Ishtha and Kastha phala in horoscope analysis

If you open your software at the detailed Shadbala calculation, you will see in the last line, Ishtha phala and Kashtha phala calculation values. The highest value is 60, lowest being 0.

  • Ishta means favourable or auspicious.
  • Kashta is trouble or hardship.

This is the final summary of the Shad-bala calculation and gives in one single value if a planet is going to be auspicious or inauspicious in his Dasha periods or in his significant transits over your chart. Rahu and Ketu being Chhya-graha, astral forces, are not considered while calculating the Shad-bala or the Ishta/ Kasta values.

This the sample chart I use, Aleister Crowley, 12th Oct 1875, 11: 42pm, Leamington Spa, Britain. I prefer using dead people’s charts for analysis.if you use a living person’s chart as an example chart, the act of dissecting the horoscope interferes with his life. 

Birth chart Aliester Crowley

shad bala chart

The last two lines are the values we are interested in. Ishta values of over 40 give good and auspicious results. Between 20-40 are average results. Ishtha values below 20 indicate struggles.

  • The Moon, Mars and Mercury, have Ishta values over 40 points, thus they will give very good and auspicious results in the matters connected to them and in the time periods dominated by them.
  • Similarly the Kashta value for Sun, Jupiter and Venus are above 40 points so things connected to these planets will not give auspicious results and in fact give hardships.
  • Saturn has values between 20-40 so will give average results.

Crowley’s life is well documented so you can easily see that these results match what is known about his life.

The Darshan Sashtra in Sanatan Dharma

A bit of math. The Ishta value is calculated using the Uccha Bala and the Chestha Bala, ie the exaltation strength and the motional strength of the planet are multiplied and the square root if this value is the Ishta Bala.

So logically greater the Chestha Bala, greater will be the ability of the planet to give auspicious results. Chestha Bala is highest for a planet when he is stationary or retrograde or conjunct the full Moon. A planet is retrograde when he is farthest away from the Sun. Also the Moon is full when he is placed 180deg away from the Sun. So in short, a planet gains maximum power when he is farthest away from the Sun and has slowed down compared to his average speed. This is the reason why retrograde and stationary planets in the chart should be analysed carefully as they have gained more influence over you.

Also nearer the planet to his exact degree of exaltation, greater is his auspicious power.

You can see this math reflected easily in our example.

  • Moon is farthest from the Sun and approaching Taurus
  • Mars is far off from the Sun and exalted
  • Mercury is far off from the Sun too (24deg away) and close to his degree of exaltation in Virgo
  • Jupiter is near the Sun and far from his point of exaltation in Cancer
  • Venus is near the Sun and very near his point of debilitation in Virgo
  • Sun is nearing his point of debilitation in Libra
  • Saturn is mid-way towards his point of exaltation and far from the Sun.

So overall, if a planet is stationary on his point of exaltation and farthest from the Sun simultaneously, he will have the greatest Ishta phala value. A high Ishta value planet will give his results easily and without much effort from your side. You will enjoy what he offers to you during the dasha time periods he controls and his keywords will be auspicious for you in life. 

If a planet is deeply combust, in Atichara speed and near his point of debilitation simultaneously, he will have the lowest Ishta phala value and the highest Kashta value. His results will be linked to hardships. This does not mean that he will deny the result. The actual event will depend on the specific combinations in the chart. But a low Ishta/ high Kastha value means that there will be several problems in the process. Eg suppose your 5th house lord has a high Kashta value, this does not mean that you will be denied education or denied children etc. It means that you will face several struggles in these aspects of life and you will not get genuine satisfaction with these things.

Functional benefics and Yogkarak planets if with higher Ishta values ease out several aspects of your life. But if these have high Kashta values then obviously your life will have a lot of turmoil as auspicious things will not happen easily, and even if they occur, the benefit you derive from them will be lowered.

Functional malefics with high Ishta values can actually help you in a roundabout manner. You might face stressful events as per their indications in your chart, but you will ultimately gain in some way or the other from them. But functional malefics with high Kastha values become dangerous, can cause serious problems and should be carefully analysed.

Often there is question that why despite Raj-Yog, Dhan-Yog etc types of auspicious planetary combinations in the horoscope, the person’s life remains mediocre? The answer to this is also linked to the Ishta / Kashta values. A Raj-yog with a planet having a high Ishta value will give more auspicious, enjoyable, better results and more easily, effortlessly. If the Raj-Yog forming planet has a high Kashta value, then he will be unable to give the results, or will give lowered results after a period of struggle.

