Predictions for the signs from Jul 2022 to Jan 2023

I have written about the phase 1 readings for 2022 in this post. And for phase 2 in this post. The overall predictions for this vedic year, Shri Shubhakruti naam samvatsar are posted here.

The predictions for the phase three of this year, from 12th Jul to the 17th Jan 2023 will be broadly applicable when Saturn will be transiting Capricorn in the retrograde and forward motion. The outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have a more deep impact on events. So the time frames when at least two of these are retrograde will see significant events but in the background. We will become aware of their impact only when they all go forward again. In this phase 3, we will also be experiencing one partial solar eclipse, which is right on Deepawali Amavasya, the most powerful amavasya of the year which will have its own deep effect on everyone. (The true nodes are forward from Sep 29th to Oct 17th)

During this phase, the background energy is,

  • Saturn enters Capricorn from 12th Jul and is retrograde till 23rd Oct. He re-enters Aquarius on 17th Jan 2023.
  • Jupiter in Piscesretrograde from 29th Jul to 24th Nov
  • Rahu and Ketu continue in Aries and Libra. 
  • Mars is in Aries currently. He will enter Taurus on 10th Aug and go retrograde from 30th Oct till 13th Jan 2023 in Taurus/ Gemini.
  • The intermittent transits of the other graha, Moon Sun Mercury and Venus will add to the results against this background.

These are generic results depending primarily on the birth Moon sign. In case your ascendant sign is more powerful (check the Ashtakvarga scores), then you might see a mix of results. You can also combine the results by using the information for your birth Moon sign and ascendant sign.

  • Eg if your ascendant sign is Aries then this will be a physically tiring time. In this, if your birth Moon sign is Scorpio then you will be able to get through with lesser mental and emotional stress.


Jupiter in the 12th, Saturn in the 10th Rahu in 1st and Ketu in the 7th house. No major changes are expected during this phase 3. It is going to be a dull period with slow growth. Malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu will be felt and things will be stuck. Ill health is possible. Your children, spouse, siblings and in-laws will create issues. Auspicious functions or starting any new projects will be difficult. However travelling for pilgrimage will give positive results. Office work will increase, office politics and gossip will be hurtful so try to manage things in time. Promotion is not likely, expenditures may increase and savings may reduce. Not a good time to invest. Financial crunch is possible, debts may increase. You will be under both physical and mental stress. Avoid trusting others unnecessarily as you may be cheated. Saturn in 10th and Jupiter in 12th are not very helpful throughout this period. You can take up some private mediation practices as Jupiter in the 12th can support this activity. Mars in Taurus/ Gemini will cause health issues and also strife within the family and with the siblings, teammates and encourage you to engage in risky activities. But if you are able to use him when he is in Gemini then he can grant you the courage to decimate your enemies and gain in different ways, but resist from hurting or cheating others during this period.


Jupiter in the 11th, Saturn in the 9th Rahu in 12th and Ketu in the 6th house. This period is overall better than what you were going through for the past few months. Spouse, children etc will be supportive. Auspicious functions, birth of child, new beginnings, new projects etc are possible. Issues at the workplace will reduce and you will emerge victorious in office politics. Promotion, increments, new job etc are possible. Finances will improve, you will repay your debts, investments will give good returns. You can consider investments, short and long term ones after due care. Traveling for business, pleasure or pilgrimage will be good for you. Jupiter and Saturn both are willing to support, more so when they both start moving forwards. Rahu and Ketu are also average to good. However take especial care when Mars goes retrograde/ forward in Taurus. You will be short tempered, aggressive, health issues due to heat will increase, blood pressure type of issues may be triggered so avoid risky behaviour. Mars in Gemini is also not favourable as he will trigger health issues, family disputes, excessive expenditures and risky behaviour. 


Jupiter in the 10th, Saturn in the 8th Rahu in 11th and Ketu in the 5th house. Things will improve marginally in this phase 3. As long as both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde you will be better situated to handle issues. Health will improve, family and friends will be supportive, there will be some stability in your life. Financial position will improve, however this is not a time for risky investments. Use this time to consolidate things in your life. Traveling for business may not give desired results but travel for pilgrimage or completing karmic pendencies will be helpful. Auspicious functions, new beginnings etc may not materialise. The time when Saturn goes forward in Capricorn will be troublesome and you should be very careful regarding your health, finances, managing family issues, office politics, etc overall issues. Be especially vigilant when Mars moves in both Taurus/ Gemini as he will trigger stress, lack of rest, health problems, risky behaviour, etc.


