Analysing harsh combinations in Navamsha

I have written a few posts on planetary combinations which cause turmoil in life. If two planets interact in the horoscope, they enhance each other’s similar qualities and create harshness where they differ from each other. Some of these typical combinations are,

If you have these combinations in your birth chart then you will clearly see these results on the material plane in your physical life and the environment around you. You can easily identify the problem, so can also act to resolve it. But if you get these uncomfortable combinations in your D9 chart, ie the Navamsha chart then you may remain unaware of the situation which will continue as you generally are unaware of the subtle things of the Navamsha chart.

The Navamsha D9 chart is considered to be the expansion of the 9th house, ie your foundations in all ways. It is where you analyse your potential, your expectations and your ability to feel satisfied about something in life. If something is uncomfortable here then it subtly affects your life in every way. The Navamsha chart is next in importance to the birth chart. you draw from its potential energy to actualise your material life. There are three ways to analyse the Navamsha (post here). The third way listed here is the Navamsha tulya Rashi, ie the navamsha chart is interpreted in the same way as the birth chart.

So open your birth and navamsha chart together.

1. If you have a harsh planetary combination conjoint in your birth chart and this conjunction repeats in your Navamsha chart.

This means that the energy springs from deep within the psyche, strongly pervades into your material life and exponentially increases the effect of the combination. You will express its full energy and also feel internally comfortable when you do so. Rectifying these negative traits will not be easy as you do not feel them to be negative as per your perception.

Analyse the two signs and the Nakshatra pad/quarter involved to get more information.

Eg Suppose you have your Jupiter at 7deg Leo and Rahu at 8deg Leo. Both are in the Magha nakshatra 3rd quarter. It is a very close Guru Chandal yog in the birth chart. In the Navamsha chart too, both are allocated to the same Gemini Navamsha. The Guru Chandal is present in both the potential D9 and the manifested D1. The environment of Gemini will be in the background and will be expressed though the lens of Leo. ie you will be very logical, intelligent, able to think quickly through options, choose the right one and act very boldly and confidently. You can get more information when you add the qualities of Magha 3rd pad, ie highly individualistic, capable, fiery, ambitious, rebellious, intelligent, always wanting to learn new things etc to your analysis. But the typical nature of the Guru chandal will exist, the foundation of the personality is linked to its energy and at some point of time you will betray those people who have supported you and also feel satisfied about this act of yours.

Navamsha analysis for beginners

2. The planets are not together in the birth chart but are allocated to Navamshas ruled by the same sign.

Eg suppose you have your Saturn at 8deg Cancer and Mars at 28deg Taurus. As per the navamsha allocation table above, both are located in a navamsha ruled by Virgo. Suppose Virgo sign falls in the 4th house of your Navamsha chart. So you will analyse the effect of the Saturn Mars conjunction in Virgo sign and 4th house as per this post. These two together will have their typical combined effect on the keywords of the 4th and the opposite 10th house, creating an undercurrent of frustration and dissatisfaction. You will not be able to create or stick to schedules. You will have several genius level ideas, but you will not be able to structure them in a practical manner. Strangely this will not cause you much stress as you have so very many ideas that just thinking about them or briefly following them satisfies you. You will not be acknowledged for any specific thing but will be respected as a useful and powerful person to have around. The underlying energy of the personality in the home and office will be Saturn + Mars. Even if the 4th and 10th houses in the birth chart are exceptionally powerful, aspected by benefics etc, still this background Navamsha energy will affect these parts of your personality till you finally become aware of your inner discomfort and take active steps to address it. The trigger dasha when you will understand this, will be a combination of Saturn Mars and Mercury. And the trigger transit will be most likely a Mars or Saturn transit in Virgo. After this realization you might be able to take corrective action if the rest of the chart allows this.

3. The planets are not conjunct in the birth chart but are aspecting in the Navamsha chart.

Eg You have your Saturn in 5deg Aquarius, allotted to Scorpio navamsha. Your Moon is in 23deg Virgo allocated to Leo navamsha. So Saturn will aspect Moon with his 10th aspect in the Navamsha chart. (I wrote a post here on Saturn and Moon.) This position means that the mother, people from your maternal side etc 4th house things will subconsciously be a source of betrayal, you will feel emotionally disconnected from your traditions, feel anxious if you are required to look after your home, landed property or even drive a car. These are subconscious expectations so even if your birth chart’s Moon is strong etc these Navamsha influences will always be at the back of your mind creating discomfort.

