continue with its downward spiral. Extreme weather conditions, increase in wars and war like situations, civil unrest, cross border infiltration, terrorist attacks, famines, droughts, floods in various parts of the world. Slowing down of the economy and its entering a recession is a definite possibility. 

Briefly for the Moon signs.

  • Aries will be under stress continuously as Rahu Jupiter in Aries aspected by Saturn take their toll on your mind. Do not let others take advantage of you and your skills. Learn to recognise the hidden intentions of the people you meet.
  • Taurus is going to face one of the most challenging years of their lives. Health and financial stability should be given priority in this year. Past mistakes, regrets and lost opportunities will make you unpleasant.
  • Gemini will feel isolated most of the time. Do not let your ‘friends’ put you in awkward situations. Parents will need your attention.
  • Cancer will go through multiple challenges on the health, business and relationship fronts after Apr 2023. Try to find genuine friends who can help you in this year.
  • Leo should be careful when getting into new relationships. And loneliness can lead to bad habits and addictions. You will regret the opportunities which you lost in the past. 
  • Virgo have to be careful regarding money this year, budgeting is essential. Overconfidence in the past will show its true effects now. Be careful as this is a challenging time.
  • Libra has to keep health as a priority. Loved ones may betray you in this time. Keep a low profile, avoid aggressive behaviour, do not create new enemies.
  • Scorpio – Expected results will be delayed. Always keep a plan B ready in professional life. There will be stress from spouse and children at home.
  • Sagittarius has a relatively better time this year. New opportunities will be available, choose carefully. Past mistakes will haunt you and family members will not be supportive.
  • Capricorn should not trust others more than necessary. Legal issues are possible and you will be blamed for your actions. Family members will disappoint. Do not interfere in other’s affairs.
  • Aquarius will face a monetary crunch. Unexpected trouble, hurdles and dissatisfaction in life. Loneliness will cause mental agony. Trying times ahead.
  • Pisces should be ready for separation from loved ones. Significant changes in profession or residence is possible. Health and finance will be an issue. 

Individual specific results depend on the power of the personal horoscope. A strong birth horoscope, ie a strong ascendant sign/ lord, a strong birth Moon, strong Ashtakvarga table, or if the D1 D9 dynamics is strong or if several of your planets are Vargottam etc then you can better handle the situations which life throws at you. Especially this year, you will be able to get through this Shri Shobhakruti only if you have an auspicious and powerful birth chart. Dasha periods of benefic planets are always helpful. Positive planetary transits over your birth chart positions help create opportunities for growth in life. 

The eclipses occurring in this year are,

  • Solar eclipse – 20 Apr 2023
  • Solar eclipse – 14th Oct 2023
  • Lunar eclipse – 28- 29 Oct 2023
  • Solar eclipse – 8th Apr 2024

Major transits this year are,

  • Jupiter moving into Aries on 22nd Apr 2023 where he will stay for one full year till 1st May 2024.
  • True Rahu moving into Pisces on 29th Nov 2023
  • True Ketu moving into Virgo on 29th Nov 2023

Pujas for welcoming the new Samvatsar are similar all over Bharat. There are local and cultural variations but the basic concept is the same.

Briefly, everyone wakes up before sunrise, gets fresh etc. Rangoli, Kolam etc is drawn outside the front door of the home. Torans, garlands of marigold flowers, ripened wheat stalks, mango leaves etc are tied to the front door. The daily Agnihotra is performed at the exact sunrise time. Arghya is offered to the newly risen Sun. Regular pujas of the household deities are performed. The head of the family reads the Varsha phal from the new year’s Panchangam so that the entire family hears it. A naivedyam is offered to the deity and distributed as prasadam. (A mixture of neem flowers/new neem leaves, coriander seeds, jaggery, tamarind and salt coarsely crushed together is the special naivedyam for this day). Then everyone goes to the temple, does puja, gives Daan and intends for a happy new year.

