Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty

Moon is exalted in Taurus/ Rhushabh, sign, specifically in the lunar mansion called Rohini. In the story-allegory, Moon has the 27 lunar mansions as his wives, Rohini being his favourite. Taurus is represented by the Bull. In Hinduism/Sanatan Dharm, the Bull, the vital masculine energy of the Rhushabh, occupies a very important place on both material and spiritual planes. Venus owns Taurus. Now Moon sees no other graha as his enemy, (even Rahu who literally drives him nuts with his unending demands for experience.) But Venus doesn’t quite like the Moon, despite both planets indicating ‘love’. Venus is self-love and Moon is need-love. But there is a deeper meaning here. Moon creates and nurtures you, your body and mind. In the spiritual sense, his energies maintain Maya, the illusion. Venus is the agent of liberation, he is the one who helps you find your real self and forges your deepest relationship with your higher self. (Venus dislikes the Sun too, who represents the self-ego. Self-ego is the biggest impediment to attaining self-realisation.)

But despite this, Moon is exalted in Taurus sign, ruled by Venus. This indicates that Moon-Taurus energies are fully used only when you realise that the ultimate treasure/hoard is the realisation of the Self. Once you realise this, this Moon will take you onward in your journey to yourself. If you can anchor yourself in the power of Taurus, an earthy sign and then let your potential for creation, nurturing and preservation free, you can be great. Love yourself first.


In the purely material sense too, Moon builds. He takes the energy from the Universe and builds a body/mind suitable for your individual soul. Your individual soul is the product of the Sun. The Moon reflects this Sun, to build the perfect casing. All of you, body, mind, astral, emotion, etc is a product of your Moon. In Taurus he gets all the resources he needs to build the best possible construct. For this he uses the assets from your birth family, culture, history, language, all the emotional things which connect you deeply with your family. Taurus is hoards of all types, resources just waiting to be utilized.

Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty

You, with your birth Moon in Taurus, are beautiful. The physical body is attractive, the face is pleasing with lovely expressive eyes. The voice is especially pleasant and you may be a good singer or a story-teller. Even if you have never learnt music formally you can sing well.

The mind-set is attractive. You are generally modest, artistic, well-mannered, conservative by nature, positive, loyal, steady. There is aggression but it is not the in-your-face variety. Stubborn at times, you have quite a temper, but it is rarely roused. You get along with your parents, elders and well-adjusted in your family circle, you enjoy life. But your personal family is always on your mind. A private person at heart, only those very close to you know the real you. You have a very wide social circle and are on good terms with everyone. Very communicative and knowledgable, you are at ease in any situation. You can be a professional host, a club-owner, a politician etc, you will be good at it. Willing to please and be pleased, you like eating well, dressing well and living well. These things are not just things, they are an emotional need.

You are capable of earning well and supporting yourself and your family. You can save money and create assets. You like work and are disciplined about it. Leadership comes naturally to you. You can subsume your personality for the greater good if necessary. You think before you act always. Decisive, you perform well in executive, corporate or governmental work. You nurturing nature helps you create stuff which endures. You might create factories, or social rules, or books, etc. But whatever you create will have a social aspect built-in. You will create for the society but keep the profits in the family. You have the strength to protect what you create. Sincere and just, you will not break rules or take unfair advantage. Emotionally linked to your work, you have an infinite stamina and an emotional desire for it.

Generally you are from a reasonably well-off family or marry into one. Your spouse tends to look after you. Your spouse is a wall-flower variety, might not enjoy going out to parties so much. He will be intense, more serious, more private. Your intimate relationship with your spouse will be extremely sensual. However there will be some thing out of the ordinary about your spouse in your private lives together. He may be into the occult or have very different ideas about life or might be psychologically controlling etc.

You love eating. You are the one who can eat one kilo of sweet stuff! Tasty food and drinks. But take care of your digestive system. You might suffer from problems here, eg indigestion, appendicitis, piles etc are quite possible if you do not control here.  You tend to over-eat later in life, so will put on weight after mid-life.

