Badhak Rashis, signs which trouble!

As per classical Jyotish each ascendent sign has one particular sign which has the potential to cause trouble in the chart. The ruler of this sign is called the ‘Badhesh’. Signs of the Zodiac, are classified into ‘in motion’ ‘fixed’ and ‘dual natured’ ones, so

  • So if a ‘in motion’/Chara sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is rising in the ascendant, the 11th sign counted from it is its Badhak.
  • If a ‘fixed’/Sthira sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is rising as the ascendant, the 9th sign counted from it is its Badhak.
  • And if a ‘dual nature’/dviswabhavi sign, (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) ascendant is rising then the 7th sign counted from it is the  Badhak.

astrologyNow let’s check out why these Badhak relationships exist like this.

Aries– Aquarius/Saturn – Their owners are neutral to each other and technically the 11th house and the 11th lord are considered to be beneficial but then why are they badhaks here? Look at the personality of the Aries ascendant, very vigorous, pioneering, dominating, confident and very very individualistic. This sign as the ascendant itself is doubly reinforcing the attributes of Mars. Aquarius on the other hand is all about working with a like minded group. Aries by its inherent nature does not like equal and sustained interactions in groups. He does not have the patience to bargain and interact with foreigners and strangers as equals. He likes to challenge and conquer. Now the 11th house is important and if Mars cannot learn this important core skill related to the house of gains, he will gain less than he expects.

Taurus – Capricorn/Saturn – Their owners are best buddies but still why this Badhak tag? Taurus by his inherent nature is the hoarder, he likes to collect treasures and enjoy with his close family/friends. Capricorn however is calculative in a different way, here the ways of influencing the society are explored. Ways which add to the social prestige and power (not necessarily just money!) are seen from Capricorn, hard work too!. Enjoyment is not very important for Capricorn. Now the 9th house is the foundation in every way. The philosophies and also the people. The peers, patrons, ancestors, teachers and paternal figures. These will behave as Capricorn decides. And the personality of Taurus feels this to be a challenge.

Gemini– Sagittarius/Jupiter – Jupiter dislikes Mercury and though Mercury doesn’t consider Jupiter as an enemy he can get a bit uncomfortable around him. A Gemini ascendant will grant duality, confusing, quick mental movements, fast shifts in perspectives, superficial analytical thinking etc in the personality and the environment. Sagittarius, his preferred partner in the 7th does not like this aspect his personality. Sagittarius is more stable, philosophical, serious, more considered, his thought processes are deeper and mature. Gemini is prone to juvenile and unstable behaviour and unless he works on himself and gains a ‘depth’, he will not be able to interact in a balanced way in all his partnerships, they may be business, personal, spiritual, emotional or mental partnerships.

Cancer– Taurus/Venus – Venus considers Moon as an enemy,  Moon is neutral around Venus. Badhak still? Both are linked to emotions but there is a big difference. Moon is love linked to security, comfort, compassion and basically ‘neediness’. Venus is love linked to the senses and based on individuality. In a Cancer ascendant personality, the house of gains is Taurus. Cancer ascendant can get very changeable as the personality is very fluid. To make the most of the potential of his 11th house this person needs to understand that collecting and hoarding resources is important, maintaining the lineage and family values is also important and to appreciate the sensual components of social relationships and interactions with friends and family. He needs to understand himself as an individual first keeping aside his need for maternal security and comfort (which can get quite difficult.). Emotional stability and maturity linked to his sense of individuality will grant him the gains promised by his 11th house

Leo– Aries/Mars – Sun and Mars are best friends but both have very different natures which affect the foundational philosophies of the native. Aries as the 9th house expects the Leo ascendant to ‘walk the talk’! Aries as 9th house will give foundational elements which will reward pioneering, challenging, risk-taking etc behaviour. Leo basically likes to shine. But if he wants to make the most of the opportunities offered by his peers, ancestors etc he will need to work, explore new horizons, take risks with confidence, etc. Just ‘shining’ will not be enough, more martial behaviour is required of this Sun!astrologyVirgo– Pisces/Jupiter – Jupiter dislikes Mercury. Mercury is neutral and a bit uncomfortable around Jupiter. The same Mercury/Jupiter conflict expressed in a different way. Virgo ascendant over-analyses, wants to put a value on everything, think on several options and then again recalculate. Mind always whirring on different subjects always. His 7th house is Pisces, dreamy, vague, working on sub-conscious cues with little coherent thinking faculty. Now for Virgos to succeed in the aspects of the 7th house, they will need to incorporate a bit of ‘Pisces-ness’ in themselves which is like asking ice to burn! It can get exceptionally difficult.

Libra– Leo/Sun – Venus and Sun are arch enemies. The Libra personality is all about equitable sharing, balance, alliances and legal contracts. But his 11th house is all about self-entitlement, self-ego, personal shining and keeping oneself a bit above the rules. If a Libra ascendant wishes to make the best use of the potential of the 11th house he needs to learn to assert himself over the legal partnerships. If he always sticks to the concepts of fairness and parity he will not be able to adjust to the environment of his 11th house and thus his gains will be not as per his expectations. Behaving like the glorious ‘Sun’ in the house of extended marketplaces is a challenge for the fair ‘Venus’.

Scorpio– Cancer/Moon – Moon is neutral around Mars, but Mars considers Moon as a friend. Scorpio is the sign of debilitation for the Moon, i.e. the environment of Scorpio is perfectly unsuitable for the Moon to be in. But why would the 9th house Cancer be a badhak for Scorpio rising? Scorpio natives are extremely secretive and with hidden dangerous depths in their fiery emotional nature. They are like underwater volcanoes! Now for this native, his foundations of life are based on peers who are like the Moon/Cancer, emotionally supportive, caring, maternal, comforters, providing security shelter, sticking to culture and traditions and loving. This is the exact opposite of the Scorpio nature! But if this Scorpio has to make the most of his 9th house he has to interact sensibly with such patrons. For a Mars to understand and appreciate the Moon. A difficult proposition indeed!