On the new year day, Yugadi, do take some time to reflect on what has happened to you in this past year Shri Shubhakruti and think on how you will use the opportunities that the new Shri Shobhakruti will bring for you.

The next Vedic Samvatsara (2024- 25) is the Shri Krodhin Naam samvatsara and ‘Krodhin’ क्रोधिन् in Sanskrit means ‘an angry man’.



Shri Shubhakruti naam Samvatsara 2022-23 yearly predictions

Shri Plava Naam Samvatsara is coming to an end. As per our national Shakya era, Shri Shubhakruti naam samvatsara will begin from 2nd April 2022. The Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, called the Yugadi युगादि (mispronounced as Ugadi or Gudi in the local languages) and is the first day of the Vedic new year or varsha. Shri Shubhakruti will end on 22nd Mar 2023. On this last day of the varsha, Sun and Moon will both be in Pisces, this is the no-moon Amavasya of the Phalgun month.  

Shubhakruti is a compound word in Devbhasha Samskrutam, Shubh + Akruti which means a beautiful shape, bright form, auspicious template, ready for work, rapid movement of form, fortunate aspect etc.

On the new year day, do take some time to reflect on what has happened to you in this past year Shri Plava and think on how you will use the opportunities that the new Shri Shubhakruti will bring for you. There are several methods to predict the Nav Varsha phal, ie the results expected in the new year. In this post we will use the Navnayak scheme of things with the sunrise chart on the Yugadi at Ujjain. This will indicate the broad trends expected in the new year. (Ujjain, the city of Bhagwan Mahakaal is the center of the Earth in the energy sense.)

The chart for the first sunrise of Shri Shubhakruti has Pisces as the ascendant sign with Sun, Moon and a fully combust Mercury in it. Rahu is in the 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th. Saturn and Mars are together in the 11th house. Jupiter and Venus are in the 12th house. The D1 and the D9 Navamsha charts for this new sunrise of the year are as follows. IMAGE 2022-03-21 20:55:43

Broadly, the ascendant lord Jupiter is not placed well in both D1 and D9, pulling down the overall quality of the chart. Moon and Sun in the 1st house are well placed, this means a lot of potential energy is available but combust/ debilitated Mercury will vitiate the thinking process and people will boldly act in undesirable ways affecting the general wellbeing. Homes, children, enemies and partners will be more in focus in everyone’s lives.

Rahu in Aries is aspected by Mars and will cause an unending desire for increasing wealth and assets through any means possible, he will also trigger violence and trauma from time to time. Expect tension in families and mismanagement of family wealth. On the other hand, Ketu is heavily influenced by Jupiter so can give deep philosophical understanding, but coupled with severe turbulence and drastic changes in identity, including physical deaths. Doing some personal spiritual practice, reading deep philosophy eg our Upanishads etc can help channelise this energy. The complete Kaal sarpa is operating and it is strong as the ascendant sign is also within its axis. Thus Rahu will get more power to direct the energies of all the other planets in the direction of his choosing. (Analyse the role of Rahu in your personal chart)

Saturn and Mars in the house of gains are good. Saturn in his own house and Mars exalted so both are comfortable and powerful but they are very close together, barely 2 deg apart. This extreme Saturn Mars conjunction can create several problems in actually getting those promised gains, as their energies which are opposite in nature. One is restrictive/ conservative the other is pioneering/ outgoing. And both are well placed in the D9 too, so are strong from the inside out, so equally matched. So there will be a strange simmering tension in the family, with your elders, friends and in meditative practices.

Venus and Jupiter in the Vyaya sthan can grant spiritual growth as a whole but this will be coupled with the loss of the material. Ascendant lord in the house of losses is not a good thing, expect losses overall and as the 10th lord in the 12th everyone will be required to work hard in the profession, take unpleasant decisions and follow them through boldly. Venus is better placed because his position somewhat improves in the D9, but he will cause loneliness and isolation on several levels.

Overall it is a mixed bag of energy. (Try to analyse the D1 D9 charts together to gain more insights into the power of the planets.)

