Whom to give Daana

I have written some posts on remedies for imbalances in your horoscope. There are only two genuine methods to do this, one is Mantra and second is Daana. Then you can always try to understand what is happening and change your behaviour and mind-set, this will require a capacity for self-analysis and will power. I wrote this post on Daana and there were some questions. Putting the answers as a mini-post.

Mantra remedies can be done in several ways. There is Homa, ie you burn ghee, it is clarified butter and quite expensive. eg your daily Agnihotra or any special Homa/ Yajnya that you can perform in temples or at home. Or you can do mantra jaap of the graha-s. Or do your regular mantra-jaap, this can be a life-long Gayatri-mantra, which in Sanatan Dharma is compulsory for all above 6yrs of age. Or listen/ recite a mantra of your choice daily, eg Shri-Sukta, any Shankar, Vishnu, Brahma, Ganapati, Devi etc vedic mantra are all acceptable. Or do a special Mantra anushthan with Brahmins in temples. Or do your Dhyan daily, focus on the Soham. Or give Arghya to the Sun with the Surya mantras. Mantra is harnessing the energy of fire, Raja gun, ie movement. You are consciously shifting the energy patterns with the Mantra-s, and this essentially is the remedy to your problems.

There are several ways to balance your energies using Mantra. Choose one depending on your personal inclination and the severity of the imbalance. All of them work and equally well. Choose a remedy as per your liking and your capacity to perform it. Do not take on so much that you start feeling the remedy as a burden! Performing anything as a remedy should not make you feel oppressed, rather it should fill you with joy, make you lighter from within. 


Daana remedies require you to give away typical items with an intention. These items can be water, grain, cloth, oil, typical items or even silver/ gold. You give it away in temples, the older the better. Or you are required to put these items in flowing rivers or the sea. Or if you can find a genuine Brahmin (this is very rare these days), then you give away these Daana items to him.

Someone asked me if it were better to give charity to poor people rather than giving it to temples or Brahmins or putting the stuff in the sea. It would also be a humanitarian gesture and some poor person would benefit from it. I would say no. Specifically ‘Daana’ cannot be given to these people. And there is a reason.

When you give the items as a part of Daana you are giving  away the imbalanced energy. The Daana remedy is linked to specific items which if you refer to my this post are often typical items. eg red flowers for Mars, now what is this poor person going to do with these red flowers infused with an unbalanced Mars energy? The item is loaded with the intention ‘take this negative, sorrow, grief, pain, trauma caused by the imbalanced energy’. And it goes away from you but only if you give it to someone who is capable of accepting it.

When you put the item in the flowing water/ sea, the energy of the water ‘neutralises’ it. Water is the domain of Varun, he is a tremendously powerful deity, a conscious intelligence and he accepts your ‘daana’ of these negative things and in return blesses you. The negative energy you have requested him to accept does not affect him at all. He converts it to positivity and returns it to you as a blessing.

Similarly when you give them items to a temple, the energy of the deity similarly accepts your ‘gift’ of imbalance. Best give these things to a old temple where pujas are being performed for a few hundred or more years. Your donation of pain will be more successful. Choose a temple with powerful Nav-graha moorti-s. Sometimes you might be required to give this Daana to your family deity, Kul-devata, this temple will generally be near your ancestral village. The deity is a conscious intelligence which has been worshipped by mantras for several hundred years. The continual intentions of so many years make these temples even more auspicious. You can offer your negative energy as Daana and receive blessings in return.

And the last option is to give it to a genuine Brahmin. I have mentioned in some previous post, that genuine Brahmins have the most difficult life. They have to follow several strict routines, do personal pujas, perform pujas for others, never accumulate wealth, never charge fees, only accept Dakshina and absorb others negativity. Every story in the Panchatantra starts with ‘there was a poor Brahmin’, there were genuine Brahmins back then and are very rare now. So if you give your Daana to such a Brahmin, then he can absorb your imbalance and give you blessings in return.

And finally, if you have a genuine Jivan-mukt, the Advaita himself as your Guru, this is the rarest thing. You can request him to take away the imbalances. He will do so. Then you do not even need to give him the items etc, just a heart-felt prayer is enough. I have seen my Guru do this to so very many of my family members, my guru-brother/sisters and also with my own issues. 


I have seen beggars sitting outside Shani temples on Saturdays and people giving them food as a Shani-daan. If you do this then remember that this not a Daana. It is a humanitarian gesture and you may have done some good karma. But you might even create negative karma for yourself in this process! These beggars expect, they want from you. eg Once outside a temple, I saw a kind person distributing small food packets to beggars. Some of the beggars were throwing the packets away after checking what was there inside. They have an anticipation to what you may be giving them and if they think you have given less than what they were expecting they will curse you instead.

If you want to accumulate good karma by giving charity, then there are two options. You can help out in old age homes or in orphanages. Here these people are forgotten by society and in unfortunate circumstances. They do not expect anything, do not anticipate. If you feel like it and can afford it, you can buy food for people living there. If you are going there to deliver this food, remain in the background, ensure that their care-takers actually give them the food items. (eg once my Mom had gone to an orphanage for something. Some kind person had sent crates of mangoes for the children. The caretakers were eating them rather than giving them to the children. The caretakers naturally accrued negative karma. And the donor too, as he did not make sure that the food was given to the actual children.)

These two types people are capable of giving blessings from the heart. eg if you give a small child a sweet, he may not say ‘thank you’ in so many words but there is an innocent happiness triggered in him, this adds to your positive karma. Once this same child grows up into an adult, this capacity to feel innocence is lost. Then if you give him the same sweet he will not feel that same joy. For the aged people, they have seen everything so a compassionate gesture this same innocent gratitude, this adds to your positive karma. The very young and the very old are in a way unselfish, they have the capacity of innocence. So you can gain positive karma by giving them food. Food is consumed and gives basic happiness to the one who eats it, it is the best option for charity. This is not Daana in the real sense of the word. But it is definitely a positive karma which will help you in different ways in life. 


Daana always means ‘Sat-paatri Daana’, ie the person whom you are giving the Daana to has to be genuine, true, positive, Dharmic, etc. ie he should be able to absorb the negative energy you have offered in the pure sense.