Venus combust 2022 analysis and predictions

Venus is in charge of all one-one relationships, and all the things which satisfy you. Daityaguru Shukracharya can grant Moksh to the more evolved individual souls or material pleasure to those lower down in the spiritual levels. He signifies luxuries, sexual relationships etc, pleasures of the mind/ body. If he is spoilt in the chart then he grants addictions, casual physical affairs, unstable finances, no sense of the spiritual etc. He is a very cryptic graha, and he tests your abilities of single-pointed focus, endurance and intelligence.

Venus is considered combust when he is 10deg around the Sun in the forward motion. It is like the planet has evaporated, absorbed by the Sun. Its attributes temporarily weakened. And when it gets exceptionally close to the Sun, it feels as if it has vanished from the skies. Combustion in transit affects all of us together. So before combustion season starts it is better to be aware and be prepared for an over-load of the Sun’s scorching energy. Sun is a natural malefic and so close to a naturally auspicious graha, ie Venus, he damages the Daityaguru’s capacity to do good for everyone, everywhere.

In this year Venus will be going combust from 15th Sept to 2nd Dec 2022. And during this time he will be transiting through four signs from Leo to Scorpio.

Also during this time Mercury will be briefly combust and retrograde till 2nd Oct, he is in Virgo. Saturn in Capricorn is retrograde till 22nd Oct and Jupiter will remain retrograde in Pisces till 21st Nov. Interestingly all three are in their own signs. (And Venus will also be going combust in his own Libra for some time.) And Mars will be going retrograde in Gemini and Taurus from 30th Oct (will write a separate post on Mars soon). Two eclipses, lunar and solar will occur during this time frame. The solar eclipse on the Deepavali amavasya will be especially intense. This is all the overall background energy.

The ascendant and birth Moon signs Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio will be affected the most. Also wherever these signs are placed in your chart, you will feel the pressure. Eg if in your chart, Taurus represents your mother then you will feel a strange disconnect from her etc. Similarly the lunar mansions linked to Venus, ie Bharani, Poorvaphalguni and Poorvashadha nakshatra will also see some effects of this combustion, so be alert if your birth Moon or ascendant degree/ Lagna falls in these nakshatra. 

To pinpoint the effect of this combustion on you individually, you will have to first analyse your chart. A weak chart suffers more in adverse transits and a stronger chart can convert adversity to opportunity. A strongly placed ascendant sign, Ascendant lord and birth Moon grant physical and mental strength to easily navigate through any situation.

Then note what all Venus signifies in your chart, the houses he owns, his position, influences on him, exalted or debilitated, ashtakvarga, nakshatra, shad-bala, etc his power to give results should be examined in depth. Also if the chart is going through the following stronger effects will be seen.

  • If you are going through Vimshottari Venus mahadasha, or Venus sub-period ie Venus antardasha in any other planet’s mahadasha.
  • Taurus as the Lagna or Moon sign Taurus should pay attention to personal health, especially heat related diseases. Also this is the most determined sign of the zodiac so you might be even more stubborn and headstrong than usual.
  • Libra ascendant or birth Moon sign Libra– again health issues and turbulent unexpected changes coupled with a deep sense of imbalance which affects you in every way.
  • Note which house Venus is transiting in your chart and expect turbulence from the keywords of this house and also the house opposite it. Eg When Venus is transiting Libra, also pay attention to the stuff that Aries signifies in your chart.
  • If you have Venus combust in your birth chart then you generally feel lonely but unwilling to accept or express it. You feel unbalanced in one-one relationships and often lose out on important interactions because of your self centred behaviour. When Venus goes combust in transit, you will feel even more restrictions in relationships, financial, material, spiritual etc matters. Do try to focus on what you really want deep inside, rather than what you think you want.

The effect of combustion will also depend on the strength of the Sun in your personal birth horoscope at birth and also in transit. So you should also be aware of what the Sun stands for in your birth chart. If the Sun is a functional benefic for the chart, there would be some good results. If your birth Sun is strong or if he gains strength during this time in transit, then you might feel a very high level of self-confidence which can as easily become over-confidence in the matters related to Venus.

