Rahu in Ashwini and Ketu in Swati 2023

The current times are interesting with several planets in critical positions. The current Shapit yog, the paap kartari of several planets, the impending Guru chandal all will give ample study opportunities for those who are studying Jyotish. To add to this mix, we have Ketu transiting in a nakshatra connected to Rahu and Rahu in a nakshatra linked to Ketu.

Currently Rahu is in Aries and Ketu is in Libra. Rahu had entered Ashwini nakshatra on 7th Feb 2023 will be in here till 29th Nov when he will enter Pisces. During this time frame, when he goes direct around the October eclipse season, he will be sitting on the initial degrees of Aries for almost 2 months. This stationary and forward motion has extended his stay in the Ashwini lunar mansion by about 2 months. And Ketu had entered Swati in Sept 2022 and will be here till 13th Jul 2023, again a longer time than his average stay/nakshatra.

Rahu and Ketu in each other’s nakshatra indicate a sense of completion or finality or an ending regarding the things that they stand for. This time frame started from Sept 2022, peaking from Feb 2023 till Jul 2023. This energy will continue till Nov 2023, intense karma forced on all of us and with no option but to endure through.


If Ketu is stronger in your birth chart, then think back to Sept 2022. Something subtle must have occurred during this time which would have brought the Ketu indicated things strongly into your life. If your birth Ketu is auspicious then you would have seen significant spiritual growth coupled with losses on the material levels since this time. And for those with an inauspicious birth Ketu, you would have seen physical, mental, emotional and psychic troubles, restlessness, unknown fears and anxiety since Sept 2022. eg inauspicious Ketu in the 9th house can indicate curses from the ancestors and this transit of Ketu in Svati would have triggered these in your life.

If Rahu is stronger in your birth chart then think back to Feb 2023. Some enticing new thing must have entered your life then, attracting you deeply. And to gain this new object, you must have abandoned some auspicious thing in your life. Right now you would be interested and interacting with this new toy that Rahu is showing you. But as always, with Rahu and his desires, it is the same pattern of overreach and falling flat on the face. So if Rahu is auspicious in your birth chart, then as this new illusion of happiness breaks you will grow spiritually. Or if he is inauspicious, then the illusion will break with a severe pain of disillusionment which can create further problems. eg inauspicious Rahu in the 7th house can cause deep sorrow related to the spouse and then lead to addictions etc.

And ever since Rahu got aspected by Shani in the Shapit dosh from Jan 2023, I am seeing the charts/ people around me going through inexplicable and sudden changes which seem pleasurable in the short term but are clearly going to be damaging in the long run.

Then the impending Guru chandal, from 22nd Apr 2023, where the 4 slow moving planets will get into a strange mix of conflicting energies. Jupiter conjunct with Rahu, both aspected by Saturn and Jupiter aspecting Ketu. It will be an intensely karmic time frame from Apr 2023 onwards.

If you have a birth Saturn – Rahu or Saturn – Ketu, conjunction or aspecting, then you will get severely stressed out in this time. Also if you are going through any Rahu dasha period you must be careful.

Open your birth chart and analyse your birth Rahu and Ketu carefully. Then analyse their present transit and how it works for you at this time. Whatever they are responsible for is subtly dominating your life at this point of time. Try to identify this and work with it intelligently. Navigate through this time carefully, avoid creating a huge karmic burden unnecessarily. Any karma you create now will have far reaching implications for your current and future lives.


Predictions over longer time periods part 2

The first part is here and this one is a continuation. I will highlight the relevant combination, you will have to come to your own conclusion about it.

Revising a few basic concepts, 

  • Conjunctions of several planets, ie popularly called stelliums are a serious energy imbalance. So 3 or more planets together at a time is not good.
  • Eclipses in critical points of the zodiac where several planets, ie more than 6 are involved, invariably create extreme turmoil.
  • Generally eclipses have at least 4 graha together/opposite, ie Rahu Ketu Sun Moon. 
  • Solar eclipses cause changes over longer time than lunar eclipses. Solar eclipse – effects last for as many years as many hours. Lunar eclipse – effects for as many weeks as many hours.
  • There is a fundamental difference in eclipses caused by Rahu and Ketu. In eclipses by Rahu, the events are triggered by the action of humans. And in Ketu’s eclipses, the events are triggered by nature or forces beyond human comprehension. 


I had covered the basic trends till 2027 or so in my earlier post. Continuing in very brief,

We generally miss the exalted Jupiter in Cancer opportunity as he changes his signs often, goes back and forth staying for only 3-4 months in Cancer at a stretch. If a planet changes his sign in retrograde motion, he revises things so much that is unable to give deep or long lasting results. But depending on the individual charts some of us will definitely use of these brief windows of opportunity. 

