Solar eclipse 21st June 2020

We are now fast moving towards the Total solar eclipse due on 21st June 2020, Sunday. This eclipse will be visible in Africa, middle East, India, China etc and the surrounding seas as per this map below. Totality will be visible in the areas with the darkest orange color and partial solar eclipse in the lighter shaded areas.

ecipse 21jun

This is the third total eclipse in the same Gemini-Sagittarius axis. The first one was one year ago, on 19th Jul 2019, visible over South America. This led to instability and political upheavals in several nations here. The second one was 6 months ago on 26th Dec 2019. And that eclipse too was over these very same areas/ seas as the one coming up. The turmoil which this Dec eclipse triggered in the world is evident. Now another eclipse of the same proportions in the same sign axis and primarily affecting the same areas of the world. This eclipse occurs after the penumbral lunar eclipse of 5th June (post here) so it will add on to the problems created.

This day, 21st June is the Summer Solstice, technically the power of the Sun is maximum on this day, especially in the northern hemisphere. Most of this eclipse will be visible in this Northern hemisphere. More intense the solar energies, the more intense will be the energy fluctuations.

Lets briefly check out the planet’s positions during this forthcoming solar eclipse

Taurus is an earthy fixed sign connected to resources, money, wealth, treasuries, good times etc. It will have Venus retrograde during the eclipse event. Venus has just come out of his combustion on 10th June his energies are not very normal yet. (This year he has no role in the Nav-nayak scheme of things so keywords ruled by him are anyways not much in focus.) So the economy overall etc is still in trouble etc. Venus has put in some work during his combustion and continued retrogression, but his material effect will be visible only after Sept 2020 and that too on low levels. The only saving grace was that he was doing all this retrograde and combustion in his own sign. A planet cannot harm his own sign so there will be some turbulence but eventually it will all work out. Also Taurus is the ascendant sign for India, so we will recover eventually. During the eclipse event, Venus is in Rohini lunar mansion which is connected to Moon’s energies and ruled by the deity Prajapati.

Gemini is an airy dual-natured sign connected to logic, analytical power, boldness, options, solutions to get out of turmoil, or actions which lead to even more turbulence. Your extended family, neighbourhood, siblings, same-age groups, office teams, etc. Gains from small businesses and trade. Teamwork, coordination, cooperation. This is the main sign where the eclipse is occurring. Naturally Sun and Moon are here together, it is an Amavasya/ no-moon day. Solar eclipses are always on an Amavasya. Rahu is triggering the eclipse. True Rahu is in forward motion and practically stationary in preparation for the eclipse. Mercury will be retrograde and combust here. This is an occultation by Rahu of a Sun who has combusted Mercury. So we must analyse this as a ‘composite Sun+Mercury’ eclipse. It is a Amavasya, so the Sun has already ‘combusted’ the Moon!

Now try to fit the patterns for yourself. The keywords of all these planets and Gemini sign are going to see a release of a very high quantum of astral energies. Whatever these planets/ sign stand for generally and specifically in your own chart are going to get this energy blast right in the face. Whatever in your life is signified by your Sun, Moon and Mercury as per your chart is going to be very heavily influenced by Rahu. What is Rahu? Rahu is simply the ‘energy of the desire to experience’. No energy is good/ bad by itself. It all depends on how you use or direct it. If your horoscope is strong enough to to accept and process this Rahu energy, it is a once in a life-time opportunity. Or if your horoscope is on a sufficiently high maturity level where you can understand and assimilate these energies. But if you cannot use this energy explosion then all these connected aspects of your life, overwhelmed by the Rahu-blast, will give you trouble, .

Sun, Moon and Rahu are in Mruga nakshatra. This nakshatra is connected to Mars’s energies.

Mercury is in Punarvasu nakshatra, in Gemini sign. This lunar mansion is connected to Jupiter. He is retrograde so you can think and analyse but actual actions taken during this period can fail in the long term. Especially avoid financial transactions during his retrogression.

Some astrologers will consider this to be a Kaal-sarpa combination. But on the Nakshatra levels, Mercury has crossed out of the nakshatra occupied by Rahu and is outside the hemming. Thus this is more a partial kaal-sarpa with only Mercury outside the Rahu-Ketu hemming. But he is combust ie the Sun has started ‘evaporating’ him.