4. The harsh combination present in the the birth chart does not exist in the navamsha chart.

Eg suppose you have your Mars aspecting Saturn in the birth chart but there is no connection between the two in the D9. This means that the uncomfortable energy very much exists in your material life, you will feel all the frustrations that this will give in the life that you are living. But on the inner levels you will perceive differently,

  • If the D9 offers a better position for both of them eg Saturn moves to a Capricorn navamsha and Mars to an Aries navamsha then both are separated in the D9. Each is in its own sign’s Navamsha so more comfortable and potentially capable of better results. If you are aware of their more balanced potential from the D9, you can actively use their energies from here to reduce your stress in the physical life.
  • But pay attention if the same harshness repeats in the D9 but in a different ‘flavour’. Eg if Saturn is allocated to Scorpio navamsha. Here Mars will continue to subtly affect the potential power of Saturn in your life from your D9 too, giving you no respite.

Let’s take a look at our standard example chart, Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. A reasonably accurately recorded life, happening events and dead, so a good case study.

Birth chart Aleister Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley
Navamsha Aleister Crowley

This birth chart has several harsh combinations. If you analyse this person, his material life had several typical characteristics of these dissonant combinations.

  • Venus Jupiter are within 15deg, influencing 4th 10th.
  • Rahu Moon conjunct but just about 15deg apart, both influence the 9th house.
  • Mars Saturn are not typically conjunct but both influence 7th and 1st house.

In the Navamsha chart, it is incredible that all these 3 typical pairs, Venus – Jupiter, Mars – Saturn, Moon – Rahu get positioned in the 5/9 axis. ie In the mutually cooperative 5/9 axis of genius and creativity feeding each other as an evolving energy spiral. Planets in the 5/9 axis are very comfortable as each uses the power of the other in his own way to give his typical gains. These navamsha positions have removed much of the negativity of these combinations of the birth chart. On the inner levels, Crowley was not very concerned with the havoc these planets were playing in his material life, he was evolving with their support on the inside. However Rahu Moon continue in the Shakti yog in the navamsha too, affecting its Dharma trikon, so he was quite satisfied with his actions of attacking the dogma of the religion that he was born in and in developing the Thoth tarot etc.

Other Divisional Charts. The Navamsha chart is critical, do analyse it for all questions that you get, just ensure that you have the correct birth time. The other divisional charts are used depending on the question that you ask. The logic of analysing these harsh combinations will remain the same in the divisional charts too.

  • Eg if you have been asked a question on professional success, you will open the D10. If you see a Mars Saturn combination in the 1st house of this divisional chart, Dashamsha, then you cannot predict a very successful professional life for this person. If you can, counsel him about the effects of this combination and if he addresses the issue he may improve to some extent.

Finally, I often get this question often on how to find out if the remedies will work or not? Here are a few tips for you to evaluate this.

  1. Prashna – if the client has come to you at an auspicious time then the remedies you prescribe will work well. Use Prashna techniques liberally at every reading, even if your client does not ask you a specific ‘Prashna’ in the astrological sense of this word. This means to always be aware of the current position of the planets in the skies, the current ascendant sign etc. To note the movement of your own nadi, ie Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, your own state of mind is connected to this. And finally to remain aware of the surroundings ie Shakun /omens, all this will help you give more accurate predictions.
  2. The client’s Dharma trikon – it has to be strong in the birth chart or at least in transit when he has come to consult you. Especially his 9th house has to be strong.
  3. Your own Dharma trikon – A person becomes an astrologer or has the ability to divine only if he has a strong Dharma trikon, especially the 5th house has to have power. You can analyse this for yourself, whenever your 5th house gets strength in transit your readings will be more accurate.
  4. The D 60 of the client is used to get a summary of the planet in life. The Shashtyamsha is the final say on the auspiciousness of the planet. If you have the precisely accurate birth time, then you can check the D60, you will need to do a seconds level birth time rectification for this. Any remedy done for a planet auspicious in the D 60 will 100% work. For the other planets placed in the malefic/ inauspicious Shashtyamsha, you will have to predict average results even after doing the remedies. But as remedies reduce the intensity of the negativity, it is always advisable to do them, ie do Daan and Mantra as per Rishi Parashar.

(I was getting too many questions of this sort, so use this post to analyse your birth and navamsha chart for yourself.)

Neecha Bhang combinations for Debilitated planets

‘Can the debilitation of a planet be cancelled?’. This question is always a controversial topic among astrologers. In my experience, the energy created by a planet cannot be cancelled, it cannot be made zero. No energy can be destroyed, it can only be diverted. Let’s check out the meaning of the Sanskrit (Devbhasha Samskrutam) words, ‘neech bhang’. Most of us have forgotten our real mother tongue, that is why understanding core concepts has become difficult.