Sagittarius– Gemini/Mercury – Jupiter dislikes Mercury but Mercury is neutral and a bit uncomfortable with Jupiter. This is the same as the Gemini/Sagittarius axis above. Here Sagittarius/Jupiter is required to understand the mental workings of Gemini/Mercury. Bringing the pedantic philosophical humanist Jupiter to the level of the chatty, gossipy, hyper-analytical Mercury is not easy!

Capricorn– Scorpio/Mars – Mars is neutral around Saturn, Saturn however considers Mars as an adversary. Here the Capricorn native is the hardworking Saturn, doing his public approved duty. He is interested in power which he can show off, prestige in society and raw power which sways masses (not just money!). He wants public recognition. But with his 11th house being Scorpio, his like minded groups from which he will profit are very different to his own nature. Scorpio is a mystery, fiery, explorer, drilling into the depths despite discomfort. Now Capricorn wants public recognition but his sources of gains are mysterious and secret! He needs to learn things antithetical to his nature which is always difficult.astrologyAquarius– Libra/Venus – Their owners are best buddies. Now an Aquarius personality is about making profits, interacting with like minded groups, etc on the ‘one to many’ scale. The 9th house of this rising sign is Libra its biggest challenge. Let’s see how this works. The foundation of this persons life is based on balance, parity, equitable sharing, and most important one-on-one interaction. For an Aquarius person developing deep meaningful alliances one-one with his peers, patrons etc is extremely strange, as it goes against his basic one-to-many concept. But peers and paternal figures are extremely helpful in various ways to make ease and sense in life thus they need to be cultivated.

Pisces– Virgo/Mercury – Jupiter dislikes Mercury but Mercury tries to be neutral but remains uncomfortable around Jupiter. The same thing as Virgo/Pisces above. Here the Pisces ascendant will be required to add a bit of Virgo-ness in his dealings with the agents of the 7th house, which is quite stressful for the dreamy dual minded fish!

The terms Badhak or Badhakesh are often used to scare. However they just indicate aspects in your life where you will be required to work hard but the returns will not be what you expect. We always expect, expectations are the root of every action. And every action is linked to your own personality and your personal environment. All your actions are thus ultimately a function of your 1st house. But it is not necessary that you will get what you expect exactly. And you know it in your sub-conscious levels. This internal expectation of not getting what you expect (some weird internal logic) is reflected by the badhesh and the badhak house.

Disappointments are an important karmic lesson. It is important to understand that the badhak energies are bringing up unresolved emotions from your past life baggage. If you can intelligently leverage these experiences you can learn the karmic lesson being taught to you and finish it once for all. Badhak is always a ‘good’ house, the 7th, 9th or 11th. This concept means that to get full use of the energy of the badhak house you need to work on yourself first. Only then will you be able to fruitfully utilise the ‘partnerships’, the ‘foundations’, or the ‘gains’ of the ‘badhak’ house.



The energy of thought

If you have been reading my previous posts, I have always emphasised your Intention, your Will and your Thoughts. Whatever you keep thinking of you will become. Whatever you want to know about you will Experience. If you focus on a book you will learn it, if you concentrate on yourself, you will become Yourself. (But where is the real you!)think1There are several ancient and modern age Gurus, humans being publicised and pushed into the society. These marketeers (sorry, but no other way to describe them), aggressively require their disciples to keep photos/paintings of ‘Gurus’ (dead/alive) and pray to these photos. This is very damaging for real spiritual growth. If you have faith in some human Guru (I do!) keep his photograph as a reminder of his teachings and the philosophy you learnt from him. It is important to be grateful, gratitude is the one real feeling which starts you on your spiritual path. But your spiritual practice is your Dhyan. It is only when you concentrate at your third eye and breathe in a specific pattern with an associated mantra, will your mind and thoughts still. So that you can glimpse the Truth that you really are.

Thoughts have energy. And if you have learnt seeing auras and learnt to see sounds, now try seeing the energy of your thoughts. The object you think of has energy, Look and see if this energy is pleasing to you. If it is desirable continue thinking about it, if not then change your thoughts.

In every mantra/stotra in Sanskrit, the last line is something like this “—-. स्तोत्रं यः पठेच्छिवसंनिधौशिवलोकमवाप्नोति शिवेन सह मोदते” , ‘whoever reads this —- stotra with the intention of being with the Pure One, will ultimately reside in the Pure Truth and find Bliss in the Truth’. This is what is needed, you have to remind yourselves that every action you do, may this action lead you to the Ultimate experience of the Pure Truth Itself.

So what are you thinking of?

The seeds of karma are within your thoughts. Your thoughts mirror your sub-conscious expectations. And your expectations are the energies which require rebalancing. But while rebalancing energies, you often go through traumatic experiences. Would you rather avoid trauma or at least reduce its intensity? This is the basis of astrological remedies. You basically think yourself out of the trauma.

If you think deeply, You are the Ultimate compressed into this human body with karmic baggage in your hands. Experiencing the vast You and keeping aside this baggage would be a relief wouldn’t it?

What do you want to know about?

