Ascendant signs and problems in life

I have written about the functional malefics for each ascendant (post here). These planets are responsible for triggering problems, the inauspicious, unfavourable and displeasing events in your life. This is the list,

  1. Aries– Mercury (6th house), Rahu, Ketu
  2. Taurus- Mars (12th house), Jupiter (8th house), Rahu, Ketu
  3. Gemini– Rahu and Ketu
  4. Cancer– Jupiter (6th house), Saturn (8th house), Rahu, Ketu (possibly Mercury 3rd house)
  5. Leo– Moon (12th house), Rahu, Ketu
  6. Virgo– Sun (12th house), Mars (8th house), Saturn (6th house), Rahu, Ketu
  7. Libra– Mercury (12th house), Rahu, Ketu (possibly Jupiter at 3rd house)
  8. Scorpio– Venus (12th house), Rahu, Ketu
  9. Sagittarius– Moon (8th house), Rahu, Ketu
  10. Capricorn- Mercury (6th house), Sun (8th house), Jupiter (12th house), Rahu, Ketu
  11. Aquarius– Moon (6th house), Mercury (8th house), Rahu, Ketu
  12. Pisces– Sun (6th house), Saturn (12th house), Venus (8th house), Rahu, Ketu

We face troubles from the three dusham-sthan, the 6th the 8th and the 12th houses (wrote several posts on them use the index page or the search bar to locate them). 

The 3rd house is a bit typical and can go both ways if there are benefic/ malefic influences on it. So I have added Mercury for Cancer ascendant and Jupiter for Libra ascendant, this you have to judge as per the individual chart.

So one level of understanding this list is this –

  • For Aries, of the 3 duhsham-sthan, the 6th will have more potential to create the most trouble in life. The other two dusham-sthan will be relatively less problematic in life. Also Mercury can create more deep seated trouble, than Jupiter. Mars is the ascendant lord so is not going to be overtly malefic.
  • For Taurus ascendant, the 8th and 12th houses will create more significant problems than the 6th house. Here, obviously the lords of these two houses, Jupiter and Mars, are more malefic. Venus cannot be a malefic even if he owns the 6th house as he is the ascendant lord.
  • And so on, till,
  • For the Pisces ascendant, all the three dushamsthan are the mool-trikon signs of Sun, Saturn and Venus so these people will face significant troubles from all these three sources of turmoil. And these three planets are going to give more malefic results.

Now we add another layer to our understanding – 

Our texts say that the planets transiting the following signs counted from the birth Moon sign will broadly give auspicious/ inauspicious results (subject to conditions. Moorti nirnay is a part of these conditions. Not discussing these conditions here, it would get too long). This will be modified as per the individuals chart, the nakshatra involved, the Ashtakvarga, the vedh etc. But by and large this following list is a good general baseline.

  1. Sun gives favourable results when transiting only in the 3rd 4th 5th 11th from the birth Moon sign
  2. Moon gives troublesome results especially when transiting the 8th and 12th sign from the birth Moon.
  3. Mercury gives favourable results transiting in the 6th 8th 10th and 11th houses from the birth Moon.
  4. Venus gives difficulty when he transits the 6th 7th 10th houses from the birth Moon sign
  5. Mars gives favourable results when transiting only in the 6th 8th and 11th from the birth Moon.
  6. Jupiter transiting 1st 3rd 4th 6th 8th 10th and 12th from the birth Moon sign is not going to give very favourable or supportive results, rest all are going to give pleasing results.
  7. Saturn transits in the 3rd 6th and 11th sign from the birth Moon sign are auspicious, rest all will give stress.
  8. Rahu gives pleasing results transiting in the 3rd 6th and 11th house from the birth Moon
  9. Ketu gives pleasing results transiting in the 3rd 6th and 11th house from the birth Moon

Yet another layer for analysing their transits is this –

I wrote on the speeds of the planets (post here). The fastest moving graha is the Moon with 2.25 days in one sign. Then come Mercury, Venus and Mars who spend variable periods from 1- 6 months in a sign. The Sun takes exactly 1 month per sign. Jupiter takes 1yr to transit a sign. The Nodes Rahu and Ketu at 1.5yrs per sign. And the slowest is Saturn at 2.5yrs per sign.


Now let’s combine all this and critically examine the basic list of the malefic planets for the ascendant signs. 