The Navnayak rulership is that every planet gets a post, a role or a ministry, a responsibility for the year. So the ‘planetary government’ for Shri Shubhakruti is as follows. 

  • Raja – Saturn
  • Mantri – Jupiter
  • Arghyadhipati – Mercury 
  • Sasyadhipati – Saturn
  • Senaadhipati – Mercury
  • Rasadhipati – Moon
  • Dhanyadhipati – Venus 
  • Nirasadhipati – Saturn
  • Meghadhipati – Mercury

The King for the year is Saturn and this one fact clearly indicates the serious nature of the things to come. Whenever Saturn or Mars is King, we generally face misery and turmoil. Last year, Shri Plava had Mars as King. Before that Shri Sharvari had Mercury as King. And before that Shri Vikari’s King was Saturn. Shri Vilambi was ruled by Sun. For Shri Hevilambi it was Mars. The past few years have been dominated by Saturn and Mars and the current year is again ruled by Saturn, adding to our burdens. 

Saturn additionally holds the posts of Sasyadhipati and Nirasadhipati. 3 out of 9 posts are controlled by the karmic enforcer. The Minister is Jupiter who holds only one portfolio in this year. Mercury holds 3 posts,  Senaadhipati, Arghyadhipati and Meghadhipati. Moon holds one post of Rasadhipati And Venus also has one single responsibility, he is the Dhanyadhipati. 

Of the 9 posts in the planetary government, 6 posts are controlled by malefics. ie Saturn, the top boss is controlling 2 more portfolios. Mercury is completely combust and thus is considered malefic, so his 3 ministries are also set to give unpleasant shocks. The 3 posts ruled by the benefics are weak as Jupiter and Venus are not well placed and Moon, as is usual every new year, is with the Sun.


Notably missing from the scene are Mars and Sun.

  • The Sun is again missing from the planetary government of this year. This is serious, as last year too he did not have any portfolio. The natural ruler of the zodiac not being involved in active governance is not good. We all wondered why our governments were not taking effective actions against antisocial elements etc last year and now this same pattern is set to repeat in the new year.
  • And Mars is a very pure energy. He is the exhilaration you feel when you win. The pure joy of coming first, competing. The wind in your hair and the land under your feet. We will all miss this pure spark of initiative and confidence in Shri Shubhakruti. There will be a lack of courage, an inner sense of inferiority will increase, we will fear to break out of ingrained habits, choose underhanded means to power, try to sabotage and overall dirty games will dominate all actions.

So despite the lovely name ‘Shri Shubhakruti’, life will be not so secure, satisfying or comfortable in this year. There will be issues which have to be, above all else, endured, as Saturn grants infinite endurance. You cannot fight or preempt these problems as there is no Mars nor Sun to help you with their energies of confidence.

So the results for this year Shri Shubhakruti are going to be on these lines. (Try to think on the keywords of the planets, signs, houses, Nav-nayak names etc to derive more inferences.)

The government with Saturn at its head will expect a strict adherence to rules, regulations and everyone will be required to follow the law. New rules will be made and strictly implemented. Realignment of the government system and its rules is imminent. Decision making will be slow and only after repeated discussions and longish planning processes. Farmers, miners, labourers, carpenters etc all those who physically work with their hands will benefit from the government policies. Schemes for the benefit of the poor and marginalised groups will increase. 

Ancient Magadh, ie todays Bihar, Jharkhand and surrounding areas are going to prosper. Mining and heavy industries will show profits. Saturn will ensure that various implements made of metals are available including weapons of war. Gold, silver, precious stones etc will become expensive. Agriculture will be good. Especially dry food types eg resins or dryland crops eg millets will be available in sufficient quantities. But specifically grain production, transport and storage will be affected. Overall burden will increase on several fronts and hard work will be necessary. People will be forced to behave in a virtuous way and meritorious people will get their due. Those who sincerely work will get their due returns as karma is on a high in this year.