Sagittarius a fiery dual-natured sign has Ketu in it. Sagittarius is connected to luck and is the foundation sign of the zodiac. True Ketu is in forward motion and practically stationary. This is the energy of apathy which has caused such havoc in Sagittarius. I had written about this in my old post on Rahu/ Ketu transits. We, as a human race, have been severed from our foundations, our divine back-up, our blessings and our auspicious merits from our past during this Ketu-Sagittarius transit. And now another eclipse, ie burst of Ketu energy, will again occur in this axis. He is in his own Moola nakshatra. Ketu is the ‘energy of non-desire for experience’ ie he is the agent of enlightenment or the Moksh-karak.

Capricorn – An earthy moveable sign linked to social structures, society as a whole, governments, jobs, salaries, profession, hard-work etc. Though this sign is not directly in the line of fire it still has the two planetary heavy-weights in very close conjunction. Jupiter retrograde and Saturn retrograde in Uttarashadha nakshatra which is connected to Sun. Those who have Saturn or Jupiter retrograde in their birth charts can see some opportunities coming up but for most of us this is a rather confusing period. Society is in a flux. Health and wealth are being affected as it is. Try to complete the work you undertake and try to be regular and disciplined about things. Do not leave loose ends which can create problems later.

Pisces is watery dual natured sign connected to losses of the material, astral experiences, isolation, moksh, etc. Mars is in Pisces and he aspects Gemini sign and the eclipse event with his 4th aspect. He is like an underwater volcano in Pisces. He is in Poorvabhadrapada nakshatra during the eclipse which is connected to Jupiter.

Just look at the configurations of the planets, signs and the lunar mansion. I think even a beginner in astrology can connect the dots even with just this much data. Astrology is all about learning to use keywords and making patterns. And observing.

The Rahu Ketu axis

The eclipse is releasing its energies in the Mruga-Moola Nakshatra axis, here is a bit about these two lunar mansions.

Mruga is connected to Mars, ruled by the deity Soma and represented by a deer. This eclipse in Mruga can increase mistrust, illusion, problems in relationships, emotional conflicts, stubbornness, irritation, arguments, confusion etc. There will be ‘movements’ which can cause trouble. eg travelling for no reason, or pain in travel, or movements in the earth, air water which will create problems etc. The outside environment will be turbulent, you will not find the things you search for. For some, medical problems connected to water/ liquids in the body or nerves can be triggered. There will be blocks on the creative and intellectual processes. You might find it difficult to stick to a particular path, goal, objective and act impulsively, rashly. These are some of the negative results because such a burst of energy if uncontrolled will lead to problems. Most of us will not attempt in the least to control or direct it so will suffer accordingly.

Now the other half of this axis, Moola nakshatra. Moola is the most mysterious of all the lunar mansions as the the center of our galaxy lies in this nakshatra. It is the ‘root’ energy connected to Ketu and ruled by Niritti. Ketu is occupying this during the eclipse. His power will get enhanced but in a curious way, for most of us the things which he signifies will be even more strongly obscured. A double-Ketu energy. Most of us will not even realise what we are going to lose with this eclipse. A sense of inquiry, rational logic will be lost. Medicines, remedies, healings will be confused. Some of us will be disconnected from the material stuff connected to the position of Ketu in the individual charts.

But for some of us, this is a life time chance. If you do your spiritual practice during this period and channelise this explosion. Then this eclipse will give a tremendous power boost. Auspicious events connected to removal of illusions, internal journey to the self, gain of the one-one relationship with the inner Self, emotional stability, burst of intuition, blessings of the Divine etc are very much possible. For some it can also grant the nectar of enlightenment! You can gain what you are deeply searching for, yourself! Ketu will allow pin-pointed enquiry into things. He will grant the deepest healings. Show the real nature of things. This will translate into the deepest Jnyan.

Eclipses are more suited to spiritual goals because the energy is released by a combination of Rahu/Ketu and Sun/Moon. (As you know Sun is linked to the Sahasrara chakra and Moon to the Ajnya chakra. Rahu/ Ketu are the energies of ‘desire / nondesire for experience’ which push your perfect internal geometry out of shape.)