Saturn will go debilitated in Aries in Feb 2028 – Mar 2030, this will hurt the world economy, the damage will become evident from the later half of 2027.  (Remember the 1998 financial crisis?) Saturn protects the profession, society, social structure, markets and the overall economy. So gains will be affected, common interest groups will give in to extreme selfishness and common goals of humanity will be affected. The 1st house is his Maran karak sthan, and Aries is the natural first house.

During this period Jupiter will traverse progressively through, Leo, Virgo and Libra, going forwards, retrograde etc doing, revising, redoing things. Jupiter in Leo and also in Libra has the potential to give reasonably good results, but Saturn, ie karmic enforcer, is not capable of auspicious results, so Jupiter is unable to offer much support in this time. But again depending on individual charts some of us will benefit from this Jupiter.

Then we come to the most dramatic event. After a really long time, Apr 2030 will see Jupiter Rahu in Scorpio and Saturn Ketu in Taurus. This combination will continue till Jun 2031. 

  • Jupiter Rahu, Guru Chandal yog, presents a superficially rosy picture which turns into betrayal.
  • Saturn Ketu is a weird mix of limitless expansion v/s restriction, nebulous instinct vs solid grounded reality etc. Their natures are strongly opposite but both have this common point, they give malefic results, kroor graha. So Ketu will limitlessly magnify Saturn’s Karmic agenda. Saturn works on the objective level and Ketu on the subjective. Ketu is something similar to a subjective Mars energy, so you can use this post to get more idea on their behaviour together. 

In this time frame, 7 eclipses will occur. The most intense one will be the total solar eclipse on 25th Nov 2030 involving 8 planets. Sun Mercury Moon Venus Jupiter Saturn Rahu Ketu in the Taurus Scorpio axis. Nakshatra involved are Rohini and Anuradha/Jeyshtha. It will be for 5 hours and totality will last for 3hrs.

  • Rahu Sun Moon Mercury Venus Jupiter in Scorpio
  • Ketu Saturn in Taurus.

A dangerous time will be triggered as it will influence the world strongly for the next 3yrs, gradually fading in 5yrs. (Scorpio is the 12th counted from Sagittarius, the natural house of foundations). I anticipate a complete change in the world order as we see it now. This will be a primarily destructive energy, caused by the actions of humans. I anticipate human deaths in unthinkable numbers and subsequent drastic depopulation. Recovery from this event will be slow, protracted and heavily dependant on the transits which will occur after this eclipse event. (eg Jupiter in Sagittarius will help in restoring Dharmic foundations. Saturn in Gemini will help local trade where real tangible skills and genuine work is involved etc.)


Some points around the eclipse event for you to base your analysis on.

  • Taurus with Saturn Ketu means a severe restriction on and dissociation from wealth, food, family, good times, stored resources etc. (Use the keywords of Rohini nakshatra to get a clearer picture.)
  • Scorpio is the main stage, its group of attributes influencing so many planets. Six planet energies sucked into the never ending bottomless desire that Rahu in Scorpio signifies. The turbulent catastrophic environment of Vrushick will force a change in identity for several in several ways. Scorpio is the home of dangers, catastrophes, mysterious deaths and unexpected events.
  • Rahu is doing the eclipse in Scorpio. So he is going to use the energies of Scorpio, Sun, Mercury Moon, Venus, Saturn to drive his desires, overreach and fail in so many ways spectacularly. All that these planets and sign signify will not be available to us in a positive sense for the time the eclipse energy remains active. (Add the keywords of Anuradha and Jeyshtha to get more information.)

So this much is all that I will write on this topic. Students of Jyotish should try to work out things for themselves using the transits of the period immediately before and after this critical eclipse. For destinies of the individual nations, most have a ‘birth date/time’ associated with some historical fact. Try to see how this eclipse plays out for your chosen nation. For individual charts, determine the longevity first, as this eclipse is a good 10yrs away. Jyotish is an enabling tool, so it must be used in this sense. Again, all this is quite a few years in the future. So rather than overthinking about it, do the best you can in this present time. The present moment is all that you have. Use it.

This reminds of me of a beautiful song from the movie ‘Waqt’. One line especially elevates the emotion expressed. ‘Kal kisne dekha hai, kal kisne jana hai, Is pal se paega, jo tujhko pana hai’. ie ‘Who has seen the future? Who has understood the past? You achieve what you want, only in the present moment.’

(I was very reluctant to write this, but there were several questions.)