Jupiter in the 9th, Saturn in the 7th Rahu in 10th and Ketu in the 4th house. This time you will feel that nothing is moving in life. You will feel stuck, however things will not go worse. So generally try to maintain yourself the best you can. Take care of your diet, health, finances etc. Try to keep cordial relationships with others, especially there may be minor issues with the spouse. Profession will be routine, dull, nothing much happening here. If you work hard, then a promotion or salary raise is possible. Budgeting is required as expenses will rise. Your can invest in safe options during this period. Saturn going forward is not very favourable but once Jupiter also starts going forward again you will see positivity as your 9th house again starts giving favourable results, so health, finances etc will improve. You can consider performing auspicious events, starting new projects etc till 17th Jan 2023. Use this time when both are forward to consolidate. Mars when in Gemini can cause issues related to health, irritation, overwork, lack of rest, issues with spouse etc so it is best to be alert during this time. However in Taurus he can give some profits especially when he goes forward in this sign.


Jupiter in the 8th, Saturn in the 6th Rahu in 9th and Ketu in the 3rd house. The period when both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde will be helpful for you as problems will reduce in intensity and you will get some breathing space. Try talking to others clearly as often helps resolve problems. Health, relationships, etc will improve because you will get the time to address these issues in your life. Things will also improve in profession and business but promotions or salary rises may not materialise. If you are jobless then you can expect a new job in this time. Financial situation will improve to some extent as your expenses will remain manageable. However investments can be risky so put your money in safe deals. Saturn in Capricorn is favourable for you but Jupiter in Pisces is not. So use the time when Saturn is forward and Jupiter retrograde to consolidate and establish yourself. Once Jupiter starts forwards he will give you at least one very negative experience. Mars in Taurus can make you irritable at work and with your friend circle unless you learn to channelise your aggression in a productive manner. Mars in Gemini can give some profits and positivity in the forward motion.


Jupiter in the 7th, Saturn in the 5th Rahu in 8th and Ketu in the 2nd house. You will feel stifled and dull during this phase. The positive things which were going on you will suddenly seem to stop, but they will not become worse. Self confidence and creativity may go down. Not a good time for risky speculations but money flow will be consistent. Your children, students and other creative endeavours will make you tired, you will feel all this to be more work than genuine expression of your personality. Projects may be delayed as meeting dead-lines will be difficult. Romance will take a back-seat, your significant other will cause stress and you too will cause him/her stress by being over-possessive or jealous. Your relatives and friends will try to dominate you and you might feel internally disconnected from them. Also pay attention to your diet. Do not hurt others with your speech as you can easily make enemies now.  Jupiter going forward in Nov will bring you more opportunities and life will start looking up. Now onwards you can consider new projects, etc as positivity increases. Mars in Taurus/ Gemini will create issues in your work place so try to control your temper and use the fiery energy to productive use.


Jupiter in the 6th, Saturn in the 4th Rahu in 7th and Ketu in the 1st house. Both Jupiter and Saturn are not very favourable but during their retrograde phase the problems they create might reduce in intensity. Your health will improve, disputes with the spouse will be resolved, finances will improve etc. Profession or business will see some growth, however over-work will remain. Use this time to recoup your energies. Once both turn forward, you will again feel the stress. Family life will be disturbed. In your office you will be a victim of rumours and gossip, be very careful and try to nip these in the bud. Avoid loose talk and remain very professional during this time. Do not invest in the stock market or in similar risky ventures and budgeting is necessary. Mars going retrograde/ forward in Taurus will be an extreme energy release in your 8th house and you must be careful during this time. Avoid all risky activity and try to perform some spiritual routine to channelise this transit Mars. Mars is Gemini will cause mental restlessness and inability to concentrate.


Jupiter in the 5th, Saturn in the 3rd Rahu in 6th and Ketu in the 12th house. The time when both Jupiter and Saturn will be retrograde will put brake in your growth, but things will not get worse. Minor problems will erupt but you will be able to handle them. Especially your spouse or children may fall ill or get into some situation where you will have to help them. Your friends and extended family may be supportive. Profession and business will cause you stress, but problems in this phase will be short term and manageable. However this is not a time for new projects but you can use this time to plan. Avoid over-spending and unnecessary traveling. But once both of them go forward again positivity will return and everything will start moving in a favourable direction. All that blockage or dullness that you felt during the past 2-3 months will go away and you will do well in almost every aspect of your life. However be careful when Mars transits Taurus/ Gemini as he can cause unpleasant unexpected changes in your or your spouse’s life and create sudden traumatic situations. However for Scorpio, this entire year 2022-23 is overall favourable in some way or the other, so you will be able to cope. 