You cannot let your thoughts lead you. You have to consciously direct them. Wanting to learn more about essential spiritual practices, Dhyan, Kundalini, Devi, Parmeshwar is all an excellent indication that you want to know about Yourself. Want to know yourself! with all the intensity you can muster. Your thoughts invite energies. Control the energies that you are opening yourself to. Control your thoughts. There are several types of energies. Satvik energies pull you towards Your Light. Rajasic energies towards the objects of this manifested Universe. And tamasic energies are dull, out-of-sync, dangerous, odd and damage your energy vibrational states. Try to increase your Satvik energies.

think3.jpgSuch a long introduction, you might say! But I cannot stop stressing on the direction of thoughts. You manifest with your thoughts. Your thoughts are your power of creation, use them very carefully, these are double edged swords!

I have written about spirits in previous posts, Goetic spirits, and haunted houses. After I wrote about the haunted houses, a few negative beings decided to pay my house a visit. I must have felt it deeply just writing the post, so subconsciously opened my own house to them. However they were ‘house-guests’ for a very brief period as all it took was to impress on them very clearly that it was my house and they were not welcome! But till I could clear out the house all of us suffered for a couple of days. These were tamasic energies, dissonant.

I never advise communications with departed loved ones or any form of spirits. Never. For normal people it is not needed and often creates more problems than solutions. Thinking about them opens doorways, just recently my Dad was thinking of my Mom (he suddenly missed her!), and she was in the house. When one spirit enters, the door is left open for the others too. As she was not too interested in staying, she went as soon as Dad apologised to her for thinking about her. But then for the rest of the spirit-trash who had followed her, Dad had to throw them out himself, wasting his energy.

There are conscious energies everywhere. The beings from parallel dimensions are always around us. We call them Yaksha, Rakshasa, Vetal, Pishachya, Gandharva, Kinnar, Siddha, Dakini, Shakini, Naag etc. If you cannot see them or interact with them normally, there is a reason for it. Stay away from them.

Such malignant energies are most easily accessible in places where traumatic events have taken place in the past. I once visited Andamans when I was much younger and not very aware of things. I went to the ‘light and sound show’ which was played in the Central Jail there. If you are aware of Indian history, several of our freedom fighters were sentenced to jail here, tortured and killed by the Britishers. Now this place is of historical importance and open to tourists. And densely populated by negative energy and trapped spirits. I couldn’t sleep for the one week I stayed in Andamans. Dreams, visions, voices and seeing their astral selves was just too much. I feel sorry for them, their experiences have turned them mad. ‘Earthbound’ spirits of the departed are always around cemeteries where they bury bodies. These will be more than willing to interact and need very little encouragement to create problems in other’s lives. The only way out for them is if their descendants offer them tarpan at Brahmakapal in Badrinath, Uttarakhand.

There is a misconception that the spirits are benign, they are not. They are able to disguise themselves as per the target’s wishes. A child sees them as his favourite cartoon character. A man may see them as a young pretty woman. But they are not of this dimension, they are discordant energies, they look bad, they feel slimy, they are out of place in this world of ours. It is not that their vibrational states are ‘low or high’, it is just that they are dissonant. When they touch you or your aura you feel cold, shiver and your hair stand up. It puts your astral body in a state of shock. Some people often use them for manifesting small things, often to cause distress to other people. It is bad karma.

There is a class of beings like Gandharva, Kinnar, Nag, etc. They are not overtly malignant and depending on their mood can be of help. These are found in high places, clean mountains like Himalaya, near rivers of high energy like the Ganga. They ask for something in return, like sweets, milk, gold/silver etc, there is always a bargain and exchange of energy. If you know how to find them they are accessible. think2.jpgMy experience with these beings has been mostly clearing up after them or sending them off. Sometimes the less problematic beings have offered bargains. But I will not actively call them for working with me. I, and even you, can do more with personal energy than they can ever offer. Even thinking about them and wishing that they come and work for you consumes significant energy. Then their bargains are always not what they seem to be. A  better use of creative energy would be for personal spiritual progress.

Manifesting things is using your own powers of creation. You have unlimited power, you just need to think it into being.


This post was in response to this comment I received in the Contact form, “Lovely blog! I discovered via the astrology group. Can you write something about angels and other high/low vibrational entities and earthbound souls?” I hope this post has been of some help.

Do astrological remedies work?

Back to Jyotish! Astrologers get cynics and pessimists quite often. ‘It is my fate to suffer, nothing I can do can change it’. And then more commonly, ‘Astrological remedies are just hogwash, if they worked all the astrologers would be millionaires!’.


Horoscope is basically your energy chart. There are always some balanced and some unbalanced areas in this chart. It is an overall chart and your overall life is actually just an average. Some experiences dip below into negativity and some soar above the mean-line into ecstasy. Life is a series of curves, where we experience positive and negative energies as we go along time. But if you observe carefully, both the positive and negative energies are perfectly cancelled out. There is no excess positivity or excess negativity it is all a perfect balance oscillating around a straight line. E.g. The 6th8th, 12th  houses will be the source of all your unbalances. The 1st and 11th in all situations will support. Then there are the planetary forces, malefics are going to dis-balance the chart and benefics will provide stability and balance wherever possible. Finally energy is energy, you can manipulate it or redirect it with your Intention and Will but you cannot destroy it.

So stripped of the mumbo-jumbo, remedies are ways in which you can take control of your own energies. And they will work to the extent you want them to work. Always remember you are in control of yourself. Do not give your power in someone else’s hands ever (that is being a slave to someone).

A favourite example, one young woman wanted to get married, a good horoscope and family background, but there were no real proposals. She had in the latest fashion been wearing her hair in a short crop. The easiest remedy was advising her to grow out her hair and expressing her feminine self. She got married by the time her hair grew out to below her shoulders! Attract the energies you want to manifest. Don’t get overwhelmed and feel scared to work with energy. Manifestation is not difficult at all, it is the simplest thing possible.boy holding clear umbrellaMost astrologers will recommend expensive pujas or gemstones or something which will require money. They are useful of course. But getting the correct stuff you need to perform the pujas is now quite impossible. Gemstones are excellent energy-batteries but first you need to find the stones of the required energy levels, then you need to know how to use them.