Rahu and Ketu are going to be malefic for all ascendants unless they become functional yogkarak (post here). Thus everyone should be careful during typical Rahu/ Ketu transits and this is is applicable for all ascendants. Rahu Ketu in typical transits from birth Moon will create issues once in a while as they take about 1.5yrs to transit a sign. Troubles triggered by them will occur at the intervals of a few years will go on for quite some time, ie 1.5yrs at least and generally have a deep impact on you. This is a common observation for all.

Finally the 12 ascendant signs and briefly on the duration and intensity of the troubles that they will cause in life.

Gemini – this ascendant in my opinion has the easiest life as it does not have any physical graha as a malefic planet. Life is the most comfortable for it compared to the other ascendant signs as there is less turbulence. Only Rahu Ketu, the astral graha, will cause problems when they go through their typical positions from the birth Moon sign and when they interact with the birth Rahu Ketu. If by chance your Rahu Ketu are yogkarak in your chart, then you have the most uncomplicated life possible.

Leo and Sagittarius – Their only major malefic is the Moon. He is a very fast moving graha, about 2.25 days per sign in transit. So for these two ascendants, troubles in life will be more frequent as per his transits from the birth Moon but low in intensity and quite short-lived. Moon in transit if in conjunction with Rahu Ketu will also be a trigger point. Moon owns the 12th house for Leo and the 8th house for Sagittarius ascendant so the source of the troubles will most often come from the keywords of these houses. These two ascendant signs, if they can manage these minor and intermittent issues from time to time, will have a relatively hassle-free life. Tiny chronic pinpricks of trouble should be easier to handle, especially if they are going to be relatively transient.

Aries and Libra – Mercury is the only malefic for these two and he is a fast moving planet. His transits from the birth Moon will be more frequent but comparatively short lived as he stays in a sign for about 25days. Also look out for his conjunctions in transit over Rahu Ketu, these too will last for relatively short time periods. So for Aries and Libra ascendants, the troubles in life will be relatively short-lived, more frequent and less intense. Mercury owns the 6th house for Aries and the 12th house for Libra so the trigger points for trouble will more likely be found in these houses. In the individual charts, check if this Mercury is affecting the nature of Sun and Venus as they are generally found near each other.

Scorpio – Here Venus is the only functional malefic and he too moves at a relatively good speed of about 28days per sign. So you can apply a similar logic about the troubles that he may trigger in your life. Troubles in life come and go without getting rooted too deeply, so will be easier to manage even if they are more frequent. Count from the birth Moon sign and conjunctions with Rahu Ketu to pinpoint the timing. Venus is the owner of the 12th house so issues related to the 12th can be more troublesome than the rest. In the individual chart, also check if this Venus is affecting the nature of Sun and Mercury as they are generally found together.


Aquarius – Here there are two faster planets, Mercury and Moon who are functional malefics. So troubles in life have to be analysed from transit positions for both and obviously from Rahu Ketu. Though the troubles will be shorter lived etc as is typical for Moon and Mercury triggered issues, but now there are 2 planets who are in charge of creating trouble. So an increase in issues which will affect your life as compared to the above six ascendant signs. In the individual chart, check if this Mercury is affecting the nature of Sun and Venus as they are generally found together. The 6th and 8th houses will be more troublesome than the 12th house.

Taurus – Mars and Jupiter. Mars moves quite fast, takes about a month to transit a sign. But once every two years he does his retrograde/ forward thing extending to 6months, so you must be careful during this typical transit time. Mars gives unfavourable results in several houses counted from the birth Moon so do factor in this too. Jupiter is a slow graha, he takes 1yr to transit a sign so the trouble he triggers will be less frequent, once in a few years but will last for a year at least. Add Rahu Ketu to this and there could be some periods in life where all 4 of these come in some typical transit where they will give continuing troubles lasting for longer time. Mars owns the 12th house so expect some trouble coming from this source. But here Jupiter is the owner of the 8th and 11th houses so when he triggers troubles from the 8th house you cannot expect support from the agents of the 11th house too. So take due care. Emphasising this part as the time period indicated by Jupiter related trouble is quite long, now a year at least

