Trigun, Satva Raja Tama

The Eternal reality is Singularity. It divides into a Still Intelligence called Purush पुरुष the Witness, साक्षी and a Spontaneous Evolution called Prakruti प्रकृति, the player Lalita ललिता. Purush is an observer, not concerned with further manifestation.

Prakruti spontaneously creates the three Gun गुण within Herself. These three Gun are the foundation of manifestation in a very subtle way. I have referred to these in my several posts by their simplest definitions,

  1. Satva सत्व – pulls you towards the Singular Reality.
  2. Raja रज – pulls you towards the Manifested universe.
  3. Tama तम – are heavy, dull energies destructive.

Now these three are the very fundamentals of manifestation. The Bindu (Prakruti) divides into the three chakras initially, Vama, Jeyshta, Raudri which represent the energies of Satva, Raja and Tama. (Refer to the geometry of the Shri yantra and the conscious energies of creation. These three are represented by the inner-most equi-lateral triangle around the central dot).

sri yantra bw.png

The Prakruti the Great Mother, is also called the Pradhan प्रधान which means that all things are contained within Her, she is prominent, chief, most important, essence, original source. She is the Cause and also the Effect. ‘Cause and effect’, we think of these two things as separate and distinct from each other. But if you think deeply these are quite similar on the deeper levels but yet dissimilar. e.g. Cream is formed on milk, that means that milk has the potential to form cream (cream is hidden in the milk), and cream does contain properties of milk (milk is hidden in the cream). Thus the effect is just the transformation/ evolution/ involution (Parinam परिणाम) of the cause.

Prakruti is defined as the state where the Satva, Raja and Tama Gun remain in perfect equilibrium. This is the Avyakta अव्यक्त, unmanifested, potential, invisible, universal spirit, primordial germ, inactive, unexpressed, latent state. Prakruti is Non-Intelligent. The reason is the three Gun. She is composed of the Satva, Raja and Tama which are in constant equilibrium and in spontaneous equal constant motion. Neither of these is greater or lesser, thus they ‘cancel each other out’. Thus she is Spontaneity.

Satva is light and causes pleasure at the spiritual levels, its function is to illuminate. Raja is active, urgent, passion and generally causes pain, its function is to cause evolution. Evolution is represented by the Swastik drawn in the clockwise direction. Tama is heavy, dull enveloping and smothering at the deepest levels, its function is to cause involution. Involution does not mean annihilation, it means that the energies are directed inwards, the transformation which causes dissolution (Swastik drawn in the anticlockwise manner).

These three Gun, Satva, Raja and Tama are always linked with each other, they are always in conjunction and cannot be separated from each other. They continually influence each other, forever mixing in different proportions. As long as they are equal in force there is no manifestation. Prakruti is in constant movement and this motion powered by the continuous mixing and movement of the Gun. The Gun give direction to evolution/ involution. These three are all pervading, in every thing you see around you. These are the first ‘effect’ of Prakruti, so are in everything of this manifested Universe. They are energised by Prakruti.

The three Gun are initially in equilibrium, in the Avyakta, un-expressed state, this is pure Prakruti. Prakruti is the first Tattva of Creation. Tattva तत्त्व means a distinct state, element, principle or essence. Trigun Satva Raja Tama.jpegThen there is a spontaneous Spandan स्पन्दन, which means throbbing, vibration, motion, start of life in the energy of Prakruti. This causes an imbalance in the three Gun and the Raja overpowers the other two. This leads to the Vyakta व्यक्त state, things start getting obvious, clear, evident, expressed and manifested. The Gun always remain in motion, now that they are out of equilibrium they will cause subtle changes in the next manifested tattvas of which they will become a part of. There is constant change everywhere because of their constant movement at the deepest fundamental levels.evolution from parabrahma to mahat buddhiNow after the Spandan, the Gun’s perfect equilateral triangle is disturbed. And Raja is immediately released by the imbalance, it acts on the Satva to produce Mahat-Buddhi which is the 2nd tattva of creation. Mahat-Buddhi is a new thing different from Prakruti and the three Gun hence is called a new Tattva. But it is still composed of the three Gun and energised by Prakruti. It is a transformation/ parinam.

When you do Dhyan, the very last and deepest stages, you are required to set this three Gun in their equilibrium stage again with your conscious manipulation of Pran. There are several ways to manipulate pran. (I read on the internet where people take classes to awaken their Kundalini and its always a facepalm moment. Can you control your breath? For 99.99% of us the answer is No! First learn breath control, then try to control pran, only then can you even think of the Kundalini and forget about ‘controlling’ it!. You would be lucky if you first clean out your Brahmanadi till the top with the pran first and then the kundalini unlocks and moves upwards in one smooth uninterrupted flow.)

There is no ‘physical God’ in Sanatan Dharm, we worship Intelligent Energy. And by ‘worship’, we try to entrain our limited beings with their Immenseness so that we ultimately experience and transcend them.

The Creative principle is the duo, Brahma ब्रह्म and Sarasvati सरस्वती. These two principles are Rajasic in nature. Brahma is the potential and Sarasvati is the active principle of Raja. In the Vyakt/manifestation, as the two principles of Raja act first, the active and potential principles of Satva, Laxmi लक्ष्मी and Vishnu विष्णु also get active by the influence of Brahma/Sarasvati. Together with these, the active and potential principles of Tama, Shakti शक्ति and Shiv शिव also start acting. These six energies are worshipped as Gods and called husband/wife of each other too. Though we visualise them as human figures and make human stories for them, they are not humans, they are pure conscious energies. So when you are ‘worshipping’ this Trinity of Sanatan Dharm, the husbands/wives, you are actually rebalancing the three Gun, Satva, Raja and Tama Gun in your own body /mind / Universe.

