Ketu and the perfect remedy

Clients want remedies, especially so in emergencies. If you know a reliable astrologer who understands the Lal kitab (Arun Samhita), he can give instant results. Then there are the Vedic mantra, homa and pujas as remedies which a reliable Brahmin can perform for you. Or you can do your regular mantra-jaap yourself. Or Daan is a good option, giving away items associated with the unbalanced energies. All these activities will resolve the issue at hand.

But there are also behavioural readjustments which help in a deep way. If you understand how your innermost drive and motivations work, you can create your own solutions. Knowing why things are going wrong helps you get over them, completely. Being aware on the inside makes the external problems disappear. This is the first glimmering of self-realization and it is linked to Ketu the oldest and the most powerful of all the Graha.  


I have written a lot on Rahu and Ketu in my blog (index here). They are fascinating, the reason for Life and Living. These two astral forces which represent the flow of your ‘experience’. Rahu is the engine which drives you in this life, you desire these experiences. You are passionate about everything he signifies. And Ketu is the summary of the deepest learnings you have learnt so well that their associated experiences do not appeal to you in the least. You want to instinctively give away everything that Ketu signifies in your life. Giving away something means that you accept and understand its final lesson, its complete experience. 

This is secret of all Jyotish remedies. Give with awareness the things that Ketu represents. This satisfies you deeply and you start working instinctively in the right direction. The subconscious mind will guide you smoothly to what you really desire.

So analyse the following about the Ketu in your birth chart.

  • House he is placed in
  • Sign he is placed in
  • Planets he is conjunct with and the houses they own.
  • The planets linked to the Nakshatra he is placed in
  • The planets, if any, placed in the nakshatra linked to Ketu, ie Ashwini, Magha, Moola.

These keywords are those aspects of life connected with Ketu’s ‘give-away’. These things are inherently incapable of giving you emotional or spiritual satisfaction. It is likely that you are giving away the energy linked to these keywords on some levels but are generally unaware of this. The trick is to become aware as you give, this satisfies Ketu. 

So let’s check out Ketu in each of the houses of the horoscope and what simple activities you can do to balance out Ketu’s requirement of ‘controlled losses’ to trigger ‘deep learnings’. I have written only a few of the activities possible. You can fine tune this by adding more of these above keywords from your own planetary positions. 


Ketu in the 1st house – This means that you are apathetic to your own personality and your environment. In a way you are your own worst enemy. So be nice to yourself. Buy clothes which make you stand out, get that nice hair-cut, wear those classy shoes. Look at yourself in the mirror a few times a day. Set up your room, pay attention to the objects, colour combinations. Get some new curtains, choose them yourself. The the simplest solution for this Ketu is to pay attention to yourself and your surroundings. 

Ketu in the 2nd house – Here you are disinterested in your family, sometimes it may seem that they drain your energy. So your remedy is to try to be more aware of them. Perhaps the the easiest option is to cook something for your family with your own hands once in a while, even tea or a simple salad would be enough. Pay attention to them as they eat. Give your energy to them in a controlled fashion with awareness.

Ketu in the 3rd house – The 3rd house is about skills with the hands, siblings and the neighbourhood which you are apathetic to. So if you can teach your younger siblings/ children skills which involve the hands, like sewing or the small repairs which one does around the house or car it will go a long way in changing the energy dynamics. Or play some team game with your cousins, even if you do not like them very much. Do this small activity once in a while. 

Ketu in the 4th house – means a disconnect with the mother, homeland, ancestral lands etc, you feel tired around them. So try to pay attention to your mother, do some small things for her or buy some gifts for her. Or you can help older women who need help eg. giving up your seat in the bus? Also try to re-connect with the home culture, speak your mother tongue, eat the traditional foods etc. You don’t need to do this all the time, a small act once in a while would be enough.

Ketu in the 5th house – here you are a genius and everyone but you knows this. You do not care about your own intelligence levels. So the best option is to help your child with his homework. Or take up nature photography, but take care of your equipment and the photos you take. use your own photo as your phone’s wallpaper. And yes, do your Gayatri mantra and Soham regularly, do not simply stop for no reason. (You are apathetic to mantras as you internally know them all.)