There is an emotional requirement for beauty. How you channelise this need depends on your horoscope. You might go to the gym and make your body more beautiful. You might buy beautiful furnishings for a beautiful home. You are the person who knows which restaurant sells the tastiest food. A secret, try tagging every action of yours with this need for beauty, eg look at your office work and tell yourself ‘I am making this work beautiful’. Silly as it sounds, it works!

But things don’t stop here. You have made your beautiful things, and now you want to be appreciated. You want to be pampered, loved, for making this beautiful thing. And you want everyone around you to appreciate you! If you do not get this appreciation, you will become moody and unreasonable. If you are a Taurus-moon yourself, do try self-love and self-appreciation, it is more enduring and real than praise from others. So now the challenge that Taurus-Moon faces. Interaction with others is an emotional necessity.  You feel comforted in some indefinable way when you interact with others. So you are never alone. But solitude is necessary for self-growth. Not isolation, that is not healthy. But solitude and self-introspection is essential. Try to give yourself 10mins of self-love and self-introspection. Rather than waiting for others to appreciate you, pamper yourself. If you can do this you will realise what an exalted Moon really means.

Now if your loved one or your boss has his birth Moon in Taurus, you can keep them happy by getting tasty food and drink,  nice perfumes, coffee table books, beautiful artefacts etc for them. If your children are Taurus-Moon tell them they are cute, smart and intelligent, pick up and cuddle them and don’t forget to buy them lovely clothes!

Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty

This 30 degree span of the Taurus zodiac is composed of 3 lunar mansions. The Nakshatra named Krutika, Rohini and Mruga.

Krutika nakshatra – This lunar mansion is ruled by the Sun and lies partly in Aries and partly in Taurus. If your Moon lies in the Taurus part of Krutika this is how you would be. There is a need to use the qualities of the Sun, you need the recognition, the brilliance, the self-entitlement. You are quite intelligent, creative, confident, able to project your personality on others. You are able to build on the qualities given to you by your Sun in your chart. You desire to  improve your material situation always but be careful about not hurting in the process. Your Sun-nature will make you rather indifferent to others in this sense. But Venus and Sun are not friendly so there may be cyclic mood changes. You have the skill of balancing things with a desire to shine alone. Both these opposite things are ‘needs’. If you can grasp this point about your personality you will be more well-adjusted in life. If you feel like taking up a hobby try learning cooking!

Rohini nakshatra – This is ruled by Moon himself and he is exalted in this specific lunar mansion. The energy of this nakshatra is perfectly suitable for expressing the Moon’s energy. You are exceptionally sensitive, intuitive, emotionally available, beautiful, loving, etc. You require luxury, beauty, gentleness and peace around you. You attract everyone and everything. You have an aptitude for rearing children, farming, business, etc. anything that needs to be value-added, protected, reared, nurtured, conserved. You need emotional security, you need to be adored! and all your actions are beautifully oriented to this purpose. However if you ever contemplate about ‘Who is the real me?’, this placement has the potential to help you on your spiritual path.

Mruga nakshatra – This lunar mansion is ruled by Mars. You have a dynamic personality which tends to first pursue and then protect. Moon, Mars and Venus all get along quite well, so you are well balanced internally. You are excellent in social interactions, but can be a emotionally invasive. You need to travel, meet others, talk, find out stuff. You want to be always in the forefront of everything, you can sniff out secrets! You have that combination of soft but irresistible power. You seem chatty and approachable but you have an instinct for investigation. You need information. Curious and suspicious at times, you can be an excellent journalist! Just be careful about not overdoing it.