Neechनीच – Lowered, short, vile, insignificant, inferior, deep, depressed, downwards, basal, etc.

Neech is a state of energy. When the energy of the planet perfectly mis-matches the energy of the rashi environment it is placed in, it is said to be neech. Neech means that the energy goes inwards, deeply, the direction of its movement is altered. But the planetary force has to work where is he placed, no option on that. So these neech graha also work, they cannot be cancelled or deleted from your chart. They will give their effects. Neech is neither good/ bad. Energy just is, it is all about how you use it. Sometimes the so-called ‘badly placed’ planets can, if used appropriately, give superb results. Good/bad is a matter of perception. Something ‘good’ now can be a source of immense sorrow ’bad’ later. Or something ‘bad’ for someone can be perceived to be ‘good’ for someone else. Some event seen to be ‘bad’ now can in fact grant you something very valuable down the line. Contexts and perceptions drive your life. (So do not ask me questions like ‘is this planet good/bad?’, in the comments.) Your horoscope creates the environment around you, also offers you some options and helps you in making your decisions. Decisions, Nirnay, are in your hands and the consequent effects, Parinam, of these decisions are not. Your birth chart, the planets are you, yourself. You choose your birth time, this was the best possible decision you could have made at your birth. If you blame the graha for issues in your life, know that you are blaming your own self. That, to me, is escapism. Instead, try to understand your self and work with your self.

I have written posts on the exalted and debilitated status of planets. Also on how they perform in the D1 birth chart and the D9 navamsha, param-neech etc, do go through these (use the index page or search bar), will not repeat all that again.

Bhangभङ्ग – Burst, knitting, downfall, torturous course, splitting, rout, constant change, interruption, contraction, decay, roundabout way, bending, channel, separation, analysis, fracture, fold, breach, stretch, abatement, disturbance etc.

Bhang does not mean ‘cancellation’. It means, change in the energy’s course. This can happen in some way or the other as per the above meanings. You can proactively use the energies in some appropriate way which favours you. Or divert them to some actions which do not harm you. If you have other enabling combinations of ‘neech bhang’ in your chart then it becomes easier. You can also try any of the simple or complicated remedies, from Homa, charity, giving away items, mantra, spiritual practice etc depending on what you can afford/like to do (do use the index page or search bar to locate these posts). 


As per the books, the following conditions provide ‘neech bhang’ in a horoscope. If there are any of these combinations with respect to the neech planet in your chart, then his energy will be diverted. This diversion will depend on the modifying influence on him.

  • A debilitated planet exchanges signs with a more powerful and auspicious planet who then supports him via the exchange of houses. This is also called Parivartan yog.
  • A debilitated planet is conjunct with an exalted planet who is friendly or at least neutral to him, thus can support him.
  • If the owner of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet is conjunct with or aspects that debilitated planet and can support him. (Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, so if Mars himself is in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aries aspecting this Moon.)
  • If the owner of the exaltation sign of the planet is conjunct with or aspects the debilitated planet, fortifying him in some way. (Eg Moon is exalted in Taurus, so Venus becomes the exaltation lord. So if Moon is in Scorpio, Venus should also be in Taurus or Scorpio.)
  • The owner of the sign of debilitation of that planet is placed in the 5th or 9th house counted from the ascendant sign. (The 1st 5th 9th house make up the Dharma trikon)
  • The owner of the sign of exaltation of that planet is placed in the 5th or 9th house counted from the ascendant sign. (The 5/9 axis is the axis of creative genius and foundations.)
  • Two debilitated planets are in mutual aspects with each other.

If you analyse these conditions carefully it is obvious that the neech planet is being supported or his energy is being diverted in some way or the other in the birth chart.

  • Either he himself is being directly helped, eg by conjunction, aspect etc combinations.
  • Or the sign in which this debilitation has occurred is being supported, by a powerful placement of its owner planet.
  • If natural or functional benefics aspect this neech planet, even then his energies are diverted.

If you know your exact birth time to the minute, you can open your D-9 navamsha chart. Most birth times are off by 5-10 mins thus of no use in divisional chart calculations. If you have not done your birth time correction etc do not use the varga charts, they will mislead. So if the debilitated planet shifts to some better sign then there will be a change in his energy (this post on analysing the navamsha). We see several divisional charts for improving the accuracy of the predictions (post here). So in some DC or the other your well placed planets of the birth chart are going to shift to their neech signs also.