Combust Venus means that the energy of the planet is absorbed by the Sun. A ‘Venus eclipse’ and everything connected to Venus be dominated by your self-ego. All the attributes of Venus, ie fairness, balance, law, equitable relations, money, resources, etc will be unbalanced. No one will feel like sharing anything but will feel entitled to dominate, grab and hoard things selfishly for their own selves. 

When Venus is combust his guidance is no longer available. The esoteric Guru has evaporated. It becomes difficult to judge the true value of things, people, actions, emotions, relationships, thoughts, desires etc during this period. Inability to appreciate what you have. Validation will be conspicuous by its absence. Unfairness in love and a disinclination to give and receive from your loved ones, out of balance irrational behaviour. A sense of internal loneliness is triggered which is expressed as a superficial exaggerated bravado in the matters controlled by Venus. Yet on the inside, there will be low self esteem, discomfort, a sense of defeat, desperation and inferiority.

There will be disputes in the family and with the spouse. Expect criticism from loved ones. Spiritual practice might suffer. Financial losses, separations from loved ones, breaks in business partnerships, addictions etc. Creative arts, eg films music etc might not be able to express themselves for sometime, ‘writer’s block’ is possible. Recognition for creativity will reduce, some might not get paid enough for their work. Forgeries, cheating, corruption, immorality etc can increase. Warped ideas will be promoted as ‘creativity’. Decision making capacity will decrease. Some might find themselves tangled in intense but short term legal issues and erratic romantic affairs. 

An unhealthy fascination with cosmetic procedures and artificial modifications of the body. In extreme cases by performing irreversible and dangerous surgeries on the body. Do recognise that this desire to go under the surgical knife stems from an inability to love your own self. The real solution is to follow some daily ritual where you spend some time with yourself and learn to appreciate your own beauty. 

This period is not suitable for any auspicious activities, pujas, ceremonies etc and especially the sanskars of our Dharma are not performed during this time.

On the global levels. As I have repeatedly mentioned, the war in Ukraine will drag on, there is really no end in sight. Russia has the upper hand for several reasons, to begin with it has a better chart. This war will consume the ‘West’ ie Europe and USA. Their collective economy will go down, people will physically exit this earth and there will be continued turmoil and suffering. All this will have an overall negative impact on the global economy which will also slow down. National and international treaties, contracts, partnerships or agreements will not be honoured. Every nation will try to secure its own assets at the expense of its neighbours. Discussions on non-issues will consume public energy. Expect civil unrest and riot like situations in several nations. Public health will be affected. Generally the nations to the east of Bharat will fare better than those on the west. (And the transits etc of the other planets will aggravate the situation instead of showing a way out, especially Mars in Taurus will wreck finances, currencies, national treasuries etc.)

Specifically for Bharat’s Independence Day chart, Taurus is the ascendant sign. Venus is the ascendant lord going combust and with all the additional planetary movements, the coming time is not good. He will be combust and transiting the 4th to 9th house of the national chart, impacting the keywords of these houses as he goes through them in sequence. There will be national security concerns. The economy will see a slowdown. Public health will be affected. Financial measures will have to be taken which can hurt. Agricultural produce will be affected, in fact all sort of production will see a decrease. Natural disasters especially excessive rainfall, high wind, flooding etc is expected. There will be civil unrest, protests etc by anti national elements which will adversely affect several states. Anti-national activities will rise. (Shakun shastra is the study of omens. I was reading a news item last week where a crack was seen in the Arun stambh of the Bhagwan Jagannath temple at Puri. This is not an auspicious shakun and it indicates negative results for the state of Odisha and also for the nation.)

Our society is based on relationships of so very many types. Every relationship, where two or more entities are involved, is based on agreements, even the most romantic partnership will have some said/unsaid rules. And when Venus is combust in the skies, all these agreements go for a toss, and this is leads to unsolvable problems.


Remedies as always are Daan and Mantra.