Now a secret. You are not Prakruti, you are the Eternal Singularity. You are neither your body nor your Universe, you are more than this. Prakruti is the active principle derived from the Eternal. Prakruti is a small part of the Eternal. If you think on the intellectual level at least to begin with, that that everything that you do, see, experience etc is not by You but by Prakruti, you will Realise Yourself faster.


trigun satva raja tama

Mudra and Bandh in Dhyan

Dhyan is a process where you focus. You focus on your breathing, your mantra and the third eye chakra. The more steadfast you are, the more deeply you concentrate, the more fulfilling your Dhyan will be. In the post on how to do Dhyan (do read it) I have mentioned five Mudra or Bandh. Mudra means to ‘seal’. You use the energy of the yogic posture to seal the energies of your body in a particular way. Bandh means to ‘bind’, essentially it also means to bind the energies your body in a particular way so that you can use the body/tool better. These are,

  1. Maha Mudra
  2. Jalandhar Mudra
  3. Yoni Mudra
  4. Khechari Mudra
  5. Mool Bandh

Mahamudra –

This is an extremely important Mudra. When you bend down your lungs retain the inhaled air, this is the state of Antah Kumbhak. This is all that you will be doing initially. Breathing in, focussing on your third eye, bending down and reciting Om mentally 12 times. You will not be aware of what happens internally initially. mahamudra.jpg

Later you might see bursts of color and other things.

By doing this Mudra all the naadi, major/minor, in the body are made to open. If there are any obstructions in any naadi, they are shaken and unblocked. Pran can flow freely in all the naadi further removing the subtle blockages. The body’s life-span in years increases. Deterioration of the body is checked. The Agni in the body, i.e. all forms of fire or the energes of conversion, are increased. The organs of senses and actions are checked and the ability to focus is enhanced. The flow of pran is enhanced towards the head, i.e. through the Sushumna. The Ajnya chakra is powered on and the other chakras too function smoothly. Even if you are not aware of what is happening inside you, this will happen.

During this Mudra, the apan vayu is brought upwards, the pran is brought downwards and these are linked to the saman vayu at the navel. Initially this happens unconsciously, later you will be aware of this movement and can consciously increase their flows.

Mahamudra can be practiced safely. It will work on the physical levels too, by stretching out the back and enabling you to sit for hours in one posture without tiring your body.

Jalandhar mudra – 

I have seen so many ‘modern yoga’ websites giving photos of this mudra with the head literally hanging down on the chest! Doing it is not only silly, but will give you a neck-ache. It is so sad that people are doing things without understanding the energy/pran dynamics involved. You need to experience the energy movement within you first. And it is not ‘yogaaa’, it is Yog, योग, and you are doing a Yog-asan योगासन.

The correct way to do this extremely vital mudra/bandh, is to contract the muscles of the throat area and press the chin inwards. The head slightly moves downwards and backwards. The movement of the head using the neck muscles is in relation to the chest. You will feel a double chin  forming at your neck. This young woman in the image is holding her neck perfectly.


When you do the Jalandhar Mudra/Bandh, you are doing two things with your Sushumna.

  1. The back remains straight, so the Sushumna in the back area is straight. The more straight your body parts are, the naadi in them will remain straight, the movement of pran through them will be better
  2. You are aligning the hollow at the back of your head with your third eye chakra. So the branch of the Sushumna (read this post, can’t repeat it all again), from the point of bifurcation, the pineal gland and the Ajnya chakra are in one line. This line is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the lenght of the lower Sushumna.

For a beginner, this much is enough. Practice the Mudra and see what it will reveal about itself.

Yonimudra – 

After the first phase of 108 breaths in Dhyan, you are supposed to do this mudra. In this, first inhale then shut both your ears tight with both your thumbs. Place your little fingers below the lips. Ring fingers above the lips. Close both nostrils with your middle fingers tightly. And press the index fingers to the point slightly above where the inner edge of your eyes meets the nose. Hold the breath for 12-20 counts. You might see darkness, colored clouds, burst of light at your third eye or whatever it is. Observe it maximum to the count of 20 no more. Take away your hands and release the Mudra, exhale. This much is more than enough as a general practice.

For actually doing it in the real sense, you will need a physical Guru sitting in front of you to guide you. It is the most important of all Mudras used in Yog. I have written a post on Yoni mudra earlier but then I felt it was too much information, so then I password protected it. In my opinion, this is the most dangerous mudra in all of Yog, so be very very careful doing it.


In this, you twist your tongue completely and push it upwards behind the nasal passage.  You will then be able to access the fluid secreted by your pineal gland (some call it amrut/elixir of immortality). (I will not write more about this here. You will need to find a Guru for yourself who will teach you face-to-face.)