  • Suppose in your birth chart you have an exalted Sun and he goes and becomes neech in the D9 (post here). So though in your outward life you enjoy the plus points of the exalted Sun, in your inner life, your subconscious, potential, expectations etc the energy of the debilitated Sun influences you. This can give rise to a strange and unique personality.
  • Suppose in your birth chart your Moon is in Pisces, Jupiter’s rashi, so its all good. But in the D-9 if he gets into Scorpio. Now this person outwardly might seem very philosophical, religious, hopeful, ie everything that Jupiter gives. But his life-time’s underlying experience will be colored by the Scorpio lens. A neech Moon in the navamsha, over-laid by a nice birth chart placement gives rise to one of the strangest mindsets.
  • And finally if some planet is neech in some divisional chart then it can give inauspicious results in that aspect of life. eg Venus 4th house lord in birth chart and is neech in the D-7, then this person can suffer misfortunes in travel etc.

And the biggest ‘neech bhang’ is this, and it is applicable in all readings. The ascendant sign has to be powerful. It should be occupied or aspected by benefic planets. It should not be disturbed by malefic influences, nor by combust planets, nor by debilitated planets etc. Then this sign will ensure that you get an enabling body structure, environment and a general auspiciousness in all your life. The ascendant lord has to be powerful, he will ensure that your self and your surroundings work perfectly together. And the birth Moon has to be capable of giving auspicious results. ie should be exalted, in own sign, in sign of friends, aspected by benefics. Should not be influenced by malefic etc influences. Should be placed in kendra or kona houses or any house except the dusham-sthan (6th, 8th, 12th houses are the dusham-sthan. The 3rd house can go either way so has to be seen chart-specific). If the ascendant sign, ascendant lord and birth Moon are powerless in your chart, then even if you have exalted planets or raj-yogs they cannot give major favourable results. But if these three points in your birth chart are good, then you are quite capable of weathering any storms in your life. Whatever the other planets are upto, you can use their energies in some way favourable to you. Whatever situations pop up in life, your personal confidence, health, ability to navigate, intelligence, emotional stability, support from friends etc will help you come out of them successfully.

If you have a neech planet in your chart then the aspects of life controlled by this planet will work differently in your life. Eg if it is Venus then your relationships will take the brunt, you might feel out of place in business partnerships, with material gains and even in spiritual practice. This Venus will make you introspect deeply on what ‘Venus’ really means, delve deeply into the more serious face of ‘Venus’. And if you have managed to use the neech bhang combinations then you will be able to gain significantly with his blessings.

Charts with Neech bhang combinations will not in any case be your average persons. The planet will in some way show that his energy is different Neech, despite being diverted by the Bhang combinations.

Jyotish is about self-illumination, understanding yourself. If you are afraid, do not get into it. It is not always a comfortable process, seeing your own naked face, stripped of all pretensions and social masks. Analysing one’s own self is the hardest thing. If you feel you are mature enough to take up this challenge, only then study Jyotish.


Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Life is Change.

Your birth horoscope remains constant. This is the choice of energies which you chose at the moment of your this birth and is the foundation on which you are going to handle the Changes which this Life is going to bring. You are born at one instant, and the very next instant the change starts. Time and space move on. The planets move on, transiting through the zodiac. The zodiac, the Bha-kaksh itself moves on. These changing energies are basically the Dasha periods and the periodic transits. All these changing energies make patterns with each other and with the birth chart you have chosen. These patterns decide how events unfold in life. And the power of the birth chart decides how you will navigate through these changes. Will you soar or sink?

Your birth chart is the only energy you have and it needs to be studied in depth. I often mention ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ horoscopes in my posts. A strong birth position is very helpful in several ways. Your body/ mind and environment is strong enough to weather the changes which will occur in life. Changes in life are more enabling, you can leap to greater heights using the change events as opportunities. The changes are more auspicious and favourable, and the transitions are easier. You are more confident as your personality and your environment both integrate well and are more complementary. You get support from your inner self and also from the others around you. You are more in control of the situation. You have some say in how it unfolds and you can divert its energy to suit your objectives.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Powerful horoscopes will show the following combinations.