But if you so desire, this eclipse can also translate into positive material goals connected to the houses of your individual charts where the eclipse is occurring. Murga and Mool both are quite capable of giving very significant material prosperity. But your own horoscope should be powerful enough to absorb this energy release and you should intend it strongly during the eclipse in your puja/ mantra/ Sadhana. Else this eclipse will bring negativity.

air fireAnalysis, Rahu in 5th, Ketu in 11th house

For individuals. On personal levels, there will be mental confusion, emotional upsets, misunderstandings, indecision etc as per the nakshatra affected. Impulse will run high as well as temper. So avoid arguments and avoid risky behaviour. This eclipse can give some positives for Aries, Leo, Capricorn especially as birth Moon signs. Those born in Moon signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius might feel more of the negativity. Average results for Libra, Aquarius and Pisces birth Moon signs. Eclipses affect more on the inner levels so the impact on the birth Moon signs is more significant.

For the national-level events. There will be problems in the nations in which the Total Solar eclipse event is seen. To begin with there will be untimely heavy rains, cyclones, floods etc which can cause damage to crops, cities etc. So agriculture and animal husbandry etc type of professions will have to face losses. There can be earthquakes or flooding events, ie disasters which are sudden in nature. The economic slowdowns, public health issues (corona, dengue, malaria etc) will continue. And in several of these nations including India, civil riots and war-like situations will erupt. India should monitor internal situations in Pakistan, Nepal and China also, as instability or breakdowns there will also affect the entire region. All these nations will face deep instability. Soldiers and law enforcement agencies will have to work more. People and leaders who are perceived to be good, kind, honourable etc will face trouble by negative forces. The seas where this eclipse has touched will see irregular events, tides or rains will occur. The local fish etc may be affected leading to problems in livelihood. (In the total solar eclipse Jul 2019, the seas were more affected, thus global weather patterns were affected).

So this eclipse, the third and last one in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis will have far reaching effects on everyone. On a global scale the eclipse begins at 3:45 UTC and ends at 9:34 UTC. So it’s a global 5hr 45 min phenomenon on the global levels. Thus its effects will extend to about 5-6yrs for the entire Earth. It is advisable that everyone does some sort of puja/ mantra jaap/ spiritual practice during the duration of the eclipse so that the negative effects are reduced and at least some positivity remains in life.


The Rahu Ketu axis

(I have written on eclipses, their general effects and the mantra/ practices to be followed during eclipses. These eclipse predictions are also in the predictions for the current year posts. I have written a lot on Rahu/Ketu. Do use the index page to read these posts as I have not repeated these same things in this post.)

Navel displacement and setting it right

The human body is a perfectly engineered machine. It is much more than what we see with our physical eyes. Every part is perfectly in place, only if we knew how to use it! There was a question on navel displacement so writing this post. This is something which modern medicine has not been able to understand as yet, but has been addressed by Ayurved, the science of life and the living body and Yog shastra.

When you lift heavy things or twist your body suddenly or unnaturally or when you walk on uneven ground or climb stairs with jerks etc the alignment of the navel in relation to the body twists. This happens more commonly in small children, I remember my brother when he was a small boy always messing up his navel and my aunt setting it right several times. This can happen in adults too and can be seen as problems with digestion, cramps in the abdomen, bloating, acidity, heavy menstrual bleeding, uterus is affected, semen production reduces, impotency can result if this continues for long.

Navel displacement and setting it right

The navel called Nabhi in Sanskrit is a very important energy point of your body. It has a huge bunch of naadis clustered around it. If someone kicks you right on the navel you might even die. The Nabhi is also called the centre of creation. On the physical plane, you were formed around your navel. Your link to your mother in the womb was this Nabhi, and your body was formed around it. The centre of gravity of the human body is always his navel. If this shifts, i.e. navel displaces, the internal balance of the body is affected. The navel corresponds to the Manipur chakra where the ‘fire’ of your life exists. ‘Agni’, the conscious energy responsible for all sorts of conversions is located in your navel.  The panch-pran, the five vital energies are linked here, their movement in your body is with reference to the position of the navel. The navel is thus the point where the five main types of pran in your body remain in equilibrium. Thus its paramount importance.

