The Moon, your needs and timing Karma

A short essay, in part a reply to a question.

Your needs drive you. You need nurture, nutrition, comforts, affection, roots and a sense of belonging, resources, goals, people around you and so many more things in life. These things are necessary for your life, you cannot live without them. You need them. Some of us have simpler needs, some may have more complicated ones, some may have spiritual ones, while some may have solely material needs. But all of us at some level need. These ‘needs’ are the domain of the birth Moon (post here). Analysing the Moon will indicate what your needs are going to be and also if you will be able to satisfy them or not. He is your needs, your capacity to receive and he decides how you change in life. He is your experience, perceptions, feelings, emotions, instinct, nature and nurture. A strong Moon in the birth chart elevates the quality of the entire life.

If you can satisfy your needs then you enter the stranger domain of your deeply felt desires. These desires are the domain of Rahu, the cryptic Northern Node of the Moon. These desires are not the desires that one feels on a temporary level. Eg you wish to have Lebanese cuisine today. But you are unable to go to a Lebanese restaurant. You feel a bit let down but it does not cause you much turmoil. This is not a deep desire created by Rahu. All of us have Rahu active to some extent in our charts, so have desires operating at some level of consciousness. But if the chart is on a higher evolutionary level (post here) only then will these desires be converted to needs. For this the active power of the Moon is essential.

In Jyotish, the Moon is paramount. He is the Mind or Manas (post on the tattva-s of creation). The Manas decides on what to do, how to do it and for what. He is connected to ‘thought’, and to the movement of pran. Thus he embodies ‘change’ in all possible ways.


The Sun is your individual soul, the jivatma. He is the Sahasrara chakra, the individual ray of divine radiance which animates the individual you. He is responsible for the vitality of your entire being. He provides energy in the generic sense. What you do with this energy is not his concern. He is the royal. Overall benevolent but otherwise disinterested and apart from his subjects. Moon is the one who filters this solar energy ie reflects this energy optimally so that you can use it to fulfil your needs. The Sun has a rather indirect role in your life and the karmic activities you are supposed to perform in this lifetime. 

Mercury is the intellect, logic, ability to create options and choose the right option etc, but all this is in the context of the need expressed by the Mind. The Mercury finds the best possible way to satisfy the need of the Manas. Mercury can help the mind in deciding the best course of action. He is the intelligence which will process the thoughts once they have been generated by the Moon. But Mercury cannot create thoughts. Thus he too has only an indirect influence over your karma related activities.

Venus is the agent of equitable relationships, one-one partnerships, equal love, money, resources, esoteric learning, true wisdom etc. You strive for these things only if you need to. These are the things that one needs only after the basic survival based needs are satisfied. Venus is the true beauty in all things. He makes his keywords available only when you need them, ie only when your Mind expresses the need. You will act in the direction indicated by Venus only if the Moon shapes such thoughts within you. So Venus too is not the trigger for karmic actions or events in your life. 

Then Mars is your physical courage, drive, passion, risk-taking ability etc. He is necessary for implementing the thoughts which the Moon generates. Actually, you are primarily animated by your thoughts. Mars will help you power your actions so that you get what you have thought of, what you need. But Mars is not the one who creates these thoughts in the Mind. He only provides the necessary physical structure, the power, the courage, etc to implement the decision taken by the mind. Thus Mars too does not have a direct role in your karmic things.

Jupiter too does not have any role in generating thoughts. He is the benevolence of the divine and the timely luck triggered from your own past auspicious deeds. He can arrange for the resources, build them up and provide the exact knowledge required to use these resources. But all this is again for satisfying the needs expressed by the Mind. Jupiter is thus more of a facilitator. He does not generate the impulses in the Mind and is not the primary reason why karmic events happen or why karma is created. 

Saturn will ensure that you follow the schedule of the Prarabdha karma you have chosen for yourself at the time of your birth. How you will be paying off your karmic liabilities, when, with whom etc. But he does not choose the Prarabdha himself. This choice is made by your Manas, your Mind, your Moon. Saturn is something like a combined accountant plus enforcer, he keeps a tab of the choices your Mind has made and also enforces these choices in this life. Though we say that Saturn is the karmic force in the chart, in reality the choice of Prarabdha karma to be endured/ enjoyed in this life is made by the Moon alone.

