Results planets give in the 12th house

The 12th house is an important house and if you are interested in self-growth of the spiritual sort this house needs to be analysed. I wrote a few posts on the 12th house, do go through them (index page). All things considered, the 12th house is a dushamsthan. Even though it is considered the house of Moksha and all that esoteric stuff, it is still not amicable to Life and Living. Any planet in the 12th house should be examined for possible negative effects on the personality. The 12th house is your hidden weakness. If your competitor knows your horoscope he can use the cues from this house to manipulate you. (never share your actual birth details unnecessarily with any one.)

Sun in the 12th house, is a natural malefic in a dusham-sthan so technically can grant power to perform unpleasant tasks but he will drain you in his typical manner. He can indicate power over enemies but the internal fire is weak. The body and the mind also may be weak in certain respects. It is possible that in your childhood you were not allowed to express your creativity or something happened which hurt your self-confidence. With this Sun, you cannot expect much support from your father, elders in your family and your teachers. You feel vulnerable around people who dominantly express solar energies. You should avoid taking advice from such people as they might misguide you.  Outwardly a low self-confidence and lack of self esteem is possible, you are hesitant about expressing your genius and creativity. On the inside there may be a damaging sense of self-ego as you unconsciously suppress the negative traits of the Sun, push them into your subconscious mind. There is a unconscious sense of arrogance, meanness, selfishness, high-handedness etc within you which can make you unpleasant company sometimes.

If this Sun is going to act like a malefic then there will be loss of money, unhappiness in marriage, withdrawal from the society, antisocial behaviour etc. In this case do check the longevity of the chart. But if this Sun is auspicious then he will support spiritual practice and encourage you to acts of positive karma. You can become some level of a Guru with such a Sun.

Moon in the 12th house and you will never acknowledge your own emotions or those of others around you. You never express your real emotions in public, possibly you are consciously unaware of your real feelings. Emotional stability can be affected in the long run. Moon is needs, nature, nurture, nutrition etc. Suppressed needs can turn inwards and fester. This can result in actual illness connected to the Moon. This Moon almost always indicates an absent mother. You never were given love as a child or were sickly or frequently ill, either way unwanted or felt as a burden and you subconsciously sensed this. This is perhaps one of the saddest placements, you want to be nurtured and taken care of on the subconscious levels but you cannot express this aloud. You feel vulnerable regarding your emotions, astral self, sleep, dreams, intuition, mediative practices etc. Be careful about your Moon-things, as these can misguide you. There will be secret enemies in life but generally you will be able overcome them. Today you never ask for comfort or love or the things you need and also reject those people in your life who ask you to fulfil their needs. You must be especially careful to offer the necessary love to your children and loved ones now, this will help end your hurt too.

If this Moon is malefic then the body and mind both can be weak, the above negative results will be exaggerated. In this case do check the longevity of the chart too. But a benefic Moon in the 12th will initially give a lot of glamorous but essentially hollow experiences which later can lead to disillusionment. The personality later tries to search for the true meaning of existence and turns towards the inner self.

Mercury in the 12th house often indicates friends and siblings turning into secret enemies. Your team-mates can cause you harm behind your back. Then there is an unconscious dislike of seniors, elders, peers, teachers etc. The thinking process is inverted, turned inwards, the mind works in never ending loops, fantasising. This can create psychological problems. Possibly your mother, when she was pregnant, was never allowed to express herself adequately and you have picked up these vibes from her. In your life too, you may not get a chance to develop your communication skills, the practical ability of interacting with others. Saying what you really want to say can be difficult. You may have a habit of talking to yourself when alone or having imaginary conversations with the people you really want to talk to. But the things you want to say never come to you when you really need them. You may speak in a disjointed non-coherent manner or speak around the topic but never get to the point. Stammering is possible or at least a loss of focus. You are hyper critical of what you think, say and do. Nervous tensions, mental loops of thoughts, restless mind, self-critical, obsessed with details, OCD and often indulge in negative thinking.

Mercury is the messenger so will translate the resources already with you in the language of the 12th house. Much will depend on the position and power of the birth Moon.

Venus in the 12th house can indicate problems in material desires, there may be deviant or too many of them. Several intimate relationships which fail because there was no emotional need linked to them. There may be deviant intimate relationships too. You have unreasonably high expectations from the physical act. Expressing emotions is difficult. You do not believe in equitable fair relationships with others. Also faith in spiritual practices is low. There is a high level of secrecy in your life, you do not open up, you cannot share. You can be vain, self-indulgent and absorbed in your own pleasure. You are not honest with yourself. If this Venus is disturbed then materialistic tendencies can lead to depravity. You try to show that you are at perfect equilibrium with yourself but this is not true on the subconscious levels.

This Venus can make you go to extremes, go overboard with material desires or become a celibate. You will either create more karma by entangling with others or move faster towards Moksh by denying all sensual desires. Venus is exalted in the natural 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces. So a well-placed Venus can grant that deepest relationship with the own internal self leading to self-realisation.  

Mars in the 12th house is again a malefic in a dushamsthan so is supposed to work well here. But his effects on the psychological level are not good. A sense of being a prisoner, helplessness, isolation etc. This can indicate suppressed rage, sadism, cruelty, depression, selfishness etc. There may be tendency to self-harm where you hurt your mind or body in fits of self-cruelty. Physically and mentally you are strong but you never get the chance to express your strength in life. Possibly no brothers where you could have competed with in your childhood. No healthy routes to let out your aggression, courage or risk-taking ability. Physical intimacy will be very less, eg your spouse may work in the army so you do not get this outlet either, repression all around. (Affairs are possible if the 7th lord is afflicted.) You are outwardly perfectly behaved but there is unexpected rage roiling inside. This can lead to physical and emotional issues. You keep your own self in strict check, your energy and competitive spirit is subconsciously directed against your own self. In the conscious world you display your Martian energy in subtly twisted ways. You keep your anger internalised so as to avoid hurting others but this will cause problems for you later. 