If you cannot do this (99.99% of my readers won’t be able to), you should press your tongue or the tip of the tongue as you feel comfortable firmly against the upper palate. If you can bend your tongue backwards to press against the soft palate it would give better results. This brings in pressure on the pineal in a very subtle way. It also links up with the energy flow entering in the third eye chakra and its movement in the Sushumna naadi. If you cannot bend your tongue back, press it straight up, against the hard palate at least. Make a pointed tip of the tongue and press hard until you feel the pressure inside your nose. Initially you will be able to do this for less than a minute as your tongue muscles will tire. This allows greater focus as the mind cannot entertain random thoughts. Do this throughout your Dhyan or for as much time as you can. Initially your tongue muscles will get tired but they will strengthen over time. If you have your tongue pressing on the palate, is impossible for the mind to wander, try it!

You can try this tongue posture in your daily life too, especially whenever you are stressed out. Pressing the tongue on the upper palate relaxes the body and increases the intake of pran from the Universe.

Mool Bandh –

A variation of this Bandh is actually called ‘Kegel exercise’ in modern medicine! However, when you use this Mool Bandh in Dhyan you are supposed to continuously contract the pelvic floor muscles. Initially you will be able to do it for maybe a few minutes. As you practice, the muscles will strengthen and you will be able to remain in the Mool Bandh for the entire duration of your Dhyan. You will not be able to sense the energy dynamics initially. But in this Bandh, you are changing the flow of apan vayu and bringing it upwards, towards the navel. This increases the vitality of the body and as you start consciously controlling the vayu, you will soon be able to sense its movement too. Then you can do more.

This post is to give a very very basic information on the most important Mudra/Bandh used in Dhyan, for generating interest. Even in their most basic forms these Bandh are very powerful and are used to manipulate the pran movement in your body. These are not just physical exercises. This much is the merest glimpse and more than enough for a beginner.

These are completely described in the Shiv Samhita. Always read the original Sanskrit and not the translations. You cannot hope to get into the technicalities of these things unless you understand Sanskrit and have a proper Guru. Shiv Samhita describes 10 Mudra/Bandha as the best possible, but the other Bandhas cannot be done without a proper Guru and I will not discuss them in general posts. This post is what my Guru taught me, my personal understanding, experience and practice.


mudra and bandha in dhyan

To Experience and Transcend

We are all here for the Experience… or it it something else?

In Jyotish, this ‘experience’ is the function of Venus/Shukra and the 2nd and 7th houses of the horoscope. When the experience is fulfilled, you leave the body, physical death. Thus Venus is the natural Marak and the house owners of the 2nd and 7th houses are the functional Marak for your chart, they decide the moment of your physical death. But most people are quite scared of physical death. (A secret, the length of your life is counted in breaths. If you continuously engage in activities which require fast breathing, you use up the number of breaths allotted to you faster. Your life span will be completed in lesser number of years. If you engage in activities where you slow or stop your breath, e.g. Dhyan, you will live for more years.)

Karma clothes the individual soul/Jiva with the body’. The Anna-mai-kosh layer of the five layered body is created from the karma you have decided to experience in this present life-time. This is described in the birth chart ie. the first divisional chart and the Science of Illumination/ Jyotish is used to analyse this.Experience and transcendThis manifested Universe contains only karma, nothing else.

The room you are sitting in, is your Karma. Even the table, the bed, the husband, the food on the dining table is there because it is your karma to experience them. Your Universe is your Karma and your Karma is your Universe around you. (Each one’s Universe is thus different!)

So how would you describe yourself? Amit? Priya? A doctor, someone’s daughter, someone’s husband, a farmer, a resident of some place, so many years old, sweet, happy etc. But, you are describing yourself in terms of your Karma! You are describing your karma of being a doctor, your karma of being a wife, of being happy, hardworking, etc your are using your karma is defining you. But You are not your karma. Think deeply then, who are you? How do you go about finding you own self. And if the entire manifested, words, names, emotions, experiences etc is Karma, from where would you get the real words to describe Yourself?

Spiritual practice is how you break the definitions which your own actions have laid on you. This is how it works.

Initially when you start your spiritual practice, you will have a favourite deity, the Aradhya (the one who is worshipped), e.g. the Devi Mahamaya, the Gayatri Mantra, Shri Vishnu, the Shri Yantra, the Bhagwat Gita etc. You consider this Aradhya to be separate from yourself. There is duality, the Aradhya is different from the worshipper, you. You read, worship, do puja, sing the hymns/shloks, listen to its stotras, do rituals in its honor, adore and respect it. You request it to bless you, to give you boons.  The desire for experience starts building up here. Even Jyotish is a form of worship (Aradhana). I adore the graha, I do homa in their honor, I wear their gemstones, I charge myself with their beej mantras, I desire their blessings in making my life easier. (Most of us are at this level)

The second stage starts when you start experiencing whatever your Aradhya stands for. e.g. You feel the universal maternal love of the Devi. The inner meanings of the Bhagwat Gita as a Yog Shastra start becoming clear to you. Now your practice changes subtly, it internalises. You feel yourself to be a part of your Aradhya. And you start feeling your Aradhya in your soul. When you look at the sky you feel Shri Vishnu looking at you. You feel His love and gentle encouragement. As you do your Tratak with the Shri Chakra you sense your own internal chakra geometry buzzing. These signs are important as they indicate that you are on the right path. The karmic bindings are loosening, allowing you the merest glimpse of what lies beyond. (Some of us will pick on these subtle signals and act further, some of us won’t.)