  • You can try to do daan on the day Venus turns combust. And daan is not charity, it is a conscious giving away of the unbalanced energy to a Consciousness capable of accepting it.
  • Mantra of Venus on Fridays will be very helpful. Or worship of any feminine deity or reciting the Shri Sukta or any mantra or stotra of a feminine deity will also equally work as a remedy.
  • Also you can try wearing the fragrances or colors associated with Venus to subtly bring about a change in the energy. Venus is associated with certain foods which you can also add to your diet.
  • You can also alter your behaviour or change your expectations during this time frame. But intelligently modulating the mindset is possible only if you are on a higher spiritual level or are already practicing some regular spiritual practices.
  • A daily schedule of simple pujas for your Kuldevata or Ishtadevata etc is always recommended as this helps hold you together even in trying circumstances and it also helps the additional remedies to act more effectively on you.

2022 1st quarter predictions, Kaal sarpa stelliums combustions transits

This new year 2022 will start with the Kaal sarpa combination where planets are all on one side of the Rahu Ketu axis. The major slow moving planets are in Capricorn/ Saturn and Aquarius/Jupiter on one side of Rahu Ketu in Taurus/ Scorpio. The Sun arrived on ‘this side’ of the nodal axis in November with Mercury and Venus in tow. And when Mars also arrives on ‘this side’ of the hemming, the Kaal sarpa season starts. This time Mars will be exactly conjunct Ketu on 15th Dec 2021 and kick off the kaal sarpa season till 22nd Apr 2022. The Kaal sarpa hemming will be broken by the Moon at 15day intervals as he moves out of the hemming, then it can be considered to be a partial Kaal sarpa energy. 

And combustions. This is because the major slow moving planets are in Capricorn and Aquarius and Sun always enters Capricorn in mid January. So we will see a combustion of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury during this background energy of the Kaal sarpa.

And several unbalanced stelliums in Capricorn. Capricorn is the zenith, the 10th sign of the zodiac. It represents profession /salary, father, social structure, social image and mobility, the karmic work you are supposed to do etc. It represents the maximum height that you can possibly attain in your life. Any disturbance to this sign has implications on the person, the society and the economy.

  • Starting with 4 planets in Capricorn, on 30-31 Jan 2022, an Amavasya ie Sun Moon Mercury Saturn.
  • And with 5 planets, 27-28 Feb 2022, Saturn Moon Mercury Venus, Mars.
  • And the next 27-28 Mar 2022, 4 planets, Saturn Mars Venus Moon.

And major transits. The slowest graha, Saturn Rahu Ketu Jupiter will be changing their signs in Mar/Apr.

First let’s analyse the Kaal sarpa. Here the nodes use the energy of the hemmed in planets to do what they want to do. They are responsible for releasing past karma or creating more karma so they grant you a huge burst of energy to do just this. The best way to use them is to focus strongly on one part of your life and get some significant karmic work done during this time. What this karmic work is, depends on your birth chart and the ongoing Dasha/transit. Look for clues in the position, birth/ transit, of Rahu to find the direction of your desire and Ketu to understand what past learnings can be harnessed now. Kaal Sarpa or even partial Kaal Sarpa can be a good thing, but only if you consciously use its energy. 

Sun entering Capricorn, the Makar Sankranti is an important event. Strange as it may sound, the Sun reaches the pinnacle of his power in the sign of Saturn. So use the Makar Sankranti energies on 14th Jan 2022 when Sun will enter Capricorn owned by his own son, Saturn. On this day, in the early morning after sunrise do some spiritual activity, express your gratitude to the Sun, in silence, in mediation, doing some mantra jaap, Dhyan, pujas, Agnihotra, going to Temples etc. This time Saturn himself is placed in Capricorn. Father and son do not get along but Saturn never fails in his duty (to his father) and Sun always appreciates his creative genius (ie his son). So do make use of their combined power in Capricorn to get ahead in your profession, society and in fulfilling your karmic duty.  

During this kaal sarpa season, Sun will combust the other planets changing their energies temporarily.