In the galactic context, the central ‘black hole’, source of energy, around which our galaxy revolves is called the Vishnu-nabhi. (There is a lot more to the Vishnu-nabhi, will write a full post on this later). This portion of the sky seen from the earth lies in the Moola nakshatra, Sagittarius sign. Moola means root, origin, foundation, edge, firmness, temporary owner, start etc in Sanskrit. If you were born with your birth Moon in this Nakshatra you are different. This Nakshatra is ruled by Niriti निरीति, (the one who is free from all bindings) also the deity of annihilation. As per the Vimshottari system, the planetary ruler of Moola lunar mansion is Ketu, the agent of separation, the Moksh-karak. You are highly intuitive with a sense of ‘other’ about you. You have a sense of personal power and leadership qualities, but this does not translate into material benefits. It feels that you are between 2 worlds always. Material life can seem strange and you long for something undefinable. Past life memories can mix with the present as you have an easier connect with the energy of involution etc.

Navel displacement and setting it right

The navel is a delicate energy structure and is always protected. Energy moves out from the navel, which is not good. Wearing clothes where the navel is visible to others is not good for the energy body, you lose energy. In the traditional Indian dress, the dhoti for men and sari for women, a length of fabric is pleated and this thick pad of fabric is positioned exactly over the navel. If you can afford it, buy a gold chain and wear it on your waist, exactly on your navel and see how your energy gets balanced. Gold is not to be worn below the navel. (some women like wearing gold anklets, this will create problems for the reproductive system and blood pressure in the future.) Putting coconut oil in the navel is the best way to remain healthy. Always use ‘edible’ Coconut oil, whatever brand you use, it should be marked ‘edible’ clearly on the bottle. Put a few drops of coconut oil in your navel when you go to sleep at night. You can use other ‘edible’ oils, like apricot, almond, ‘roghan badam shirin’ is a good option. But coconut oil is the best. You will look younger, fresher and a lot of diseases will be nipped in the bud.

With this brief introduction, on to the practical. Navel displacement. Lie down on a flat surface, feet together straight out, toes pointing up. First find out where exactly is the navel? Is it in the center of the navel hollow or is pulled away from this exact center.  For this check your heartbeat in your navel. Put your index finger into the hollow of the navel and check where you feel your heartbeat. In a normal body the heartbeat is felt in the exact center of the navel, i.e. your finger will feel your heartbeat equally from all sides in the hollow of your navel. But if the navel is displaced, you will feel the thud of the heartbeat only on one side of the navel. This is navel displacement and is extremely bad for your health. The first symptom is always stomach upset, constipation (if heartbeat is felt on the upper side only, pran is more than apan), or loose motions (if heartbeat is felt on the lower side of the navel, apan is more powerful than pran) etc. This is basically because the panch-pran, the five types of pran, going out of balance and the naadis of your body are now carrying this pran in jerky motions. If this state continues for longer, you will fall seriously ill.

So how to set this ‘displaced’ navel back to its correct energy position? It is very easy! This is very commonly done in India, especially when small children get stomach upsets. The patient lies down on his back on a flat surface, e.g. on a carpet on the floor. Feet together, toes straight pointed upwards. The stomach is exposed and a metal coin or a small metal bowl is placed on the navel. Position this carefully so that it covers the navel. A small camphor piece is put on the coin and set on fire. This entire thing is now covered with a larger bowl in such a way that as the camphor burns and uses up the oxygen, a small vacuum is formed. The larger bowl now ’sticks’ to the tummy because of the suction created. This arrangement left undisturbed for some 10mins after which the larger bowl comes free of its own. After this the patient turns around on his side and slowly gets up, no jerks. He can have eat a small snack or a fruit now.

This simple method does two important things, first it pulls all the pran towards the navel because of the uniform suction. Then as the suction is uniformly around the navel, the excess pran is pulled out through the navel and the rest is all balanced evenly.

There are other ways of setting the navel right using Yog-asan, yogic postures, eg, Salabhasan, Dhanurasan, Tadasan, Matsyasan, Uttanpadasan etc. If you do the Uttanpadasan yogic posture you will never suffer navel displacement, it is basically lying on your back and raising your legs, do it only if you are physically fit. Or the navel can be brought to its normal position by pressing certain points on the legs, and there are certain points on the forearms/elbows. But it may be a bit technical to explain/do.

This vacuum bowl thingie, however, is the best and the simplest way of setting your navel back to its correct position.

Astrologically people who are Virgo-dominant are more prone to navel displacement. If you have your birth moon in Virgo, or ascendant Virgo or a bunch of planets in Virgo, or your 6th house is occupied by several planets, be aware of your digestion, abdomen and the energy flows around your navel. Take care of your navel and be aware of the heart beat in this very important organ of your body, this will help you remain healthier.


Navel displacement and setting it right