Birth chart, the D1,

  • The Ascendent sign determines your overall personality and your environment. It is best if this sign is occupied or aspected by benefics
  • The ascendant lord, the birth moon and the other benefic planets should be conjunct or aspected by benefics. And preferably placed in a kendra, 1st 4th 7th or 10th or kona 5th or 9th house.
  • Malefics are a source of turmoil in life so it is best if they are either in the upchaya houses, 3rd, 6th 10th or 11th houses. And aspected by benefics, especially Jupiter by his 5th or 9th aspect.
  • If there is a Yogkarak graha for the ascendant sign then this planet should be placed in auspicious house and be capable of giving favourable results. It would be even better if he is aspected or with other benefics.
  • Aspects of benefics on the Ascendant lord, the Birth Moon and the Yogkarak, will naturally increase the power of these planets and also encourage them to behave in an overall auspicious manner. These benefic influences also increase the power of that benefic planet on the overall personality/mind of the person. Eg Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant lord will make this person a genuinely kind and benevolent personality, he will meet others who help him and he too will try to help others in life etc.
  • Conjunctions are important as both planets influence each other and also the sign/house they are placed in. Eg you will see Sun-Mercury conjunctions most commonly in your study charts. If this conjunction is auspicious then it will enhance the powers of the Sun, Mercury, the house/sign they are placed in and also Leo, Gemini, Virgo signs wherever they are placed in the chart.
  • The 6th, 8th, 12th houses are the houses of turmoil, the dusham-sthana (I have written several posts on these houses, do check the index). Planets placed here are in charge of service, servitude, enemies, debts, diseases, traumatic changes, death, losses, dissolution etc. Best is if these three houses are empty. Or occupied by malefics and aspected by benefics so that the turbulence they cause in life is minimised.
  • Kendra and kona houses are the houses which directly link to the main 1st house. Bhavat bhavam principle is an easy way of understanding the importance of these houses. The 1st house is bhavat bhavam for only the 7th house. The 7th house is the bhavat bhavam for both the 4th and 10th houses. So these three houses directly feed into the power of the 1st house. Then the kona houses, 5th and 9th are in the Dharma trikon with the 1st house, are linked in its creative genius /foundation axis. So these two houses also link very deeply into the power of the ascendant sign. Having powerful and beneficial planets in the kendra and kona houses grants the personality more power to navigate life successfully.
  • Exalted planets are an asset in a chart. Also planets placed in their own houses or their mool-trikon signs. These are highly comfortable and willing to give auspicious results. If you have such planets in your chart, they pull up its quality significantly. Especially if the ascendant lord, Moon, Yogkarak or benefics are in such positions they give significant positives in life. Even if the malefics are exalted, they will help you navigate the turmoil they cause or at least you will gain something significant after the troubles are over.

Navamsha chart D9 – Then is using the Navamsha chart to get more insights into your deepest expectations and potential. This analysis is a necessity, but do this only if you have your exact birth time to the minute.

  • Vargottam planets, or the Vargottam ascendant degree indicate that the planet’s outward energy and inward energy is the same, there are no deep-seated conflicts in the personality.
  • Planets placed in the pushkar navamsha generally are auspicious and help in life.
  • If planets shift to their own signs or mool-trikon signs or in their exalted signs etc add more power to face conflicts and rise with every opportunity in life.

Ashtakvarga is another useful tool in astrology. It can be used to gauge the power of a planet or a sign to give auspicious results in life.

  • Planets having more than 4 points in the sign they are placed in at birth are going to be more favourable and auspicious.
  • In case of signs, the signs whose combined score is more than 27 are generally helpful. Those signs which are occupied by benefic planets at birth, or are placed in kendra/ kona, especially the lagna sign should have points more than 27.

Those aspects of life indicated by such planets and signs having such high scores tend to remain stable and non-problematic. Or even if there are problems, their severity is lesser and are more manageable.

Shadbala – in your vedic software, there will be a calculation for the ‘power’ of the planet. These ‘bala’ strength is calculated for the 7 planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The strength of the ascendant lord and the birth Moon should be high for overall favourable and enjoyable results in life.

Nakshatra – The lunar mansions are the framework of Jyotish. If you have your vedic astrology software, open it and check out which nakshatra your 9 graha and the rising degree falls in. These 10 Nakshatra energies are going to be more important in your life. Then calculate your Janma nav-tara chart from this post. Check which Tara categories your identified 10 Nakshatra-s fall in. If these fall in the Janma, Sampat, Kshema, Sadhak, Mitra or Ati-mitra Tara categories, then the planets occupying them will be able to give satisfactory results on the subtle/ inner levels.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

Now quickly on horoscopes with lesser power or ‘weaker’ horoscopes.

Birth chart, the D1

  • The Ascendent sign occupied or aspected by malefics.
  • The ascendant lord, birth moon and other benefic planets influenced by malefics. Or placed in the dushamsthan, 6th, 8th 12th houses. Or even if in the 3rd house and influenced by malefics. This will increase the number of inauspicious events in life and also the trauma they cause.
  • Malefics aspecting each other increasing their strength to do mischief.
  • Yogkarak graha incapable of giving favourable results, influenced by malefics or debilitated.
  • Aspects of malefics on the Ascendant lord, the Birth Moon and the Yogkarak, will increase the power of that malefic planet on the overall personality/mind of the person. This can aggravate the negative qualities like cruelty, insensitivity, violence etc both in the personality and the environment.
  • Conjunctions with malefics can spoil several aspects of the life all at once. eg Moon with Saturn can cause trauma to the sign/house they are placed in and also Cancer sign wherever it is placed in the chart.
  • Debilitated planets, planets placed in their enemies houses are highly uncomfortable and pull down the power of the chart. Especially if the ascendant lord, Moon, Yogkarak or benefics are in in such positions.