Diseases to rigidity, dryness, cell death and system failure will increase, ie arthritis, diabetes etc. This year the King himself is in charge of the ‘essences which do not nourish’, which is not a good sign. Everyone’s health will be affected in some way or the other. Deaths of important political and significant religious leaders are expected, more by ill-health than any other reason.

Mercury will ensure that the military gets more funds. Minor skirmishes at the borders to outright wars in some areas of the world are expected. Governments will set up advanced intelligence networks and engage in systematic spying. Tactics will be well thought out and bring results, ie wars will be waged only after complete analysis and preparation. Terrorist activities and proxy war type of situations will increase, but the perpetrators will also be caught. New software based technical weapons will be developed. Physical fights with conventional weapons will be relatively less compared to invisible cyber wars. The Air Force will be more deployed during this time. Finance and money will be used as a weapon in economic wars. The e-world is the new battle ground as cyber attacks increase. Cyber crime, especially of the financial sort will increase exponentially. Be careful about digital money and digital ways of payments, apps may crash or be hacked.

Expenses will increase overall as essential commodities will see a hike in price. Water and food quality will decrease. Consumption of medicines will increase. Accidents caused by sabotage, fire and rage are possible along with losses due to natural disasters. It will be difficult to perform auspicious ceremonies, functions etc as money will be tight.

This year, summers will be short and scorching. Expect water scarcity in large cities. Rains will be sufficient but accompanied by strong winds. In cyclone prone areas there will be serious damage. For our nation, both the east and west coast, especially WB, should be prepared. There is a possibility of heavy rains in the mountains, ie areas from JK, Ladakh, HP, etc till the NE states and resultant floods in the plains. One devastating earthquake is possible in the Himalaya. Winter will be severely cold. Expect unnatural rains, fog, hail, snow etc especially in Jan-Feb 2023. 


Jupiter as the Mantri is one good thing this year. He is weak but still can infuse some positivity in the system. The coordination within the national government will be smooth, clear thinking will be appreciated. Some archaic laws will be removed and new forward thinking laws etc will be brought in. Education policy will see a change. Also our economy as a whole should improve. Devbhasha Sanskrutam, our ancient sciences Ayurved etc and Dharmic philosophy will see a boost. A revival of culture and tradition is expected to some extent. Temples will be rebuilt as people try to find support in their traditional thought processes. Religious leaders will try to cause confusion but will be stopped before causing much damage. Gold prices will soar, gold and precious metals will soon go out of the reach of common people. 

Moon as Rasadhipati means that availability, demand and consumption of liquids, alcohol and drugs, etc will increase. But these products will also be susceptible to adulteration. Nutrition will be affected so general public health will suffer. People will be interested in relationships more because of selfish and personal need based motives. Crimes against women can increase. Warmth in relationships will reduce, expect arguments within the family and with people with whom you have ‘need-based’ relationships. Chemicals and chemical related fields will see a boost as their need will increase in the coming times.

Venus will ensure that there will be enough cereal production in the year. Especially white coloured grain will be plentiful. But despite this people will be inclined to eat unhealthy and adulterated food which will have a negative effect on their health. Cultivation of medicinal herbs will be plentiful and profitable. But fake and adulterated ayurvedic medicines will have a negative impact on public health. Choose your medical professional carefully in this year. There will be opportunities for those who engage in secret trades and private type of businesses, their riches will increase. Silk, perfume and essential oil industry will see a boost.

There are several major transits in this year,

  • True Rahu Ketu have just entered Aries/ Libra on 12th Mar 2022 (Mean nodes on 12th Apr)
  • Jupiter will enter Pisces on 13th Apr
  • Saturn will enter Aquarius on 29th Apr
  • Saturn will re-enter Capricorn on 12th Jul
  • Saturn will re-enter Aquarius on 17th Jan
  • Mars will be going retrograde and forward, something which he does every 2 yrs, in this year.

Such high quantum of change and with such rapidity in a year where Saturn, the Shanishchara is the King will be fundamentally problematic.