Jyotish requires a good ability to do maths coupled with intuition, blessings from your favourite deity and practice. In this post I have started with the Shad-bala and in the next few posts will write on the strengths of the planets and using the numbers in a practical manner. (There is a book by BV Raman, Graha and Bhava bala in case you wish to delve into the math part.)

I have written further on the Drig Bala in this post.



Newborns with a loaded 11th or 12th house

I am penning this one quick post after one incident with someone I know. Not giving out the details, but their genuine fear made me realise that ‘professional-astrologers’ do sometimes scare innocent people for creating dependency. If you have a newborn in your family, even you can observe what I have written in this post for yourself. Check the birth horoscope of the baby. Note which planets are placed in the 11th or 12th houses. Now the planets placed in the 11th house will, with time, move into the 12th house as per their transit speeds. And naturally the 12th house planets will move into the 1st house as per their natural speeds.

Let’s see what happens, first for the planets in the 11th house who will move into the 12th house and what effects will be seen on the baby. This is on the tiniest levels because from a baby’s view point everything around him is really very big, time passes very slowly for him. The perspective of the baby is very different.We might think that so much is happening so fast in the tiny baby’s life, but for a baby time passes very slowly. One day is like a life time for him.  (post here).

If there is a Moon here, the baby will fall slightly ill on the 2-5th day of its birth. Naturally the Moon will transit to the 12th house in 2.5days so the baby might suffer a sudden weight loss because of loss of water, or refuse to feed properly, or there might be shivering or spasms because of electrolyte imbalance. The mother will feel more weak during these few days and the baby might get a bit neglected, there would be some confusion about how to care for it.

Next, if the Sun in the 11th house, he will shift to the 12th house of the baby, in transit, within one month and stay there for 1 month. In this one month, when the Sun transits his 12th house, the baby may suffer from heat related issues, boils etc and he might lose weight too. Indigestion and vomiting or unusual motions are possible. Feeding him properly is necessary during this time. Also internal heat will be a bit variable, so skin rashes, pitta etc can be possible.

If Mercury is in the 11th house at birth. He will shift to the 12th house within the next about 25days and stay there for another approx 25days. So during this time, Mercury will ensure that there is some misdiagnosis of some sort. Eg the parents/doctors might think that something is happening, but  in reality something altogether different would be happening to him. eg you might think he has colic but maybe he as an ear infection. If you are giving him some vaccines or medicines during this period then its possible that they may give some adverse reaction. Or the dose may not be correct or something.

Venus in the 11th and then moving onto the 12th. He stays in one sign for about 28days. But I have not observed any typical issue here, possibly because Venus in exalted in the natural 12th house of the chart?

Mars in the 11th house can shift into the 12th within 2 months of birth. Baby can get non-cooperative, cry, can over-heat internally, so boils etc can pop up. Fevers and other heat related ailments are possible, somewhat similar to the Sun above.

Then if Jupiter is in the 11th house at birth and next transits to the 12th. Jupiter is the jeev-karak, the agent of life. A strong Jupiter gives a healthy body. He generally stays in a sign for about a year, but does his forward/retrograde/forward dance in between, so he might do this in the 11th-12th houses of the baby’s chart. When he goes into the 12th house a few months after birth he gives some health problems. The usual illnesses of babies may happen during this period from cold, fever to whatever they get in their first year of life. The health will go down slightly in some way.

Saturn in the 11th house and going to the 12th house can happen upto 2.5yrs of life. If the child is older then he will get cranky and you might scold/ discipline him. But if this happens when he is a baby, then he might just cry for no apparent reason. But the problem will be in the astral dimensions as he will be facing some karma from the other worlds. In this case the evil eye tips (post here) should be used to help him.

If Rahu and Ketu occupy the 1st house, they will have their typical effect on the personality. They will shift into the 12th house within the next 1.5yrs as they move retrograde. Again Rahu/ Ketu in the 12th house means astral connect. So use the evil eye prevention tips while Rahu/ Ketu are in the 1st and 12th houses.

Naming your baby, the astrologic twists and turns..

Then if any graha is in the 12th house, he will next transit to the 1st house as per its movement. This almost always causes some trouble. During such transits especially of the slower planets adequate care should be taken. Whenever a planet connected to the 12th house, either the owner of the 12th or placed in the 12th, occupies the 1st house in transit, he causes some reduction in the physical body and the environment around. This is more important if the baby has planets in the 12th house at birth as they will immediately transit the 1st house and if the baby/child is very small, naturally he will not be able to communicate regarding his problems.