Jupiter in the 4th, Saturn in the 2nd, Rahu in 5th and Ketu in the 11th house. Saturn and Jupiter retrograde together will reduce the positivity that you were enjoying till now. Things will seem stuck but you still have some breathing space. Personal health and health of your family members can be an issue. Pay attention to your diet and finances too. This is not a good time to start new projects. For profession and business, there will be some slowdown and you will have to work harder. The time when Saturn is forward and Jupiter retrograde will be stressful. This will be a return of the Sade sati energies with their expected restrictive, tiring etc effects. Try to avoid family quarrels and be careful about your resources and savings. Anything cut off now will be permanently gone from your life. Traveling will be stressful. This is not a good time for investments or property dealings. Do not unnecessarily trust others as you may be cheated. Jupiter also going forward will reduce the stress but you should remain alert as long as Saturn occupies Capricorn. Mars in Taurus can help you decimate your enemies if you use him properly, however when he occupies Gemini he will have a negative impact on your relationship with your spouse, business partner or personal mediative practice.


Jupiter in the 3rd, Saturn in the 1st, Rahu in 4th and Ketu in the 10th house. As long as both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, things will remain average. Sade sati continues. Profession, health, family, finances etc will remain average. But you should try to make use of this time to prepare. Try to maintain your health, finances, etc sensibly. But even during this time there will be a undercurrent of things subtly going against you. If you can understand what is happening, take immediate corrective action before things get worse. If you can perform any pujas, pilgrimages, mantra, dana etc do this during this time. Once Saturn goes forward on your birth Moon you will face the full impact of your Sade sati. And the other three are in no position to support you. This will be a significantly bad position and you should be alert in all ways. Try to take up some spiritual practice etc which will help you cope in this time. Mars in Gemini will have some potential to destroy your enemies, diseases and debts but when he is in Taurus your children and finances both may be affected.


Jupiter in the 2nd, Saturn in the 12th, Rahu in 3rd and Ketu in the 9th house. Saturn retrograde will ease out things for you. The Sade sati results will continue. But then Jupiter too will go retrograde so there will be average to mixed results in this phase. There are no significant changes and life will seem dull. Family might see some stressful events and there might be a temporary resource crunch. Nothing serious but still you should budget. Investment can be thought of but in safe options. Health will be low, you might be unable to rest. In the office your team-mates might cause issues for you and you may have to face gossip and non-cooperation. Try to go for a pilgrimage type of travel in this period, it will help. But travelling for work or pleasure will be tiring. The time when Saturn is forward and Jupiter retrograde will be especially stressful. However once Jupiter goes forward you will again feel his positive effects. Then you can again try for profits through calculated risks. Auspicious activities, new projects etc can be considered in this time. Profession and business will see growth. Mars In both Gemini and Taurus will cause issues with your mother, children, finances, landed property etc and arguments with your family. Personal health can also be of concern.


Jupiter in the 1st, Saturn in the 11th Rahu in 2nd and Ketu in the 8th house. Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is favourable giving you a respite from the Sade sati energies. Jupiter going retrograde will add to the positivity. These past few months have been a tiring time for you on several fronts as the Sade sati energy coupled with the Janma Jupiter have been draining. Now you will get time to rest and think on what all has happened to you in this past few months. Use this time to sort out the issues and bring them to a logical conclusion. Health will improve. Social interactions will improve. Finances will be better, however spending sensibly is ideal. Invest with due care. Profession and business is going to be slightly better. Not a time to be experimental with job prospects but if you were unemployed this time may grant you a good job.  Travelling for business, tourism, pilgrimage is possible. Saturn will remain favourable throughout his stay in Capricorn but Jupiter going direct in Pisces from 23rd Nov will again trigger draining energies. So prepare yourself for a turbulent phase which will aggravate from mid Jan to mid Apr 2023. Mars in Taurus will be favourable give you courage but when he is in Gemini your mother, family, property, health, etc can give you stress. However, despite everything, Pisces still has a good chance of making use of the planetary energies in 22-23.