Navamsha chart

  • If planets shifting to the signs which occupy the 6th, 8th, 12th houses of the birth chart D1 become slightly unfavourable.
  • Planets which shift to their debilitated signs or to signs owned by their enemies lose power to do good.
  • I have written several posts on navamsha analysis, do use the index page to locate them if you wish to read.


  • Planets having less than 4 points in the sign they are placed in at birth generally cause difficult changes in life.
  • The signs whose combined score is less than 27 points can also initiate turmoil when transited by malefics etc in life.

Shadbala for the ascendant lord and the Moon if is very low then you cannot ‘enjoy life’. There may be favourable things around you but you cannot use them or derive happiness from them. So do look up the section on ‘planetary strengths’ in your astrology software.

Nakshatra – In your Janma nav-tara chart, if any of your identified 10 Nakshatra-s fall in the Vipat, Pratyak or Naidhana Tara categories, then the planets occupying these Nakshatra will give subtly inauspicious results which will give you anxiety etc on the subtle/ inner levels.

Powerful horoscopes and weak horoscopes

This is a framework post. One placement does not make a reading. You have to look for patterns always. More patterns means more potential for the prediction to actually happen in real life. More powerful patterns add strength to you. More weaker combinations pull down you down. Every chart will have some auspicious and some inauspicious parts, eg if you have a very strong professional life then it is possible that you will have a less joyful home life. One cannot have everything at once. Try to understand your birth chart, your basic personality, your behaviour, your expectations and potential. Jyotish is Illumination, use it to see yourself first, analyse yourself dispassionately. Find out what aspects of life are going to give you successes, follow these. Try to leverage your strengths to grow, take every change connected to these aspects of life as a challenge and grow with it. Try to fortify those parts of life which are going to bring you turmoil, or try to channelise these turbulent energies into more productive things. Every change is an opportunity if only you know how to use it and you have the will to do so.


Vargottam concept in divisional charts

There was a question on Vargottam planets in divisional charts/DC.

Vargottam is a planet/graha who gains more power in the divisional chart/DC which you are studying. Whenever you analyse a DC, it has to be read in reference to the basic birth chart D1. No DC can be seen alone without the D1.

If you have a planet placed in the same sign in the main D1 and the DC under analysis, he is said to be vargottam for that DC. (The terms Vargottam and Gunottam mean the same thing)

  • Eg. Suppose you have Venus placed in Aquarius sign in your D1. And in your D9 too he remains in Aquarius sign. This makes him vargottam for your D9.

The ascendant sign of the D1 is also considered to be equivalent to a planetary force. It also can be vargottam.

  • Eg. Suppose you have Libra ascendant in your D1. Now open your D9. If you have Libra again placed in the 1st house of the D9, this is called a ’vargottam lagna’ in the D9.

Every DC is seen in reference to the basic birth chart D1. So if you want to analyse any of your DC, first analyse your birth chart in minute details, only then will the DC analysis make any sense. The birth chart is the most important.

  • Eg if your Venus is capable of giving good results in the D1, only then will his being vargottam in the specific DC be more useful to you in that aspect of your life. If he is, in your D1, your 6th house lord then might not be so useful. But if he is your 5th house lord then will give pleasing results.

If the planet is not strong enough to give good results in D1, ie he is debilitated, combust, retrograde, is under malefic influence, etc in your birth chart, then he becoming vargottam in the DC will not be sufficient to improve the material results. A weak planet going vargottam will not give good results. Maximum he can work in a subtle way so that the unfavourable results of the D1 do not affect you so much in your inner heart. But this will also depend on the dasha/transit operating at the time of fructification of the results.

  • Eg, if there is childnessness as per theD1. Now the planet connected to the childlessness becomes vargottam in the D7. This does not mean that a child will be born. But this can mean that the person will be more reconciled to the fact that natural children may not be possible and may choose to willingly adopt or willingly sponsor a few children in his community. At least there will be someone whom he can call as a child of his heart.

If in all this if the vargottam planet occupies a sign in the D1 which has over 27 points in the Ashtakvarga then the planet will guaranteed give good results. If there are less points in Ashtakvarga then the results are spoilt and give stress in life. So do check the Ashtakvarga too.

