Amavasya, use the energies

The no moon day, supposed to be full of dark and dangerous energies is called Amavasya in Sanskrit and most Indian languages. When I was a child my mom would always be hyper alert on this day and would not allow me to go out in the evenings to play with my friends. That day I had to be satisfied with playing indoor board or card games. But growing up and as my understanding developed, I now look upon the Amavasya as an opportunity to clean up. During this day and night and most importantly during the evening twilight and midnight the atmosphere is very heavy with tamasic energies. Tamasic energies are not negative energies.

Energies as per our Sanatan dharm/Hinduism are basically of three types

  1. Satvic – energies related to our true consciousness or energies which help us move towards our true self
  2. Rajasic – energies related to objects of this universe or energies which bind or attract towards an object of this manifested universe (not our true self)
  3. Tamasic – energies which are still, which do not move and represent a mental darkness, energies which are at rest, unmoving.

Energy should always be in motion, only then does something happen. Tamasic energies of the no moon night a a bit special as they are still unmoving. On amavasya days/nights the tamasic energies predominate and the movement of energies is stilled. During such times if an individual works with energy it is easier as the interference from the environment is less. So this time is a gift and should be used for our own personal spiritual development.

So on Amavasyas try to do the following as possible.

  1. Avoid eating heavy or spiced food, the energies of the body should not be wasted on digestion. In fact keeping a light fast would be even better.
  2. Cleanse your physical aura using salt or peacock feathers or lemons. Do the same for your loved ones and your house too.
  3. Sitting on your asan, do a jaap 108 times of the mantra of your choice. Remember mantras are only from the Sanskrit language, no other eg Gayatri mantra, Mahamrutunjai mantra etc.
  4. Remember the Intention for the day is to progress in Spirituality and to live a happy healthy life, thus to let go of whatever is hampering your progress in this gently.

Just do these simple things with gratitude and calmness, it will be of immense help and you yourself will notice the positive difference in yourself. These few minutes, maybe 15 minutes are your own minutes where you are putting something by for your own internal stability and happiness. Do it.

And remember that the energies of the Amavasya can also be used for creating trouble, black magic, for causing pain to others. So when you go out in the evening or night be alert. Most commonly in India there are lemons /rice /etc dropped at places where 3 roads cross.

Any action can be done for good or for evil, the action itself is not good or bad, the intention of the doer turns the fruit of the action to good or bad. And also good/bad is a matter of perspective, any action for the good of one may be bad for the other.

You be the best you can be and see how the Universe responds by being the best possible it can for you.


Amavasya, use the energies