The Moon mahadasha as per the Vimshottari system is a very fruitful period. For Krutika-born this will come in your childhood, you will be building your body mainly during this period. For Rohini-borns you will be born in this Mahdasha. (And for Mruga-born, this will come at the very end of life, if you live to be exceptionally old! Most likely you will not experience it.) This period will be a period of intensive building. You will be building your body and your chakra-system will develop very fast during this time. You will be connecting with others on very deep levels. The cycles of growth and stability where you consolidate your growth will be seen markedly here.

Taurus is a still/ Sthir sign ruled by Venus. There is endurance, patience and stability built in here. It is a Rajasic sign, this means that the tendency of the planets placed here is to work, to create change. This is combination of ‘still’ with ‘Raja’ sounds a bit odd perhaps but it is not. The Moon always moves in rhythms, there is always a cycle. When you make a change, you still yourself to consolidate that change. This rhythm moves endlessly. This is the power of the Moon here. You have skill, the endurance the capacity to change and to change again. You evolve. Now Taurus is a Vaishya, ie trader sign. The power to make profits to make the best bargains, to consolidate and profit. It is the first sign of the natural Artha-trikon, the signs which give meaning to life. All this makes Taurus quite the powerhouse, but more directed to the material. You forget the other aspects of the Moon, the gifts he can bestow. After you turn 48yrs old your life will be more dominated by your moon horoscope, so look it over if you have crossed this milestone in life.

You have chosen a beautiful path in life, make the most of it! Moon in Taurus, you have strength power and the ability to use it. The personality is dominating without being over-powering. And people gather around you because they love you. If you can ever get out of this need for other’s love and try to find your own inner love, this placement will give its true result.


Birth Moon in Taurus, an ode to beauty

Matching Charts for marriage

Families go to astrologers for matching charts of their children before getting them married. It is very important to match the charts before marriage rather than facing problems later. Even if the young man and woman are in ‘love‘ and do not want to base their decision on the charts, it is important that they go to an astrologer and at least hear to what the charts are saying. They can consider it as additional information to base their decision on. In Sanskrit, Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) and Vedic philosophy there is no word for ‘divorce’.

Matching Charts for marriage

You will get the charts only after the families have matched their gotra, social and financial conditions. So this is how you go about matching them. Each of these points are to be seen individually for each person. Also because marriage links the persons very deeply their charts also influence each other, so these factors are also to be seen as overlaid one chart over the other.

Longevity and physical health – this is perhaps the most important parameter which has to be gauged at the start itself. The life span of both should be reasonably beyond 50yrs at least. If either of the prospective partners have indications of premature death the matching should always be rejected. Early death is always traumatic and results in great pain and unhappiness to the surviving partner and also to the children if any. You are not required to calculate the exact life expectancy of the charts, but it should reasonably cross about 50yrs of age, as most activities related to the householder’s life are complete by this age.

For the individual readings check out the following.

  • Longevity will depend on the Ascendant sign, the planets placed in the ascendant sign, the position and placement of the ascendant lord and the planets conjoint and aspecting him.
  • Also the 8th house and its lord should be similarly examined for longevity.
  • The 6th house and its lord will give indications on the possibility of physical diseases so give them a once-over.
  • And the 12th house and its lord represent the loss of the manifested, physical and visible attributes so in a way linked to health. So a quick look on this house too.

For a combined effect of one over the other check out this one important house.

  • The placement of the 7th house, the planets present and aspecting.
  • The placement of the 7th lord and the planets who are conjunct/aspecting him.
  • eg. a 7th lord placed in the 12th will indicate that the person who marries this chart will have to suffer the diseases that are in the karma of this chart’s partner, in addition to his own placements.

Matching Charts for marriage

Mental and emotional health – This is very important that both partners enjoy emotional and intellectual company with each other and also that the mind and the emotions of both remain comfortable and secure. Else it is quite possible that one person ruins the happiness of the marital home with his/her faulty mental processes. For this you will need to analyse these 2 planets.