As always, the remedy for every sort of unbalanced energy is either,

  1. Mantra ie you use the power generated by using mantra to reduce the negative effect to the bare minimum. This can be a regular system of daily pujas, daily mantra, daily routine, daily sadhana etc or can be a one time major Anushthan which is a more intense puja involving Brahmins who help you perform it. Mantra is not a ‘prayer’ as it is commonly interpreted to be.
  2.  Daana. Here you use the power of your intention to give this unbalanced energy away to a consciousness capable of absorbing it. This imbalance is generally linked to some sort of a physical object eg sesame oil for Saturn and given away to a temple, nature or to a genuine Brahmin. Daan is not ‘charity’ as is commonly understood.
  3. Behavioural changes. This is possible for someone who has significant intelligence, deeply understands himself, analyses the situation and capable of controlling his mind enough to find a way out from the adversity before him.

The last phase of this year 2022-23 will be from mid-Jan 2023 to mid-Apr 2023 when Jupiter is in Pisces, Saturn is in Aquarius and both will be moving forward. Transits of Saturn should always be analysed in depth as he determines the intensity of karma operating on you. Since in 2022-23 Saturn has been in Capricorn, then in Aquarius, then retrograde in Aquarius, retrograde in Capricorn, forward in Capricorn and again forward in Aquarius. For the slowest moving planet, this rate of change has been very high and is evident in its impact on the world and personal affairs.

Is Jupiter an over-rated benefic

Jupiter is considered the best possible natural benefic and most astrologers will say that Jupiter covers your chart at so-and-so houses so it’s all going to be great there. Such sweeping statements are illogical. Jyotish is about maths, logic, patterns and intuition to get at the best possible option in life. I always look into Jupiter’s placements in the horoscope with a bit of scepticism. He is no doubt a gem of a planet, his placement can resolve issues. But in this modern world, Jupiter faces a few problems. Best be aware of them,

Expansion – he will expand, no limits on this. Jupiter tends to expand everything that he is touch with. His signs placed in whichever houses. His own placement, the sign and the house. The planets whom he aspects will be made to expand. But expansion needs to be supported by practical logic. His tendency of philosophical, hopeful, benevolent expansion can backfire. Plus if he gets associated with the dushamsthan, 6th house, 8th house or 12th house, he will expand the turmoils of your life. Then you suffer philosophically, but yes you do suffer on the material levels.

Hope – he is hopeful that auspicious things will happen. He is a philosopher himself, not very practical about things most of the time. Our missing bits are seen from our opposites, the 7th across. Jupiter’s mirror is Mercury. SagittariusGemini and PiscesVirgo are paired signs. Jupiter does not have the analytical skills nor the critical thinking to logically choose and act on options. Work and service is not his thing. Misguided hope and faith in others is a very dangerous thing. You hear stories of kindly ladies being cheated out of their life-savings, this is an effect of misguided hope and kindness.

Benevolent – he will help others. He is rather kind-hearted, if he sees someone in trouble his first instinct is to go, help and make better. But charity and help should be provided only to the deserving. You cannot shelter a scorpion in your coat and then wonder when it stings you.  Knowing whom to help and when, is something he does not understand. All humans are not equal, some are actually bad individuals. Jupiter cannot discriminate and even if he realises something is wrong he trusts the higher spirit to be on his side. This sort of trusting benevolence does not fit in this modern world. (A classic example is the current refugee crisis wracking or rather wrecking Europe.)

Is Jupiter an over-rated benefic

Doctor – Doctors give you advise on proper exercise but won’t go with you to the gym. So does Jupiter, he will give you the correct advise but if you are lazy about it, he will not come to your aid actively. You are in a tight spot and want some proactive action, he can’t do it. But yes he will doctor you, bandage you, feed you tonics and help you get well sooner. So if you have already hurt yourself and want to recover he is the one to go to.

No resistance – he is too kind hearted to protect himself properly. A dog runs up to bite him, someone kicks the dog away, he will be in agony that the dog must be hurt! People can easily take advantage of him and he won’t mind it either. He sees the others as small, young, having less resources himself as the permanent elder. He feels that he is the elder one, the bigger one and he can afford giving away stuff. Too much of this makes him an easy target.

Know-it-all – Jupiter is the deep philosopher so you cannot teach him anything. Try to explain something important to him and he will tell you 10 different things. Can be pompous. Accepting that he needs to learn something or listen to someone else can hurt his ego. Teaching him practical skills can be difficult as he does not appreciate their use. Philosophy does not run this world, practicality does. A difficult lesson for him to appreciate. (I know someone who owns 4 cars, a couple of bikes, a scooter, but can’t drive! She has a licence but can’t be bothered to drive on the actual roads. Too lazy to bother practicing, I think.) Jupiter can get too lazy, or perhaps too comfortable or complacent.