If he is going to act negatively then these above tendencies are exaggerated. If this Mars is auspicious then the spiritualising influences from your past lives are brought to the surface. You can even act as a guide for others on their spiritual journey. But whatever it may be, you are required to face some very deep seated issues, outbursts of energy, misdirected passion and pain in life. And there will be at least one episode where you will be ill. Either a long illness or an undiagnosed illness will give you physical or psychological hardship.


Jupiter in the 12th house can have the unfortunate effect of making you self-righteous, rigid, a religious extremist at the subconscious levels. You might outwardly show that you are an atheist or an agonist, or not concerned with religion or philosophy, but you have very deep rooted opinions on these topics which you generally do not speak about. You project a sense of superiority to hide an underlying sense of inferiority. You might show that you are outwardly very spiritual but in your heart you want material pleasures. This also makes you rather uncomfortable around people who are overtly religious or like discussing philosophy. It irritates you, so do your spiritual teacher, your seniors, peers and patrons, you do not get along with them. You cannot reconcile to people who have different opinions and world-views which differ from your own. In such cases you can get into heated arguments or even violence. You might not have access to good books or schools to develop your own thinking processes. Often there is some problem in the family, possibly your parents had a severe differences with the elders when your mother was expecting. Or your family lacked resources or you were denied these resources. 

Jupiter is the natural owner of the 12th sign, Pisces. So if he is capable of giving good results here, he can grant the ability to develop a personal philosophy, a spiritual bent of mind and you might move inwards for stability and spiritual growth. He will be a protective influence in your life as long as you regularly do some personal spiritual activity.

Saturn in the 12th house 

Saturn here will give a permanent feeling of restriction and confinement. Perhaps your mother or father was overworked, unhappy, under strain, tired out, during the pregnancy or your baby life. And this subconscious impression that you picked up from them affects you even now. Or as a child you were never appreciated for your efforts or successes in school. You were a good child but never got praised or appreciated or recognised and never will be. You know only hard work and a sense of anonymity and seclusion. Today if someone appreciates you, you do not know how to respond, it makes you uncomfortable. You cannot believe that you did something praiseworthy. A sense of inferiority and worthlessness resides in your deepest heart. There are obstacles to your rest, you cannot sleep well and the dreams can be disturbed. You can work like crazy. You work hard in your conscious life, this reflects in your subconscious and helps you balance your internal loneliness. You are in perfect control of yourself, but excessive control leads to rare spectacular breakdowns. You are not outwardly ambitious, your only desire is to restrain your self. Saturn in the 12th house is a permanent state of loneliness, fear, guilt or grief. You cannot come to terms with your internal sense of failure, defeat, sorrow and tiredness. You also cannot let go of the past, a repressed personality. You are not consciously cruel nor a hard-taskmaster nor a strict boss. But you are perceived to be by others who then fear you. 

If Saturn is unfavourable then in addition to the above there is a pronounced and unhealthy desire for material stuff, social recognition and wealth. But if he is a benefic for the chart then you will be urged on the spiritual path, you will be deeply convinced that your methods are the best and they will work for you because you believe in them.

I wrote on Rahu and Ketu in the 6th 12th axis, the detailed post here. In brief the early life is often troubled. There are problems with the material life and this can give a spiritual orientation later You might move away from your hometown for some reason and then your real progress will begin.

The 12th house energy does not allow you to become aware of what it or the planets in it are upto. It is also those facets of your personality of which you remain unaware.  The 12th house patterns are those of the sub-conscious mind, in the periphery, never in direct focus. So all this may not be very evident to you unless you critically analyse yourself, your behaviour and your overall personality. This above was a generic list of the results you can expect, but naturally this will vary depending on the sign in the 12th  and other factors. So when a planet gets placed in the 12th house, check the following

  • The planet himself and his keywords
  • The sign in the 12th house
  • The signs ruled by the planet and which houses of the chart are these placed in
  • The houses of your chart being aspected by this 12th house placed planet
  • Finally check if there are any planets aspecting the 12th house. 

All this energy gets linked into the 12th house in some way or the other. This exercise gives you a complete picture of the 12th house planet in your birth chart. Eg Aries ascendant, Saturn in the 12th house will mean that,

  • Saturn’s energies are modulated by the environment of the 12th house, Pisces sign. 
  • Energies of the 10th house Capricorn sign and 11th house Aquarius sign link to the 12th house. Saturn will try to fulfil the objectives of the houses he owns by drawing energy from the house he is placed in and vice versa.
  • Saturn will aspect the 2nd house Taurus sign, 6th house Virgo and the 9th house Sagittarius.
  • You can also open the navamsha chart and check the power of Saturn to give results (post here)
  • Ashtakvarga, note the power of Saturn in Pisces and the total score of Pisces sign (posts here and here).  

The 12th house is the house of losses, the unknown. Too many unknowns factors can cause unexpected issues. Your charts represents a finite quantum of energy you can access in this life time. How you use these units of energy is indicated by the planets placed in your horoscope. Too many planets placed in the 12th house indicates that a significant portion of your life energy is being consumed in the house of the mysterious, the psychic, the astral, the swapna-avastha, the dream states and inner worlds. Thus lesser energy available for sustaining the physical personality and the manifested environment around you. You might be weaker in actual life.

The 12th house energies are used in solitude and in the subconscious states. These are, after, all the subtle resources on which your overt personality is based. So do try to delve into your 12th house, recognise its energies and try to consciously use them in your life.