  • Moon – This is not only the agent of the mind and emotional stability but also if afflicted can reduce the longevity of the person. Outwardly normal seeming persons can suddenly change overnight into nut-cases fit for the psychiatrists.
    • Check out in the individual horoscopes the birth moon sign
    • The house that this moon get placed into
    • The planets is is conjoint or aspecting him
    • And to check out how this person will interact emotionally with his spouse? Will he derive satisfaction/emotional security/comfort etc from his spouse? Check out the 7th house from his birth moon.
  • Mercury – He represents the mental processes, what kind of conclusions (negative/positive) do you draw from the life-events you go through. Also the ability to communicate clearly, thus there are no doubts, misunderstandings, miscommunications and suspicions between the couple.
    • Check out in the individual horoscopes the birth mercury, the sign he is placed in
    • The house that this mercury gets placed into
    • Which planets are conjoint or aspecting him
    • And to check out how this person will interact on the intellectual level with his spouse, will their thinking processes match, do check out the 7th house from his birth mercury.

Matching Charts for marriage

Possibility of multiple spouses – Since this is a marriage between 2 individuals and our society and legal systems by and large allow one spouse only, it is important to check out if there is a possibility of multiple spouses in either of the charts.

Benefic and malefic influences in the overall horoscope – Look at the overall placements in the horoscope, especially strengths of the ‘good houses’ 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, the placements of benefics and the malefics. The dushamsthana 6th, 8th, 12th houses of turmoil should be vacant or not have benefic planets as far as possible. (a short explanation in this post)

The position of Mars has become quite the deciding factor in marriage matching. If someone is labelled ‘Manglik‘ then his/her marriage prospects suffer drastically. But if the above points are found to be satisfactory then this becomes more of a psychological issue about channelising the energies of Mars and with proper counselling and understanding is quite manageable.

And then we come to the last factor, the Ashtakoot matching – Here we give complete importance to the birth Moon nakshatra of the two. There are 8/Ashta groups/koot in this matching. There are a maximum of 36points and 18+ points is generally considered ok. There are several websites which can give you your score directly but have put the theory here so that you can appreciate the thought process behind this matching.

  1. Varna (1 point) – is the outward appearance/quality/strength, thinking ability and work and spiritual development.
  2. Vashya (2 points) – this indicates the interdependence between the two and whether the two will listen to each other’s opinions, i.e. the degree to which both will influence each other.
  3. Tara (3 points) – Mutual understanding, sensibility and destiny between the two is indicated from this.
  4. Yoni (4 points) –  Mutual sexual and physical compatibility between the two is given importance.
  5. Grahamaitri (5 points) – the rulers of the birth Moon sign are considered here. If both are friends, enemies or neutral to each other. The mental compatibility, mutual interests and desires, also the genuine friendship and affection that develops between the two can be analysed from here.
  6. Gana (6 points) – The 27 nakshatras are divided into 3 categories depending on their essential natures, peaceful-spiritual, materialistic-fair and aggressive-demanding. The match has to consider these essential natures else there will be discord. This indicates temperament and the emotional response to a situation (also potential for violence).
  7. Rashi Bhakoot (7 points) – The moon sign of the boy is counted from the girl’s moon rashi. This defines the daily behaviour between the two, is their daily life with each other going to be peaceful or tense.
  8. Nadi (8 points) – The 27 nakshatras are again divided into 3 categories (Vaat, Pitta, Sleshma) depending on their physical health. The Nadi koot has been given the maximum points in this system because the health of the couple after they get married and the health of the children they will have depends on this. If their Nakshatras belong to different Nadis the score is outrightly 8, if belonging to the same Nadi it becomes 0.

Of course in the present times, ‘arranged marriages’ are being phased out slowly, even ‘love marriages’ are on the way out perhaps. Live-in relationships or flings are more fashionable now. But do remember that Marraige/Vivah is a Sanskar, not just a religious/legal/social ceremony. It is the foundation of our society as it provides care and protection to small children, to the aged parents and is the thread which binds us all in relationships, mom, dad, child, brother, sister, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, grandmom, grandad and the in-laws. Our lives are more richer because of these relationships of mutual love and all these are based on the foundation of marriage/vivah.


