Venus Jupiter exact conjunction in Pisces

At the current moment, today, 2nd Mar 2023, we can see the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on the western horizon. They should be getting together in Pisces like this once every 12yrs (but curiously last year they were exactly conjunct at 3deg Pisces on 30th Apr. So in this Jovian 12 yr cycle we had this conjunction for two years in succession. And the last time they were exactly conjunct in Pisces in Feb 1963). The two brightest planets in the skies are together in a brilliant conjunction, visible for a couple of hours after sunset. Today they are both on the 18 deg of Pisces, practically in the center of the rashi and exactly conjunct. Pisces belongs to Jupiter and Venus is exalted in Pisces. I always view Jupiter Venus conjunction/opposition either in the birth chart or in transit or in the Dashas critically. They have great potential to mess up things when together. This happens on a subtle level and not everyone is aware of it. And stuff on the subtle levels manifests on the physical levels in max 6 months.

If either of them were allowed to work here in Pisces alone it would have been wonderful but both together here at once is not an ideal situation. Jupiter knows that it is his house and wants to relax and get his stuff done. And Venus is annoyed that he is not allowed to work freely in his house of exaltation. He knows that he can be comfortable here and get a lot of stuff done, except that Jupiter is also around. And both being in the paap kartari, cruel scissor of Saturn and Rahu, is not helping things. In fact, in my opinion, Saturn – Venus is an intensely cruel combination and Saturn – Rahu is the classic Shapit dosh.

Devguru Jupiter and Daityaguru Venus are both saumya graha, gentle planets. Both are Gurus, but of opposing factions, their disciples Dev and Asurs are continually waging war on each other. In fact Venus is Guru to Jupiter’s son too. But both are technically enemies, but on the philosophical levels. Now, both being in power at the same time, is creating stress as both Dev – gentleness and Asur – cruelty are equally powerful. A deep pull and push is being felt inside the mind and for some of us on the body and the physical environment too.

Pisces Moon borns and Pisces ascendants will be feeling this energy quite strongly. In fact they must have started feeling strangely restless from about 2 weeks ago. If the birth Moon or the ascendant degree is in the middle of Pisces then the effects would be even more pronounced. For the birth Moons and ascendants of the other signs, whenever Pisces falls in your chart, this conjunction must have started giving you some subtle trouble since mid Feb. Or if you have any birth planet in Pisces then its keywords must have started causing issues. At the very least, ‘philosophical confusion’ about things would have made its presence felt in your mind. This typical thing will resolve once Venus exits Pisces and is more than 15deg away from Jupiter. (But then he will get conjunct Rahu and both will be aspected by Saturn which is another issue altogether).

But (to answer a question I received), just because they are together right now does not make this a generally good time to start new ventures. Both are saumya graha, gentle planets. They are generally auspicious but their real benefic/ malefic nature will depend on the ascendant signs/Lagna of the individual charts. Jupiter is a class 1 malefic for the Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn (and possibly Libra) ascendants and Venus is a class 1 malefic for Scorpio and Pisces ascendants (post here).

However if you have to start your new project in this time frame then you must be pragmatic about things. Recheck everything that can go wrong. Do not be hopeful or feel that luck is on your side, it is not. Most things go wrong when we ‘trust our luck’ and fail to take the most common sense precautions. Ensure that you have the necessary capital, permissions, resource, etc for starting the project and also operating it for a least some time till you make profit. Do not trust anyone unnecessarily or take random advice. Decision making will be difficult, you will feel conflicted about how to go about things. Support from the business partner or the ‘patrons’, eg banks, advisers, seniors will not be reliable. Overreaching or speculating or ‘gambling on luck’ is not a good idea right now. Decide things with all facts in your hands and keep your projections realistic.

In this post I have written more about the strangeness that Jupiter and Venus together are.