Capricorn – Mercury, Jupiter and Sun are the malefics here. Sun/ Mercury are faster, moving at one sign per month/about 24days but Jupiter is a slow graha, takes 1yr to transit a sign. Any trouble triggered by the Sun’s or Mercury’s transit portion, will be quick-moving, less intense etc but the trouble triggered by Jupiter will be more hard hitting. This will come once in a few years as per his transits through the signs but when it comes it will last for one year at least. And adding Rahu Ketu with their 1.5yr transit period, Capricorn shows an increased potential for troubles in life as compared to the above ascendants. As Sun is a malefic, there is a possibility that the planets he combusts in the individual chart, will also behave like a malefic. So do check this part. Jupiter in addition to the 12th house owns the 3rd too. So in times when these people suffer issues of the 12th triggered by Jupiter in transit, often they end up making wrong choices in life as their 3rd house and its keywords fail to support them and exacerbate the issues created by the 12th. This typical situation can continue for a year at least so take due precautions.


Pisces – Sun, Saturn and Venus are the malefic graha-s. The same logic applies for Sun and Venus regarding relatively transient problems that they will trigger every few months and which will last for about a month. But here Saturn takes 2.5yrs per sign. So the troubles he will trigger will be quite infrequent but more long drawn, deep and serious in their impacts. Add to this the Rahu Ketu factor of 1.5yrs. There are a total of 5 malefic planets now interacting in transit with each other and with the birth Moon together, all the three dusham-sthans contributing. There can be episodes in life where troubles seem to go on for years, draining the personality. As Sun is a malefic, there is a possibility that the planets he combusts in the individual chart will also behave like malefics so note this point. Saturn rules the 11th and 12th houses, so when he triggers the issues of the 12th, friends, generic well-wishers, gains, etc keywords of the 11th also fail to support adding to the 12th house related problem. Saturn generally gives inauspicious results in nine of the twelve houses in transit counted from the birth Moon so he has a higher potential to mess up things in life.

Virgo – Three planets, Sun, Mars and Saturn in addition to Rahu Ketu a total of five again, all three dusham-sthan contributing. Of these, the Sun will create the relatively transient problems every few months and lasting for about a month. Mars also moves quite fast but once every two years he goes retrograde/ forward thing for about 6months, so you must be careful during this time. Saturn now takes 2.5yrs to transit a sign, so the trouble that he triggers will be more damaging, more deeply felt and potentially more turbulent. Slow to come, slow to resolve. Add the 1.5yrs of Rahu Ketu transits, and you can see why you can sometimes seem to be facing some issue or the other all the time. The 5 malefics in transit, conjunct each other and from the birth Moon can create a mixed up confused situation where several issues seem to pop from several sides at once. As Sun is a malefic, there is a possibility that the planets he combusts in the individual chart will also behave like malefics. Saturn and Mars both generally give inauspicious results in nine of the twelve houses in transit counted from the birth Moon so he has a lot of potential to mess up things in life. Saturn owns the 5th house in addition to the 6th. So when he triggers the long term trouble connected to the 6th house he reduces the auspicious benefits of the 5th house. So you will see yourself facing issues like low self-confidence, inferiority complex, block on creativity, low on luck etc. Or your personal selfishness, unnecessarily inflated ego etc adding to the trouble in your life during this period. Emphasising this point as his time frame is quite long at 2.5yrs per sign.

Cancer – Here the major malefics are Jupiter and Saturn who are the two slowest graha of the lot. Jupiter takes 1yr to transit per sign and Saturn takes 2.5yrs per sign. The physical troubles that they trigger are related to the 6th and 8th houses. The issues they will trigger for this ascendant sign will be the more long drawn, deep, serious problems which will leave scars on the soul. Add to this Rahu Ketu in a sign for 1.5yrs. There are the 4 slowest moving graha-s who in their mutual conjunctions in transit and with the birth Moon can create extended periods of years where troubles seem to go on and on without respite. Saturn generally gives inauspicious results in nine of the twelve houses in transit counted from the birth Moon so he can seriously mess up things in life. Here Jupiter in addition owns the 9th house and Saturn the 7th house. So when they trigger troubles related to the 6th – Jupiter and/ or 8th – Saturn, they will affect the positivity and auspiciousness of the 7th and/ or 9th houses too. Thus when you will see yourself facing a crisis of faith, loneliness, financial crunch, arguments with your soul-mate, lack of genuine spirituality as well as a crisis in self-love which will increase the severity of the trouble you are actually in.

Hope this helps you understand more about the troubles that you get into from time to time.