Matching Charts for marriage


Talk to your stuff to increase their energy

All the stuff that you see feel and touch is energy. The clothes, jewellery, books, even the umbrella that you use is energy. You wear your pretty pink bedroom slippers around the house and they also have their own energies to protect your feet. Strange as it may sound it would be nice to acknowledge these tiny energies you use around you once in a while.

Talk to your stuff

You live in your house, all you activities are centred around this focal point, you sleep here, you rest and rejuvenate. Your parents, husband/wife, children, your loved ones are linked to this place. It protects you all, gives you shelter. It may be a tent, an apartment, a bungalow or a shack, but it helps you and in its own way loves you too. So love it in return and acknowledge its contribution in your life. My Mom would do this on every full-moon day evening she would light a ghee lamp and apply kumkum, turmeric, incense sticks, flowers and unbroken rice/akshata to the main door of our house and express her gratitude. Every one likes being appreciated, even your house, so do something consciously at least once a month, it can be as simple as talking to your house! Stand in the centre of your apartment and tell it that you love it, it may sound silly, but the positive vibrations that you will generate with this simple expression will magnify and reflect back at you.

Your car is another big thing that helps you immensely. You drive around doing your errands, go to office, then pick up your child from school. It protects you while you are driving and helps you in so many ways. It would feel nice to acknowledge its contribution to your life. Most cars in India will have a small murti/photo of the deity Ganapati (this energy removes obstacles from your path) on the dashboard, and the person driving it will do a Namaskar and put a flower on this moorthi. This adds positive vibrations to the car as a whole. So as long as you are in your car, you get these positive vibes being reflected back at you. So do this once in a while, put your hands on the steering wheel and tell it that you appreciate its help. Tiny energies of gratitude multiply and eventually will come back to you in a big way!

Your workplace where you spend so much of your time, and you get so much out of it, money, a place in society, a joy of team-work and social interactions. Tell your desk that you love it. In India, we stick an image of our deity in front of us on the desk. Helps remind us of the divinity in our work! But tell your workplace and your desk how much you appreciate it, just once a week! It may be just words to begin with but as you say the words regularly, tiny things will change and turn bigger and nicer. Soon you will genuine love it and it will love you back too. You will see tiny but significant changes in your work environment, your behaviour and the behaviour of your office-mates too!

You may be rich or poor, you may not have much but ultimately you Are. And everything around you contributes to your existence. If you are aware you can make it better and more comfortable. Like you take care of your body, your water and food, things really important to you. But once in a while also acknowledge all the stuff that works in the background for you, the ‘props’ of your life.

We so often overlook the tiny things. But so many many tiny things get together to become a big thing. Do this too sometime when you are home alone, walk into every room of your house and check out all the things that make you happy and give you contentment. A silk scarf, a favourite book, your wife’s pretty dress, your husband’s happy photograph, your child’s exam-result, your new coffee-maker, your comfy arm-chair, the color of the carpet, the softness of the bed-sheets, the view from your window, your nice-smelling shower gel or even a cute hair-clip. Once in a while appreciate the texture of your clothes and run your fingers over the walls of your house. Express your gratitude to these seemingly inanimate objects, these are tiny packets of energy which help you in tiny but oh so very important ways.

These tiny expressions of your gratitude will also help you in your spiritual practice. As you recognise the energies of every tiny thing in your life you are training your mind. Moksh/Enlightenment is simply being aware of the energies of every tiny molecule to the largest of the stars. Sounds too fantastic right? But every huge thing starts with a very tiny little step.

Be happy and express the energy of your happiness and gratitude. As you send out so will you get back from the Universe. The butterfly effect!