This was a generic post, as the actual results will depend on the individual baby’s chart. If the planet is moving into his own sign or sign of exaltation or a friend’s sign the results may not be so perceptible, only minor things can occur. But if there are additional malefic influences then they will be quite evident.

So there is no need to get scared if your otherwise normal and happy, newborn baby, suddenly gets all worked up. Use your common sense and consult a sensible doctor first.

We Jyotishi-s are primarily Observers, the more dispassionate we are, the better we get. If you see something happening or a certain situation unfolding, you have to be able to pick up the keywords of the situation. Train your mind to see patterns in everything around you. Prakruti follows the laws of nature, ie Jyotish. Everything in this created world, emotions, logic, people, interactions, every single thing can be reduced to Jyotish. (But you cannot analyse the Soul with Jyotish, as the Soul is not a part of this created universes.)


Sun and the Sudarshan chakra chart

I got a feedback that I write very little on the Sun. But to really analyse the Sun in the chart the way he should be would be very typical. He is the highest divine, the most powerful planet in the chart, the individual soul and your link to the Eternal. The Sun is a channel from the Eternal to the physical via the astral/ psychic. He is the biggest spiritualising agent, his only job is to take you to your destiny, to take you to your deepest desire. And very frankly every soul’s deepest desire is to know itself. Analysing the Sun means to talk about the esoteric and the philosophic also which does not appeal to the average client. (Imagine if someone comes me to ask for her marriage prospects and I tell her that her soul purpose in this life is not physical marriage but the inner spiritual? She would laugh at me and go out. Maybe she will remember what I had said a decade later, as the marriage would have flopped by then and her mind would be sad. But then the spiritual opportunity would be gone.)

So in Jyotish we use several types of charts. This one is called the Sudarshan chakra. It is used to see the combined influence of the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant on the personality as a consolidated whole. This is the Sudarshan chakra is for our sample horoscope, Aleister Crowley the famous occultist, birth details, 12th Oct 1875, 11:43 pm Leamington UK. (He is dead, I don’t like using living persons charts as samples)

sudarshan chakra

This like seeing how your three bodies, causal – Sun, subtle – Moon and the solid – Ascendant intermingle and produce a unified personality. Doing this for clients is a waste of time, they are not going to appreciate the subtleties of Jyotish, but you should attempt this for your own birth details if you are so inclined.Or if you are interested in your spiritual growth. Or if your client has a life/ death problem and you need more data to work on. Most softwares will draw out this chart for you and there are online free calculators.

The singular importance of this Sudarshan chakra is to examine how the power of the Sun percolates through the Moon and then is evident in the physical body. The outermost space, the paper on which you have drawn your chakra is the Eternal.  The Sun first picks up a ‘ray’ from the Eternal. This ‘ray’ is described in the outermost circle of your Sudarshan chakra, this is the soul section. This is the same alignment of your planets as your birth chart, but the house/ sign occupied by the Sun is placed as the 1st house. Then the middle segment, the mind section contains your birth Moon chart. The birth Moon sign is considered as the 1st house in this section. The Sun-circle first draws in the energy from the Eternal. The Moon-circle is the bridge, the mental-psychic, the reflecting surface, this filters the Sun-energy downwards into the gross. The innermost circle is your body and material environment section. This section contains your birth chart with the rising degree/ ascendant as the first house, the regular birth chart.

Now when you analyse this chart, you will be analysing your integrated personality frmo the soul to the mind to the physical body/environment.

If the physical body section has some problem, look into the mind section if the problem has roots in the mind also or is it a superficial issue of the gross body only. If the problem is seen in the mind-section too then check if it exists at the soul-levels too. Depending on the depth of the problem you will have to prescribe the solution. Eg if the client does not have children or has one specially-abled child and wants to check before trying for another. Then his 5th house at the body-level will naturally show the problem. But then check how deep is the imbalance. If this imbalance is also at the mind-level but the soul-level energy is ok then he will have to do some pujas and energy remedies. These will help him on the emotional levels and astral-subtle body levels. These will set right the issue at the reflecting filter level. But if the problem has roots in the soul level also then it will very difficult to resolve. And he will also be suffering a soul-level anguish because of this. So counsel him as best as you can and if his 9th house is in a better position advise him to adopt a child instead. If both the soul and mind level energies are favourable, and only the physical level shows an imbalance then the physical remedies of going to a specialist doctor etc will work.