As these gentle experiences become more frequent and intense, you too desire them more and more. Ultimately you start working with your pran, the practice internalises completely. The depth of the experience increases. And remember you are experiencing the Creative Aspect of Your Immense Self. So this experience will be very extensive and can be theoretically infinite. You will also gain some visible Siddhi and abilities, ie. visions, clairvoyance, clairaudience, ability to move things with thoughts etc. (Some of us will get fascinated by these and get side-tracked, some will ignore them and progress further.)Experience and transcendThen comes the test.

Like eating chocolate. You go to a shop and from the array of sweets you choose one. You read the contents, are curious and desire the experience. You buy it, open the wrapper and take a bite. It is a pleasant taste and you take several more bites. The chocolate pervades your senses. You see it, smell it, taste it, feel its texture, you become one with the chocolate and the chocolate becomes one with you, you feel the bliss. You eat and eat some more, till….

There is a limit to the experience.

How much? You cannot go on experiencing for ever. You do get satisfied (trupt तृप्त) and then stop eating the chocolate. You transcend the chocolate and its experience!

Spiritual practice is also the same.

A clue from Jyotish. Everything follows the same pattern. The 2nd and the 7th houses decide how much is going to give you satisfaction (trupti तृप्ति). Depending on the placements here, you can be satisfied with one chocolate or you will need to eat a thousand chocolates to be satisfied. Once you are satisfied you leave the shop. Or in other words you leave this physical body/manifestation. (Venus is the real Moksh-karak, agent of Moksh.)

By now your spiritual practice will have stabilized on the internal levels. You rarely do the external pujas or ritualistic activities now. The world seems curiously flat and one-dimensional. You do Dhyan and actively manipulate the pran later kundalini within your energy body. You are continuously experiencing every aspect of your Aradhya. Then there will come a point when you realise and experience Yourself as the Devi. (Only the rare few of us will experience this.)

But your Aradhya and your spiritual practice are still a part of the manifested Universe. The Aradhya is the Ray which has to be followed back to the Source. Depending on your horoscope, the path you have charted out for you in this life, you will either stop here or move even onward. As you experience your Aradhya, you will desire to follow it back to the Source. This ‘Desire’ would still be a part of the manifested, as you know that there is more to be experienced. The Ray (Prakruti) and the Light (Purush) are inseparable, one is the cause of the other. But they are still duality on the deepest level. One emits the Other and the Other is emitted by the One. But yet together they are a Whole. At this deepest part of your Dhyan, you, the Prakruti, the Purush all merge into something which is Advaita अद्वैत Asang असङ्ग etc. (unique, singular, non-attached, non-connected, un-created etc.)

Ultimately you are neither the Aham, nor your favourite deity/ Aradhya, nor the Dhyan/ the practice, nor the Prakruti, nor the Purush, because you cannot be defined by these limited words.

Can you speak/ explain in Hindi to someone who understands only Chinese? No, you can’t! Thus the Ultimate Reality cannot be cannot be described in this language of this manifested world.

If you are satisfied with the experiences of the manifested, you will want to transcend them till you reach Yourself. Only then you would be completely free of the karma bindings and the manifested world will vanish as if it were never there. This would happen in the deepest Dhyan. This would be the Moksh in the spiritual sense.


Experience and transcend

Soham, Hamsa and OM

Every practice of Sanatan Dharm/ Hinduism, the ‘eternal right action’ requires that,

  • you remain in control of your breathing pattern,
  • focus at your third eye
  • and mentally recite a Mantra.

Unless these 3 conditions are satisfied you will not gain control over the pran/vital energy moving in your energy body. And if you do not control the pran, you will not be able to do anything else further.

If you do the breathing or the yogic posture/Asan without the accompanying Mantra, the Sadhana/practice becomes tamasic in nature. The energies invoked will be unmoving, dull and eventually discordant. You are working with your own personal energies, do not experiment. If you do make errors, you will suffer on the internal levels, you might gain physical health but spiritually you will remain nil.

Reciting the Mantra mentally is compulsory. Mantra is not ‘religious’. It is a form of the Universal energy, you are entraining your personal energy with it, so that you attain the Ultimate.Soham, Hamsa and OMNow for doing Dhyan there are only 3 Mantra options,

  1. ‘Soham’- the best option if you want to experience Moksh – you mentally recite ‘So’ while breathing in and while breathing out ‘ham’ mentally. So together it is ‘Soham’. Anyone can do it without formal initiation from a living Guru.
  2. Or ‘OM’ – mentally recite one single OM as you breathe in and one single OM as you breathe out. This much can be done by anyone. (There is one another way of using the OM but you will need a proper enlightened Guru for its initiation)
  3. Or ‘Hamsa’ – mentally recite ‘Ham’ while breathing out and while breathing in ‘Sa’. Together it becomes ‘Hamsa’. This too can be done by anyone without any formal initiation.

‘So’ here is the Universal consciousness/ Param-atma and ‘ham’ is the narrow sense of self/ individual soul/ Jiv-atma.

  • So = Sa + O = success, knowledge, accomplishment + eternal Anahata/unstruck sound (there is sound but nothing was struck to create it)
  • Ham = Ha + M = Eternity + completion, endlessness, the Bindu – this is also a beej mantra when pronounced aloud as ‘hang’

When you breathe in, it is called Purak (filling). This is linked to ‘Sa’ (sa-kaar). When you hold your breath now it is called Antah Kumbhak (internal measure/base) this is linked to the vibration of ‘O’. When you breathe out it is called Rechak (emptying) this is linked to “ha’ (ha-kaar). And when you hold your lungs empty now this is called Bahya Kumbhak (external measure/base) linked to the ‘M’ vibration.

