Transit results of Mars

Mars is the most important force in your life, he is Life and Death both. In his positive mood he is the energy of passion, heat, action, adventure, impulse, competition, pioneering spirit, warrior-spirit, sexual passion, etc. If Mars is afflicted or expressing his negative side then this will warp into rage, jealousy, fights, arguments, physical violence, war, abuse, etc. He is a cruel force, kroor-graha, a natural malefic. In your birth chart and also in transit, he brings about changes linked with force and action.

To analyse the changes caused by planets in transit, we have two options,

  1. We can count the position of the transiting Mars from the ascendant sign to get the effects on the actual physical environment and the body. Eg if your ascendant is Libra, then the current Mars in Aries will be counted 7th for you.
  2. But more important is the position of the transiting Mars from the birth Moon. The Moon is your astral self, your perceptions, your mind. Ultimately the mind is more important than the body. The Moon is also indicative of cyclic changes. So for changes caused by transiting planets, always check the position of this current planet from your birth Moon. Eg if your birth Moon is Pisces,  the current Mars in Aries is transiting your 2nd house.

Mars is malefic by nature so will give pleasing results only when he transits your 3rd 6th or 11th houses, ie the upchaya houses. In all the other houses in transit, he gives unpleasant confrontations and creates situations. Here is a brief on how Mars behaves in transit in your life. Remember that his results are caused by an excessive burst of energy, so if you can proactively engage with this energy and divert it intelligently you can actually benefit in some way. If not then he will bring fire into your life. Any action caused by Mars’s energy will affects your health, emotions and quality of life because he is the natural owner of the 1st and 8th signs of the zodiac. ie he is subtly in-charge of your physical body’s structure, physical environment, Nadi and Pran Chakra network and controls all catastrophic changes including death.

transits of mars

And most important, do not feel discouraged reading the negative stuff. Mars is action, he will bring changes, the God of War, so all this fire is expected from him. But if your birth chart is powerful enough then each of these adversarial situations can be turned around and used as a stepping stone to higher and better things. So do check out the power of your ascendant sign, the ascendant lord, birth Moon before you analyse anything else.

Mars in transit in the 1st house causes damage in all ways. There is excessive ‘heat’ in you and your environment which will manifest itself in several ways. There might be physical danger, eg diseases, rashes, ulcers, boils, eye-strain, accidents, wounds, imprisonment, poison, fire etc. negative emotions like anger, enmity, jealousy etc can happen with others, esp spouse and business partners. Overwork in office/home. Psychological and emotional damage is possible as a result of these physical events with a concurrent loss in finances and infamy. And I have observed that hauntings, troubles from spirits is very much possible during this Mars transit. Adequate precautions should be taken in all ways during this transit.

Mars in transit in the 2nd house will primarily affect your relationship with your close family. Your comforts, luxuries and resources will shrink. You might get robbed or some close family member will betray your trust. Do not make new friends or trust others excessively. Try to get adequate rest and eat a balanced diet during this period. Keep your personal accounts in shape and budget. You might get accused for things you did not do and this will give you mental stress. Your speech too will be harsh and you might pick up arguments and quarrels with others. Diseases of the face, throat and eyes are possible during this period and you might feel dull.

When Mars passes through the 3rd house, he is beneficial as he gives courage, options and the boldness to choose correctly. You can take calculated risks during this period and you will gain. Overall this transit will keep you happy in body and mind both as you enjoy life. You can start learning new skills and whatever you learn during this period will give yo gains. Eg, stock market tips will give you windfalls. Your extended family, brothers, sisters etc will be a source of happiness to you in some way or the other. (Right now Mars in transiting Aries and retrograde in Pisces and again Aries. People with their birth Moon in Aquarius or Capricorn can benefit, just that the benefits will be visible after Dec 2020)

When Mars transits through the 4th house he again causes trouble. There is overheating in your residence, vehicles, nutrition, comforts etc. So during his stay here, he will give health issues again, arguments in the house, theft, disagreeable guests in the house, issues with the mother, mother may fall ill, there is no peace in your residence, issues with landed property,  accidents to the vehicles, you might eat unhealthy food and fall ill. Unnecessary travelling and getting tired. Mind is restless, nightmares when you rest. Eg if you do agriculture, plant crops which need heat/millets not water/sugarcane. Or do Homa/Yadnya in your house etc. (Mars is debilitated in Cancer, the natural 4th house of the zodiac so Mars transiting the 4th house carries some of this flavour too.)


Mars transiting through the 5th house affects the children and your joy from them. They might fall ill or get into trouble. If you are expecting a child, do take care as this can sometimes cause miscarriage. If you are a teacher by profession, your students will be more troublesome. This transit typically causes rapid energy loss, ie you feel drained suddenly. So have a balanced diet, eat on time, else you might fall ill. Avoid speculation during this period. Luck is not in your side. The mind is restless and cannot focus. Do not get into illegal or immoral acts under the influence of others. Do not get into get-rich-quick schemes. Keep a tight control over your desires. Also do not trust new people you meet during this period as they might be inimical to you.