For a well-balanced personality, these three circles should work together. Else there is physical stress and psychological pain or anguish to the soul itself. Reading the Sudarshan chakra chart comes only with practice and observing your life-time sample charts.


Now use your own birth details. Start with one house at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself, it is a life-time study which evolves as you learn and experience more. Take an hour for every house to begin with.

Let’s see how Crowley was on the soul, mind, body levels and if it was an integrated personality! In our example to begin with, the 1st house.

  • The Sun-segment has Virgo sign, Ketu, Sun
  • The Moon-segment has Pisces sign, Moon, Rahu
  • The physical-segment has Cancer sign as ascendant, no planets here.
  • You are observing how the impulse from the Eternal is converted to the gross. The impulse is always auspicious, beneficial and promotes spiritual growth. This impulse is first modulated by the Sun, so you will have to read all about Virgo sign, Ketu in Virgo, Sun in Virgo, Sun in ascendant, Ketu in ascendant and Virgo in ascendant, Sun-Ketu conjunction etc all possible attributes. Everything that this house/ sign/ planets can tell us. This tells us how Crowley was on the soul level.
  • Next this impulse is filtered by the Mind-segment. Here you will read up on Moon in ascendant, Rahu in ascendant, Moon-Rahu conjunction, Rahu in Pisces and Moon in Pisces, Pisces as ascendant etc everything. Try to understand how this segment will work on the energy you have analysed at the soul level. How will it modify it? This is a subjective analysis. (Eg. Virgo is earthy, Pisces a watery sign, both dual natured, both mirrors of each other, now one is reflecting the other’s energy, how will it work?) Here we will know more about his Mind, perceptions, the intelligence, the mental processes, his feelings, etc
  • Now this Mind-energy will be solidified into the innermost body-segment. This is Cancer ascendant, so read all about this sign and how it behaves as the rising location. Everything that you can analyse will be used in the final subjective integration. Think about how this will anchor the Mind-energy we have analysed above. (Cancer is a watery, moveable sign ruled by Moon and so on). Here we will know about the physical body as a reflection of the Sun energy via the Moon filter. We can make a judgement on how these energies work together blending through layers.
  • From this first house analysis we can come to a conclusion that Crowley’s energies from the Soul to Mind to the Body flowed without too much disturbance. He was very clear about his Soul’s objectives but in a detached manner, highly intelligent, incisively intelligent, was aware of karma and its repercussions, able to act, bold and knew how to reach the highest awareness. The duality or mirror energies of the soul/mind were actually a fill-in-the-blanks. There were contradictions between the soul energy and the mind energy, but they later worked in tandem. His physical and mental make up was in accord, not much conflict. So the energy from the soul downwards and the energy of action from the physical body upwards all made a harmonious blend which must have improved with age. He must have achieved a very high level of spiritual growth in that life. This analysis is a starting point, as even more information can be pulled in using these 3 layered first house of the Sudarshan chakra.

This much would be just for one house, there are a total of 12 houses. This analysis gives very important hints into your personality. So give yourself time. Don’t rush it. This is self-discovery, it can be delightful, savour every bit of it. It is easier for the advanced students, as you will need to know the attributes of the signs and the planets and be able to subjectively analyse how they all interact with each other on the same levels and also how they blend with the levels below/ above them.


Sometimes I wonder at all my days studying Jyotish, maths and analysis. I love seeing the energies mingle in the charts, the charts are alive. Observing human nature through the horoscopes. All the secrets of the person sitting before you, his physical body/ environment, mind and soul. Seeing how his past was and how his future will be. Later I realised that observing others dispassionately has helped me so much. Observing people, their souls, minds, bodies at the mercy of the planetary movements, all chosen by themselves at birth. We choose our own horoscope ourself and then blame it. We shut down some options in this life ourselves and now are so desperate to try those very options. We wanted an experience so deeply that we chose it exclusively and now we are scared to reach for it. The human mind is so full of contradictions, so chaotic, yet so very beautiful. And the soul is the ultimate cypher. Understanding oneself, observing oneself, can be so absorbing, Jyotish is linked to the Ved, it is a path for self-illumination, may we all make the most of it.

Upchaya houses, material prosperity

The houses 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are called the upchaya (उपचय) houses. Houses of material increase, prosperity and rise.

