Jupiter and the Gajakesari Yog

A yog in astrology is a specific combination of the planets which will give extraordinary positive and auspicious results. The possible yogs are all mentioned in our standard texts. The planetary combination and also the additional conditions which elevate their power and make it a ‘yog’.

A common understanding is that the Gaja-kesari yog is a powerful yog and also seen in several charts. But in fact, this is one of the rarer yog-s and is infrequently seen in its true form. ‘Gaja’ means elephant, measure, mound of earth, number 8 etc. And ‘Kesari’ means any animal with a mane or hair around the neck, ie a lion or a horse.

Jupiter is an important force in your chart. He is hope, expansion, benevolence, protection, Swadhisthan chakra, the power of your past lives auspicious deeds which help you in this life, luck, unexpected help etc. And Moon is the mind, astral body, other dimensions, the sum of all your possible lives, the Ajnya chakra etc. If the Moon and Jupiter are connected in some positive way in your birth chart, together they synergise and help you in many ways.

  • The Gaja-kesari yog.
  • The Navam-Pancham yog is one more way for the birth Moon and Jupiter to interact positively, where Jupiter aspects Moon with his 5th or 9th aspect. About 16% charts will have this combination.
  • And the 6/8 axis ie the Shakata yog between Moon and Jupiter is the major negative interaction causeing typical issues and problems in life.


Gaja-kesari is seen from the birth Moon and also from the ascendant sign. So there are two options.

  • The first option – Jupiter placed 1st 4th 7th or 10th from the Moon ie Jupiter in the Kendra houses of the Moon chart. About 33% of the charts will have this combination.
  • The second option – This combination is seen from the ascendant sign. ie Jupiter placed in a Kendra house, 1st 4th 7th 10th of the basic birth chart. So a 33% of the charts will have this combination.

If you combine all these percentages, most people should have their Jupiter working wonderfully, giving great results. But this does not happen in real life. So here are the necessary conditions which convert this simple planetary combination to a ‘yog’. A yog will help you gain what you are supposed to with the minimum of effort. Or the gains will be exponentially more than what you anticipate.

Necessary conditions

For the Gaja kesari to give its full effect, primarily Jupiter should be powerful and capable of giving auspicious results. If he is weak or prone to give unpleasant results then obviously its not a ‘yog’.

So these following conditions should exist in the chart.

  • Jupiter should not be combust, ie should not be within 11deg of the Sun. Jupiter is combust for about 25 days per year.
  • Jupiter should not be debilitated. He is debilitated in Capricorn for about 1yr, this happens once in every 12yrs.
  • Jupiter should not be conjoint nor aspected by a strongly malefic graha as this affects his power to give favourable results. This you have to see as per the chart. Just remember that Saturn and Mars have 2 extra aspects each. And Jupiter with Rahu is the Guru-chandal yog with a different result. Jupiter with Sun is anyways combust.
  • Jupiter in an enemy sign, ie Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra is rather uncomfortable and cannot give his full positive results, there is always something missing.
  • Jupiter should not be retrograde. He is retrograde after every 8-9 months or so and remains retrograde for about 4-5 months. Retrograde planets are strong but their energy is directed differently and cannot express themselves completely in the real world.

And if you are seeing the yog from the birth Moon, then naturally the Moon too should be capable of giving auspicious results. Then apply these following conditions to the birth Moon.

  • Moon should not be debilitated.
  • He cannot be with the Sun. This reduces his strength to give favourable results.
  • He should not be influenced by other malefics.


Even more conditions

Even after you apply the above conditions, in practice, a real powerful Gaja-kesari yog is seen in a handful of charts. So check if these following points exist in the chart, reducing the power of the Gaja-kesari yog.

  • If Jupiter is the owner of the dushamsthans, 6th 8th 12th houses, ie is a functional malefic for that ascendant. He is in charge of unpleasant and traumatic events in life. I am rather skeptical of Jupiter as a dusham-sthan lord. He gives hope in hopeless situations which often backfires  . ie if you are in a situation where you should not trust, Jupiter can makes you do just this thing. Misplaced kindness, optimism and expansion can be dangerous. He can make you soft and benevolent when in fact you are required to be pragmatic and practical. So you need to understand this and use his power intelligently.
  • If he is placed in the 6th 8th 12th houses from the ascendant sign. Again Jupiter is linked to the turbulent aspects of life. If you can turn his challenges into opportunities then you can get some good results. (Wrote several posts on the dushamsthan, do use the index page).
  • If he is in the badhak house for that ascendant or if he is a badhak lord. The power of the badhak, is an important factor and cannot be ignored. However if you can understand what a badhak is and can change your mindset accordingly then he can give some of his expected good results.
  • Jupiter in the upchay houses must be analysed before coming to a conclusion about his power to give auspicious benefits. The basic premise is that these houses give better results with age, but only if you have first solved issues that they have presented before you when you were younger. So if you understand this concept, this Jupiter can give yog-level results but with age.