The overall results for individuals will depend on the power of the personal horoscope. If you have a strong birth horoscope, ie a strong ascendant sign/ lord or a strong birth Moon or a strong Ashtakvarga table or your D1 D9 dynamics is strong or if several of your planets are Vargottam etc then you are better equipped to deal with whatever comes up in life. If the basic personality is strong, then you will be able to easily tide over issues in life. If you are undergoing Dasha periods of benefic planets, you will get their help in overcoming any possible negatives now. And if you have helpful planetary transits over your birth chart positions, then these graha too can create opportunities for you. Even if you feel that things are going adverse you will be able to make something positive for yourself. (Use this post as a baseline to develop your own line of thinking about the coming future.)


Pujas for welcoming the new Samvatsar are similar all over Bharat. Obviously there will be local and cultural variations but the basic concept remains the same.

Briefly, everyone should wake up before sunrise, get fresh etc. Rangoli, Kolam etc is to be drawn outside the front door. Torans, garlands of marigold flowers, ripened wheat stalks, mango leaves etc should be tied to the front door. The daily Agnihotra is to be performed at the exact sunrise time. Next is to offer Arghya to the newly risen Sun. Regular pujas of the household deities are to be performed. The head of the family should read the Varsha phal from the new year’s Panchangam so that the entire family hears it. A naivedyam is offered to the deity and distributed as prasadam. (A coarse mixture of neem flowers/new neem leaves, coriander seeds, jaggery, tamarind and salt coarsely crushed together is the special naivedyam for this day). Then the family should go to a local temple, do puja, give Daan and intend for a happy new year. 

युगादि शुभाशयाः


Shri Plava Naam Samvatsara 2021-22 predictions

The Vedic new year begins with the first day of the bright half of the Chaitra month, ie Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. On this day Moon is in Aries and Sun in Pisces. This will happen on the morning of 12th Apr 2021. But as the Vedic day is from sunrise to sunrise, the Shri Plava naam samvatsara will technically begin on 13th April 2021. The first day of the Vedic new year is called Yugadi युगादि (mispronounced as Ugadi or Gudi in the local languages). The Vedic year ends on the no-moon, Amavasya of the Phalgun month, on this last day both the Sun and Moon are both in Pisces, so Shri Plava will end on 2nd April 2022.  

The Shri Sharvari vedic year will be coming to an end, with a sigh of relief. I had written some predictions for Shri Sharvari post here. It was, for most of us, the deep dark night of the soul. (The Sanskrit word Sharvari means the night of the Amavasya, no-Moon night and also is a name for the highly medicinal turmeric.) Do take some time to evaluate what happened to you in Shri Sharvari and think on how you will be using the energy of Shri Plava in the future. 

  • Plava प्लव is a Sanskrit word which means floods, marine birds, boat, to float, to return, to leap ahead, a meter of prosody, tendency, inclination, bathing, swimming, enemy, uncouth person, temporary, etc.

The new year predictions are based on the Nav-nayak scheme of things (post here), ie each planet gets a specific post/ ministry/ task for the year. We also draw a chart for the sunrise of the new year day to get an indication on how things will work. The positions of the planets at the exact time of the new year are also considered for the yearly predictions. (Plus there are chakra-s from the Medini jyotish and Atharva-ved which are used to predict. These things are now lost or are not fully available.)

Following the Nav-nayak scheme, for this Samvatsara, 

  • Mars is the Raja – King
  • Mercury is the Mantri – Minister 
  • Mars is also the Senadhipati – Commander
  • Mars is the Arghyadhipati – Rains/water, all things which flow or are given out
  • Mars is the Meghadhipati – Clouds 
  • Jupiter is the Dhanyadhipati – food grains
  • Saturn is the Sasyadhipati – Agriculture
  • Moon is the Rasadhipati – Essences which nourish or grant auspiciousness
  • Venus is the Neerasadhipati – Essences which do not nourish or cause negativity 

Mars the King, holds three additional ministries. Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter Moon and Venus hold one ministry each. Sun the natural ruler of the zodiac does not hold any ministry in Shri Plava.