Now you might wonder that of these, 3rd and 6th are naturally owned by Mercury, the 3rd is a shadowy house, may or not be ‘benefic’ and 6th is an actual dushamsthan. Mercury the juvenile adolescent of astrology. And 10th and 11th houses are both are naturally owned by Saturn. How can the cold, restrictive Saturn actually give any advantage?

But here are the houses where you make the most of the challenges that life throws at you. You use these challenges to prosper and advance in every material way. Vedic philosophy always gives importance to the spiritual prosperity, but our current world is almost completely materialistic so all your clients will have materialistic questions. These upachaya houses will grant growth of material name, fame and prosperity.

The basic premise that benefics give good results holds as usual but these houses can give results with natural malefics too. Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu placed here under aspects of benefics can grant fortunate results in the material plane. And most often the expansion that bring is very quick acting, often a lucky reversal of fortunes.

Upchaya houses, material prosperity

The 3rd house is where you find the courage, boldness, ability to work with other people and the discrimination to take risks. On a purely material plane, Desire for anything is first created in the 3rd house (Kama trikon) and also the first action which converts this desire into a process. Using the principle of Bhavat bhavam, it is the second of the 2nd house and eighth from the 8th. It represents the actual quantum of wealth you can actually receive from your family, parents-in-laws, legacies and bequeaths. The 3rd is also the natural partner of the 9th house (counted seventh from the 9th), so it is linked to the help you will get from the agents of the 9th house too.

The 6th is the house of losses, enemies, debts, litigations, theft, service conditions, competitions, corruptions and diseases. The more prominent you are in the society the more enemies will you have, but you will also have the power to vanquish them and thus ascend. Lives of all great men are a series of challenges. Here it’s best to have only one malefic, more than one can shatter the health of the chart and can affect the 5th, 7th and 12th houses adversely. The 6th is the second counted from the 5th, it represents the way you use the creative energies of the 5th and also how the resources of the 5th are stored and made available to you. The 6th is the 12th counted from the 7th so too much imbalance here will hit your business and legal partnerships including the married life. It is 7th counted from the 12th so adverse influences here can cause destruction of the physical manifested stuff etc.

Upchaya houses, material prosperity

10th is your personal action as an individual in the social and professional arena. The Karma-sthan, the house of actions, here you will perform actions which will lift your life either materially or spiritually. The center of this house is called the mid-heaven/zenith and literally means the heights to which you can rise in power and prestige. This is the last of the Arth trikon, the culmination of all the activities which give your personality and your life a meaning.

And 11th is the house of gains of every sort, fulfilment of all desires. Your desires take birth in the 3rd house, along with the determination and hard work to achieve them. The 3rd is where the Kama trikon is initiated. The 6th house then brings in competitions and victory over obstacles, the 10th is where you act with single focus and discipline so that you finally gain them in the 11th. The 11th is the treasure of the 10th, counted second from here it represents all the wealth that you have hoarded from your actions in the realm of the 10th. The culmination of the kama trikon where you desires are finally fulfilled. Kama does not mean ‘sexual desire’ as commonly understood but it means all the things which make a life worth living. The things which ease you on the physical emotional and spiritual levels. Naturally these will mature with time. Thus the results of this house too improve with age.

If the planets controlling these houses are linked in some way, aspecting each other, or in each other houses etc with a bit of benefic influence it lifts the quality of the horoscope.

There are two conditions which increase the potency of the upachaya houses/their owners to give positive results,

  1. The ascendant lord, the lord of the 10th house and the Moon should be strong.
  2. There must be some benefic aspect on these planets/houses.

Basically these are linked to your karma. 3rd is where you create your karma by exercising active choice between options. You evaluate and choose, you show your courage in facing upto the load of accumulated karma you have and you choose the actions which might resolve them or create new karma. The 6th is where you realise the quantum of karma you have created for yourself or resolved because of these choices. You then decide to work and serve it out. These two houses are the natural houses of Mercury, the database manager of the zodiac.

The 10th helps you by intelligently and systematically working out the karma of the 6th. And finally the 11th is reflects the gains which you have received from all this process. This is the function of Saturn the strictest and fairest of all the karmic teachers.

Astrology is all about patterns. Certain house seen together in a certain way. Learn to read patterns and to link up the houses. A study of these Upchaya houses will be very rewarding and help you answer 50% of your client’s questions!


Upchaya houses, material prosperity


Analysing a single placement

The Question is most important.