Mars through the 6th house can be a remarkably good time. Enemies, debts, illnesses etc will self-destruct. This is a good time to consolidate yourself, so work hard to finish off pending works, get out of loans and finish any pending service requirements. Even if things pop up, you will have sufficient energy to burn out things inimical to you. Long pending issues, legal cases, arguments, quarrels etc will resolve. Income will increase, health will improve and there will be stability. You can get things done as others will obey you. Overall auspicious things will happen to you and your family.

Mars passing through the 7th house is a time to be very careful. This is also a marak-sthan so if the life-span has ended, this transit can cause physical death. But even otherwise it causes quarrels with the wife, children and home life is affected, their health may cause you concern. Your own health also will not be good. Falling out with business partners causes loss of money. So expect general mental stress, worry coupled with increased unnecessary work. This can be a very testing time as the 7th is the Bhavat Bhavam of the 1st house and any imbalance here drastically drains your own personal energy. Avoid quick fixes of alcohol and drugs as these can turn into an addiction.

Mars in the 8th hits the physical health. Food poisoning, small surgeries, pain, bleeding etc almost always occurs. Small fires eg in the kitchen or accidents or minor cuts are going to happen. Again your energy will be low and you will be susceptible to your enemies and esp your in-laws will cause you stress. Overall many difficulties and losses as you face obstruction in life. You might get accused for things you did not do, expenses in court cases, might have to pay fines or go to jail. In this transit, its best to remain careful and not get involved in unnecessary complications and arguments with others.

transit of mars

Mars passing through the 9th house is also a trying time as the auspicious benefits from your previous lives fail to support you. Your life philosophy will be challenged, eg if you believe in something very deeply you might be called to defend it or you lose faith in it. Eg suppose you have been doing Devi puja and your teacher/Guru now tells you to start Shri Vishnu pujas. No doubt it will help you in some way but this causes deep stress. People whom you depend on, your seniors, your teachers, your life-support systems will cause you stress in some way or the other. In this the relatives of the husband/wife will interfere, also husband/wife will be cross with you. Again unwanted travel and disturbance in daily routine and health is indicated.

Mars passing through the l0th house produces a mix of effects. He will cause conflicts as usual but if you can use his burst of power you can achieve some positivity at least. This is because Mars is exalted in Capricorn the natural 10th sign of the zodiac so he can contribute in some way to help your 10th house keywords. The problems come from the usual keywords of the 10th house, profession, social status, birth father, boss, government etc. So you might find yourself either swamped in work, the your boss gets angry,  you lose your job, salary suffers, father’s health may be affected, your society may demand work from you, the government may put some rules which affect you adversely, enemies in life may overpower you. All this physical action will naturally have its effect on your personal life, family, home, health and happiness. But if you look on this period as a challenge your hard work will get recognised at the end.

Mars transiting the 11th house gives pleasing results. Use this time well, make the most of it. You will get opportunities to showcase your abilities and exercise your authority. Others will respect you. The older siblings and children may also succeed in life. This is a good period and can be used to secure lasting gains from several sources. You can invest or speculate or start new projects in this period as you have the luck to win over in difficult circumstances. Health improves and there is happiness. You might go on pleasure tours and enjoy your travel. Marriage or birth of child or any such auspicious event is possible.

Mars transiting through the 12th house causes stress as the energy of ‘loss’ is activated by Mars’s fire. You might be humiliated, the boss will scold you, family members will dominate over you etc. There are issues with wife/husband and intimacy will be lost. You might lose money, so do not speculate, also unnecessary expenditures. Unnecessary long travels and disturbed life style. Health will be affected, esp eye-strain. Rest is lost, dreams are unpleasant, there may be hauntings and astral body suffers. You might get an injury on your foot. (Whichever body part is signified by the house/sign will get some injury during Mars’s transit.).

transit of mars

This is a generic post but you will find that the results in life will follow this same pattern in some way or the other. However you have to apply it to your individual horoscope.

So first check the power of your birth Mars, is he retrograde, combust, exalted, debilitated, Manglik? which houses does he control in your chart, where is he located, which other planet is influencing him and what is his strength to give what results. Thus you can get a more complete idea of what he is going to do. The current times will see Mars going retrograde in Aries-Pisces so is an interesting time to observe his effects. The following methods are used for transit analysis. So advanced students of astrology should try to analyse their Ashtakvarga chart or Ashtapadmadala chakra or Janma navtara chart to get a more complete understanding of Mars in action. (I have written on all these topics do use the search bar or the index page to locate them.)

For remedies there are several you can try, the easiest being lighting a sesame oil lamp on Tuesdays reciting the Mars beej mantra, ‘Om kraang kreeng krowng sah mangalaya namah’ OM. However as always, the best remedy you can do is to be aware of the energies of the planets and how they work. Thus try to adapt your behaviour so as to best integrate them into your life.

transit of mars