So obviously the energies of Mars are going to be expressed in abundance this year, he will express his power through four different ministries. There will be an outburst of outgoing energy, heat, passions, aggression, risky and rash behaviour, unpredictability, self-confidence, an urge to defend, offend, invade and conquer in several aspects of life. He is a natural malefic and holds four out of the nine ministries including the all important King and the Commander. He holds the Meghadhipati and Arghyadhipati posts, both connected to the water availability/ rains. On the day of Yugadi, he is conjunct Rahu in transit, which adds to his roughness and boldness. 

Mercury being the Mantri will add a strong dose of practicality and logic to things, sometimes with his typical juvenile behaviour. On the new year day he will be combust and closely with the Sun in his sign of debilitation, Pisces (post here). This means that he is going to behave more like a malefic that the neutral to benefic that he usually is. Things connected to him will be tinged with selfishness and a sense of egoistic entitlement. A Mantri, Prime Minister, the closest advisor to the King, is the one with whom the King confers before taking any actions. So this sort of Mercury advising a super strong King, Mars, think for yourself how this will go.

Moon is the Rasadhipati so ‘needs’ will be more in the limelight. Everyone will need to be nourished, nurtured, ie will be more focussed on their own selves. He will be in Aries which is the regular thing every Samvatsar. But being conjunct a combust Venus on the new year day will create a mix of selfish needs and imbalances in love etc. One may get what one needs but this may not necessarily satisfy.

Venus is the Neerasadhipati, he will control all those things in life which do not appeal, do not nourish and are not wanted. So spiritual practice, equal love, equitable partnerships, fairness in relationships, marriage may not appeal this year. Neerasadhipati controls diseases and all such negative things too. So expect diseases and pain in the things that Venus signifies, the organs connected to Venus, shoulders, back, eyes and whatever else as per your own chart. This may also have an adverse effect on finances on local/ global levels. On the new year day he is transiting Aries and combust (post here) so expect heat related discomfort throughout the year.

Saturn, the Sasyadhipati, controlling agriculture will grant success but after the due efforts. So if you want something be prepared to work for it. Also anything which requires processing, like mineral ores from the earth, will be available in abundance. Real estate and things related to the land can give gains if you deserve them ie have worked for them. He is transiting Capricorn and is strongly placed in his own sign. He is a natural malefic so whatever he is going to grant, do not expect it to give genuine happiness.

Sun not being a part of this year’s nav-nayak rulerships means that the ruler of the zodiac himself, is absent from the scene. This factor will bring its own share of confusion, misdirection in critical and subtle ways during this year. The true royal is missing from this year’s government. But on the Yugadi, he will be combusting Mantri Mercury and Neerasadhipati Venus so will be exerting an invisible influence over these two. And not a very benign one at that.

Of the nine ministries, natural malefics Saturn and Mars are controlling five. Combust Mercury is also more of a malefic. The natural benefics, Jupiter, Moon and Venus (combust) get three ministries. So life will be not so secure, satisfying or comfortable in this year. There will be issues, you will have to address them. You will win eventually as Mars does grant energy but it will not be a pleasant experience.


Now some general readings for the Shri Plava naam samvatsara.

Weather will be hot, unseasonal heat. There will be fire related accidents, in towns as well as forests etc. Rains will be untimely, sometimes less/more, irregular, but overall there will not be a deficit. Winters will be colder than average.

For nations with genuinely elected governments, general administration should improve. Army and police will also be active and work better. Armed forces and government service will be a popular choice for young people as a profession. This is a good year for those working in the government setup, there will be opportunities to perform. Honest and capable officers will be appreciated and recognised. 

Governments will be able to take effective preventive actions against disruptive forces. And there will be plenty of disruptions. From petty local crimes to international boundary disputes, criminal activity will flare up. The police will have their hands full. Crime rates are set to increase but the government will able to take action in time. May see arrests of powerful criminals in this year, but cyber-criminals may remain elusive. On the borders, skirmishes and even full out war is possible in some places. The Army will be competent if the cause is right.