(Gemstones can be very sweet if you can use them. And know when to charge them and then remove them. Over the years, I have experimented with the stones I knew would work for me. I first wore a cats-eye when I was 16yrs old. Then a Ruby, drained the ruby completely, one day it just went ‘dead’ so removed it. Wore just the Cats-eye, then wore a new Ruby removed it too. Used this Ruby and Catseye combination for 20yrs. But after I turned 36yrs of age, wore a Blue Sapphire with an emerald. The emerald could not cope so drained and ‘died’ eventually. Paired the blue sapphire with a moonstone. Used up the moon-stone. Finally wore the cats-eye with the blue sapphire. Also wore a navratna pendant. Each gemstone works during the time/Dasha of the planet associated with it. I love doing pujas and mantras for charging the stones. My mini-batteries stones, gemstones and crystals are very useful but they are quite expensive. If you want to work with stones, start with crystals like in this post. I also wear Rudrakshs when performing my puja/dhyan.)

But on the whole, I prefer to address the energy issues themselves. If the client can work on himself it is the best option!

  1. Reciting the beej mantras of the unbalanced planets, posted it here.
  2. Doing charity thus reducing the impact of their unbalance
  3. Attracting what you want, thus boosting your energies.

If you believe in Sanskrit and Mantras, the best remedy by far is the beej mantra of the planet which has erratic energies in your horoscope. The planets represent your own energies so when you recite the mantra you are using the energies of sound, intention and willingly changing yourself. It is the best option because you are working for your own self. It is empowering you, you are not depending on a gemstone, a pujari, an astrologer or anyone. Reciting the beej mantras also improves your concentration and silences your mind. Later this will help you in case you start a spiritual practice. And it will energise that part of your horoscope which needs the energy boost, a very targeted approach.woman standing beside treesDoing charity or helping others who genuinely need is a perfect option for those who are not so much into Tantra/Mantra/Yantra! This does not mean giving money to beggars. The intention is important. Giving millions of money away or starting a charitable foundation does not really work. Actual involvement on an internal level is necessary. You are giving away, so cannot expect something in return. It is a gift from the heart, a sort of forgiveness. When you see others in the process of re-balancing their karmic load you appreciate your own situation better. I always recommend helping out at old-age homes as a remedy for Saturn, it is the kindest way you can heal your own personal Saturn’s unbalanced energies. Be kind to yourself and help those around you who are in genuine need. It sounds strange but it works. You get kindness in return.

Be compassionate, do not empathise or sympathise these emotions might trap you. You should desire that the other person be free from his painful situation and find happiness for himself. Recognising that the person you are helping is also a spark of the divine and appreciating his efforts in resolving his karma is all that you need to do. e.g if you go and distribute sweets/fruits at an orphanage wait in the background while their caretakers distribute the sweets/fruits. Observe the happiness in the tiny faces, feel their happiness and warmth. Appreciate their innocence, that despite being in such a situation they are enjoying themselves. Put in a thought of gratitude to the Universe that their capacity to find joy remains intact. Intend happiness to all, bless the children mentally and quietly come away. You have done a selfless charity of compassion. You do not have to take on these painful emotions of others. Do not become an empath and create actual cords of energy between yourself and the persons you are helping.

Charity is also re-directing energy with kindness. I have seen this several times. If a family cannot get a good match for their daughter/son and if they can afford it, I recommend that they contribute to the marriage expenses of any poor young woman they know of. Maybe their maid-servant’s daughter. And soon their own problem gets resolved.pexels-photo-1078058.jpegFinally the question, if astrologers can predict the future why are they not millionaires themselves! A sensible astrologer knows the deeper realities of life, the after-life and so many things which cannot be put in words. We get to see so many examples/clients where the laws of karma operate. Us astrologers know that in our charts the 6th 10th and 12th houses indicate that we are required by karma to use our energies to serve the society! We repay our karmic debts by talking, counselling and listening. This is our form of charity and service. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of Karma being balanced beautifully! 

No one escapes the need to Serve, the domain of the 6th house. But there are several ways where you can choose to be happy even in the most difficult of circumstances. Choose to be happy and the rest will fall in place automatically. Remedies work as a channel for your mind to focus on and Heal yourself.


mountains with crepuscular ray

Shashtyamsha, the D-60

Today a totally astrology post. So the Divisional chart 60, D-60, Shashtyamsha, ‘your secret life’! This is the chart you get when you divide the 30 degree long rashi/sign into 60 parts, each part being 1/2 deg or 30 secs in length. There are 2 parts in this analysis.

  1. Each amsha/part is also assigned to a rashi/sign, so you can draw a whole new chart using these new planet-rashi placements. This is the D-60 chart.
  2. Each of these 60 parts of a rashi/sign has a defined character. Each planet is allotted to this amsha/part in which its degree falls, and thus takes on its character. There are actually 60 classes of the Shashtyamsha parts. Here you get to know in which category each of the 9 planet fall in and thus their deepest natures.

Thus in this way, the 360 degrees of the Zodiac thus has 720 parts/amsha. Thats enough maths! But astrology is maths, cant get away from it.pexels-photo-417357.jpegSo here is our tiny list of important charts.

  1. D-1 is the first divisional chart which we always refer to as the birth chart. The physical manifested reality. We keep on discussing this chart endlessly.
  2. Then next is the birth moon chart, this gives an indication of the perception and emotional filters of your life. Same as the D-1 just turned around, counting the house that has the moon as the first house you get your birth moon chart.
  3. The Navamsha, D-9, the 9th divisional chart, this is the Real You, as discussed in this earlier post.
  4. The D-60 which is another very important chart, we will now know a bit more about this.

