Aquarius the ascendant of Gain

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac ruled by Saturn. It is his mool-trikon sign. ie the attributes of Saturn find their most appropriate environment in this sign. The Ascendant sign is the physical body, the visible traits and behaviour that you show to others. How you dress, or how you project your image or how you ‘look’ to the world. Also indicates the environment around you. Saturn is system, discipline, work and fair rewards. The 11th is always connected to the friends, social circle, like-minded groups and gains of every sort. So people born under this sign are capable of ‘gain’ in different ways in their lives.

Kumbh rashi has 3 component nakshatra, Dhanishta, Shatataraka and Poorvabhadrapada. Depending on where your exact rising degree falls, the specific lunar mansion will show its influence on you in a very subtle manner.


An Aquarius ascendant is a highly evolved personality. Physically might be smaller in height/ size but is very distinctive, imposing and has inherent power. Often well-known and respected in society.

If you are an Aquarius rising then you are often in either of these two extremes. Oriented very materially or very spiritually. Or you feel that you are rather unfortunate in life and never get what your heart desires. Or you might be on a mission, very driven to help others. You can take on challenges and suffer hardship for the good of your people. Generally you accomplish your goals. In any case, fighting for a worthy cause is your thing as you cannot turn away from a challenge. This can be a social, humanitarian, political, ethical etc cause involving a matter of principle or the greater good of the society. You are ambitious too. You bring about positive change in the society you live in and often incur frustration in your personal life in the process.

Networks are your thing. You desire to know how things are interconnected, how they work. The amorphous masses of people and like minded groups of people around you. You can be a good HR manager and make people work effectively. You can interact with numerous people and all at the same level of interest and intensity at the same time. One-to-many interactions are your forte, you are very active. But you are not emotionally involved, a bit detached. You observe and infer from your interactions with the people around you. You are not a ‘buddy’ type but more like a respected senior.

You are generally well educated and also street smart, practical. You are capable of systematic hard work. A typical practical sharp mind coupled with intelligence, you like learning new things. Intelligent, logical and you can get people on your side. You do not argue, but you are very persuasive, you can convince others with your sincerity, knowledge and genuine passion. Expression in written or verbal form comes easy to you. You care about your people, your society, the general masses and wish to help them. You are not an elitist, you mix with people on all strata of society equally. You can accept new ideas or adapt to your situation so that you can achieve the best possible outcome. There is one typical thing about you, you seem deceptively adaptable on the outside, interested in new ideas and concepts but internally you are quite stubborn, sometimes even self-centred. You will try to force your opinion on others, more than you will accept other’s view points. There is a subtle resistance to change and an inherent inflexibility despite your outwardly progressive nature. You are very independent by nature.


You are respected in your society and the selfless efforts you make are acknowledged by everyone. You contribute positively to the society you live in. You are more into your social contacts. Your phone books will have thousands of numbers and you know whom to call for what work. You know how to get the most out of your contacts, but never for yourself, it is always to help others.

Aquarius is the natural house of ‘gain’, Laabh-sthan’. So if this sign is rising at your birth, your past lives auspicious karmic benefits are quite active. Your life is generally good, stable, on a continuous rising graph. Conflicts and issues are relatively lesser and even if they crop up you have the necessary skill and good-will to overcome them and to turn adversity to opportunity. You gain positive recognition from your family, society, profession or the government. The birth family is good and you get positive influences/ Sanskars from them and you too are interested in their welfare. But love might have been missing in your childhood. You might have been required to take on responsibilities a bit early in life. A good person, you respect your elders. You have good morals and a healthy thought process. A fair, practical, ethical bent of mind. You will not actively harm or cheat others.

You are not a theorist or an abstract philosopher as practical things which work interest you more. Social image and social responsibility is always on your mind so you try to live an honourable life as per your value systems. You are interested in conventional religious observances to the extent required for your public image. But you are more driven by your personal sense of morals and can be ruthless if these are challenged by others.