As usual there are the only two remedies of Daan and Mantra which you can resort to to reduce their severity in life. (wrote posts on these, do use the index page or the search bar).

Or if you are aware of the typical combinations in your chart, you can work out for yourself these sensitive periods, take due precautions in advance and keep yourself mentally prepared for what is to come.

Ascendants and functional malefics

There was a question on the luckiest ascendant, so a quick post. This logic is based on the ‘functional malefic’ concept.

  • A planet who owns the 6th, 8th or 12th house counted from the ascendant sign, in a chart will act as a functional malefic for the horoscope. Especially so if its Mooltrikon sign falls in any of these turbulent houses.
  • Rahu and Ketu are functional malefics for all ascendant signs.
  • The lord of the 3rd house, if badly placed, will act as a functional malefic, so check out the individual horoscope for this factor. The 3rd house is a very typical house, can go either way.
  • The ascendant lord cannot overtly be a malefic for a chart, this is applicable for Aries, Libra and Aquarius ascendants. But if you get a chart with these ascendants, do evaluate the power of the ascendant lord to get a clear idea of what results he is going to confer. eg I have noticed that for Aries and Libra, the rate of change is very high, the personality goes through periodic cycles where there is severe disturbance, followed by a mini-melt-down, followed by an astonishing rebound and growth. For Aquarius ascendants, there is an undefinable loss of personality in the sense that they are always defined by their background groups. Alone, without his social support, an Aquarius ascendant seems a shadow of his self.

Ascendants and functional malefics

So this is the list of functional malefics for each ascendant sign,

  • Aries- Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
  • Taurus- Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu
  • Gemini- Rahu and Ketu
  • Cancer– Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu (possibly Mercury as per individual chart)
  • Leo– Moon, Rahu, Ketu
  • Virgo- Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
  • Libra- Mercury, Rahu, Ketu (possibly Jupiter as per individual chart)
  • Scorpio– Venus, Rahu, Ketu
  • Sagittarius- Moon, Rahu, Ketu
  • Capricorn- Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu
  • Aquarius- Moon, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
  • Pisces- Sun, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Ketu

Here we have followed the concept that the mool-trikon sign of the planet should fall in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses for it to be classified as a full blown functional malefic. But do remember that even if a planet’s regular sign falls in these 6th, 8th and 12th houses of turmoil, he can be an agent of pain in your life. (For Moon we do not consider his Mooltrikon sign Taurus, but his own sign Cancer)

  • I have added one possible malefic for Cancer ascendant, ie Mercury. And Jupiter as a potential malefic for Libra ascendant. Their mool-trikon sign falls in the 3rd house for these ascendants. The 3rd house is a rather typical house, can go either way so always check it from the individual chart.

If you look at this above list critically, Virgo and Pisces ascendants have a whopping five planets as clear-cut functional malefics. People born under these ascendant signs have more happening and traumatic events in their life. The influence of the three houses of turmoil is more in their lives and more unfavourable incidents associated with the keywords of these houses occur. Broadly diseases, debts, enemies, losses, stress, catastrophic transformation etc can occur with more frequency. (Cancer will fall in this list, if in the individual chart, Mercury is unable to give auspicious results. eg If Mercury is aspected/ conjoint Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu)

Now whenever the Sun is a functional malefic, you should analyse his proximity to Mercury too. Mercury is more often combust than other planets. So if in the chart, a malefic Sun consumes a beneficial/ neutral Mercury, Mercury is unable to give his results and you have one less positive/neutral planet in your chart. Second possibility is Venus being combust by a malefic Sun, as he too remains rather close to the Sun. This scenario is possible for Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces ascendants, so check this in the individual chart.

Second possibility is if the Sun combusts a functional malefic planet then he too becomes a malefic! The Sun can combust all the 5 tara-graha, but this possibility is more for Mercury and Venus as they are the inner planets, closer to the Sun.

  • Aries, Cancer, Libra and Aquarius have Mercury as a functional malefic so if such a malefic Mercury is swallowed up by the Sun in combustion, the Sun will take on all of Mercury’s attributes including his this functional malefic nature.
  • Then Scorpio and Pisces have Venus as a functional malefic so if the Sun combusts a malefic Venus, he too will become a composite Sun+Venus malefic power.