Internally, motivated traitors will try to whip up passion against democratically elected governments. This will cause several disruptions in public life. The governments will put in strict laws and take stringent actions against traitors which will cause a spurt in motivated journalism, leading to stricter laws on this too. 

Misuse of media will be rampant. Self-proclaimed social media activists, environmental activists, in fact all sorts of activists, will be very active on social media and will try to interfere in the cultural and traditional rights of the general people. This will cause a lot of righteous unrest in the general public. 

Social media use increases overall, people will be online all the time. General laziness will increase. Making and completing plans will be difficult as people feel less motivated to work systematically.

Means of communication will improve, maybe 5G will be available globally. There will be new breakthroughs in electronics and software. This is a good time to invest money in some genuine technology related companies etc.


Corruption will increase but some of these corrupt people will eventually get caught in controversies. Some politicians and senior bureaucrats will be be humiliated in such cases. Several politicians might change their parties this year. Forgery and adulteration will be on the rise. People will be motivated to seek shortcuts for success thus frauds and cheats will increase. All will generally think of themselves and there may be a general overall selfishness.

Tempers will be generally high and people overall will behave rashly. So expect cases of road rage, accidents on the roads, in the shipping sector, industrial accidents etc this year. Malfunctioning electronics, ie short circuits can lead to fire related accidents. There may be natural calamities around the total solar and lunar eclipses in May-June.

There will be increase in cheating, online frauds, banking sector issues may occur. Share markets and stocks will be unpredictable, but lucky investors can make good profits off them. Global economy will still be doldrums, with more debts and losses than real permanent gains.

Women will be in the forefront in all fields including crime. Increasing number of women will occupy powerful positions in society, and issues related to women will be highlighted more. 

Lower income groups should see some benefit as the governments take notice of their issues and takes some genuine measures for them. Also other neglected sectors which were ignored as they demanded more work will be given attention. 

Exclusive restaurants, pubs, clubs should be able to do good business. People will want to show off even though the finances will be limited. Also stores which sell expensive art, branded and luxury items will profit. Creativity, sports, art, crafts will be appreciated.

Schools and traditional education will suffer for some more time. This is partly due to the laziness and lenient attitude of people overall. People will want their children to learn fancy things rather than learning the basic fundamentals.

There will be intelligence and logic available in plenty. Energy and the ability to create options and take risks will also be high. Try to use this power for auspicious and genuine causes. Use this strength in a sensible manner.

Issues created by COVID 19 will be handled in a better way, life will slowly go back to routine. Things will start improving as Jupiter enters Poorvabhadrapada nakshatra and when Jupiter enters his own Pisces in April 2022. 

 Pharmaceutical companies will try to make profits by selling medicines at highly inflated costs. Adulteration in medicinal drugs is possible. However these acts will make the government more serious about the health sector and there will be some reforms/funds for this now. 

Illnesses related to fatty and sugary diets will increase. Undiagnosable diseases will increase but there will also be an increase in patients with routine conditions like diabetes in this year. People will suffer from psychological issues in increasing numbers. Drug abuse, alcohol consumption and addictions will increase. Adulteration of food items and milk is possible. 

Religious activities will increase, some people will also be drawn to genuine spirituality. Sanatan Dharma will see an upsurge as people try to find the spirituality within. But some religions will promote very high levels of extremism. Racism and hatred will find acceptance in some extremist groups. Expect more terrorist attacks from such fringe groups in this year.

Animal husbandry related sectors will show gains, milk production etc will be good. Agriculture will do well in most regions, only thing is that farmers should pay attention to their irrigation requirements. Pests will be a concern and pesticides will be used in increasing quantities. Fertiliser use will increase but awareness on organic farming will also be significant. Some people will try to shift to organic food and prefer home-cooked food. Awareness regarding holistic remedies like Ayurved, a more balanced life style will increase. Some people will benefit from this change. 