Talk to your stuff

Kama Trikon of the horoscope, desires

The 12 houses of the horoscope are divided into the Dharma Trikon, houses 1, 5 and 9. The Arth Trikon 2, 6 and 10. The Kama Trikon 3, 7 and 11 and the Moksh Trikon 4, 8 and 12.

The root of this Universe is ‘Desire’, Kama. This word can mean the superficial sexual desire which also leads to creation of new life and can also mean the deep Desire of the Ultimate Consciousness to play a Game/Leela called Creation. This Sanskrit word ‘Kama’, is longing, love, will, purpose, deliberation, intention, desire, passion, wish, agreeableness, enjoyment etc, so many layers and layers of meanings depending on the intention of its use. The Nasadiya Sukta of the Rig Ved, (129th Sukta of the 10th Mandala) describes the creation of the universe as the desire of the ‘Unfathomable Intelligence’.

However coming back to the horoscope, the Kama trikon, Desire Triangle, is the houses, 3rd, 7th and 11th. The houses of Desire and everything to do with it. Now lets see how these three houses would mean ‘kama’. What makes up your Universe? At its foundation is the interactions between humans. Our Universe is not us alone, when we interact with others like us, we create and populate our Universe. Thus Kama is this, the desire to be connected to others in one way or the other. From this desire for interconnections the following expectations arise,

  • being financially well-off
  • having a personal source of income through personal job/trade/profession
  • being with siblings, cousins and enjoying a feeling of brotherhood
  • being with a spouse and sexual satisfaction
  • income sources through individual partnerships and network of communities.

Kama Trikon of the horoscope, desires

The Third House

The 3rd house from the ascendant is the house of extended family, neighbourhood and conversations. Our interactions in these limited intimate groups and our first step in the bargains of life is the domain of the 3rd. Our entire life is a series of bargains which lead to cooperation. I tell my son, ‘If you finish your dinner, I will tell you a story tonight’. This is a very agreeable bargain for both of us! Then as we get older we progress to making agreements with our friends, cousins and neighbours. If we make mistakes here they are forgiven and a second chance given to make-up and learn. The style of interaction in this House is one to relatively many, here we learn how to interact with the outer world as per our society’s customs and traditions.

Bhratru-Bhava, the house of brothers is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the communicator, he is the adolescent who loves to be with his siblings and peer group. He is also the one who intelligently analyses data and classifies and learns from this. Here is where we learn how to deliberate, communicate, trade, cooperate and be bold. This house is also called the Parakrama, the house of boldness.

As we grow up the lessons from this house become the foundations of our self-earned wealth. And we desire our wealth because it makes our lives more comfortable. This house is the 2nd from the 2nd, the second is the house of family treasures. So the 3rd house uses the all resources you have available in the form of family good-will, treasures and reserves and uses them in trade and cooperation. You gain profits from the 3rd. You get an experience in trade, commerce and communication and you also learn how to be bold and courageous going about it. In this house you just don’t desire the money, you also look forward to the regular meeting of associates, the close friends and brothers. Desire is both human company and profit!

The 3rd from the ascendant tells you about how your interactions from these groups is going to be on the external social levels. eg If you have Saturn placed here, naturally it will be restricted, if Jupiter it will be extensive. However to know how these interactions are going to affect you emotionally you will have to check out the 3rd from the birth moon sign. Moon is the significator of the mind and in my opinion is sometimes more important. Eg If you have Jupiter in 3rd from ascendant but Ketu/South node at 3rd from moon sign in the chart, you will have extensive interactions with your large extended family but you will always feel detached/apathetic/dissociated from them.

Kama Trikon of the horoscope, desires

The Seventh House

This house is quite easy to analyse, partnerships in every which way. These partnerships are ruled by Venus, the master negotiator. Venus also replays the same ‘human company and profit’ motif! Here however the human company is more limited to one-on-one and has to be legal. The 7th is also one of the four major foundations of the chart (the other 3 being the 1st, 4th and 10th).