So why do this? Divide and subdivide the zodiac to get more and more divisional charts? Each divisional chart gives a deeper insight into the real you, the secret you, the physical you, the astral you, the spiritual you, the emotional you and so on. You and me are very complex beings, you see!

But a note, your birth time should be exact. Only then should you check out the divisional charts, else they will mislead. An error of 2 mins will change your D-60. Sometimes I wonder what should be the ‘exact birth time’? Time when the head comes out, or the entire body, or the first breath, or the first cry? Anyways, there is a way of calculating your exact birth time using palmistry. The vertical lines on the fingers are used in mathematical formulae to arrive at your exact to the second birth time. And there are other mathematical ways to rectify the birth time in case you cannot get a handprint. So before dabbling in divisional charts please rectify your birth time.pexels-photo-725100.jpegNow back to D-60.  What is it used for? It is the final tally of the Karma that you will face in this life, severe karmic losses and falls and gains and spectacular rises in power. The final conclusion of the chart analysis is D-60. There are two ways of using the Shashtyamsha.

1.The first and more familiar way of analysing the D-60 chart.

Sometimes you observe that the D-1 is superb but still predictions fail. There are exalted planets but still they fail, oh so tragically! There are charts which gain tremendous power and prestige but then after a few years are found begging in the streets. Big politicians and businessmen are revealed to be ultimately corrupt. This is domain of the D-60. The final tally of the results that a planet will give. Exalted and beautifully placed planets in D-1 may be too good to be true so look into their placement in the D-60 to indicate their actual final results. If the well placed planets of D-1 become debilitated and are destroyed in the D-60, the dasha/time period ruled by this planet will indicate a disaster and fall in power.

Retrograde planets are always a source of confusion in the chart. The energies of these planets are directed differently thus the results expected can be delayed or even denied. The D-60 is the final on the results of retrograde planets. If the planet is in a good placement in in the D-60 rashi and house it will give its results, may delay will not deny them. Similarly for combust planets, their final results are to be determined accurately from the D-60.

The planets placed in the first house of the D-60 have the final say on the chart’s destiny. If benefic planets, or the ascendant lord planets of D-1 or D-9 are located here, it would indicate an outstanding personality.

However all planets are important in the D-60 and should be analysed properly. The chart is analysed with the same principles of exaltation, debilitation, aspects, etc as the main birth chart.pexels-photo-929032.jpeg2. Now let us take a look at the Shashatyamsha categories.

This is the real reason why D-60 is important. The 60 categories. This is very very detailed and the character of each planet is micro-analysed. As per the ancient seers/Rishis this analysis is even more important that the analysis of the D-1. If you open any of the Vedic software like Parashara light you will see some of these names against the planets in a table. The inner nature of these planets can be seen at a glance.

  • Of these 60 categories, 20 categories are fully malefic and a planet falling in theses categories will be ultimately act like malefic. Even if he is exalted or a functional benefic or anything good in the D-1, he still has the potential to turn the chart into a riches to rags story. (Their 20 names are Rakshasa, Bhrashta, Kulaghna, Garala, Pureesha, Kaala, Ahibhaaga, Gulika, Mrityu, Kalaa, Kantaka, Vishadagdha, Kulanaasha, Vamshakshaya, Utpaata, Kaalaroopa, Danshtraakaraala, Kaalaagni, Dandaayudha, Kroora)
  • 10 categories are semi malefic where planets placed give mixed results but tending more to malefic. (Ghora, Yaksha, Kinnar, Agni, Maayaa, Daavaagni, Ghoraa, Yama, Bhramana, Indurekhaa are the categories here)
  • 20 categories of these are fully benefic, a planet assigned to these parts will be a benefic and have a positive influence on the D-1 manifested reality. A real benefic in every sense. (Amrita, Mridu, Sudhaa, Amritaa, Poornachandra, Indumukha, Praveena, Atisheetala, Sudha, Payodheesha, Deva, Apaampati, Heramba, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, Devaa, Kshiteeshwara, Kamlaakara, Marutvaan are the 20 classes in this type)
  • 10 categories are semi-benefics where planet may give mixed results but more benefic than malefic. (Kubera, Chandra, Komalaa, Ardraa, Kalinaasha, Saumya, Komala, Sheetala, Nirmala, Saumya are the 10 here.)

These categories obviously have more detailed meanings than just malefic/benefic, (you can check out Phaladeepika for more), but for a simple post this much is enough!

This was a very brief starter post on the D-60. Our seers/Rishis were supermen in the real sense. They mapped out the universe in tiny tiny bits and assigned names and meanings to each one of these bits. Today we have lost most of this deep knowledge. Your friendly neighbourhood astrologer may know a lot but still there is even more that he does not know. Vedic astrology is like an endless ocean of knowledge, the more you learn the more there remains to be learnt.



Plan your baby’s horoscope

In these days of Caesarean sections at the drop of hat and designer babies the astrologer finds a niche. To predict the perfect time of birth for the perfectly perfect baby!baby5.jpgAstrology has become just like the medical profession, there is a cut-practice and you need to go for a second opinion. Also have a basic understanding of the subject, enough to know if your astrologer is scamming you. Am penning this post because I recently came across a caesarean baby whose parents had gone for a ‘timed delivery’, after consulting a locally well-known astrologer but the child had developed some issues coz the Moon was in the 12thhouse. (How could this astrologer give these parents a time where the Moon was in the 12thhouse is beyond me.)