Industries which are expected to do well are metals, gold, silver, technology, pharmaceuticals and media/ communications. However investing in any sector in Shri Plava will start giving some real gains only after Jupiter enters Poorvabhadrapada nakshtra ie from Jan 2022. Share markets will be risky so get into short term investments here only if you know what you are doing.


Major transits in Shri Plava.

This year we have Jupiter retrograde and forward in Aquarius and Capricorn. I have written in depth on his effects on the twelve signs (post here). Then he will continue in Aquarius for the remaining period of the Shri Plava. 

Rahu and Ketu will be in Taurus and Scorpio (post here). 

Saturn will be in Capricorn throughout (post here). This Saturn will be problematic for the elected governments and the general public in some way or the other. Religious and Dharmic leaders will suffer in some way. A sort of a collective karma unleashed during this time affecting all of us. These larger events may be political, social or financial in nature. This Saturn generally gives tragic events in the higher sections of the society, people in power are removed from power in some way or the other. This naturally will filter into the lives of the general population causing hardship in different ways. And this is a pattern which happens every 30yrs or so (check the past global events for such patterns). Shri Plava also will have Saturn in Shravan Nakshatra till Feb 2022. This is the main reason why the general global situation will not be good. I have written a post on Saturn in Shravan (post here). Students of astrology should try to analyse the past world events during Saturn’s this typical transit and compare with what will happen in the world in the 13 months from Jan 2021 to Feb 2022. (In the past century,Saturn in was in Shravan from Feb 1903 to March 1904. From Jan 1933 to Jan 1934. From Feb 1962 to Feb 1963. From Mar 1991 to Mar 1992 and again from Jul 1992 to Jan 1993.) This is a broad interpretation and you will have to analyse the individual charts of the nations to know more about them individually.

However Shri Plava, especially the last 2-3 months from Jan 2022 onwards does offer some promise.

The overall results for individuals will depend on the power of the personal horoscope. If you have a strong birth horoscope, ie a strong ascendant sign/ lord and a birth Moon then you are better equipped to deal with whatever comes up in life. If you are undergoing Dasha periods of benefic planets, they will help you in overcoming the possible negatives. And if you have helpful planetary transits over your birth chart positions, then the graha can create opportunities for you even in adverse conditions. (I have written several posts on these topics do use the index page or the search bar to locate them)


On the new year day, Yugadi there are several traditional which are followed. Different states follow their typical customs but there are these themes common to them all. Hindus/ followers of Sanatan Dharma will wake before sunrise and get ready. Then give arghya to the rising Sun. Tie garlands (toran) made of Mango leaves, Neem leaves, ripened wheat stalks and marigold flowers outside the main door of the house, draw a Rangoli on the ground and put turmeric, vermillion etc, as a puja of the home. This ensures that only positive energy enters your home. Then doing puja, arti etc of the household deities. Doing namaskar to the elders, the elders blessing the younger family members etc. There is a typical naivedya, ie food offered to the deities, this is a mixture of tastes, ie a mixture of neem flowers/new neem leaves, coriander seeds, jaggery, tamarind and salt are coarsely crushed together. After offering it to the deity everyone eats a spoonful of this mix as the Prasadam. Then all go to a local temple, do puja, give Daan and intend for a happy new year.

Daan and Mantra are the only two remedies for reducing the malefic effects of the planets in your life and enhancing their positive effects. So try to do something on the day of the Yugadi, if you feel inclined to do so, it will help in improving the auspiciousness of Shri Plava for you.

In families of Jyotishi-s, there is an additional puja. We will offer vermillion, turmeric, unbroken rice, flowers and do arti of the Panchangam. And the eldest in the family will read aloud the the new year predictions, Nav-Samvatsara-phal, from it, in Sanskrit and the rest of the family will listen. Then we will specifically go to a Nav-graha temple to pray to them and seek blessings for an auspicious new year, Shubha Nav-samvatsara.

युगादि शुभाशयाः