Insulation – He rules the fat in your body, it is insulation! But he does soften the blows, or perhaps his philosophical touch reduces the impact. But too much of this stops you from accepting the realities of life. Life can be harsh at times. And if you go through a transit or dasha where suddenly problems are thrust on you, he can get helpless. Agility and quickness are not his forte. He is the Devguru, the teacher of the demi-gods. These are generally nice people, with satvik and rajasik energies mix, they respect him and listen to his advice most of the times. As per the story-allegory, his father recommended him for the job because he was his son (though Shukracharya Venus was more qualified!). So a cushy job, nice students, insulated from the vagaries of life, his father/ Guru/ peers/ patrons to promote him. If the entire life goes like this it is great. But a transit or a dasha change triggers active events and then he won’t know what to do.

Kendra-adhi-pati – If Jupiter put in charge of important houses he cannot secure them and neither can he defend them. He is not aggressive. So the four ascendants, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces should evaluate Jupiter and his position in your chart very carefully. I have written on this earlier. Being too gentle and unresisting is a very real problem for these ascendant signs.

A functional malefic – Functional malefics are those planets in your chart who own the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses. If your ascendant sign is Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn the Jupiter is a functional malefic for your chart. So these 4 ascendant charts should not overly rely on their Jupiter to come to their aid. Jupiter owns Sagittarius and Pisces both but Sagittarius is extra-comfortable for him thus called his Mooltrikon sign.

  • For Taurus ascendant, he owns the 8th and 11th houses, but his Mooltrikon is in the 8th house so functional malefic
  • For Cancer ascendant, he owns the 6th and 9th but his Mooltrikon sign goes in the 6th house so functional malefic
  • For Libra ascendant he is the biggest malefic owning the 3rd and 6th houses.
  • For Capricorn ascendant, he directly owns the 3rd and 12th houses thus a functional malefic.

So out of the 12 signs, if your ascendant is one of these 8 signs, you should be careful about the Jupiter things in your individual life. Do analyse them carefully and practically. Do not rely on your peers and patrons to push you through, do work for it yourself. Take their help but learn the skills yourself. Try to be student too. Do not be too dreamy and selfless either. It is not that Jupiter will harm you. Jupiter can never harm anyone actively. He is extremely benign and gentle. Harm comes from being too trusting, too kind, too lazy, too dependant, too philosophical, too dreamy. Being too gentle is not a good thing for the material life. So the best solution is to marry someone with Mercury skills, that mirror will be your own fill-in-the-blanks and will help you on the practical side of life. Or get some friends having Mercury placed well in their horoscopes whom you can rely on. Opposites attract is correct here. And do take their opinion before committing to a course of action.

On the other hand Jupiter wherever placed will contribute to spiritual growth. In fact, all planets wherever placed give only beneficial results on the internal spiritual karmic front. Every planet is perfectly placed so that you can grow internally whether you consciously appreciate it or not.

Is Jupiter an over-rated benefic

For the remaining 4 ascendant signs, Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, Jupiter is a benefic for your chart. So if he is well placed, use his energies with a clear and logical mind, he will give great gains on the material as well as spiritual arena.

And the last point, transits. Jupiter transits one sign per year approx. In this one year, he will be retrograde for about 3-4 months. In addition he will move in all the 8 types of movements available, vikala, vakra, anuvakra, manda, mandatara, sama, chara and atichara throughout the year. And you know by now that the results of the planet are directly linked to the movement, speed and direction both. Then in about 22% of people Jupiter will be retrograde at birth, so this factor needs to be studied too as retrograde planets have different results.

If you’d like to do a long term study, check out the gold prices and the movement of Jupiter over a few years. This year was a good example of Jupiter affecting the markets, gold price and health of the economy.

In addition he goes combust for about 1 month per year. This drastically affects everyone as one of the two heavenly teachers has evaporated from the skies! So about 8% of us will have combust Jupiter in our birth charts. Again this needs to be studied to get the correct interpretation.

So to sum up, analyse every planet in your individual chart for you specifically. Even if Jupiter is said to be the best benefic he may not be so for your chart. Or even if he is, learning more about the way he operates is all good, you can anticipate and make the best of the opportunities he offers. Don’t get caught in stereotypes and skip studying.