Ketu in the 6th house – This is considered to be a good position so ideally should not need a remedy. But in my opinion being aware is always better than remaining unaware. So once in a while, just for a few minutes, try to keep track of your, maid, servants, drivers, assistant in your office, etc as they go about their work.

Ketu in the 7th house – Here you are unaware of your partnerships, your money and your spiritual practice. Even thinking of them drains you. So the ideal remedy would be to to go for a small 10min after-dinner walk with your spouse daily. It will be good for the digestion and for connecting with your spouse without the phone or the TV interrupting. Or use an app for keeping track of your regular family budget, remain aware of ‘money’ as an item. And do your ‘Soham’ regularly.

Ketu in the 8th house – the best option is to learn Reiki or some energy healing modality. Do energy related healings on your family members. This does not mean that you drain yourself for others. Do a brief healing for 5mins for someone in your family once a week or so. Or do this sort of energy healing on yourself regularly. If you want you can also call up your parents in law once in a while just to ask how they are doing.

Ketu in the 9th house – Here you are disconnected from the luck and blessings of the 9th house. To trigger this limitless Ketu in the house of foundations, bless your children every day, say the words out aloud. Or if you can afford it, you can engage a Brahmin to do formal pujas a few times a year, eg Satyanarayan puja, Mahamrutyunjai Homa, Shanti pujas etc can be performed. Or go for yearly pilgrimages to major temples in our Bharat. Else you will have to work for everyone, give out your energy helping others while no one comes to help you in return. 

Ketu in the 10th house – You have a knack for business and work. But this talent does not work for you. You can work for someone else, make his business work, turn around sick units owned by others, but you cannot run a business that is owned by you. So try to find employment in such sick firms or take up tough projects where you feel the challenge. Or if you see situations around you which need ‘fixing’ of any sort, actively do it. Again this does not mean that you sacrifice yourself for others, or take unnecessary risks with your profession. The concept is that a small act once in a while will nudge the energy in the correct direction and you will feel more fulfilled.

Ketu in the 11th house – Here the best option is to help your elder brother/ sister. This could be difficult as you cannot stand your elder siblings. But if you do not do this, your friends will take stuff from you which they never return. Also the promised gains in life will not materialise, there will be unexpected losses in life. ‘Help’ can be as simple as nicely talking to him/ her and avoiding arguing and fighting. If you can respect your older sibling, spend some quality time together, only then will your own life fall in place. 

Ketu in the 12th house – The easiest option is few minutes of mindfulness done daily are enough. Then a more relaxing way to become more aware of Ketu in the 12th is to get a good night’s sleep. Use an app to keep track of your daily rest-time. Listen to some relaxing music. Or if you can afford it, visit some wildness or natural area regularly, visit your local seashore, forest area or at least your local city park once a month or so. You should be more aware of the things which relax you even if you do not feel attracted to the idea of relaxing.


Give intelligently with Ketu, so that you make room for what Rahu gets for you in your this life. These instinct related remedies do not mean that you have to go out your way or do something which causes trouble for you. And never get too involved in the other’s lives. These remedies are tiny behavioural shifts which you do, a bit at a time. A tiny change goes a long way if done with consciousness. A small act to trigger your awareness of those energies which, because of Ketu’s nebulous influence, remain invisible to you. To set the apparently lost things back in their place.

Ketu, the agent of separation can even grant Moksh. But if the rest of the chart is not strong enough to cope with his incisive separative fiery cut, then he creates problems on the material, mental and emotional levels. Especially so if you are born in the Gandant areas of the zodiac. Or if Ketu is influencing several planets in your birth chart. Or if he is influencing your birth Moon, ascendant lord or the ascendant sign.

Ketu does not have a head, so no face, no ears, eyes, no mouth, no nose, no thinking brain etc. He is pure Instinct. So the supreme remedy is to become aware of your Instinct.