If you are seeing the yog from the Jupiter positioned from the Moon, then if these conditions exist they can reduce the power of the yog.

  • If Moon is a functional malefic for that ascendant
  • If he is in the 6th 8th 12th houses (3rd house too if the chart is weak)
  • If he is the badhak lord.

In some cases, it is possible that this Jupiter may grant some favourable results, like a good promotion or inflow of wealth or creation of assets etc. This might occur in some enabling dasha/ transit where for a brief period of time the planets would be able to give benefits. But these things will not bring true satisfaction or create problems or these positive effects will be temporary and not convert into permanent gains. Or possibly give rise to long term regrets and disappointments. This is often seen in charts where the conditions for the creation of a powerful yog are absent. You will see several such clients in your practice. 

  • The most common example of this sort is seen in the professional life. You get a promotion, pay hike etc. You are also give additional work responsibility etc. You are able to cope and perform well while the enabling dasha is on, but once it gets over you suffer in some way. Eg health issues crop up, you have ignored your family, so problems from spouse or children, your boss suddenly finds problems in your work, your juniors do not listen to you, your projects fail, a run of bad luck etc.  

I have written on Jupiter being over-hyped as a benefic planet. Students of Jyotish should always study several horoscopes before coming to a conclusion about things.


Enabling combinations

Finally, assuming that the Jupiter related combination is your chart is actually a Gaja-kesari yog, the points which will increase the power of this yog. Ie Jupiter’s ability to give auspicious results will be enhanced if any of the following conditions are met. More patterns more power.

If you are calculating the yog from the Moon then these same factors will enhance his power too. In addition the closer the Moon and Jupiter are the more powerful will this combination become.

To make full use of the yog, the ascendant sign, the ascendant lord and the birth Moon must be powerful. The personality and the mindset must be sufficiently able to use the power that the Gaja kesari yog will generate. 

Fine tuning the prediction timings

Now that you have analysed the birth chart and know that you have the full form of the Gaja-kesari yog, you must open your Dasha sequence to know which time would be the most favourable to make use of these energies. The Jupiter Mahadasha and the antardasha periods of Jupiter in other planet’s Mahadashas will give exceptional opportunities for growth and progress. Also look out for opportunities in the dasha periods controlled by the Moon and ascendant lord. Also the Dasha periods of the owner of the sign occupied by Jupiter and the Moon can give unexpected options for growth. 

Favourable transits will be Jupiter transiting over the birth Jupiter. Or Jupiter transiting 2nd 5th 7th 9th 11th from the birth Moon sign. Here the window of opportunity will be about an year every few years. Moon transiting over the birth Jupiter or the birth Moon – here the window of opportunity will be 2.5days every month or so. The exact results obviously will have to be seen from the individual charts. This would involve analysing the houses/ signs owned by Jupiter and the house/ sign that he is placed in. 

  • Eg if you are considering a Gaja-kesari formed by Jupiter and Moon conjunct in the 2nd house from the ascendant sign then expect a significant inflow of wealth in the periods controlled by Jupiter or Moon.
  • Eg if you are considering a Gaja-kesari formed by Jupiter in the 7th house from the ascendant, then during typical time periods, you will get married, have children, start new businesses, earn significant wealth, win over in court cases, get into spirituality, etc. These all will be pleasurable experiences.


General results of the Gaja-kesari yog

In case you have a functional Gaja-kesari yog in your chart there will be several favourable results in your life. The mindset will be generous, kind, benevolent and supportive. The body frame will be large, healthy and long lived. Emotions will be stable, overall a positive mind-set, an inherent capacity to be happy and well-adjusted.

You will be the centre of attention, dominating and captivating. Your enemies will not be able to stand before you. Considerate, intelligent, knowledgeable and wise, you will actively use your abilities. You will always be engaged in something or the other, ie use your energy productively. There will be a sense of swiftness, purpose and activity around you. A high paying job or a role with with high prestige and visibility is indicated. Communication skills will be exceptional, you will have the power to use your intellect, language and personal aura to convince others to go along with you always. There will be several opportunities in life, and you will be able to make use of them. Life will be overall comfortable and stable. Marriage and children etc will be good and auspicious. There will be a flow of wealth from several sources. This wealth will be the auspicious sort that you get from legal sources. You will be inclined towards Dharma, have a good reputation and be respected. There will be several situations in life where you will be required to take an ethical, moral stand. This will get you into confrontations with others but the power of this yog will ensure that you win and use these unpleasant conflicts as stepping stones to more power.

Overall, even if you have Jupiter and Moon in some favourable mutual interaction in your chart you will see some significant positivity in life. And if it is a powerful Gaja Kesari yog then you are a very unique individual and should use your strength with full awareness and confidence.