Kumbhak is the important part of breathing, here the inward and outward going breath are balanced perfectly and there is perfect stillness as described in the Vidnyan Bhairav Tantra. This is also the limit/joint, the conscious energy of Sandhya which is also called the Devi Mahamaya. She creates, maintains then destroys and is all pervading.

In the deeper Dhyan phases, the ‘sa’ and ‘ha’ Akshar somehow get ‘deleted’ and only ‘OM’ the primordial Nada remains. This will take some time but it will happen. You keep practicing and witness it when it does happen.

The Ida naadi is linked to the ‘Sa’ and the Pingala naadi to the ‘Ha’. When the ‘Ha’ and the ‘Sa’ get ‘neutralized’ (can’t find a better word) the OM remains. After this the Ida/ Pingala shut down and Sushumna naadi gets active. The pran from the Universe which enters through your third eye chakra moves into the Sushumna. It starts the process of ‘cleaning’ it out. Only when it is completely ‘clean’ and ‘through’, can the energy of self-identification /kundalini enter it and move through it till it reaches the top-most chakra, Moksh.

‘Soham’ is the energy which pulls the Kundalini up towards its merger with the Ultimate. ‘Hamsa’ in this sense would be the energy of manifestation and ‘Soham’, the energy of dissolution. Both are interlinked and equal in the real sense. For creation you need to have a dissolution first, then only can something be created. And for dissolution to happen you need creation in the first place which will be then dissolved. These two are very powerful mantra, but they still are defined. Each is defined in relation to the other, thus are not the Ultimate on their own. They are the link to the Ultimate.

The Ultimate is pure OM.

(How would you describe a pearl? White, small, round, pearly, iridescent, from an oyster, etc. But these terms describe its properties in relation to something else. They do not describe the pearl as such, stand-alone, on its own. Thus a pearl cannot be really described, or can it?)

Now these two mantras are also called the ‘Ajapa Gayatri‘. Ajapa means ‘not counted/recited’. Jap means to count and recite. If you pay attention to the ‘sound’ of your breath, it does sound like ‘so’ when breathing in and ‘ham’ as you breathe out. You are always reciting Soham when you are breathing, unconsciously. See, you are always reciting a Mantra as you breathe. Breath without Mantra is not possible. You do not realise it, but you are doing a 21,600 times jaap of Soham every day. But the trick is to be aware of this continuous sound of Soham. This awareness is called ‘Soham Yog’ or ‘Hamsa Yog’. Your Dhyan is the means to this goal.

When you recite Soham mentally with your breath you are ‘churning’ the internal pran/vital air with your focussed breathing, in and out. You are attracting the Ultimate consciousness by repeatedly calling out its name ‘Soham’ (it becomes OM later, your real name). And you are applying force on the closed door of the Sushumna by focussing on the third eye chakra. The door will open!

Shri Samarth Sadguru Muppin Kadsiddheshwar Maharaj
Shri Samarth Satguru Muppin Kadsiddheshwar Maharaj

My Guru taught me the Mantra ‘Soham’ in this life 37 yrs ago. It is the simplest and safest means to achieve your spiritual goal, Moksh.

But do you have the Intention? How long will you Play till you decide to come Home?


Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way..

Our ancient Rishis were supermen, they investigated into every aspect of existence. From birth, death, rebirth and beyond till Moksh! The science of breathing and intake of vital energy is called Swar Yog, you being aware of the way pran enters your body. The Ida, Pingala and Sushumna naadi are the three possible options, so practically Swar Yog is,

  1. knowing which Naadi, Ida, Pingala is active,
  2. knowing how to shift them,
  3. knowing the best possible naadi for the work you intend to do.

So here is how you can choose the gender of your child at the moment of conception, using Swar Yog. Some tips on conceiving a baby and further choosing the gender of the baby at conception. This assumes that you have analysed your horoscopes and there are no problems associated with naturally conceiving a baby. Your horoscope has to have the basic energy to produce children naturally. At the very basic, for both parents analyse,

  1. the 5th house from the ascendant, the sign, the ruler planet and the planets placed in it. These should have power to give good results. This indicates the available creative energy.
  2. the 8th house from the ascendant, the sign, the ruler planet and the planets placed in it. This indicates the health of the reproductive organs.

Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog wayNow the days from the 7th day to 16th day (counted from the start of the menstruation) are favourable for conception (there have been exceptions but this is the average time limit). Successively later days in this time frame are considered more favourable for the child’s physical health. No one knows the exact minute of natural conception, it is not possible. So from as astrological point of view the physical act, specifically the release of the sperms is considered to be the moment of ‘conception’.

As per the ancient Rishis, if conception occurs on the 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 days from the start of menstruation, generally the child will be a happy and healthy boy. Conception on the 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 days would generally give a happy and healthy girl child. This was considering the days, odd and even. If in this time frame, as per the Vedic Panchang, if the lunar days/tithi, of Ashtami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi, Amavasya or Pournima fall, these are to be avoided as conception during these lunar days (of both dark and bright fortnight), generally does not give a healthy child.