Rahu is the compelling desire of the individual soul. The interlink between the individual soul, the Mind and the desires which has made you take birth on this Earth. Ketu is the Moksh karak, the energy which can take you out of this Game of Creation and allow you true enlightenment. Rahu and Ketu are the abstract flow of karmic energy in your life. They are not directly responsible for any manifested results as they always work through other graha. Only when your jivatma, individual soul reaches a certain level of maturity do they start acting in the deepest sense. For this to happen, the Moon has to play the pivotal role (post here). Rahu Ketu are the astral forces, shadows, illusions, projections and not the primary determinants of the timing and fructification of karma. 


When you begin learning Jyotish, the first thing you will learn will be the Panchangam, and it’s mostly about the Moon. If you have to calculate Muhurt for starting any new activity or want to choose a time for the birth of a child then you have to understand these Panch-ang, the five limbs.

  • Tithi – the ‘lunar day’ counted from the full moon or no moon day.
  • Karan – one half of a tithi so again connected to the Moon.
  • Nakshatra – the lunar mansion occupied by the Moon at sunrise on that day.
  • Yog – the relative position of the Moon from the Sun.
  • Vaar is the day of the week and is dependant on the 7 graha including the Moon.

You simply cannot ignore the pre-eminent position of the Moon in your chart analysis. He is the only one who actively manages your existence in totality. He is solely responsible for the astral body (post here). He is linked to the power of the Ajnya chakra and its power Hakini (post here). He decides how to create the mind and the body too. He is the one who is responsible for ‘thought’, ie he controls your very existence. The focus of everything, the third eye. He is the connecting link between your past, present, future and parallel existences. The connecting link between the material and the spiritual. He is also the connection between the individual soul, jivatma and the Highest Reality Paramatma.

There are several ways of analysing your birth Moon.

  • The Moon-sign at birth is a major factor. You are more your Moon sign and this will get more amplified with age. After the age of 48yrs, when all the planets mature, you can use just the birth Moon chart for predictions.
  • The Navamsha of the birth Moon tells you if the promise that the Moon shows in the birth chart is genuine or hollow. Does he have the potential to perform as he promises? (post here)
  • Samaagama is when the Moon is influencing any other planet (post here)
  • Influence of the other planets on the Moon (post here)
  • Chandra Avastha, these are a regular part of analysis which comes with practice. (post here)
  • And the very tiny Chandra Kriya, which is a 1/60th portion of the Nakshatra, a very tiny 0°13’20” arc degrees and the Chandra Vela which is a 1/36 division of the Nakshatra arc degree. The kriya and the vela occupied by your birth Moon can grant subtle insights into your personality. Not many studies are available on these two, just a basic one liner from the texts, which you have to study and interpret with practice. (I am not very sure about their interpretation as of now)

Thus Moon is the one who times events in your life. The main Dasa systems Vimshottari Ashtottari, Kaalchakra etc are based on the birth Moon’s position. These dasha-s are completely dependant on his exact location in the Nakshatra. This gives you the starting point of the Dasha. You need to get this right to properly time events in the chart. And this is also the reason that we see the transits also from the birth Moon. Transit results for the planets are seen most strongly from the position of the birth Moon in your chart. You can get some additional pointers from the ascendant sign or that specific planet’s original birth position, but the final say lies with the birth Moon. If this is not favourable then the overall theme of this transit will remain unfavourable. (And you cannot see general transit results from the birth Sun!)


It is only your Moon who triggers karma and its fruits. Your own Mind, your thoughts, the Manas does this, none else. Your needs are the reason you get tangled up in the web of Karma.

  • Sanchit karma – The total karmic load which you are carrying with you.
  • Prarabdha karma – The small part of Sanchit karma which you choose to resolve in this life. This is chosen by the Moon, the Mind, Manas.
  • Agami karma – The new karma which you will be creating in your current life. This is also a function of the Moon. He generates thoughts which result in actions and also karma. Depending on your personal inclinations, (these too will be generated by the Moon), you can endure some of this Agami karma in this current life itself and add the remaining to the Sanchit karma. Or add this entire quantum to the Sanchit karma. 

The Moon is responsible for activating the karmic influences from your past Sanchit load in this current life. He is also the one who is going to create more Agami in your current life as he is your Mind. It is only the Moon, the Manas, who is the reason for and also the timing for all the events which will occur during your existence.

Moon is the only one who can create thoughts. As as you think, so you are.