In the horoscope, check if the ascendant lord is influenced by these functional malefics. This reduces his power to adjust your personality and your environment with each other. Also check if the birth Moon is under malefic influence, as this directly affects the mind, emotions and mental processes.

  • eg for Cancer ascendant, Moon (ascendant lord) conjoint Jupiter is not a very auspicious combination. Even if Jupiter is considered to be beneficial, he is a functional malefic for this ascendant.

Taurus, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants, have four planets as functional malefics. (Libra can come in this category if in the specific chart, Jupiter is under the influence of even more malefics and is incapable of giving auspicious results.) And Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius ascendants, have three functional malefic planets. Finally Gemini ascendant has only two, ie the common Rahu/ Ketu as the functional malefic energies in the chart.

So I would say that Gemini ascendant is the luckiest ascendant to have, as it practically has no functional malefics. Except Rahu and Ketu who are astral planets entrusted with the express job of creating turbulence in our life. The remaining 7 planets are either neutral or beneficial so this ascendant has a relatively smoother life compared to the remaining eleven signs of the zodiac.

The toughest would be Cancer, Virgo or Pisces ascendants.

  • Virgo and Pisces because of the five planets who work directly as functional malefics.
  • Cancer because he has four (five, if Mercury also afflicted), but these include Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, the slowest planets. If something goes wrong in a Cancer’s life, it can take ages to first suffer through the problem and then ages to recover from it.

Ascendants and functional malefics

Now a bit more on how to use this concept.

  • If the functional malefic in the birth chart is on the exact central degree at the house he is placed in, he exerts more negative influence on the matters of this house. eg if your birth rising degree is 3deg Leo, the middle of the 1st house is at 3deg Leo. Look out for the planets transiting around 3deg in any sign and their effects on you.
  • If the functional malefic is closely conjunct or aspects any other birth planet, he will affect their power to give auspicious results.
  • In transit too, these planets give their worst results when they are passing through the center of a house or conjunct/ aspecting any birth planet.

Finally one more aspect of this list must be considered. Check which ascendant has slow moving or fast moving planets as its functional malefics.

Leo and Sagittarius have only Moon as their functional malefic. Moon is the fastest planet going at 2.25days/sign. So the trials in their life will pop in suddenly, maybe an acute attack of some problem in life and then as suddenly pop out. There can be more frequent problems as the Moon transits around the zodiac in about 28days. But perhaps this is better as you do not have to endure under a problem for years.

  • eg If you know that the next 2.25days are going to be typical, you can do something about it, eg re-arrange your work schedule etc or just sit through knowing that it will end in 2.25days.

Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius have the Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus as their functional malefic. These ‘inner planets’ are also fast moving, approx a month in a sign. So the problems faced by these people do not last for long, though may have a yearly sort of periodicity. Here a problem can last for about a month (might resurface maybe a year later if the dasha/other transits permit.) However note the combustions of these planets in your birth chart and in transit which can modify results.

  • eg If a Cancer ascendant at birth has Mercury conjoint Sun and both aspected by Saturn. Then those periods when Mercury goes combust in the skies (three times a year) wil, inflate his ego, affect his thought processes, make him temporarily selfish, unable to accepts others views, create even more misunderstandings because of this, might cause severe fights with siblings or teammates or neighbours, or extended family members, losses in trade etc be especially problematic for him.

For Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces ascendant people, the outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn figure in the list. These take longer times to transit signs, Mars can take 2-6 months, Jupiter 1 yr and Saturn 2.6yrs, per sign. So for these people, troubles in life will last for a longer period, they will have to endure under problematic situations for months/ years. And recovery from these episodes will be slow. However periodicity will be lesser. Mars completes one round of the zodiac in 2yrs, Jupiter in 12yrs and Saturn in 30yrs.

  • I have mentioned in my previous posts, that Cancer ascendants should take special care and try to focus on their spiritual growth than material objects during the next few years. Now you see, Jupiter, Ketu, Saturn, are/ will be transiting their 6th, 7th, 8th houses back to back. Two houses of turmoil, 6th and 8th and 7th is a very cryptic house, decisions taken here convert to karma very quickly.

You must have read about functional malefics in your studies on astrology, so this is how you gain more information using this concept. Astrology is about seeing patterns and linking them together with common sense and a bit of intuition. You must study your sample horoscopes of your family/ friends and see how your ideas and concepts really play out in life. This is how you learn with every chart you read.

Ascendants and functional malefics