Now using Swar Yog principles. If during the physical activity/conception, the husbands’s Pingala is active and wife’s Ida is active, it will be a boy. If the opposite happens, i.e. Ida active in the man and Pingala active in the woman, the child will be a girl. If in both, the same naadi is active, the embryo will not form. If in either or both the Sushumna gets active, the embryo is not viable, there will be chances of miscarriage. The energy of the breathing patterns i.e. the movement of vital energy/praan in Ida/Pingala, in the parents-to-be provide the energy for the creation of the enbryo, a safe pregnancy and a happy baby. If the naadi changes mid-activity then one must pay attention and bring it back to the desired naadi else the outcome will not be as desired.

If the parents are a bit more spiritually inclined they can reinforce the Swar and the generative cells by using the energy of the Panch-tattva. The panch-tattvas are linked to the five lower energy chakras of the body. Mooladhar chakra is linked to the Pruthvi tattva/solidity, beej mantra is ‘Lang’, Swadhisthana chakra is linked to the Jal tattva/fluidity, beej mantra is ‘Vang’. Doing jaap of the beej mantras of the Panch-tattvas will increase the ‘taking-in tendency’ of the mother and ‘giving away energy’ of the father. The creation of the embryo and its subsequent growth in the womb will be easier. The child will be healthy. Here also you can reinforce the sex that you have chosen for your baby. Increasing Prithvi tattva will support a boy and increase of Jal tattva during the act will support the formation of a girl-baby. If these two tattvas are lacking and the other three predomiante, the embryo may not survive pregnancy or result in a sickly short-lived child. If akash-tattva is active during the act, the embryo will not form at all.

So if before the physical act, doing the jaap will help as follows,

  • First combination is the mother with Ida naadi and Pruthvi tattva, and the father with Pingala naadi and Jal tattva. A healthy boy would be born with desirable qualities, intelligence and a balanced personality.
  • Second combination would be, mother with Pingala naadi and Pruthvi tattva and the father with Ida naadi and Jala tattva, this would give a girl who would be intelligent, balanced, happy and healthy

Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog wayA couple of stories on babies and mantras, from ancient India,

In the Mahabharat, there a story that the Queens Ambika and Ambalika after the death of their husband Vichitravirya had sons. These boys were considered the sons of Vichitravirya but they had no physical father. They were born by the mantras of Maha-Rishi Vyas. The kids were not born of Rishi Vyas as modern ‘scholars’ seem to think! The Rishi manipulated the generative cells of the Queens with mantras to create boy DNA and then further to get the cells to become embryos, thus the queens became pregnant. And because he was a Maha-Rishi he could code in them traits which were necessary for them to become Kings, which they did. (recent research is now realising that you can change DNA by mantra/Sanskrit).

One more interesting story of Seer/Maha-rishi Ruchik. His wife was a Princess and she wanted an illustrious son who would be a Maha-rishi himself. His mother-in-law at the same time requested him to bless her, as she wanted an illustrious son to be the future King (she had no sons). He agreed and created two ‘charu’/food infused with energy. One for his wife, a designer Rishi-son, and one for his mother-in-law, a customised King-son. Unfortunately the ‘charu’ got exchanged, the women ate the ‘charu’ meant for the other. In due course, Maha-Rishi Ruchik’s wife gave birth to Vishvamitra who though a Maha-Rishi (the son of a Maha-Rishi and a Rishi-Patni), had a temper and behaviour which suited kings and warriors. And the Queen gave birth to Jamadagni, who though a King (the son of a King and Queen) was known by his temperament and behaviour to be a Maha-Rishi.

There are several stories of this type, where Mantra were used to produce children. In fact in the Mahabharat, a story of five generations of the Kuru family, I think the only child born normally was Abhimanyu!

In Sanatan Dharm/Hinduism, there is a Garbhdharan Sanskar, where the newly married couple are fortified with energy to have babies. This Sanskar/energy-ritual, is to be done on the 6th day of the monthly cycle, after which the two are supposed to get physical and conceive immediately. But we modern Indians club it with the marriage ritual or the first cycle after marriage then practice birth control for 2yrs and then worry that they are not being able to conceive.

So the thing is, having children is a big responsibility and if you can give them a good start right from conception it would make a very big difference in their lives. So if you intend to start a baby, maybe you can make use of Swar Yog and mantra to boost your and your future baby’s energies.


Choose the sex of your baby, the Swar Yog way


Yadnopavit sutra, ‘Sacred thread’

As per Sanatan Dharm, young boys at the age of 6 yrs are initiated into the Gayatri Mantra and its jaap. The boy is taught the mantra in the Yadnopavit Sanskar and he then wears the ‘sacred thread’/ Yadnopavit sutra. Girls are not required to wear the sutra, but are taught the Mantra on their 6th birthday and are required to do do its Jaap. Gayatri mantra is the right of every human being and is the foundation of spiritual practice.

Gayatri is the Guru-mantra, it pulls you towards your Reality.

Om, Bhuh Bhuvah Swah, Om Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi, Dheeyo Yo nah Prachodayat, Om.

ॐ भूः भुवः स्वः । ॐ तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यम । भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि। धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात॥ ॐ


Now this sutra is not a ‘thread’! It is made with specific mantras and intentions. Calling it a ‘thread’, is like calling a nuclear warhead a firecracker. It is that potent!