Your environment, residence, vehicles etc in which you live in are generally comfortable. You generally have enough money etc for a comfortable life. You are well-known and are in contact with important people, in fact, your company is sought after. But do remember that, these pleasant family background etc, are assets from your past lives. You have to use them to work and gain even more merit in this life so as to secure your future evolution. In this life your material side is secure, so you should actively focus on the higher spiritual side. In case you focus too much on the material again, you will suffer later in the form of unnecessary litigations, legal issues and alienation from your close family.

By default Aquarius ascendants are materialistic, like accumulating money etc and increasing it and are often committed professionals. Professions suited to your nature are care-givers, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists. Or conflict-resolvers, like lawyers, arbitrators etc. Managers of every type, creative types and also those who are interested in finance and wealth management. Generally you are successful in whatever profession you choose and also in over-all life.

Aquarius the ascendant of Gain

One-one relationships are often unsatisfactory. Your spouse will be someone who is more self-confident, self-contained, charismatic and perhaps of a higher social status than you are. He might not like to mingle so intimately with the general mass of humanity as you do. The marriage get a bit unbalanced if you always try to outshine him. Your social nature is such that marriage can seem stifling. Your friends will often be the interesting philosopher types. There will be very many friends, well-wishers and acquaintances. You will enjoy spending time with them and often neglect your spouse/children which is not good for the family life. Stick to your ethics and accept that your spouse/ children need your time and attention. Your spouse also should try to accept your social life-style or develop his own means of expressing his personality. Avoid arguments in the home. Try to find a common intellectual ground with each other. If you both can understand this, the marriage will be satisfactory.

You know that there are several possibilities which you can achieve and you feel it is your destiny to achieve them. If you work for helping others you almost always succeed. But this incessant work for others can also create physical tiredness, emotional pain and frustration in your private life.

Your children too are intelligent and more in number (‘more’ is a relative word, as per the norms of your home culture). You raise your children well and encourage them to be good citizens too. One thing I have noticed is that unless the 5th house is influenced by benefics, interaction with children is not very emotional. There is love of course, but the Aquarius doesn’t show it very much. So if you are an Aquarius ascendant, do try to hug and kiss your kids, show them your love in a very obvious manner. You are more into ‘mankind as a whole’ so you tend to miss the emotional needs of your closest family members. Your humanitarian approach can alienate you from your loved ones.

You are eager to help everyone. So you go out of your way to help your close relations in case they are in trouble.  But unsolicited help is sometimes not welcome, they might think you are interfering. You like knowing things about people, this inquisitive curiosity can also cause friction. So do think twice before offering advise as this may cause suspicion or bitterness in other’s minds.

On the heath front your health is average and you might suffer from chronic issues related to the Vaat ‘airy’ issues, headaches, nerve complaints, digestion/gas, twitching etc. You might also suffer from hidden karmic issues which might manifest as emotional disturbances. Avoid holding on to the past hurts and issues. Try to adopt an ayurvedic life-style or go for holistic treatment modes or perform yogic postures regularly, this will help you overcome your illnesses and achieve overall health.


When the same planet controls the rising sign and a dushamsthan there are some unique opportunities and some typical issues. Aries and Libra have same planet in control of the 1st and 8th house. Taurus and Scorpio have same 1st and 6th house lord. Aquarius has the same 1st and 12th lord. The life events which give growth are also deeply linked to events more disturbing than pleasurable.

With Aquarius ascendant, Saturn is the lord of the 1st and the 12th house. Life can become a curious combination of losses and gains of the manifested physical. So you should be careful of wasting your personal resources for the good of your family/group/society. You will always be called on to work for your society. But this will ultimately create a strange dissatisfaction as you will focus exclusively on the material. The spiritual base will be missing as Saturn is again between two extremes of the material and the spiritual. He can restrict meditation, rest, relaxation, contemplation and the typical isolation which is necessary for internal growth. At some point of your life you must understand that the society is not the final goal in life, only then will real stability come. Else this drive to continually mix with and work with people all the time will create strange frustrations in the mind.

You channelise energy from the Universe, so choose the proper source to pick up the vibes from. Choose the higher thought processes and influences rather than shallow inferior ones. You want to learn everything about the universe, absorb it all and eventually return it back to the universe. Do understand this critical aspect of your personality and do something on these lines so that you can be more fulfilled in life.