Then Vargottam is DC specific. eg If you have a vargottam planet in the D7 capable of giving you good results, he will give you good fortunate children. But this will not mean that this planet will automatically be good when you analyse the D16. The different DC are for different things in life so analyse them separately. (the birth chart and navamsha are to be seen in every case, as they are applicable everywhere.)

Some astrologers also consider a ‘bhavottam’ concept. ie if the planet is placed in the same house in the birth chart/D1 and the specific DC under analysis. Eg if Venus is placed in the 5th house, Aquarius sign in the D1. In the D9 too he gets placed in the same house, 5th house this is said to be bhavottam in the D9. But there are no classical references on this. And in my experience, a bhavottam planet is not so powerful, unless the sign is supportive. Varga charts/DC are always more about signs. You have to check what sign the planet shifts to in the DC. If this sign is his sign of exaltation, mool-trikon, his own sign, friend’s sign etc then the planet will draw power. Just being bhavottam does not give powerful results.

Vargottam concept in divisional charts

Some really auspicious Vargottam combinations are as follows,

The ascendant lord is the most important planet of your chart who generally always gives auspicious results more so if he is placed well in the D1. If you have your ascendant lord vargottam, especially in the navamsha D9, he grants powerful results. eg you are a very transparent person. You are happy, well-meaning, lucky in life, cannot cheat or lie on purpose. Things may go wrong at times but they fall in place quite soon. You adjust to your surroundings or mould the surroundings to your personality rather quickly.

If your birth Moon is vargottam especially in the D9 and capable of giving auspicious results, then this adds more to your life overall. You are highly emotionally strong and stable, well-meaning, think well for everyone. You fit into every situation easily, your mind is calm a very important thing in life. There is a sense of impartiality, you can see both sides of an issue, cannot be emotionally swayed. You also generally get the things which you desire. Vargottam planets in the D9 are especially useful as they subtly influence all aspects of your life.

Vargottam Lagna in the navamsha, ie the same sign rises in your birth chart and the D9. If you have a D1 ascendant sign with benefic influences and no malefic influences, this is the most fortunate Vargottam possible. This is a very good combination as you are the same at your material levels and the potential levels. You have the maximum chance of expressing all your potential in the most natural way possible. There is no internal struggle between your inner self and your expressed self. Vargottam lagna in the D9 significantly increases the strength of the personality to a very great extent.

  • Vargottam lagna in D9 for the ascendant signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces are especially auspicious. They give a very pleasing personality and a genuine nature. You can trust these people, they will never betray or lie or cheat. They will be brave, enjoy life, learned, rich, intelligent in a dispassionate way, work sincerely, content by nature, leaders in their fields and fearless. They can take a stand for what they believe and are loyal friends/ spouse/ children etc to have. If you have such a person in your life, never let him go.
  • The vargottam lagna in D9 if for the rising signs of Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius are not as beneficial as the above signs. The reason is the typical natures of these ascendants. The negative traits of these signs are more detrimental to personal and social life. So if these ascendants in D1 have significant benefic influences then this D9 vargottam lagna will give good results.

As an exercise you can check out the sign placed in the 1st house of the seven DC of your Sapta-varga. There are online software which can generate your detailed DC. Now check if you have a vargottam lagna in any of these charts, if you do then that aspect of your life will be more enjoyable for you and give auspicious results.

Someone I know has his D1 ascendant Libra. Libra is also the 1st sign in five of his seven sapta-varga charts, ie in five of his seven sapta-varga charts his Lagna is Vargottam. Even more surprising is that of his ten Dasha-varga charts, seven of them have Libra as Vargottam Lagna. Libra sign has a good Ashtakvarga score, so Libra ascendant is capable of giving auspicious results in his life. I have seen just one example like this till now. This person is a life-time study subject for me and till now his life does show what his divisional charts promise. So many aspects of his life are settled, easy and he is genuinely happy about these things in his life.

So if you have Vargottam planets in any divisional chart and they can give good results, it is fortunate, as some aspects of your life are eased out and give you genuine joy.


Vargottam concept in divisional charts

(If you wish to learn more about divisional chart analysis especially the navamsha analysis, I recommend books by C.S.Patel. In fact all books by him are very useful.)

Delve Deeper into the D9 Navamsha

There was a question on Navamsha analysis so this post is one step deeper into it. I like breaking things down so that the topic does not get over-whelming. With time all these patterns and analysis become very routine and you see it all in one glance sometimes intuitively. But first practice, you need a pencil paper and time. If you break the whole concept into small parts it is quite easy. Navamsha analysis can get quite detailed with several standard authors giving even more techniques for use. The entire life story can be seen only with the navamsha chart, but then you will need to read about all the rules for interpreting the 108 individual navamsha. (I would recommend CS Patel’s book for the more advanced student to start with.)