Making it is quite typical. First using raw cotton, a thin strand of thread is made by hand, (everyone is supposed to make it for himself but initially the older men in the house help out the younger boys). The length of the thread is 96 times the breadth of four fingers so is equal to the height of the man making it. The Gayatri mantra has 24 Akshar and there are 4 states of existence, so 24X4 = 96. Also 96 represents the units of time, specific mantras are recited while making it. The four fingers represent the four states of existence, Jagruti/ awake, Swapna/ dreams,  Sushupti/ deep sleep and Turiya/ the realisation of the Ultimate. 

The thin handmade thread is wrapped 9 times, and the energies of Om, Vishvadev, Agni, Vayu, Naag, Soma, Pitr, Prajapati and Yam are installed in each of these strands. More mantras. (Then there is the Gayatri Gita for more information.)

Then these 9 strands are twisted so that they are converted to 3 thicker strands each tied with one small typical knot. (After marriage the strands increase, become 6 because now he is responsible for his wife also.)

  • These 3 strands represent the Rg-ved/ Yajur-ved/ Sam-ved. Their knowledge is required on the way to the Moksh.
  • The 3 stages of the Gayatri mantra itself. 1st stage is ‘tat savitur varenyam’, 2nd is ‘bhargo devasya dheemahi’ and the last is ‘dheeyo yo naha prachodayat’.
  • The 3 debts that one owes in life, to the parents, the society and the Guru. Unless you resolve them you cannot reach the realisation. You repay the debt to the ancestors/parents when you have children of your own and you give them good values. The debt to the society is also repaid when your children become good citizens and you do charity etc and contribute in maintaining the society. And debt to the Guru is paid when you practice what you have learnt from him.
  • Then the 3 tyes of gun/attributes (satva, raja and tama). Satva pulls you towards reality, raja pulls you towards the objects of the manifested universe, and tamas is still unmoving energies which are most often directed towards negative thought patterns and then become discordant. One has to cross these to reach the Ultimate, which is Nirgun/without attributes.
  • The 3 naadis, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. The movement of pran in these three need to be controlled by conscious effort before you can progress.
  • The 3 knots are the 3 granthis of the Brahmanadi, which have to be unlocked so that the Kundalini can reach the top of the head.
  • The three ashram/stages of life. Brahmacharya/childhood, Gruhastashram/active life and Vanaprasthashram/retired life. The responsibilities associated with these 3 have to be completed. The real sense of the fourth stage/ashram, Sanyashram/ renunciation, is gained only with Moksh.

Now these 3 strands are knotted together in a very typical, difficult to make, knot called the Brahmagranthi. This knot represents OM the absolute.

This is now the Yadnopavit sutra or Brahma-sutra.

When it is worn normally, it is on the left shoulder and across the body. It will hang down till the top of the right thigh. It is a physical reminder that all these things, these are burdens which have to be carried and that the goal of life is realisation of OM. And then on the energy levels it is totally awesome. I saw it when I and my husband performed the Yadnopavit sanskar for our son. The sutra balances all the lower chakras perfectly, from the Muladhar to the Vishuddhi, as it encircles them. My son who till then had refused to wear even a gold chain in his neck, happily wore the sutra without any fuss. Its energy is just so awesome and it stabilises the energy of the person wearing it. So when the boy does his personal practice, he just has to work on his Ajnya chakra. It is a very big boost. The sutra ‘holds’ the practice. The sutra and the Gayatri mantra sadhana (for boys) are practically one unit.

There are a few rules about wearing and changing it periodically but they are all very simple. So wearing it should not be a problem!

Now am sure that you must be wondering why just boys? Why don’t women wear the yadnopavit sutra? The simplest answer is that they dont need to. There is one very big advantage that women have. They do not have a Y chromosome. Science has also acknowledged that men are more delicate than women, the survivorship ratios of male/female at different age groups prove this. Men need to actively protect themselves and keep themselves healthy at all levels, so Gayatri sadhana wearing the Yadnopavit sutra is compulsory for all men.

Our ancients knew of the inherent weakness of the  Y-chromosome so had several ways to actively protect it, by ensuring that marriages are conducted according to astrological principles and according to the family dynasty/’Gotra’, by ensuring that the males perform the anteyshti/tarpan rituals of the departed etc. For women the challenge comes with menopause. If women can consciously transition when at menopause, they will realise how easy spirituality is for them. Till then even a simple basic 27 /54 /108 times jaap of Gayatri is enough to sustain them.

And this is the link to the most complete form of Gayatri, the Ghanapath and the full form of the Mantra. Do listen and enjoy it’s power.




Gemini Sagittarius axis, Events in motion – Part 2

This is a continuation post from here. If you have Dhanu/Sagittarius as the ascendant/birth moon sign or if you have several planets placed in Dhanu, you can expect to be this on the internal/subconscious levels.

Being the 9th sign, it is the ‘Dharma-sthan’, here is the ‘foundation’ of the Kaal-purush (the animating principle of space-time/creation). Here you finally understand the purpose of your life and the constraints that your karma from present/past lives has laid on you. You begin to hope that you can successfully navigate the path of karma and reach your goal of self-realization. Your internal philosophies and your spiritual teacher, peers and patrons support you in this belief.sagittariuaThis sign is represented by a centaur carrying a bow and an arrow aimed and ready to shoot. The bow/Dhanushya and the arrow/Baan is a very important allegory which is repeated in every Hindu/Sanatan Dharm story. Shri Ram was a archer/Dhanurdhari. Shri Krishna taught the Bhagwat Gita to his cousin Arjun who was an archer too. The bow is the curve of the spine with its chakras, the arrow is the kundalini energy and the archer is you. You pull back the bow-string with the energy of your spiritual practice and you aim at the top of your internal Shrichakra/the Mula Bindu/Realization. You have set your sights on the Ultimate so your trials and tribulations are also going to be the highest here.