So if you find yourself in a position where you have to have a caesarean delivery and want the best possible combination for your child, read this through. Most caesarean operations are rather in the nature of emergencies, generally your doctor will give you just a day or two to decide. So assuming you have just a couple of days to decide, you will not have much of a say over the moon sign or the signs the other planets occupy, however you can choose which houses they occupy. In short, you can choose the ascendant sign. This is how you do it. It is very simple and even beginners can do it. You will just need to know how to count the houses.

Get a software or app for Vedic astrology. For android I have found “Hindu calendar” by developer “Alok Mandavgane” and for iphones “Drik panchang” by developer “Adarsh apps” to be quite accurate and user friendly. In the settings, put in your location and the Lahiri ayanamsha (in Indian software/apps it will be Lahiri/Chitrapaksha by default).

Then go over to the day you have the delivery scheduled. The ascendant sign changes approx. every 2 hours. So you have to set the time to every 2 hours in that day and copy out the charts as you see them. You will get 12 horoscope chart options.baby4Now check out which one horoscope fits in the following.

  1. The moon should be in a good house, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th. You will have these many options. Mark these charts on your paper for easy reference.
  2. Then next, the Jupiter should occupy a good house, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th. Check out from above (1) which horoscopes match this requirement. Mark these and discard the others, you will have maybe 4-5 charts marked with you now.
  3. Now you will choose the location of the Ascendant lord/the owner of the first house. Each of your selected horoscopes from (2) will have a different ascendant sign and ruler. Go through each of the charts and locate the house where its ascendant sign ruler is placed. The ascendant sign ruler should be located in a good house, preferably 1st, 5th, 9th, 11th. This will further fine-tune your options and you may have 2-3 probable charts left.
  4. Now for Mars, he should ideally be in the 3rd, 9th, 10th11th . Mark the suitable charts again.
  5. Now if you still have options, choose a chart which has NIL or the minimum number of planets in the 6th, 8th, 12th.
  6. Planets which perform quite well in the 6thare Mars, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu. Saturn can be good in the 8th. Planets good for the 12thare Rahu/Ketu. These are the best possibilities for the ‘unpleasant’ planets, these are optional if you can fit these it is good else ok.
  7. Now these conditions will have reduced the list of the likely horoscopes to the one which is the best possible under the circumstances.
  8. Now you have your time frame of 2 hours. If it is possible choose a time mid way between these 2 hours, if not that is alright too.

Even if you have the time to go and consult an astrologer, do cross check the time he has given you using this list.baby2Will explain a bit about this list, the basic minimum.

  1. Moon is the most important planet of them all as it is the mind and your emotions. The lens of perceptions and how you experience life. If these are ok then a lot of your life problems seem manageable.
  2. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, the heavy weight of the horoscope. He has the ability to set right a lot of things and balance out the problems. Gives a solid foundation to your life and acts as your conscience too. If he is an a favourable position you will know what is right in life, less likely to go astray.
  3. Now the ruler of the ascendant sign, the lord of the first house. He represents your purpose in life and how well adjusted you are to your environment. It is highly important to have him in a good placement.
  4. Mars is very important, he can be cruel and malefic too but he represents your expression of will, the competitive edge the ability to fight. Having him in certain houses is a advantage.
  5. 6th, 8thand 12thare collectively called the houses of turmoil, dushamsthana. They represent the diseases, debts, enemies, accidents, surgeries, death, exile, loss of vitality, dreams and insanity. Ideal is having no planets here, but that may not be possible so try to have the minimum possible number of planets here. If possible no benefics in these 3 houses.
  6. Malefics are great in dushamstanas. Remove a thorn with a thorn works here. So if there are malefics here, they might create enemies but they will also give the energy to fight and vanquish them.

So here was a quick post on how to choose a time for a caesarean delivery so that your child gets the best possible option in life. But still, there will be some problems and hardships as life is for re-balancing karma. No chart is perfect. You are doing the best you can to ensure the best possible birth chart D-1 under the circumstance. But remember, the detailed divisional charts like D-9, D-60 etc are not in your hands. That is fate and the destiny your child has chosen for him/her-self.

So ultimately, the best you can do after this exercise is, when the operation begins intend the best, focus your intention and will, request the Universe/favourite deity/Parmeshwar so that your child gets the best possible start in life.


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To navigate the Astral Worlds

I see so many people on Facebook and ‘spiritual’ websites claiming that they visit the astral realms or that they will teach you how to access the astral worlds. If they were genuinely visiting the astral and other dimensions they would never do this!raspberries and blueberriesSo what is the “astral” realm and why do we go there? Sleep/Nidra in Sanskrit, is a very complicated phenomenon. When you sleep quite a few things happen, for one the flow of pran/vital energy of the body changes its movement. When you are awake (Jagrit awastha) the pran energy is first brought at the ajnya chakra and distributed around the body, it is used by the organs of action and the organs of senses. But when you are asleep, this pran is consumed at the third eye chakra itself in a rather mysterious way, and used in repairing and rejuvenating the body.

One part of this pran, during sleep, is used to access the dream state (Swapna awastha). This dream state is where you partly access your own personal sub-conscious. You might get very vivid dreams, remember them, or you may not, but your Self stays within your energy bodies. You do not travel astrally or visit the other dimensions or access the collective-sub-conscious state. There is no need to do so as your own sub-conscious is competent enough to deal with matters related to your limited needs. Most of those who get excited about ‘astral travel’ are just experiencing vivid dreams and guidance from their own sub-conscious, a very normal and regular activity.

But then for some of you there is a need, a requirement to travel out of your energy bodies. Then you will be travelling in the ‘astral’ or the other dimensions. This is now quite serious. The 12thhouse is the most important for this analysis. You will see combinations like the following in the chart.