  • Mercury combust – 17th Jan – 30th Jan and again on 18th Mar – 12th Apr
  • Personal selfishness dominates the thinking process. Social media can be misused. Communication of all forms leads to misunderstandings etc.
  • Jupiter combust – 24th Feb – 23rd Mar
  • This will be a dangerous period as people will take actions which they project will be for the general good but will actually be for their own personal selfish ends. People will quote lofty ideas to hide their egoistic core. Lying and cheating will increase. Performing auspicious activities during this time is not allowed.
  • Venus combust – 6th Jan 11th Jan 
  • Thankfully this is a very short time. But for these few days we will not be able to gauge the true value of things/people/events around us. It will be easy to get misguided during this time. Vested interests will try to stir up trouble by presenting ideals and philosophies in a twisted manner. Do not perform auspicious activities during this time.
  • Saturn – 12th Jan – 11th Feb
  • Saturn combust is not given much importance but it is quite critical. He controls the profession, society, markets and gains. Being combust means that these aspects of everyone’s life and on the global levels will be tinged by selfishness. People will stop working for common goals and for the growth of the society. In the current state of the economy this can be dangerous. Some people will make use of this to gain in illegal and underhand ways.


Stelliums in Capricorn. This year again, several planets are going to cluster in Capricorn aggravating the imbalance in the skies. Having too many planets together in one sign causes planetary war, graha yuddha. The planet who has moved the maximum into the sign tends to dominate the others, this dominant planet will keep changing as the planets move. But Saturn, the owner himself, is in Capricorn so will want to control what these others do in his house. The planets are friends/ enemies with each other so interfere. And when Saturn goes combust, the Sun will temporarily take over the functions of Saturn too. It is a rapidly changing scene. Some of you will see opportunities coming in very fast which you can make use of.

Stelliums tend to disturb the balance of the chart. 4-5 planets focussed on one area of life and the other areas of life going silent. So whatever Capricorn stands for in your birth chart, there will be lots of activity here. However Capricorn being the natural 10th house, all of us will see a lot of activity on the professional and social front. And Capricorn is going to see these unbalanced energies for some time. So overall the profession will be unpredictable, social life disturbed, social image may take a beating, your Dad or Boss may dominate your time etc. Depending on which planet is dominating the cluster, you will see arguments, fights, competition, treachery, emotional meltdowns, late nights in the office, lack of rest, selfishness, but also intermittently cooperation, profits, strokes of genius etc which can be used.

  • eg For Cancer ascendants, this is the 7th house, so your business will need more of your attention, your spouse will also demand your time, your income will need looking into, your spiritual practice will reach a critical juncture etc. 

Then the transits of the major planets are all within weeks of each other.

  • True Rahu enters Aries 17th Mar 2022 (Mean Rahu 12th Apr)
  • True Ketu enters Libra 17th Mar 2022 (Mean Ketu 12th Apr)
  • Jupiter enters Pisces 13th Apr 2022
  • Saturn enters Aquarius 29th Apr 2022

This will aggravate the rate of change in everyone’s life. These long term planets set the background energies against which the short term planets do their fine tuning. Such rapid change in such short time in the background energy will cause upheaval. Of these four graha, Jupiter will give significantly improved results as he is going to leave Saturn’s Aquarius and enter his own Pisces. Saturn’s ‘flavour’ changes as he moves from his own Capricorn to his own Aquarius, both are his domain. Rahu Ketu are more comfortable in Taurus/Scorpio than in Aries/Libra where they will be shifting into. So the positivity of their overall results will go down slightly. This time till Apr 2022 is generally unstable as too many variables are shifting. 

Briefly this time till 22nd Apr 2022 for the birth Moon signs,

Aries – use Saturn in your 10th house and Jupiter in your 11th house to gain. This is a Dharma Karma yog operating for you. So focus in your profession, social activities, health and whatever you understand by ‘gain’ and try to convert your efforts into solid material achievements in this time itself.