The sign is also represented by a Centaur, the higher human nature now dominates the lower animal nature and sets sight for Moksh with his bow/arrow. The centaur looks upwards away from the animal self. The person is internally ready to give up all comforts and entertainments of Creation to reach the highest divinity within himself. Your mirror is the duality of Gemini.

You are always engaged, focussed on some work or the other, you have the ability to sacrifice your own comforts for your beliefs, you have the courage of conviction. Often fearless and not bothered with consequences, you express yourself with clarity and eloquence. You are aware of the impermanence of form. You realise at the deepest levels that the real relationship is the one you have with yourself, rest everything is just a show. So you have your groups whom you address and teach but internally you are not dependent on them emotionally /spiritually.

Sagittarius is linked to Aries and Leo by the 5-9 axis, each of these sign is linked to the other by the cycle of foundation and creative intelligence. The entire force of the personality and the divine intelligence and creativity is now linked to the understanding of karma. Deep philosophical understanding leads to courage in entering the uncharted realms of the soul which leads to divine intelligence which again leads to deeper philosophy. This is the every evolving spiral of auspiciousness, called the Dharm trikon. The past is linked to the present and guided by the divine, creates the future.

The experiences indicated by Aquarius, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio will challenge and frustrate the Sagittarius unless he understands their lessons.

Aquarius will require the centaur to come back to his lower nature at times, he will be required to interact, bargain and exchange with a large number of often juvenile or immature partners. Here your boldness, courage, skills of articulation and effective communication will be tested. Aquarius brings in diffuse groups of like minded persons/ideas, it is required that you deal with them intelligently, with discipline, consistency and perhaps with a slight bit of rule-breaking. (But break too many rules and Saturn will register it as karma.) So the best way to counter this challenge by Aquarius, would be to proactively teach and interact on your own terms from the start. ‘Students’ is the exact juvenile, large diffuse target group and as you teach, you exchange ideas; handling a large bunch of students requires courage, boldness and skills. So rather than waiting for Aquarius to bring on his own group, proactively teach, whatever you know, teach it to others, any way you can. And understand that as you teach, your personal knowledge, wisdom and understanding is also being tested.

Taurus is located 6th from Sagittarius. If you keep on hoarding your assets for your personal family’s use you will fail your test here. Give as much as you can, the more you give the more will make its way back to you. You are not tied to one single family now, you belong to the whole of creation. On the physical plane, pay attention to your diet and lifestyle. Your personal family might create issues for you to resolve, so without being emotional about it, try to resolve them as per your conscience.

Now Cancer is the personal tradition, culture and homeland. You are required to make that leap from a limited family/ cultural set-up to a wide humanitarian mindset. All of creation must be accepted as being your homeland, inclusiveness is to be cultivated. Accept all the experiences in the conscious/Jagruti, astral/Swapna and sub-conscious/Sushupti states, so that the final Turiya becomes available to you. Cancer and its Moon represents the sum total of your entire existences, all the experiences of all your past/present/future/parallel lives. On the material side, you will generally be required to work without family support and emotional pleasures.

Scorpio is counted 12th from Sagittarius so the assets of Scorpio are consumed to create the personality of the Archer. Scorpio is deep turmoil, secrets being excavated with single minded determination often with deep emotional/spiritual/physical pain. When the secrets are out, they may not even be comforting to the soul. Deep dark secrets which were hidden for a reason are pulled out by the mysterious Scorpio. All the secrets are known in Scorpio and accepted in Sagittarius. You are meant to expand your consciousness, here. Try to look at your experiences with the lens of philosophy, religion, spirituality etc so that you can absorb their lessons completely.centaur2Sagittarius is often considered to be the luckiest sign of the zodiac, but often the other side of the psyche is not visible and it can be quite stressed.

All this positivity surrounding Sagittarius, then there  must be a downside too. And it is this, Sagittarius (and Gemini) represent the fastest moving events in life. To negotiate this continual movement you need to do some regular spiritual practice, there is no other way. You are so aware of your karmic bindings that you need the peace, calm and silence of the personal spiritual practice to shelter you. The trick is to act in such a way that the karma is balanced without getting emotional or attached about it. This means that you have to be highly aware of your own Dharma/the right action. For this you have to be in tune with your Conscience/Antaratma.

You are between Scorpio, (the mystery) and Capricorn (the action). You get your resources from the Mars of Scorpio and you resources are depleted by the Saturn of Capricorn. You are the 9th/the foundation, so your actions have to be for the greatest good of the greatest number. You may have to sacrifice your individual personality though. Decide how should you act? So you have the support from all these positive things that Sagittarius is known for, to help you decide and then focus single-pointedly.

The center of our Galaxy, the Vishnu-nabhi around which our galaxy revolves is the Nakshatra, Mula. This is a part of Sagittarius. This is the most mysterious lunar mansion, where you are offered the scope for Moksh, but only if you accept the temporary but intense pain of detachment from all of Creation.