  1. Combination which grant the necessary dissociation of the bodies so that the astral body can separate from the physical. Eg ascendant sign /lord with Ketu.
  2. Combinations which allows a link to the astral planes, so that you will find the routes. Also the planes need to become stable enough for you to enter them. And the astral body also to have the necessary ‘fluidity’ to slip out of the other energy bodies. Eg Moon in the 8thor 12thhouses or in the Scorpio or Pisces signs.
  3. Combinations to ensure that you have the wisdom to travel the astral responsibly and remain safe there. E.g Jupiter and/or Venus, conjunct/aspecting the moon and/or the ascendant lord or the 12th.
  4. You do not enter the astral for entertainment, you travel there to work off your karmas and to serve. E.g. Saturn or the 6thhouse, connected to the Ascendant Lord/sign or the moon

pexels-photo-221070.jpegTravelling to the astral is a burden. You sacrifice the rest and rejuvenation of your sleep state and go to work in the other dimensions. You do not sleep when your astral self is out. When your astral self separates from the rest of the body layers, the entire body gets disturbed. You wake up with a pressure band around your head and somehow the center of your head ‘pains’. This ‘headache’ can go on for days. It is not a migraine. Your astral had separated while you slept and in the morning when you wake up it had not integrated back properly. If this goes on for a prolonged period of time, this imbalance manifests as a disease which has no physical reason and no physical solution.

I had a client who was continuously travelling out of her body for years. Not sleeping for years too. It was her karma to go and work every night. Seeing her photos from before this astral stuff started happening and her present self was disturbing. It was like she had aged 15yrs in a span of 3-4 yrs. This client had developed spots and black patches in her vision, the doctors could not see anything wrong with her. ‘Seeing’ the energies of the astral was destroying her eyes in the physical world.

Now a few points for those who are required by Karma to travel astrally. The astral is generally not a friendly place so this is what you should be aware of.

  • The astral movements always destroy the physical body. You will wake up tired and drained, with a strange ‘headache’, nausea and dizziness to some extent. When you ‘see’ your energy bodies after you get back it will be like they are overlapping but not completely integrated. You should always consciously fix the bodies back into their places using the full form of the Gayatri mantra. I had written about it in this post here. Any damage to the astral body can take upto 6 months to manifest in your physical body. So better safe than sorry, use the Gayatri and fix them back intheir places immediately after every travel.
  • You will be working in the astral, so you will have your enemies there too. So now when you are unaware of the astral (when awake), you will be attacked. These entities are often called Vetal or Pishachya in Sanskrit. I had this experience once, a Vetal had from his own dimension inserted small ‘injections’ so cleverly into my aura that it took a couple of days of queasiness for my brother to figure out what was happening. So be alert, make your protection amulets, or clean yourself everyday with peacock feathers.
  • Any interaction with any entity/spirit in the astral leads to exchange of energy. A client was a tantrik in his several past lives. He had deep love for Shivshankar and thus in a life he changed and started his Self-discovery. His enemies still in that path of dark energies are now high level Pishachyas. They still visit him every night and challenge him to fight. He would fight them thus lose his energy to them. His aura was like cold ice. My aura touched his when we met and he instantly drained my energies, I got so dizzy and nauseated that had to drink a couple of lemon sodas (sea salt and lemon) to rebalance. So while moving in the other realms focus on what you have come for and shield yourself always. Do not interact needlessly with the denizens there.
  • Then your work in the astral will bring you in contact with entities you owe energy to. As long as they take what they are entitled to it is ok. But more often they will insert tiny ‘hooks’ into your aura and use you continuously like a energy battery. This will cause tiny chronic health problems for you. So again shield yourself always.
  • And then as you are now aware of these secret energies, you will become the ‘energy protector’ of your family. If anyone curses or ill-wishes any of your family members living in your house, that negative energy will attack you first. So be aware.

red raspberry in clear drinking glassNow with this note of caution, there are several good things also in the astral. But you will be called to get them only if it is your Karma. If you are to receive positive energy from the astral it will be given to you in a gentler way. E.g. one client often sees her ‘higher self’, ‘healing’ her current self when asleep. Your astral body looks exactly like you, height/weight everything. But your ‘higher self’ looks different, it may look like you, but more likely it will look like the person you were when you had reached your highest level of spiritual development. My client sees hers as an aged, thin but very brilliant old sanyasi man.

(There is someting called sleep paralysis which is misconstrued as astral travel. Have written about it in this post here. )

You are now a resident of the physical manifested world, not the astral. When your body dies you will return to the astral, not now. While residing in the physical body, if you work too long in the astral, your physical body will deteriorate and you will return to the astral earlier. You should have been in Nidra/sleeping, using your pran energy to rejuvenate your physical bodies, but you were using up the pran in travelling and working there. So you have to make extra efforts to restore your physical health and maintain your manifested form. There is no other way, you have to do Dhyan. You can do reiki healing and other ways of manipulating energies but the best and most deep way is Dhyan. Reiki etc is healing energy from the universe. Dhyan is you yourself actively working with your own pran. It is a difference like heaven and earth!

Always remember that the astral and other dimensions are just like foreign places. They are unknown and more likely dangerous. You do not travel even upto the grocer’s shop unless you have something to buy. So why would you be travelling into the other realms unless you have a clear and pressing reason? It takes significant energy! If you have work, go there and do it, but always take adequate precautions. And steer clear of the online sites where someone offers to teach you ‘astral projection’ in 300dollar online class. It is not a ‘projection’, your astral body, you yourself, leave and go elsewhere. ‘You’ come back before you wake up. This is a burden and is not for everyone.