The Navamsha is a very important divisional chart and one should be aware of the basics at least. I have written about the first step in Navamsha analysis here. Read it first and then continue reading this post. This concept of Rashi-tulya navamsha is used only in the divisional chart 9. The birth chart signs are compared to the Navamsha in this method.

Our example chart, Aleister Crowley, the genius occultist of recent times, the creator of the Thoth tarot deck. His birth details are 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK. The birth horoscope and Navamsha are as follows

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

Navamsha Aleister Crowley
Navamsha Aleister Crowley

Now break up the birth horoscope and the Navamsha like this.

  • Ascendant degree – D1 – Cancer and D 9 – Scorpio
    • Scorpio is the 5th house of the D1
  • Sun – D1 – Virgo and D9 – Virgo
    • Virgo is the 3rd house of the D1
  • Mercury – D1 – Libra and D9 – Aries
    • Aries is the 10th house of the D1
  • Venus – D1 – Libra and D9 – Libra
    • Libra is the 4th house of the D1
  • Moon – D1 – Pisces and D9 – Cancer
    • Cancer is the 1st house of the D1
  • Mars – D1 – Capricorn and D9 – Capricorn
    • Capricorn is the 7th house of the D1
  • Jupiter – D1 – Libra and D9 – Aquarius
    • Aquarius is the 8th house of the D1
  • Saturn – D1 – Capricorn and D9 – Virgo
    • Virgo is the 3rd house of the D1
  • Rahu – D1 – Pisces and D9 – Scorpio
    • Scorpio is the  house of the D1
  • Ketu – D1 – Virgo and D9 – Taurus
    • Taurus is the 11th house of the D1

In the birth chart, check the signs placed in the 1st 4th  9th 10th 11th houses. If there are planets placed in these signs Navamshas they will give good results – eg in our example chart, planets placed in the Navamsha of Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Aries and Taurus navamsha have added positivity. ie the planets Moon, Venus, Mercury and Ketu.

In the birth chart check the signs placed in the 6th 8th and the 12th house. Now check if there are any planets placed in their Navamshas. In our example chart these signs are Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini. The planets placed in these sign navamshas will add negativity, ie Jupiter in Aquarius navamsha. In your birth chart and Navamsha do analyse these positions carefully. Any planet in these positions will add to your misery. They might seem good in the birth chart but their hidden weakness will be evident in the Navamsha. They will give some negativity, mental or physical illness is possible, or disrepute depending on the position of the planet in the birth chart-D1 and the keywords of the planet.

While reading a chart there are nothing like an accurate yes/no, there are always gradations depending on the other placements, eg if the planet is in 6th house in the D1 and the navamsha owned by the 6th house sign ie vargottam and is exalted too. So how do you interpret this? There will be uncomfortable results there is no doubt the 6th house placement of the D1 will give its results. But the personality will accept them and grow. You might have seen such people who roll with the bad times and seem to come out stronger. The negative results will manifest but there will be some saving grace to the situation. Seeing this also comes with practice and observing people around you.

If your birth chart has no planets in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses. Dnd if you are suffering from specific issues linked with the keywords of these houses. Check out if there are any planets placed in the navamshas owned by these signs of these dushamsthan houses. You might get some pointers here.

Especially the 8th house sign in the birth chart is the one responsible for the most traumatic catastrophic changes in our lives. In our example this is the Aquarius sign. The nine Navamshas owned by the 8th house sign are called the Nidhan-amsha. The planets placed in these Navamsha give quite inauspicious results.

In our example it is Jupiter in Aquarius navamsha, the Nidhan-amsha for this chart. If you analyse Crowley’s life, the organized religion around him was Christianity. He was called the most evil man by Christians. He followed all sorts of non-Christian concepts in life, from Hinduism, to Egyptian philosophy to everything else. He had several messed up marriages, affairs etc. He was into weird occult stuff from calling in spirits etc which a regular Jupiter would shy away from. This Jupiter granted him things of the occult which otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to access. His public fame and groups were all liked to this Jupiter in Aquarius navamsha, as the Nidhan-amsha.

And the signs of the birth chart placed in the rest of the houses ie 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th houses. The signs are respectively, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn. Check if there are planets placed in their navamshas. Ie, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, ascendant degree and Mars. These planets will give neutral results.

So now you have your second layer of interpretations from the Navamsha. The Navamsha is getting to know your planet better. You have to overlay this on the first layer which has come from the initial analysis. Will write some more about Navamsha analysis in my next posts.