Taurus – These few months show an increase in issues especially personal and spouse’s health. However you will be given more responsibility in your office and your social image will improve. Saturn in 9th means that you must do pujas of kuldevata or go for pilgrimage or do pujas in your house/local temple to make the most of it. Overall it will be an average but a busy/ tiring time.

Gemini – Jupiter is supportive so your personal self, health and environment will remain positive and stable. Worship of Kuldevata is a must. You will get unexpected luck, opportunities and help. make the most of them and materialise your gains as long as Jupiter is in Aquarius. Your enemies will not be able to go against you and some gains from foreign locations are possible.

Cancer – These few months will increase your stress. Jupiter in 8th, Saturn in 7th, Rahu in 11th Ketu in 5th for you do not give any respite. Keep doing your pujas etc and maintain things on average. Avoid getting into arguments and issues with your spouse, business partner, children, students etc. Friends may seem like lifesavers but avoid trusting them unnecessarily.

Leo – One of the best periods coming up for you. Saturn will destroy enemies. Jupiter will support in every way possible also bring important people in your circle and expand positivity. Rahu will want to shine in profession/society. Ketu can help you in your spiritual endeavours. Use this time to the fullest and get your solid material benefits in this time frame.

Virgo – This time is stressful as Jupiter in the 6th will increase your service requirements. Saturn in the 5th does not allow full expression of your intelligence and keeps your confidence down. Rahu in the 9th can help to some extent if you do your pujas etc. Ketu in the 3rd can also be of help but avoid trusting your siblings too much.

Libra – Jupiter is supportive and you will feel more confident and capable of expressing yourself. Saturn can cause tiredness and he denies rest. Rahu can cause health problems so take due care. Ketu has the potential to give you some financial advantages but will deny nutrition. Overall this time is favourable, use the Jupiter to get your work done before he goes to Pisces.

Scorpio – Saturn is favourable for most of the year, so finances, interactions with team-mates, boss and family should be good. Jupiter is also overall favourable for the entire year, so rest, diet etc will be ensured. Also opportunities will come up and confidence will be strong. Once Rahu Ketu shift things will be even more favourable for you. Use this year wisely to get your gains in place.

Sagittarius – The time is average with some issues popping up. Rahu Ketu are supportive as of now, you are protected from your enemies. But the last phase of the Sade sati is emotionally tiring. Jupiter in the 3rd house is also an average position. So best would be to keep things on an even keel and avoid unnecessary risks or chances. Take care of your physical health.

Capricorn – Jupiter has the potential to change your finances and health for the better. Emotional health will remain in the grip of the Sade sati. Ketu can give some improvement in finances if you do not trust the markets too much and remain practical. Rahu and Saturn are not very positive but you can use Jupiter to consolidate yourself in this time.

Aquarius – Sade sati is draining on the emotional levels, tiredness and overwork is possible. Janma Guru, ie Jupiter in Aquarius can give benefits only if your birth chart is powerful, else he will increase stress. Rahu and Ketu are also not positive at the moment. Try to keep things moving on average, do not take unnecessary risks and keep yourself stable in this time.

Pisces – Saturn is favourable in your 11th house, Jupiter is average but Rahu is favourable and Ketu can be made favourable by doing pujas going to pilgrimages etc. For the past 2yrs or so, you have been experiencing the best period as compared to the other signs so make use of this time while you can. Consolidate your gains, set your long terms goals in place, complete all pending major decisions, get your investments in place during this phase.

These readings are till Apr 2022 only and will be modified as per individual birth chart’s power and the ongoing Dasha/ transit. You can combine the results by using the information above for your birth Moon sign and ascendant sign. eg if your birth Moon is Taurus, it may be an emotionally tiring time. But if your ascendant sign is Leo, the physical opportunities might make up for it. And if Leo is stronger than Taurus in your birth chart then it may even be a good time overall.

Remedies. The best ones are behavioural, Mantra or Daana. Behavioural changes are possible if you understand the energies and have a good control over your mind. Mantra helps the mind relax and thus change your perception of the issue. Daana means that you give away the unbalanced energy to a Intelligence capable of receiving it.