There are just these 9 planets/graha, the 12 houses and the 12 signs, these in all their infinite permutations and combinations will answer anything and everything about life, death and beyond. So always ask what you really want to know. If you have clear questions you will get precise answers. Sometimes I get clients who just want to know ‘what the horoscope says’, there is no real answer to this sort of question.

Analysing a single placement

For example, here is just this one placement – Libra ascendant, Venus in 5th house/Aquarius with Ketu. (Just with this, not considering their house owners and not considering Rahu) What all can you deduce from this one line? See if you can get some of these following answers! With this placement there is a potential for,

  • a highly balanced personality, disciplined, intellectual and fair nature, lucky!
  • Inferiority complex, shy, uncertain in public
  • oval face, fair or light colored hair, shorter than average stature
  • Backache always
  • problems in normal vision
  • can see ‘extra’ things with the eyes, psychic abilities, can be a tantric with significant occult abilities
  • significant access to past life experiences, will have relationships with people known from the past lives, will live in places/situations with karmic connections to the past lives and know it!
  • has no sense of personal self, detached from the personality and the environment.
  • first half of the life will go in a haze, second half (after 48yrs) will be more aware of himself
  • has no personal ‘self-love’, as cannot relate to himself in any way whatsoever, unaware of self, ‘hazed-out’.
  • Odd sense of dress and makeup. At least one thing will be out of place in the dressing style. e.g. maybe mismatched socks always.
  • life is characterised by ‘change’, there is something changing continuously, rate of change is very high
  • can engage in several marriages or affairs, will indifferent to relationships, these will be karmic in nature
  • few real friends, but will be known as a public figure by several
  • education /knowledge /wisdom will be quite impressive but the person is not bothered about his educational qualifications. Will not boast about this. Will have knowledge of the occult.
  • will have gains from various sources, several routes of wealth.
  • is capable of making connections with large numbers of people belonging to like-minded groups
  • Can get into spirituality and practice and can progress quite a lot. If this happens will worship the Devi, the feminine personified Divinity.
  • Marriage to someone significantly older or to someone who is away from home a lot
  • problems in child-birth if female chart. Even if it is a male chart, his wife will suffer during pregnancy and childbirth, surgery or something will occur.
  • Child will also have psychic abilities.
  • Will have few children and will be attached to the child. Child too will be attached to him.

This was briefly, a cursory look at one placement and you have now so much potential information about the person. All these things will happen at some point of the life. But when? And ‘how much’? You will also need to evaluate the intensity of the events. E.g will the person just wear spectacles for his life time or will he be affected by an undiagnosable medical problem to the eyes? Without this targeted reading this all will be too much and perhaps irrelevant.

  1. So the next step would be to look up the Dasha. With the Vimshottari Dasha there will be one peculiarity. Ketu Mahadasha of 7yrs is sequentially followed by Venus Mahadasha of 20yrs. So a combined seamless 27yrs of Ketu-Venus dominated period. A significant chunk of life where these results will be expressed. If the person is in this 27yrs period these above observations will be accentuated.
  2. To fine tune the timing and intensity of the readings look up the transits of Ketu and Venus. How their in-transit position is influencing their original position in the birth chart.

Now if you have the complete birth chart/ physical aspects, the birth moon chart/ psychological context and the navamsha chart D-9/ complete potential, the entire life story is open before you. So you need a definite question!

There is no good or bad placement of the planets/ houses/ signs, they just exist. In the above example, the person would have several problems but then there are so many things which are really good too. The chart is a tool, each planet/ house/ sign is a bundle of energy resonating with you. These do not control you nor do they influence you, They Are You. Unless you understand this you cannot make use of the horoscope.

The other methods of divination, like cards or runes are question oriented. The client will ask a question and you will give a definite answer. I have had clients who didn’t have questions, just a vague sense of unease. For this too, cards/ runes have a solution, there is a way you can access their subconscious mind. But it is only in astrology that you will get ‘just tell me about my chart’ type of clients. To get them to open up, you can look at the current in-transit chart and their birth chart and tell them one interesting thing about their relationship, wealth, profession or health (most clients are quite similar in this respect). And do encourage the client to ask. Help him frame a question which you can then answer. Only then will the session be fruitful for both of you.

For your self-analysis too, ask yourself questions and look for patterns in your chart which indicate the answer. Analysis requires time, a sense of intuition and a habit of reading patterns. So practice.


Analysing a single placement