The 7th is the house of all the relationships and interactions that are ruled by law of the land. Thus the legal marriage, matters of the law, court cases, business partnerships, interactions with government agencies, contracts in trade and all human interactions rising from these are the domain of the 7th. This house also governs the relationships with first legal husband/wife, children from second legal wife, maternal grandmother, paternal grandfather etc. Here as the house of marriage, our sub-conscious expects a balanced partnership based on our personal cultural legal environments. This is the house of agreements, contracts, negotiations, fairness and balance. This house desires human interaction through partnerships.

As the 7th has been hyped as the house of sexual pleasure so just a small note. Not all adults have sexual partners but all of us have one significant partnership. This can even be with a deity or an ideology. The 7th is the mirror of the self. It shows you the opposite that attracts you, fills your blanks. Seen in this context the 7th is an exchange of energy one-one between two who desire this as a karmic agreement.

The 7th counted from the ascendant, the planets located here, the position of the 7th house owner and the aspects of other planets, will determine how all these interactions play out on the external, conscious or social level. For determining the sub-conscious impact of the interactions of the 7th you will have to consider the 7th house from the birth moon sign. The 7th from the moon will determine the level of emotional satisfaction and comfort that is received in these extremely personal one-to-one interactions. eg. If you have Saturn placed here you will never feel fulfilment as Saturn constricts and restricts, on the other hand if you have Venus in the 7th house counted from your moon sign, you will always feel the harmony and beauty in all the human interactions governed by the 7th house.

The 11th House

This is the house of gain, profits and luck ruled by Saturn! Luck and Saturn, surprised? Saturn is the strictest karmic teacher of them all but he is the fairest. He will give you exactly how much you have worked for. This house of Saturn gives you all that you have worked for throughout the 1st to 10th houses of the horoscope so far. Thus the 11th is the melting pot of all the human interactions, cooperations, luck and gains in your horoscope. In the 11th you desire the entire network of energy interactions that you have invested in.

Here the interactions are not just limited to your extended family, or legal partnerships! This is like a tradesmen’s fair or a marketplace. You interact with diverse individuals, foreigners, risk-takers, travellers and everyone who shares your interests. Like-minded individuals together make up the 11th. So there is a gradual evolution, from customs-society regulated, to partnerships-legally regulated to common-interests which are now intellectually regulated. This is the real house of fulfilled desire as after the experience of the 3rd and the 7th you are now free to interact with and gain from associates you have chosen purely for their inclinations which match your own. You are not limited by traditions or what is legally approved. This is your house of karmic interactions with every energy in the Universe you have an affinity for!

The 11th from the moon should also be considered, as it stands for all you long for. If your moon is in the 6th house in Pisces, you will always yearn for emotional security, the mother, the homeland, familiar customs, the residence and mental comforts (keyword of the 11th from 6th i.e. the 4th house). Also you will want the father, the profession, the reputation, recognition in the society, and to reach the top of the organisation by working hard for it (keyword of the 11th sign from Pisces i.e. Capricorn). Whether you get it or not depends on the aspects and planets situated here.

This post is about the kama, the desires and the attractions which is in the domain of the mind. The Moon is the mind, and the most important placement in the horoscope is the sign/house of the birth moon as here is where you emotionally perceive what is happenings around you. You could be a king and sad if your ascendant is powerful and moon weak, or you could be a beggar but happy if your ascendant is weak but your moon is strong! So when you analyse the desires of your life as expressed in these 3 houses, 3rd, 7th and 11th do look at the emotional components too. Longings denied and frustrated can have very deep impacts on your psyche. Analyse yourself, try to come to terms with what is allotted to you so that you can find ways to make it better.


Kama Trikon of the horoscope, desires

How deep is your love, 5th / 7th houses

As deep as your horoscope, I think!

The word “Love” has fired the minds of generations of poets, artists, singers, painters, dancers. We have songs and dramas set on the theme of undying love, love at first sight, star crossed lovers, love ending in tragedy, passionate love, platonic love and so on.