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The Energies of Fear

I prescribe a very easy remedy for managing the energies of Saturn, lighting a sesame oil lamp on Saturdays, this even a normal average person can afford. But one client was scared of keeping the sesame oil in his house because it was ‘Shani’s item’. Apparently so scary! (I cook my food in sesame oil, it is the healthiest oil possible for the body, apart from coconut oil and ghee.)


So why are you scared of the horoscope, the planets and their energies? The horoscope is not outside you, it is You! Why be scared of your own self? When you light a lamp as a remedy to Saturn you are actually balancing that part of your own energy which is represented by Saturn. When you know that Saturn controls your bones, understand that the energy of your body-frame is called Shani. There are no superstitions in astrology. The energy of your body’s structure, its endurance and its eventual ageing is given a name ‘Shani’. Shani is an aspect of your own self. You cannot function without Shani or the other planetary forces or the 12 signs/rashi.

You have to understand that the horoscope defines your own energies, your own strengths and your own weaknesses. You can work on your own self to make things better for you. Jyotish, is the real name of ‘astrology’, it is the science of ‘Illumination’. You have to use it to illuminate your own real Self! It is one of the six Ved-ang (the linked parts of the Ved, the tools to use the information from the Ved). Its origin is not from the limited human intelligence but from the Universe itself. The seers of ancient times ‘saw’ this science in their meditations. We Indians know that the real source of Jyotish is Shiva Himself. This science is one of the innumerable ways to attain Moksh! It is here to help you not scare you. Use it!roses-bouquet-congratulations-arrangement-68570.jpegThe present breed of Jyotish practitioners loves keeping their clients in a fear psychosis. And on the other hand there are actually very few genuine seekers of the truth. The Ved-ang of Jyotish is rarely being used to See your own Self, but used to locate your next boyfriend. But then each to his own, Sanatan dharm has left everything at your Conscience/ Antaratma.

So let us try to use Jyotish the way it is supposed to be used and learn more about ourselves.

Each one of us knows Fear, we are all afraid of something or the other. Some of us are afraid of the dark, some of being alone, some of us have been scared of bullies and some of the bogey under the bed. Some have developed methods to manage this fear while some are still struggling with these crippling emotions. But why were we afraid of the bully in that playground? We were scared of what he ‘might do to us’. We knew we had not done anything wrong, but still this bully would unlawfully punish us, for what we did not know. When we do not know the truth or we are uncertain, we react with fear.pexels-photo-1579413.jpegThis fear has its origin in the horoscope. Understand more about it through the following.

  1. Saturn – All Fear is Shani. The fear of constriction, restriction, loss of identity, including the fear of your own past karma coming up for resolution.
  2. The 6th house from Saturn – the subtle fears that we keep hidden inside us and the agencies who haunt us in our deepest self.
  3. The 6th house from the Ascendant sign – The house of enemies, disease, debts, servitude, slavery and associated fears.
  4. The 6th house from the birth Moon sign – the enemies of the emotions and those who disrupt the stability and support system of the mind and perceptions.

So Saturn is the main agent of fear. It is quite logical if you think about it. Always remember you and me, we are all the Ultimate Intelligence ourselves. The souls are all born from the Parmeshwar to play this game of Creation. When your soul was born it lost its Omnipotence and was restricted and constricted in this frame of the body. The Ultimate used the energies of Saturn to bind parts of its consciousness, which then became you and me. If our original nature is Unbounded, then the spiritual binding in the form of Shani naturally chafes. Of course in the physical manifested realm, Saturn makes you work systematically in a disciplined way to balance your own karma. The fairest, strictest no-nonsense boss!

The second agent in the associations of fear is the 6th house. The natural ruler of the 6th house is Mercury (6th sign of the zodiac is Virgo). Mercury’s role in inflicting trauma is not appreciated, your regular astrologer will gloss over the 6th house. But if let loose, this planet can cause psychiatric problems, depressions or take someone upto suicide! In my opinion the 6th is the worst house of the horoscope. The 8th house may be seen as the house of traumatic forceful transformations, but its energies can also be used to raise the vitality of the pranic body, raise kundalini, achieve moksh. Similarly the 12th house is the loss of the manifested physical visible things but increase of the astral and sub-conscious awareness. Its energies can also be used to ultimately reach Moksh. But the 6th house has no redeeming features. You have to suffer through your negative processes or help those going through the same negativities. It is the ultimate house of negativity. Only up-side is that it helps you balance your karmas in a rather painful manner. E.g. Here you will either be a patient, or a doctor who treats the patient, but both have to live in the painful environment of the hospital.pexels-photo-589697.jpegNow that you know of ‘Fear’ from the chart, analyse these following to find out your response to such forces who seek to punish you. How do you win over this fear.

  1. The Ascendant – The vitality and strength of the physical body. The power of the birth and birth circumstances. Knowing where you stand in the society and the Universe and the sense of Self.
    • True Understanding of the self granted by the Ascendant sign.
  2. The Ascendant Lord – this planet and its position in the horoscope tells you in which environment you are most comfortable in. Which situation is most conducive for you to use your energy.
    • Knowing the purpose of life granted by the Ascendant Lord.
  3. Moon sign at birth – the confidence that you have in own emotions, in the resource of the astral experiences, and the comfort and stability of knowing your mind.
    • Experience of everything granted by the Moon.
  4. Sun sign at birth – This is the divine intelligence, genius, confidence and creativity. It is the Light which illuminates your Self and helps you reach the ultimate Knowledge.
    • Knowledge of everything granted by the Sun

Thus if you think through your horoscope you can leave fear behind. Jyotish is always empowering, use it! When you have experienced your lives through awareness and the light of your internal Sun shines bright, you know who you really are. Then there no fear, no pain, no worry, just the confidence of Knowledge and Love.


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