Astrologically love though is very different. There are two houses in the horoscope, the 5th and the 7th which play an important role in deciding our “love life”.

Today there is a fashion for young men and women fall in and out of love in a snap. This is in the domain of the 5th house of the horoscope. This emotion is not love, but more properly infatuation, a crush. The 5th house is the house of expressing creativity. The most creative emotion for a particular age group is then “falling in love. And we have our TV shows and popular culture to blame in part. Going out for a movie and a dinner then engaging in physical relations is now considered to be love, where it could in fact be lust. It is your 5th house working. This is more self-centered and both concentrate on their personal satisfaction.

Then we have the 7th house of the horoscope which determines the partnerships in your life. The most important one is obviously that of the life partner. So 7th house is also the house of marriage. The instant you and your husband/wife go around the marriage homam fire seven times with the intention of marriage this house gets operational. Now you and your husband/wife are bound deeply with each others karma. Both your 7th house placements and the placements of Venus, Jupiter and Mars now start affecting each other. If in his horoscope the 7th house lord is placed in his 12th house, the health of the woman who has married him will suffer irrespective of how strong her own horoscope is. If her own horoscope is well balanced the diseases will be mild but still she cannot escape the influence of his horoscope. On the other hand if some woman’s 7th house lord is placed in her 11th house, whoever marries her will be a very lucky man. His luck and fortunes will start rising spectacularly after the marriage.

How deep is your love, 5th / 7th houses

We Indians call the wife “Dharmapatni” and the husband “Dharmapati”. It means the wife/husband who helps us in carrying out our actions as per the Dharma. Now Dharma means a lot of things but basically it is about completing our karmic debts in a manner acceptable to our own conscience/antaratma.

The shift of karma after marriage can be so intense that sometimes the the 9th divisional chart can get more important than the main birth chart, completely changing the individual. Sometimes you get to see this, after marriage some persons change 180degrees, get more serious, completely wrapped up in the husbands family, etc it is rare now but yes if you observe there are examples.

So it is very important to remember that your girlfriend/boyfriend is your 5th house and your wife/husband is the 7th house of the horoscope. For example, suppose your 5th house is in a very good shape and you get the girlfriend of your dreams, so you date for a bit then get married but then everything collapses! Why? You blame each other and everyone around you, but the real reason is in the horoscope. The 7th house was afflicted with malefic influences. You blame her that she changed after marriage! She did not, the relationship and the factors controlling that relationship changed from a well placed 5th house to a 7th house under malefic influence.

Another curious thing, suppose he has a nicely balanced 7th house but she has a 7th affected by malefic influences. So now both have different perceptions regarding their marriage. He feels that his wife is the best thing that ever happened to him and she utterly dislikes her married life and if extreme may get into extramarital affairs or file for divorce. And he is all unknowing and happy with her. You do see such examples around you. These are all the horoscope combinations at work.

So now, If your 7th house has problems, not get married forever? No, not marrying is not acceptable, as you miss having a life partner who can actively help you complete your karma. And you too help her. Or then there are situations, after getting married you both cannot adapt to the changes. So for such cases, there are astrological remedies prescribed. The easiest one is to recite the Srisukta. (the first 16 verses are the srisukta)

But there is one category of individual for whom not getting married is allowed. Those horoscopes with very potent interactions of Ketu, Shukra, Bruhaspati, where negligible pending karma is indicated. These individuals get ‘married’ to their deity/philosophy/spiritual practice. These individuals from a very young age display signs of being indifferent to worldly attachments and may even take sanyas or live their lives in deep solitude and active meditation/dhyan. These horoscopes have the possibility of moksha in them.

For all the rest of us, we have to go through the highs and lows of the 7th house with our life partner. And your regular practice of Srisukta. May Shri Laxmi bless your marriage.

And finally as Doctor Who says, “Love”, Love is not an emotion, Love is a promise!”


How deep is your love, 5th / 7th houses